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Interview with Ryan Seaman of I Don't Know How But They Found Me

Don't Shit On The Bus

This week we have the wonderful Ryan Seaman. Drummer of I Don't Know How But They Found Me and all-around good guy. Ryan talks with us about his strategies of navigating the music industry as a drummer and how he has gotten to the place he is today. We both knew Ryan was a hard worker - but we never really knew to what extent. Thank you again Ryan for joining us this week - make sure to hit him up and say thanks!   In this episode of the Don’t Shit On The Bus podcast we will learn: • Ryan‘s journey to success in the touring world • A day in the life of a for-hire drummer on the road • The importance of networking to find work • Tips for managing your dreams alongside getting a paycheck (0:00) Intro (2:44) Ryan gets on the bus (3:29) How Ryan knows Adam and Neil (4:00) Knowing everyone on tour (4:27) Ryan's career in the music industry (13:12) Releasing music during the pandemic (15:43) Jumping from camp to camp successfully (19:06) Relearning your songs (21:32) Warped Tour Memories (23:43) Staying employed v staying available (24:53) Billie Eilish Moment (32:20) Putting in what you take out (36:21) Being an unknown drummer (37:47) Utah and Salt Lake City (42:51) Wrap up--- Ryan Seaman - Guest ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanseaman/ ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanseaman ► Website: https://idkhow.com/ --- Don't Shit On The Bus Podcast ► Website: http://www.dontshitonthebus.com ► Spotify: http://bit.ly/DSotBspotify ► Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/DSotBapple ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/DSotBpodcast ► Instagram: https://instagram.com/DSotBpodcast ► Facebook: https://facebook.com/DSotBpodcast ► Patreon: https://patreon.com/DSotB --- Neil Westfall - Host ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/NW44 ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neilwestfall44 ► Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/neilwestfall44 Adam Elmakias - Host ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/elmakias ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elmakias ► Website: https://www.adamelmakias.com --- Edited & Produced by Connor Gaskey


14 Jun 2021

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#361 Ryan Seaman

The Mike Herrera Podcast

Ryan Seaman  Ryan is an American musician and singer who is known as the drummer and backing vocalist of the rock duo I Dont Know How But They Found Me. Ryan on the success and hotness of his band IDKHOW and where we go from here! This was a great look inside the music business as well as the creative process and the life of a drummer.   Ryan on- Instagram Twitter Facebook Ryan and Friends Podcast IDKHOW Website IDKHOW INSTAGRAM ------------------------- Join us JUNE 4 for Round 9 of Between This World and the Next. Listen to MxPx "Can’t Keep Waiting" Now on Spotify MXPX and Podcast INFO BELOW:   https://linktr.ee/Mikeherrerapodcast ------------------------- Have you subscribed to the pod?  Big Thanks to RØDE MICS --------------------------------------------------- LIFE IN QUARANTINE - THE COLLECTION TEXT LIST - Join our Text list by texting MXPX to 31996 Merch available at www.mxpx.com MUSIC -LISTENER CHALLENGE- Listen to MXPX Self Titled Deluxe Album at least once a day. Use hashtag #mxpx or #mxpxsuperchallenge The MXPX Super Challenge Playlist MXPX - Self Titled Deluxe Edition Mike Herrera - Moment's Like These: TX Mike Herrera - Superman - LISTEN HERE!  I now have an Artist Series Music Man Stingray from Ernie Ball! You can order straight from the shop on the Music Man website.  A portion of proceeds goes to MusicCares!  MIKE HERRERA SIGNATURE SERIES BASS If you like the podcast- Subscribe, rate and review on Apple. Support what I do at MXPX.com Leave a message with your question on the Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some could be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message. Producing and editing by Bob McKnight. @bobandkatieshow


24 May 2021

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Dr Ryan Seaman, Chiropractor and president of the ASRF (Australian Spinal Research Foundation) we discuss his book The Case for Chiropractic

Chiro London Podcast

Ryan was in South Australia, I was in London and we connected to talk about the ASRF (Australian Spinal Research Foundation) and the book they released last year 'the case for chiropractic'. We cover what is the ASRF, how can we in the UK support them, what research do they do and what is the vision of the ASRF in the future. Then we get stuck into the book and discuss numerous articles providing evidence for chiropractic. Not just supporting neck and back pain but some evidence supporting some really cool functional, neurological and health changes.  Enjoy 

1hr 2mins

29 Jan 2021

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Episode 36 - Ryan Seaman - I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME

