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Episode 729: Maura Quint and Matt Lewis

Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Hello and Welcome to today's show and show notes! You are a very good person for reading this and I am extremely grateful to have you listening. I hope you had a good thanksgiving week and are now back at the grind and listening to this show. I have about 15 minutes of news then a great and hilarious conversation with a very ill but generous Maura Quint then at about 58 minutes in I welcome conservative Matt Lewis for a really interesting and provocative conversation about where the country and the republican party are at. I hope you like it! Stand Up is a daily podcast that I book,host,edit, post and promote new episodes with brilliant guests every day. Please subscribe now for as little as 5$ and gain access to a community of over 800 awesome, curious, kind, funny, brilliant, generous souls Check out StandUpwithPete.com to learn more Maura Quint  is a humor writer and activist whose work has been featured in publications such as McSweeneys and The New Yorker. She was named one of Rolling Stone’s top 25 funniest twitter accounts of 2016. When not writing comedy, Maura has worked extensively with non-profits in diverse sectors including political action campaigns, international arts collectives and health and human services organizations. She has never been officially paid to protest but did once find fifteen cents on the ground at an immigrants’ rights rally and wanted to make sure that had been disclosed. She was the co founder and executive director of TaxMarch.org She is now the Wealth Tax Campaign Director at the Americans for Tax Fairness Called a “first-rate talent” in The Washington Post and “super-smart” by John Heilemann, Matt K. Lewis is a center-right critic of American politics and pop culture. As a journalist, Lewis has earned a reputation as an “independently minded” (Columbia Journalism Review) and “intellectually honest” commentator (Ben Adler, Newsweek). He is a senior columnist for The Daily Beast, and his work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, GQ, The Washington Post, The Week, Roll Call, Politico, The Telegraph, The Independent, and The Guardian. He previously served as senior contributor for The Daily Caller, and before that, as a columnist for AOL’s Politics Daily. Lewis dissects the day’s issues in conversation with other thinkers, authors, and newsmakers on his podcast Matt Lewis and the News, and co-hosts The DMZ Show with liberal pundit Bill Scher. He has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN, PBS NewsHour, ABC’s “Nightline,” HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” and CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” and has contributed to radio outlets including NPR and the BBC. Kirsten Powers described Lewis’s 2016 book, Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Went From the Party of Reagan to the Party of Trump, as “a lively and fascinating read for any person confounded by the state of today’s Republican Party.” In 2011, Lewis released The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words, an edited compilation of the Alaska governor’s much-discussed public utterances. Check out all things Jon Carroll Follow and Support Pete Coe Pete on YouTube Pete on Twitter Pete On Instagram Pete Personal FB page Stand Up with Pete FB page

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28 Nov 2022

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The $11 Million Sales Strategy w/ Josh Dembicki & Matt Lewis | E262

The Construction Leading Edge Podcast

EPISODE 262: Are people making decisions about their homes based on logic or emotions? How does emotional buying help you grow your business?  In today’s episode of The Construction Leading Edge podcast, Josh Dembicki, President and Co-Founder of Colorado Siding Repair, and Matt Lewis, COO of Hover, sit down with me to talk about how Hover encourages emotional connection with the customers and how it has hugely impacted the overall business growth of Colorado Siding Repair. Hover is an app that allows homeowners to take photos of their homes and turn them into accurate measurements, better project estimates, and collaborative 3D models for better visualization. With Hover’s state-of-the-art features, Colorado Siding Repair was able to change the trajectory of its business with an impressive $11M in sales this year and a better 50% closing rate. But it’s not the tech that got them to where they are right now. It’s all about making an emotional connection with homeowners and letting them buy through emotions. With that being said, make sure to tune in to today’s episode as we discuss more of that and the amazing features of Hover that you and your team could take advantage of. Let’s get started! -- Key Takeaways: Introduction (00:00) Meet Josh of Colorado Siding Repair (00:19) What is Hover? (01:53)  Are people making decisions on logic or emotions? (08:11) How is Hover impacting the estimating process (11:32) Best part of Hover during the operation process (15:31) Meet Matt of Hover (20:29) How did Hover start as a company? (24:08) Hover features for custom builders (25:49) Misconceptions and myths that contractors have (28:27) Hover's new direct ordering tool (35:43) What’s the best part about Hover? (39:01) Episode wrap-up (41:34) -- Additional Resources: - FREE online training workshop: Get Out of Your Construction Business: How to Make it Run Without You here - Learn how to recession-proof your business here - Work with our team to systematize your business here  - Build better projects using the Raken app here - Visit our website here -- Find Colorado Siding Repair - Visit Colorado Siding Repair’s website here - Connect with Josh Dembicki here Find Hover - Check the Hover app here - Connect with Matt Lewis here -- The Construction Leading Edge Podcast helps construction business owners maximize their revenue, eliminate chaos, systematize their work, and win back their time. Follow us on your favorite podcasting platform so you never miss an episode!!


10 Oct 2022

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That Time We Tried to Get Chip Gaines but Got Matt Lewis Instead

We Need Closure

On this week's episode, Heather and Kalyn welcome their first guest to the pod: Co-owner and broker of LEAGUE Real Estate and one of Tarrant County’s 400 Most Influential People, Matt Lewis! Kicking off the episode with some scary and true haunted house stories from their past showing adventures, Matt shares some of his wildest property management and real estate stories which include a 300 lb potbelly pig, a ferret house and none other than Chip Gaines from Fixer Upper on HGTV, Thank you to our sponsors, William Adams at Legacy Mutual Mortgage and McKnight Title for your support!


