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161: Ibarionex Perello - Street Photography and the Power of Light

The Profitable Photographer

“You want people coming to you because they like the way you see... You have to find a way of seeing and working that is uniquely you. And that’s what you market.”This week Master Photographer Luci Dumas is joined by street photography extraordinaire and lighting expert Ibarionex Perello! Ibarionex is a Photographer, Writer, Educator and Host of The Candid Frame Photography Podcast. A creative powerhouse!With over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry, he has gifted this world with six, count em, SIX BOOKS including Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography Using Available Light.Having served as an adjunct professor at the Art Center College of Design we are incredibly lucky to have Ibarionex here to educate us on the DOs and DON’Ts of lighting and other photography business tips. After listening to this episode you will be exploding with knowledge on:Being a light treasure-hunter in natural settingsNoticing shadows, quality, direction, and contrastAnd leaning into your flexibility and curiosity to make original discoveriesListen now! And connect with Ibarionex atIbarionex@gmail.comwww.thecandidframe.com


13 Jul 2022

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Episode 106: Interview with Ibarionex Perello

FujiLove - All Things Fujifilm. A Podcast for Fuji X and GFX Users.

This week we spoke with Ibarionex Perello. He is an amazing street and portrait photographer, a teacher, an author, an official X Photographer and he is also a podcaster. Web: https://www.ibarionex.net/ IG: https://www.instagram.com/ibarionex/ Podcast: https://www.ibarionex.net/thecandidframe

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27 Apr 2022

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TTIM 191 – Ibarionex Perello and Diversity in Photography

The Traveling Image Makers

A few weeks ago I had a conversation on this podcast with our common friend Valérie Jardin. Most of the discussion we had was centered around an article published on the New York Daily News and titled When your photograph harms me: New York should look to curb unconsensual photography of women.It would have been easy to discount the article as yet another rant about street photography and its purported invasion of privacy, but the fact that it was written by an Asian woman got me thinking.It made me think that photography is mostly a white guys’ club. Women are a minority and people of color, especially black, are an even smaller minority. Black women photographers? I don’t know any, personally.We white guys often tend to overlook this fact and can become race-blind and gender-blind. When I look at the issue of photographing strangers in the street, it’s easy for me to think that I should apply a sort of golden rule: I am not going to treat others in ways that I wouldn’t want to be treated, but is that enough?The problem with that attitude is that I try to imagine how I would feel if I were in front of the camera, but I’m a white guy, not a woman of color, for example. Maybe I should try to imagine what it feels like to be in front of the camera as a woman of color. It might not be exactly the same. In order to get a different perspective on this issue, I invited Ibarionex Perello to the show. Ibarionex is not only a great street photographer, and educator, and a podcast host (his show, The Candid Frame, has published 560 episodes as of today) but he's also a black person. I thought it would be interesting to hear how it feels to be both in front and behind a camera as a person of color, in today's world and especially in the USA. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Jun 2021

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Ibarionex Perello

The Photo Banter

On today’s episode I speak with photographer, writer, educator and podcaster Ibarionex Perello. Ibarionex has over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry having worked for companies and institutions such as Nikon, Rangefinder publishing, and Art Center College of Design to name a few. Ibarionex has a passion for street photography and photographing people and can often be found documenting the streets of Los Angeles,CA where he currently resides. Ibarionex is also the host of the long running podcast “The Candid Frame” where he has interviewed over 500 creative professionals for over the past 15 years. I highly recommend checking out Ibarionex’s podcast which is available on all podcast platforms. I was excited to get a chance to speak with Ibarionex about his journey with photography so I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening! www.ibarionex.net @ibarionexhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-candid-frame-conversations-on-photography/id127842171

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17 May 2021

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Ibarionex Perello

Being Brown In LA

This episode is a conversation with Ibarionex Perello, photographer, educator, author and host of the podcast The Candid Frame. We are talking about being Afro-Latino, white flight in Los Angeles and folks calling us by different name just because they can't pronounce our real ones. Thanks for listening and don't forget to follow us on social media. Please share this with your friends.

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23 Apr 2021

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Episode 88 // Ibarionex Perello (Professor/Podcaster/Photographer)

We Got To Hang Out

Ibarionex is a professor, photographer and host of the Candid Frame podcast. For the last 15 years TCF has hosted, what seems to be, every living legend in photography history. Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz (three times), Elliott Erwitt, Gus Powell, Guy Webster, Valerie Jardin, Jeff Mermelstein, Dan Winters, Ralph Gibson are on the shortlist of greatest photographers of all time and Ibarionex has hosted them all. Ibarionex was amongst the first names to be on my guest list since the beginning of this podcasting journey so it was an honor to finally have him hangout. Enjoy this wonderful conversation.

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30 Mar 2021

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Creating Your Own Creative Community with Ibarionex Perello @ The Candid Frame | AD 153

Artist Decoded by Yoshino

https://www.patreon.com/artistdecoded About Ibarionex: Ibarionex Perello is a photographer, writer and educator. Since 2006, he has also served as the host, and producer of The Candid Frame photography podcast, which has featured hundreds of conversations with the world’s best and established photographers. Guests have included Sam Abell, Maggie Steber, Eli Reed, Jay Maisel, Elliot Erwitt, Ruddy Roye, Dan Winters, Keith Carter and many more. Ibarionex has written hundreds of magazine articles on the subject of photography and has authored half a dozen books on the subject of photography including his most recent Making Photographs: Developing a Personal Visual Workflow. Topics Discussed In This Episode: His podcast, “The Candid Frame” Content with substance vs. content consumed to distract Cerebral vs. technical vs. intuitive elements to creativity Book: Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “The Decisive Moment” Finding comfortability in uncomfortable scenarios Discussing the role of the interviewer Ibarionex’s photography and writing process The importance of creating your own creative community Podcast: Elvis Mitchell’s “The Treatment” Photographers: Joel Meyerowitz, Richard Avedon, Michelle Groskopf www.artistdecoded.com www.ibarionex.net https://www.instagram.com/ibarionex/