Disposable Heroes

Ryan dropped into Pepper's studio "Kona Town Recording" to return the favor of Yee recently recording an episode of Ryan's new podcast "Ryan Seaman & Friends" on Idobi radio, look for that episode in January! The boys reminisce all about a bond formed on warped tour 2016 when Ryan was playing with Falling In Reverse, flash forward 5 years and Ryan has a top 5 alternative radio single with his new band, I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, or known in short as "IDKHow". The band is a 2 headed monster of melody that consists of Ryan and ex bass player for PANIC! at the disco, Dallon Weekes. so sit back relax and enjoy, AUUUUUUURight!!!! Huge mahalo to Ryan for the epic conversation. Aloha, -Disposable Heroes ***As always this episode is proudly brought to you by Ikänik and SKVI premium essentials (use code DISPOSABLE15 for 15% off at skvi.com)

1hr 7mins

1 Dec 2020

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EP. 103 - Ryan Seaman (I Don't Know How But They Found Me)

Sappenin’ Podcast with Sean Smith

Razzmatazz. Diverse drumming icon, musical chameleon and larger than life personality, Ryan Seaman, is our guest on Episode 103 of Sappenin' Podcast! If you like podcasts with ridiculous stories, then THIS is the one for you. Ryan has been a hired figurehead over the last two decades, playing with a bunch of scene defying artists from Falling In Reverse to Jeffree Star. Aiden, I Am Ghost and millions of session work, but you might know him now from creating groovy beats with his best friend (and friend of the podcast) Dallon Weekes in I Don't Know How But They Found Me. With the band releasing their highly anticipated debut album, we invited Ryan on to talk to us all about it, how iDKHOW started in secret, their 80's influences and more from his unbelievable career, spending ten summers on Warped Tour, getting himself into bizarre situations and a host of secrets he's never told anybody before. No spoilers but if you like Billie Eilish, you got to hear this! Honest and jaw dropping secrets from a rad human. Turn it up and join Sean and Morgan to find out Sappenin' this week!Follow Us on Social Media:Twitter: @sappeninpod.Instagram: @sappeninpod. Special thank you to our Sappenin' Podcast Patreons:Join the Sappenin' Podcast Community: Patreon.com/Sappenin.Kylie Wheeler, Mayumi Liwayway, Emma Barber, Mitch Perry, Shani-Maia Boxill-Anderson, Dayna Lasnover, Amandine Urbano, Janelle Caston, Drew Styles, Samantha Spray, Dilly Grimwood, Nathan Crawshaw, Kelly Young, Kelly Irwin, Johnny Phillips, Scarlet Charlton, Simon Amos, Jenni Munster, Cate Stevenson, Amy Campion, Emily Senogles, Lucy Deards, Martina McManus, Erin Howard, John&Emma, James Oakley, Louis Cook, Marcie Jacobson,, Jordan Birchard, Mike Cunningham, Jamie O'Jaime, Paddy The Magnificent, Carl Pendlebury, Kelly Emma Cannon, Livvy Cropper, Paul Hirschfield, Becky Magliocco, James McNaught, Lydia Henderson, Ricky McClurg, Amy Thomas, Scott Jones, Tallulah Grant, Stuart McNaught, Tony Michael, Jenni Robinson, Jamie Bloor, Sarah James, Michael Engler, El Douglas, Mark Hendy, Loz Sanchez, Natasha Morris, Kelly Mallery, James Bowerbank, Mikey White, Becky Handy, Kevin Clarke, Jean Davies, Cerys Andrews, Let it Flow Yoga, Rhys Bernardo, Samuel Griffiths, Liam Connolly, Jordan Harris, Kyle David Smith, James Page, Kat Bessant, Justin Dunn, Samantha Neville, Ash Foster, Gabby Byrne, Nora Pickler, Chris Harris, Scott Evans, Geoff Halbherr, Danny Eaton, Jessie Hellier, Neil Reid, Emily Dixon, David Winchurch, Kelly Tyrer, Hannah Rachael, Justine Baddeley, Anthony Matthews, Nuala Clark, Owen Davies, Angharad Richards, Samantha Bowen, Sandra Kucharczyk, Gavin Butler, Jennifer Dean, Ryan Woodman, Matt Roberts, Robert Pike, Robert Byrne, Hannah Talbot, Ida Christensen, Nicola Johnson, Rebecca Harrison, Luke Wardle, Sarah Maher, Alanágh Nic Gabhann, Lewis Sluman, Andy Saxton, Snowdogg7, Helen Macbethm, Callum Oakshott, Adam Tibbs, Alice Boyns, Joshua Ehrensperger-Lewis, Lucy Neill, Ollie Amesbury, Stevie Burke, Jacob Turner, Nathan Matheson, Katy Brewster, Thomas James, Andrew Keech, Ben Evans, Ceri Craddock, Sam Ledgerwood, Jason Heredia, Marc...  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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13 Nov 2020

