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S2/E 9: Wander Beauty CEO/CoFounder Divya Gugnani Chats about making pivots for your DREAM, motherhood, and all things clean on the go beauty!

Chat with Betty

Welcome to Episode 9 of Season 2 !  Some moms seem to have everything: a thriving career, jet-setter life, impeccable wardrobe, and skin that glows year-round. But the truth is, we all have both strengths and struggles, even if our stories look different — and on todays episode we have Divya Gugnani, the CEO and Co Founder of Wander Beauty!  Serial entrepreneur Divya Gugnani knows women are becoming more discerning about how they spend their time and about the products they welcome into their beauty routine. The Harvard Business grad and former VP of Innovation at QVC teamed up with model Lindsay Ellingson in 2015 to launch Wander Beauty. Together, they built a cosmetics line formulated to be clean and packaged with multi-functionality in mind. Five years later, the New York City-based brand is sold at Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, and Sephora — not to mention becoming a cult favorite among women-on-the-go. Gugnani, a CEO-on-the-go herself, chats with me all about how to maneuver through business changes, sticking to your vision and dream, al while being a mom! Throughout her journey, the mother of two shares beauty advice, travel tips, and business productivity hacks. Most importantly, she shines a light on exactly how she juggles it all behind the scenes. Tune in today, you wont want to miss Episode 9 / Season 2 !  www.wanderbeauty.com ~ Shop at Sephora, Net a Porter, Nordstrom and more! @dgugani @wander_beauty Chat with Betty The Podcast: It's fun, raw, inspiring, and self growth focused - follow on social for all the behind the scenes- IG: @bettygulko Twitter: @bettygulko TikTok: @betty.gulko CH: @bettygulko Web: www.bettygulko.com FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE/RATE/REVIEW/SHARE xx Betty, your GLOW UP bestie Contact: chatwithbettypodcast@gmail.com Betty now offers: 1:1 Mindset and Confidence Consulting ~ Available Today! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/betty-gulko/support


2 Jun 2021

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151 - Divya Gugnani - Co-Founder and CEO of Wander Beauty

The Kara Goldin Show

“Entrepreneurs see things others don't see, and they create companies to solve them.” Divya Gugnani! Divya is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, a company that’s been trailblazing new paths for clean, cruelty-free, and essential beauty products. We talk about how she got bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and how a personal pain point in her beauty routine led to Wander Beauty. Hear more about her inspiring story on #TheKaraGoldinShow Show notes at https://karagoldin.com/podcasts/151 Enjoying this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow? Let Kara know by clicking on the link below and sending her a quick shout-out on social! Follow Kara on IG: https://www.instagram.com/karagoldin/ Follow Kara on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karagoldin Follow Kara on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karagoldin Follow Kara on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaraGoldin/ Divya Gugnani’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/divya-gugnani Divya Gugnani’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dgugnani Divya Gugnani’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/dgugnani Wander Beauty: https://www.wanderbeauty.com


17 May 2021

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Supercharge Your Business with Relationships with Divya Gugnani, Co-Founder of Wander Beauty

