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🪙 16 🎙️ The Science of Sales Leadership : Zorian Rotenberg

SaaS it Up 🎙️

Zorian Rotenberg is the chair of the "CRO - Chief Revenue Officers" Group on Revenue Collective. He is a growth advisor(Sales/Revenue) who is currently helping the M33 team with portfolio companies with a focus on the sales strategy & revenue acceleration.  He is a former PE & Investment Banking Analyst turned SaaS CRO focused on leading global SaaS sales teams from $20M to $100M in Revenue (incl: senior sales management, sales, CS/AM, and channel sales worldwide). 


23 Apr 2021

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872: Chief Revenue Officers, with Zorian Rotenberg

Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Zorian Rotenberg is the CRO at Infotelligent. In today's episode we dive into how and why a CRO is different than a VP of Sales. Titles are thrown around pretty easily these days. But as we dig into, there are substantive differences between the two roles and Zorian shares some details about how they should be viewed. Which includes his very interesting perspective that good CROs are like a "Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager" So we talk about the steps CROs can take to hedge their risks as they scale their operations. Plus, Zorian shares his 9 steps for scaling revenue. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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29 Jan 2021

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Episode 10: Zorian Rotenberg, CRO @ Infotelligent on what Wall Street taught him about scaling SaaS businesses, using data to drive better analysis across sales & operations and why he feels there is high churn rate in a startup VP role

WeDisrupt Sales Podcast

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Zorian Rotenberg, Chief Revenue Officer of sales growth platform powerhouse, Infotelligent.Zorian is a former Investment banker & growth equity VC turned SaaS sales leader, leading global sales teams from $20M to $100M in revenue. Zorian will be sharing his experiences from:- What Wall Street taught him about scaling SaaS businesses- Using data to drive better analysis across sales & operations- Insights on why there is such a high churn rate in the startup VP sales roleThe episode is available across all podcast mediums.


6 Oct 2020

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Episode 117: #117: Zorian Rotenberg of Infotelligent — Achieving Disproportionate Results in a Noisy World

Sales Leadership Podcast

Expert in scaling companies, Zorian teaches us about stress and passion, how each salesperson feels these In their jobs. Taking care of your team members is required before you to take care of your customers. Zorian loves to quote Eisenhour, who said, “You don’t lead by hitting people over the head, that is assault!” A great leader is someone who makes everyone on the team better. He teaches us that we need to get your team SET: give them support, energy, and trust.


29 Sep 2020

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#Revenue 7: Scaling SaaS Revenue & Sales Teams w/ Zorian Rotenberg

B2B Growth: Your Daily B2B Marketing Podcast

What’s the battle-tested method to scale SaaS revenue and sales teams?  That’s what we’re answering today… Zorian Rotenberg, CRO at Infotelligent, joins host of the #Revenue series, John Grispon, on this episode of B2B Growth. Along with the only formula you’ll ever need to scale SaaS revenue, Zorian shares…  3 keys to sales repeatability An unconventional way of hiring the top talent Why LTV-to-CAC ratio should not be 3:1 in an early-stage SaaS company Resources mentioned in this episode: From Impossible to Inevitable Who: The A Method for Hiring (VooDoo hiring method) Recruit Rockstars zorian.com For Entrepreneurs blog This episode is hosted by John Grispon. Founder and Sales Coach at Early Revenue, as part of the #Revenue series on B2B Growth.  You can find this interview, and many more, by subscribing to the B2B Growth Show on Apple Podcasts, on our website, or on Spotify.


26 Aug 2020

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S1E136 - Where do you go to learn about being a CRO with Zorian Rotenberg, CRO Infotelligent

Surf and Sales

A self-proclaimed math geek, Zorian answers the pivotal question, is sales an art or a science. And he discusses the following sales topics too: How to quantify an effective phone call Is sales a science or an art What to do your first 90 days as a new VP of Sales How can CEOs have a better relationship with heads of sales, CROs, etc. The reason for a chief revenue officer role


24 Aug 2020

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26: 6 of the Biggest Rookie Sales Mistakes w/ Zorian Rotenberg

The B2B Sales Show

Sales rookies tend to have a lot of energy to take on big challenges. But, sometimes that energy drives them into making big mistakes. Zorian Rotenberg, Chief Sales Officer at Revenue Inc., lays out 6 of the biggest rookie sales mistakes for The B2B Sales Show co-host, Joe Caprio of Chorus.ai. Zorian goes over: Effective sales rep training Identifying real prospect pain points Building trust and rapport within the B2B industry You can find this interview and many more by subscribing to The B2B Sales Show on Apple Podcasts. If you don’t use Apple Podcasts, you can listen to every episode by clicking here.


9 Oct 2019