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Ryan Seaman from IDKHow

The Brett Davern Show

Listen Up! This time on episode 761, Drummer from I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME, Ryan Seaman joins us and discusses the latest release of Razzmataz and his show Ryan Seaman And Friends… enjoy! The Brett Davern Show is streamed LIVE daily at 10am (eastern) 7am (pacific) on idobi Radio at http://idobi.com. Follow […]


22 Oct 2020

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Rosecoloredworld, Ryan Seaman

The Gunz Show

The Gunz Show hit the airwaves again to save your from your quarantine woes. Tune in for a brand new segment of Sunday Scaries with Camm Knopp, and hear conversations with Rosecoloredworld and Ryan Seaman.


18 May 2020

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#285 with Ryan Seaman

The Mike Herrera Podcast

The Mike Herrera Podcast #285  Ryan Seaman is back to give us the latest on his drumming and touring adventures. His new band "I DON'T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME" is finding success and touring the world. We also talk about navigating the music business and more. @RyanSeaman @IDKHow - Support what I do at MXPX.com SAT SEPT 7 -MxPx - Park Jam Festival in London, Ontario Canada with The Offspring, Reel Big Fish and Seaway.  New MXPX and Mike Herrera songs streaming everywhere now-  MXPX - Franco UnAmerican Mike Herrera - Don't Walk Away Leave a message with your question on the new Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some will be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message. Tip-Write your question down and read it. Will be more clear. ;)  Tickets on sale at www.mxpx.com www.mxpx.com for all things follow @MikeHerreraTD on Instagram or Twitter follow @mxpxpx on Instagram and @mxpx on Twitter  Thanks to Bob McKnight Producing / Editing and sometimes more done by Bob McKnight @bobandkatieshow Listen to the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream your tunes!  Thanks to RØDE MICS  Shop at Merch Arsenal

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1 Aug 2019

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022: How to Raise Awareness With Astrology? - Ryan Seaman

Noble Warrior with CK Lin

We discussed: +Buddhism as the spiritual path to love, kindness, and compassion +Different modalities to unpack the transformation puzzles +What’s the difference between impel and compel? +How astrology helps him to connect with anyone? +Fatalism vs. Free Will +Use astro readings to raise your awareness and double check your blind spots +His daily rituals to be grounded every day: vipassana meditation, Buddhist empowerments, yoga +How his nutrition harmonize his chi/prana +How tuning forks are best to disperse stagnant chi +Conscious moving chi from denial to anger to sadness to depression to acceptance +How to consciously amplify your attention outside yourself for relief +Respect the feminine side to be a stronger man +Yoga is a way to find where you are stuck in the body +Recapping your day in an objective manner as a tool to make your sleep more fulfilling +You’ll know you meet the right teacher when you can feel the resonance of their presence and words. Pay special attention to synchronicity when something shows up more than three times. +Remember your aim: to keep yourself on track in spite of outside noise +And many more Quotable Quotes: ‘Our body is an expression of our energy/emotion we need; any excess or deficiency relative to emotions we need will show through the body.” ‘At the moment you were born a celestial chord is struck.” “Until you make the unconscious conscious, you’ll call it fate” “Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may; Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do whatever you can to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.” “Free will plus universal will is the real aim” “Being with the noise until the noise subsides” “In the 4th Way, the end game is wakefulness of the mind, the heart, and the body”

1hr 56mins

7 Jan 2019

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#2-Drummer Ryan Seaman (ex Falling In Reverse, Icon For Hire, IDK HOW)

The 7 Words Podcast

On today’s episode Megan talks to her friend and talented drummer Ryan Seaman (I Am Ghost, Falling In Reverse, Icon For Hire, IDK How). They discuss his journey on becoming a working musician, band struggles and he shares some great memories of the first time he played Warped Tour. They also talk about his current band with Dallon Weekes (ex Panic At The Disco) I Don’t Know How But They Found Me (IDK How).

1hr 14mins

10 Feb 2018