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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rick Steele. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rick Steele, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rick Steele. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rick Steele, often where they are interviewed.

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Rick Steele Recap: Highlights from the Interview

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When it comes to learning about paid ads using Google, it makes sense to listen to the man who spent 94 million dollars on it – Rick Steele! Our interview with him pretty much amounts to a course in digital marketing that somebody could charge for and today we recap its most valuable gems. The biggest takeaways are three key concepts that need to be understood to get digital marketing right: intent-based searches, retargeting, and optimizing your website using heat mapping. Rory prophesizes that these strategies will be as important to brand builders as they are to product vendors very shortly – indeed they're already being used – so tune in and get in on the gold rush before its too late!

May 15 2020 · 20mins
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Getting to Grips with the Fundamentals of SEO with Rick Steele

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Understanding SEO concepts like paid traffic acquisition and intent-based searches is easier than one might imagine, and if put to use properly, these digital marketing strategies can yield millions of dollars. Today’s guest is Rick Steele, and he joins us on the show to speak about how his use of SEO strategies has enabled him to build multiple billion-dollar businesses. Rick is not just an incredibly masterful businessman though, he is also a celebrated philanthropist and ambassador of effective altruism who is organizing a movement of high net-worth business leaders, to bring them together to solve immediate humanitarian and environmental concerns. He is a bestselling author, has been featured on the Inc 500 list twice, was named Humanitarian of the Year by Harvard Business School, is listed amongst FastCompany’s most innovative companies, and has been featured in Washington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, ESPN, Huffington Post, and Fox News. Amazingly, Rick is also a 13-time IRONMAN who has recently just completed seven marathons in seven consecutive days on seven continents! In our conversation with Rick, he talks about his early adoption of online, direct to consumer sales, and takes us through the entire process of finding a product to tweaking the way you market and sell it on your website.

May 12 2020 · 42mins

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Duffified Live: Rick Steele of SelectBlinds

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An encounter in Long Beach, CA brought Chef Brian Duffy and Rick Steele together for what would be a friendship that has been around for the last 8 years.

Rick Steele is a self-made man of many things. He is an American entrepreneur and Founder and CMO of Selectblinds, LLC, an online e-tailer of independently branded window fashions. In 2016, his company, SelectBlinds.com, became the first retailer to stop selling corded custom window covering products, leading industry efforts to change manufacturer safety standards and prevent the deaths and injuries that result annually from children who become entangled in window covering cords. He is also a business speaker, philanthropist, and author of business and children’s books.

Today’s conversation talks about his latest accomplishment, a World Marathon Finisher. Yes, Rick has just finished seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. This title is a massive one for Rick who believes that “the brain lies to you.” The brain said “I was done” yet I just did five more push-ups.

Rick’s vision is one of the great things but the most important thing to him is his family, the ability to maintain a great home life, and a stable positive environment. That’s put Rick and his family in a great place and you can feel his pride when he speaks about his family!

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Mar 06 2020 · 1hr 33mins
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Ecommerce & Startups with Select Blinds Founder Rick Steele | BBB 077

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Rick Steele is the founder and chief marketing officer of Select Blinds, an online retailer specializing in the very best in window fashion. His company was one of the very first blinds retailers to go totally cordless in their designs, and within 10 years of launching they were able to grow revenue to over $65 million. Rick is also an expert on Internet traffic and conversion rates and believes that it’s essential to face adversity if you want true personal and professional growth.

In this episode, Rick discusses how he went from selling Beanie Babies to selling blinds, elaborates on his decision to take a risk and invest in cordless blinds, and explains why he believes nothing good ever comes from being comfortable.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • What are some elements of ecommerce that we take for granted today that were much harder to pull off when Rick was starting out?
  • The reason Rick chose to specialize in blinds rather than other retail products.
  • Why Rick decided to sell his products and only his products through his website early on.
  • The series of events that led to Rick appearing on Extreme Home Makeovers.
  • The vital reason Select Blinds invested so much time and effort into creating cordless products and why Rick is okay with the growth it cost them.
  • How Select Blinds got creative when it came down to competing with Amazon.
  • Rick relates Select Blinds’ misadventures in outsourcing and what lessons he took away from that experience.
  • Why Rick has an entire series of marathons lined up for the coming year.


“Everything kinda originated out of my one-bedroom house, and we’re now sixteen years into this game selling blinds.”

“You have to create your own social proof.”

“Truly it’s about the social proof it creates, and as marketers it’s up to us to create that.”

“That’s all business is, that’s all marketing is: it’s solving a problem.”

“Only outsource to automation and products that you know will make your life better.”

“Everything that’s happened to me in my life has come through adversity.”

Guest Links:Select Blinds homepage - https://www.selectblinds.com/

#GoCordless - https://www.selectblinds.com/gocordless.html

Rick’s email - rick@selectblinds.com

Rick on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ricksteeleofficial/

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Nov 04 2019 · 42mins

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Ep. 53: The Endurance Entrepreneur with Rick Steele

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rick to discuss how he went from selling beanie babies online to build a massive online blind business. His journey is incredible and he really opens up about his past, where he came from, and the legacy that he wants to leave behind for his kids.

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Aug 09 2019 · 29mins
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Knowing Your Strength As An Executive Leader with Will Pemble and Tapping Into Your Entrepreneurial DNA with Rick Steele

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Being an executive leader takes a lot of knowing who you are, your people, and the situation. American entrepreneur, author, and executive coach, Will Pemble, takes us into his executive leadership system/workshop/event and book called Goal Boss. He talks about the importance of knowing your strengths while sharing his ideal participants. He also shares tips on how to do a meeting as well as the things you need to prepare for it in order to make it more fruitful.

Rick Steele taps into his entrepreneurial DNA and talks about providing a product that saves children’s lives. He went from doing mortgages to the blinds business. As the founder of Selectblinds, LLC, an online e-tailer of independently branded window fashions, he saw the threats of corded custom window covering products to children and became the first retailer to stop selling those. He also touches the topic of failure and how there is value in learning not to fear that and to face adversities in order to grow and innovate.

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Oct 12 2018 · 57mins
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VisionCast: Joy in Giving, by Rick Steele (11/16/14)

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VisionCast: Joy in Giving, by Rick Steele (11/16/14) by LifeSpring Bible Church
Nov 16 2014 · 29mins