Behind Her Empire

Divya Gugnani is the CEO and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, a clean, cruelty-free beauty brand that creates multitasking, beauty essentialsDivya began her career in the world of finance and has extensive experience in investment banking, private equity, and venture capital. She calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur” and eventually left finance to pursue her newfound passion as an entrepreneur. After co-founding multiple businesses with two successful exits, and having two children, Divya found her former beauty rituals tossed to the wayside as she became more time-starved than ever. Balancing a thriving career and motherhood, Divya realized there were no beauty brands speaking directly to her - a woman who loves beauty and maintains a fast-paced lifestyle. That’s when Divya’s fourth business, Wander Beauty, was born. With 30+ beauty awards in six years, including Allure Best of Beauty Awards, Wander Beauty has become a favorite of editors, influencers, and customers alike. Celebrity devotees include Heidi Klum, Emma Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Molly Sims, and more.We’ll chat with Divya about the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, common mistakes that she sees other entrepreneurs making, her biggest learnings over the years (both personal and professional), and why relationships are the most important element in business and life. In this episode, we’ll talk to Divya about:* The event which led to Divya’s dad becoming an entrepreneur and why her dad’s experiences put her off entrepreneurship. [3:12]* Why Divya’s mother took her to a yogi clinic in India when she was little, and how meditation changed her life. [6:12]* What Divya learned in her first job that she has carried with her throughout her life. [08:12]* Why Divya decided to go back to business school and self fund an MBA, and what she gained from the experience. [9:53]* The curiosity that led Divya into the world of entrepreneurship, even though she loved her finance job. [11:37]* Challenges that Divya experienced during her first entrepreneurial stint and why she now doesn’t mix her personal and business relationships. [13:50]* Reasons that Divya’s first solo business was not able to scale, and why she believes it would be a success today. [15:23]* Driving forces behind Divya’s second venture; intelligent shopping recommendation technology. [16:58]* The realization Divya had just after giving birth to her second child in the space of two years. [22:03]* Upsides and downsides of working from home while starting Wander Beauty. [23:07]* Personal experiences that inspired the creation of Wander Beauty, and what the brand provides to the people who use it. [23:38]* Divya’s relationship with her business partner, Lindsey, and how their skill sets complement one another. [24:43]* How Wander Beauty differentiates itself from other beauty brands. [26:22]* Early days of hustling for the small Wander Beauty team, and how this paid off. [28:34]* Advice on fundraising; raise what you need plus a little bit more. [30:03]* Constant difficulties that CEOs face, and the number one way to alleviate them. [31:45]* Divya’s mindset when it comes to balancing her work life, family life, and personal life. [33:40]* A common mistake that Divya often sees entrepreneurs make, and her suggestion for a better way to do things. [35:32]Follow Divya: * Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dgugnani/ * Wander Beauty Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wander_beauty/ * Wander Beauty Website: https://www.wanderbeauty.com/Follow Yasmin:* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yasminknouri/* Stay updated & subscribe to our newsletter: https://www.behindherempire.com/Behind Her Empire Featured Entrepreneur: * Lia Lee, founder of UNLIT, a plant-based adaptogen recovery drink that helps to relieve your hangover symptoms.* Learn more about UNLIT: https://unlit.co/ * Follow UNLIT on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getunlit/ See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


3 May 2021

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Being a CEO for the 4th time, drinking ginger water daily, juggling the life balance and creating versatile beauty products that adapt to our lifestyle needs plus overview of Wander Beauty's products Starring Divya Gugnani Co-Founder of Wander Beauty

Real Beauty with FD

and as ever so much more! Wander Beauty is an incredible brand built by two friends looking for versatile products! Baggage claim eye masks are a cult classic! As ever please rate and review - appreciate all your love and support. Hit me up at @choosandfashiondoos 


15 Apr 2021

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Serial Entrepreneur, Turned Beauty Disrupter, Divya Gugnani on Creating Fewer, Faster and Cleaner Beauty Products, Why She’s Slow to Hire and Quick to Fire, and How You Don’t Need to be a Natural Salesperson to Succeed in Business.

Power Done Differently

Quite the opposite of many of my Power Done Differently guests, Divya Gugnani never had huge aspirations growing up. Instead, all she wanted was to be a mid-level lawyer living in suburban utopia; white picket fence and all. But 60+ investments and a talent for co-founding successful start-ups are proof of her ‘accidental’ entrepreneurial story, and she’s not building that picket fence anytime soon. Listen as Divya shares her journey from proudly working 80 hour weeks at Goldman Sachs to hosting a cooking show on NBC, selling her e-commerce business to QVC for millions and co-founding Wander Beauty, a cosmetic company that specialise in multi-purpose beauty products for women constantly on the go. Divya also opens up about the personal pain points behind launching Wander, why she’s slow to hire and quick to fire, and how taking investment can be like a marriage without divorce. Honest and down to earth, Divya’s episode is well worth a download for anyone who doubts their own risk-taking abilities. You too can achieve great things. Real, relatable, or downright wrong? We want to know! Tweet your opinion: @_badasscass_ Give us a like on Facebook: @powerdonedifferntly Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes action on Insta: @powerdonedifferently Find us at our new home: www.powerdonedifferently.com Save some time on your morning routine: www.wanderbeauty.com