7 Oct 2022

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Last Man Off - Matt Lewis

The Andy Rowe Show

Matt Lewis was an observer on board a doomed fishing boat in the freezing waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.This is the story of firstly his attempts to save the boat from going under, then his actions to lead the operation to abandon ship and finally, his fight for survival against all odd.Pact Coffee is offering you a free V60 kit when you sign up for a new plan at https://www.pactcoffee.com and use the code ROWE at the checkout.Matt Lewis' book, Last Man Off, is available on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Last-Man-Off-Matthew-Lewis-audiobook/dp/B00LNJC4X8/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1YZQTZTORZE0M&keywords=last+man+off&qid=1662295122&sprefix=last+man+off%2Caps%2C135&sr=8-1If you have any guest suggestions, let me know on instagram - @andy_rowe_ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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19 Sep 2022

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Matt Lewis

Rex Factor

We start a new round of interview podcasts, kicking off with Matt Lewis, Chair of the Richard III Society. Matt spoke to us, appropriately enough, about Richard III, suggesting alternative ways of interpreting Richard's character and motivation, what he was up to in 1483 and the fate of the Princes in the Tower.You can follow Matt on Twitter where he is @MattLewisAuthor or check out his website for more information http://mattlewisauthor.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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12 Aug 2022

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"Red, White, and Blues Traveler" : w/John Popper, Matt Lewis, and Corey Nathan from Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other

Faithful Politics

We'll be back next week, but in the meanwhile, check out this amazing conversation our friend, Corey Nathan,  over at Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other Podcast had with John Popper from the Blues Traveler, and special guest co-host Matt Lewis from The Daily Beast. From Talkin‘ Politics & Religion Without Killin‘ Each Other: John Popper is a singer, songwriter and one of the world's greatest harmonica players. He's the longtime frontman of Blues Traveler (which happens to be one of, if not my favorite band ever!) and has jammed with any number of virtuosos across multiple genres of music. Of course, we talk about the music, his influences and inspirations, but we also get into plenty of politics and religion!As our special co-host we were joined by Matt Lewis of THE DAILY BEAST. This interview can also be heard on Matt's awesome podcast MATT LEWIS Make sure you subscribe to their podcast and leave them a 5-star review! Support the showTo learn more about the show, contact our hosts, or recommend future guests, click on the links below: Website: https://www.faithfulpoliticspodcast.com/ Faithful Host: Josh@faithfulpoliticspodcast.com Political Host: Will@faithfulpoliticspodcast.com Twitter: @F8thfulPolitics Instagram: faithful_politics Facebook: FaithfulPoliticsPodcast LinkedIn: faithfulpolitics...


19 Jul 2022

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Episode 175: Matt Lewis

You Are Here Podcast

Matt Lewis from the Wholesome Homies Podcast joins us today for a full episode! We love the vulnerability and love he puts out into the world. Even though this is our first time speaking by voice we knew right away we were on the same wavelength. Go listen and follow the Wholesome Homies Podcast @ wholesomehomies.buzzsprout.com Have any questions or want to vent something? Leave an anonymous message on our new website @ www.youareherepodcast.net Join Anytown Actors Lab @ www.anytownactorslab.com CATCH OUR TWITCH STREAMS EVERY THURSDAY! @ twitch.tv/youareherepodcast SUPPORT US ON PATREON @ patreon.com/youareherepod INSTAGRAM: @wholesomehomiespodcast @youareherepc  @mikenowicki  @dvolino Contact us with questions @ youarehere.pc@gmail.com! Thanks for listening to the You Are Here Podcast! Your one stop shop podcast for... 🎥 Filmmaking 🎭 Acting 🌐 Everything Else FOLLOW and SUBSCRIBE to us on... YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.fm and much, much more! We love y'all!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/youareherepodcast/support

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1 Jun 2022

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Redeye Bass feat. Matt Lewis

Fish of the Week!

It's not just trout that live in beautiful places. Redeye bass (commonly called the “trout of Alabama” according to this episode's guest) can be found in clear, rocky, higher-elevation streams enveloped by vegetation like mountain laurel and rhododendron. Katrina and Guy chat with Matt Lewis from Auburn University School of Fisheries to learn more about redeye bass species and how to best experience this very spectacular group/complex of fishes!


9 May 2022

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Making Richard III: The Man and His Family with Matt Lewis (ep 97)

British History: Royals, Rebels, and Romantics

Before he was King of England, he was a son, brother, husband, father, and uncle. Matt Lewis joins us to talk about the family of Richard III.Show Notes:Carol Ann Lloydwww.carolannlloyd.com@shakeuphistoryMatt Lewiswww.mattlewisauthor.comMedieval Monday on History HitFacebook: Matt Lewis authorTwitter: @mattlewisauthorInstagram: @mattlewishistoryBooks: Richard III: Loyalty Binds Me; Richard III in Fact and Fiction; Cousins of Anarchy: Stephen and Matilda's Civil War; Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine: Founding an Empire: and many more!Creative Director: Lindsey LindstromMusic: Inspiring Dramatic Pack by Smart Sounds via Audio Jungle; Music Broadcast LicenseLet's shake up history together!@shakeuphistory


23 Feb 2022

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Jack Harrison – ‘Matt Lewis wants your dirty shirt’

The Official Leeds Utd Podcast

This week we’re delighted to be joined by hat-trick hero Jack Harrison, who reflects on scoring the goals that secured an incredibly satisfying, very much deserved win over West Ham. Jermaine Beckford, Matthew Lewis and Emma Jones get insights from Jack-trick as to how he’s improved his mental approach to the game, why Marcelo Bielsa is such a fantastic manager for young players at Elland Road and the reasons behind good and bad form. Plus he has information on how YOU can get your hands on his match-worn shirt from Sunday. Send as your comments, musings and What’s That Pat? questions using the hashtag #LUFCPod.


20 Jan 2022