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Ceremony with Jedaya Barboza

Ceremony Devotion in action

Jedaya Barboza is a Shemite priestess, divine feminine leader, intentional transformational coach, content creator; Magdalen rose empresses, and tantric spiritual devotion teacher. She had dedicated her existence to walking the footsteps of the Magdalen with every breath. Jedaya was born to empower and inspire the Glow up from the inside out, to create healthy change by inspiring, empowering, and co-creating a world of healthy spiritual transformation through Hieros Gamos : The Sacred union and dance of the Masculine and Feminine, Sacred Sexuality, Self Love, Self intimacy, Bhakti, Kundalini, Sacred plant medicine, and Women (blood) Mysteries.


7 Oct 2020

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015: Path Of The Magdalen Rose Womb Priestess with Jedaya Barboza

Awaken My Soul

Jedaya Barboza is a Tantric Shemite Rose Womb Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She empowers women to reclaim their birthrights of divinity, love, pleasure, harmony, sensuality, magnetism and sovereignty through the ancient codes of the Magdalen Rose Womb Consciousness. In this episode, you’ll hear: Demystifying the Tantric Shemite Rose Womb lineage Ancient codes of Magdalen Rose Womb Consciousness From a dark night of the soul to being initiated into priestesshood Ancestral healing, womb healing & womb justice Restoring the balance of Gaia through the rise of Divine Feminine Transmuting separation during these times into unity & freedom Ceremonial plant medicine for expanding our consciousness Jedaya’s Offerings: 1:1 Mentorship Online and Live Retreats Workshops Trainings Online Courses Freebie → The Rose Empress Masterclass Jedaya’s Awaken My Soul Book & Resource Soulections: The Manuscripts of The Magdalene The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ray Connect with our guest Jedaya Barboza: Instagram: @jedayabarboza Website: priestessjedaya.com Facebook: facebook.com/butterfly.barboza Connect With Your Host, Melissa: Melissa’s Instagram: instagram.com/melissa_mcewen Click Here To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Melissa’s Website: awakenmysoulcoaching.com Liked this episode? Share with a friend & leave us a review on iTunes!

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10 Jul 2020

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Magdalen Rose-Womb Consciousness with Jedaya Barboza

Mind Body Musings

Episode 309: Jedaya Barboza is a Tantric Shemite ROSE WOMB PRIESTESS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE. She empowers women to reclaim their birthrights of divinity, love, pleasure, harmony, sensuality, magnetism, and sovereignty through the ancient codes of the Magdalen Rose Womb Consciousness. Jedaya provides 1:1 mentorship, online and live retreats + facilitate workshops, trainings and courses. Show Notes: Madelyn will be posting videos of interviews to YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/maddymoontv Struggled with sharing YouTube channel because of old videos, asked her teacher if she should take them down. It's okay to not always resonate with your past selves, don't suppress or repress parts of yourself. It's Pussy Awareness Week! Connecting with Divine Feminine Energy is very potent during these times. Jedaya grew up with a very empowered woman, but she was also very religious. Felt Christinity was a cover for her deep inner witch embodiment, like a veil. Sex magick is largely being in the energy, not just penetration or actual literal sex. Everyone comes into the world through the energy of sexuality. No outside force or entity has the power to depress me, suppress me, oppress me. Jedaya works to help people transmute their stories and their trauma into empowerment. Sessions with Jedaya are about feeling seen, being heard, connecting with our true origins of self. When you suppress the feminine energy, you suppress life. Magdalene is an energy that any feminine or masculine soul can embody. There's been a "war on the womb" for centuries. More and more women are waking up and honoring their own states, being priestesses. Jedaya's path brought her to so many places in the world with so much beauty, and also so much abuse. Being a priestess is sacred responsibility. You have to meet that name by respecting it. Connect with Jedaya: Website: https://www.priestessjedaya.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jedayabarboza/ COACHING: receive personalized, 1:1 coaching from Maddy Moon to create your own feminine and masculine embodiment. Heal your heart, build confidence, create an online business (if that’s a goal!) or simply feel happier. 6 month and 12 month options available. Apply here: http://maddymoon.com/coaching SISU SOCIETY: Madelyn's *New* Monthly Membership Program includes two live teachings per month, a private Facebook community, resources and access to lessons on Devotional Love, Feminine Embodiment, Polarity, Relationships, Harnessing Higher Truths, Pleasure and so much more. If you'd like to be a part of the Society, learn more and join here: http://maddymoon.com/sisu-society FEMININE SPIRIT SCHOOL: this school is the one-stop-shop for all things feminine energy! If you’ve been wanting to embody the feminine but feel stuck on the how, this program will take you through the entire realm from start to (well…we’re never really finished, are we?). Learn about the feminine/masculine, shadow sides, ancestral healing, boundary setting, empowerment, sensuality and sexuality, sovereignty and so much more. Sign up here: http://maddymoon.com/feminine-spiritAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy


4 Jul 2020

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6. The Rose Lineage, Venus and Mary Magdalene with Jedaya Barboza

Law of Positivism

In this divine episode I have the beautiful Jedaya Barboza, a Venusian Rose Womb Priestess of the Divine Feminne. She shares her story and her path into this lineage and work. She is fully in service and devotion to the Goddess and to the awakening of the wild and ancient parts of you that long to reclaim and touch upon all seven birth rights. In this episode we get into the following topics: The Rose Lineage Venus in astrology (Libra and Taurus) Walking the path of the divine feminine Mary Magdalene The healing and powerful energy of the Rose I am in deep gratitude for this beautiful conversation and I hope it brings you more light and love on your path. Visit Jedaya: https://www.instagram.com/jedayabarboza/ http://www.priestessjedaya.com/links.html


15 Nov 2019

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8. Jedaya Barboza - The Planet Venus, Living as a Modern Day Witch & Shemite Rose Empress

The Rose Series

In this episode I speak with Jedaya Barboza who is a Shemite Magdalene Rose Womb Empress and a Divine Feminine Leader. In this episode, Jedaya speaks to us about living as a modern day witch, the planet Venus, what a Shemite Priestess is, the importance of putting love on top & her ancient rose teachings! To read more on this episode please visit www.kirstytargrass.co/podcast.


9 Oct 2019

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066 | Yoni Steams & Womb Medicine with Jedaya Barboza

Rising Women Leaders

After hearing about the wonders of “yoni steaming” from a few friends, I invited Jedaya Barboza on the podcast to share more about this practice. Whether you are healing from a health related challenge relating to the womb, have painful menstrual cycles, or are missing your cycle altogether, today’s episode is full of information for you to take steps forward on a path of healing by tuning into the wisdom of your womb. In this episode we discussed: How Jedaya was rebirthed on the path of the Priestess Jedaya’s connection to Mary Magdalene & Isis Yoni Steaming - what it is and how to do it Herbs to use for Yoni Steams Womb Mysteries Womb Clearing The Womb Voice The Moon and How She is Connected To Our Womb Stay in touch with Jedaya: Instagram Website Jedaya Barboza is a devotional Priestess of the Goddess. She has dedicated her life to walking the footsteps of the goddess with every breath she inhales, offering the gift of the Sacred Red Rose to women and serving the Goddess however she calls for her to show up. She is an initiated Priestess of the Women's Mysteries, a midwife of the veils, holding a safe container for women and sisters of all colors to birth their full essence and to enter their Queendom. She has been the midwife of her own rebirth, and has heard the calling to midwife other women’s rebirth all over the world. Jedaya was reborn to create change by inspiring, empowering, and co-creating a world of healthy spiritual transformation through art, connection, sensuality, movement, breath, and music. She has facilitated cacao and ecstatic dance ceremonies, Wild Woman Retreats,  yoni steaming ceremonies, full moon ceremonies, and red tent in MA and Costa Rica. She offers one-on-one Rose Womb Activations. Podcast by Meredith Rom - Rising Women Leaders | Spirituality | Personal Growth | Yoga. Intuition, stories, and voices


2 Nov 2018