16 Feb 2021

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Interview with Divya Gugnani, Co-Founder & CEO of Wander Beauty

The Straight Shooter Recruiter

Drumroll please!! Today's Guest is THE Divya Gugnani Co- Founder and CEO of Wander Beauty, accidental entrepreneur and super-mom. This episode is full of priceless advice on everything from starting your own business to imposters syndrome. Not only are Divya's insights and advice so honest and applicable- but she is also one of the kindest people you'll ever meet. Get ready for my favourite episode of all time, you're going to want to take notes.Divya's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dgugnani/Wander Beauty: www.wanderbeauty.com


7 Feb 2021

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Serial entrepreneur Divya Gugnani shares her blueprint for launching Wander Beauty, and what entrepreneurs should focus on before looking to raise capital

Female Startup Club

 Joining me on the show today is Divya Gugnani, Co-Founder of Wander Beauty. Launched in 2015, Wander Beauty creates multitasking beauty essentials that are enriched with clean, skin-loving ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. Each multitasker does double (and even triple) duty in your routine so you can stay gorgeous on the go.In this episode we cover Divya’s blueprint to building this brand, her learned lessons after building 4 successful businesses (one of which sold to QVC|!) and what founders should focus on before looking for investment. LINKS WE MENTION:Wander Beauty’s Instagram Wander Beauty’s Website Divya’s Instagram Female Startup Club's Instagram In partnership with Klaviyo, the best email marketing tool for ecommerce businesses.Promotional code: FSC20 for 20% off sitewide - no expiration


14 Jan 2021

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Wander Beauty Founder Divya Gugnani - The 4 Key Steps To Great Skin, What Clean Beauty Actually Means, And Why Less Is More

What Day Is It?

We're talking all things skin on this week's episode of WDII with Wander Beauty Founder Divya Gugnani. A serial entrepreneur, Divya is here to share with Bailey and Jacci her journey through skincare and why she believes the less is more approach applies to your beauty products. We talk what clean beauty really means, why organic and natural products don't work, what chemicals are in most beauty products, the 4 key steps to great skin, cruelty-free beauty and SO much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 13mins

11 Nov 2020

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We can have it all! with Divya Gugnani

Currently Cringing

On this week's episode Anisha has her mentor and inspiration Divya Gugnani on the show. Divya is the founder of Wander Beauty and has it all. They discuss relationships, entrepreneurship, Indian culture, and the Divya's journey that led to her multi-million dollar brand- Wander Beauty.   https://www.wanderbeauty.com/ Instagram: @wander_beauty   Produced by Dear Media


5 Nov 2020

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Mom Boss | Divya Gugnani Co-Founder of Wander Beauty

Mom Brain

This week's Mom Boss is serial entrepreneur & mom of two, Divya Gugnani, co-founder of Wander Beauty, a company that aims to disrupt the beauty industry and streamline makeup routines by creating beauty essentials for busy lifestyles. She decided to create Wander Beauty, a line of multitasking beauty essentials, to keep women everywhere gorgeous on the go. Divya tells Hilaria and Daphne that she was inspired to create a beauty line that was simple, clean and solved a problem. When she realized none of her beauty products did that for her, she knew she could create something that many women needed. Plus, how she balances the workload with being a present mom, and how her kids serve as inspiration and help her in her business. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


7 Aug 2020