1 Apr 2020

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Interview with Ibarionex Perello, Godfather of podcasting

Photography Insights - important industry interviews by Phlogger

Welcome to episode 76 of Photography Insights and another great guest for you.  After listening to Ibarionex Perello aka The Candid Frame and reading his blog for some time now, I have really enjoyed his conversations with other photographers.  He seems to get the stories and such interesting people, that it can really move you.  Ibarionex has been podcasting now for over 14 years and on his 500th show!  He's also had 25 years in the photography industry, so has some great experience.  Using this gift he's run workshops and taught in different places around the globe, written 6 books and provides critique's and teaching too. One of the reasons you should listen to Ibarionex is his smooth tonal voice, it's very relaxing almost like a god of podcasting (I've compared this to James Earl Jones from Hollywood). We discussed: Podcasting & getting started The craft of interviewing Working with guests Transition between podcast + photographers Variety of guests Maintaining lists Being real My spiderman interview Working for Nikon tech support Dealing with screamers Anxiety, nerves & issues Therapy Facebook group I would have loved to have spent more time talking about photography, his talent and street photography, but time just flew.  So I would urge you all to check out his website. LINKS Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ibarionex/ Website - Candidframe.com Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClXvqO_kJSF1GwExcgkrwUg Pay it forward Ibarionex has nominated Michelle Groskopf as his recommend  https://mgroskopf.com/wired-magazine-25 --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/photography-insights/message

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29 Jan 2020

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Ep. 101 - Go Back To The Source (w. Ibarionex Perello)

Awaken The Awesome

You'd think I'd be used to this by now - but I'd be lying if I told you that were the case. Sometimes, you take a step a back after a recording, and you have to take it in and ask yourself: "Did that really happen?" I've been a fan of my next guest's work and craft for over 10+ years as he has quite honestly been one of my podcasting and photography heroes. Indeed, a lot of the effort I've put into this very podcast you're listening to have been, in many ways, inspired by him. And he certainly has the track record to show for it. With over 25 years of experience in the photographic industry, Ibarionex Perello is the author 6 successful books including Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography Using Available Light and his latest, Making Photographs : Developing a Personal Visual Workflow. As a podcaster, he is the producer and host of the wildly popular The Candid Frame podcast,  which he has been producing and hosting for 13 years as of this recording. After nearly 500 episodes, his dedication and exemplary consistency have made this podcast a staple within photography circles. As a remarkable photographer, his photographs and articles have appeared in numerous publications and websites including Digital Photo Pro, Outdoor Photographer, Rangefinder, and Popular Photography just to name a few. As an educator, he is a course instructor at the Los Angeles Center of Photography where he heads regular workshops on Street Photography. With a sense of genuine warmth and kindness, Ibarionex shared his personal insights on dedication, consistency, doing the work, not buying into your own hype, his recent diagnosis with ADHD and so much more... What's it like to meet your heroes? Thanks to a delightful combination intent, action, preparation and opportunity, I got to find out. This one was a very personal victory for me, in more ways than one. And yet another amazing conversation, which I hope you'll enjoy. You can show support for the work at The Candid Frame with contributing to their Patreon effort.  You can do this by visiting patreon.com/thecandidframe. You can also provide a one-time donation via PayPal. You can connect with Ibarionex via his official Instagram page as well as his official website and Twitter.


5 Nov 2019

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Camera and Inspiration #27 | PPN | Milestone - PPN episode #100 - Inspiration with Ibarionex Perello

PPN.fm - Photo Podcast Network

For the 100th PPN podcast episode, Marco invited Ibarionex Perello to the show. Ibarionex is a photographer, writer, educator, and podcast host. He has been working in the photo industry for more than 25 years and has written and photographed for publications including Outdoor Photographer, Rangefinder, Shutterbug and he is also the author of 6 photography books so far. Besides that, he is an Adjunct Professor at the Art Center College of Design and he’s a real celebrity in the photography podcast universe. He is the host and producer of “The Candid Frame Photography podcast” that he started in 2006. Since then he has interviewed hundreds of inspiring photographers, including some really famous ones, that are discussed in the episode. Currently, he has published more than 480 episodes! On this episode, Ibarionex shares some of the most interesting and memorable interviews with photographers that he has done in all those years and how it has influenced his view on photography? This episode is sponsored by: Skylum Luminar - Simple and fast photo editing software http://bit.ly/PPN-Luminar3 COSYSPEED - The fastest camera bags in the world. http://bit.ly/STREETOMATIC Inspirational photographer of the month: Ibarionex picks American photographer Mary Ellen Mark (1940 - 2015) known for her photojournalism/documentary photography. She photographed people who were away from mainstream society and toward its more interesting, often troubled edges of society. Her photography went on to address such social issues such as homelessness, loneliness, drug addiction, and prostitution. Children are a recurring subject throughout much of her work. She was very good with people so that they would trust her and open up their soul without acting or pretending to be part of the socially accepted mainstream.  “When Photographing I want to reach out and touch something that I feel is at the core of people.” - Mary Ellen Mark http://www.maryellenmark.com Inspiring photographers that Ibarionex has interviewed and talked about in this episode: Mary Ellen Mark http://www.maryellenmark.com/ Joel Meyerowitz https://www.joelmeyerowitz.com/ Dan Winters https://danwintersphoto.com/ Safi Alia Shabiak https://flashbulbfloozy.com/ The Candid Frame episode with Safi Alia Shabiak: http://www.ibarionex.net/thecandidframe/2019/4/28/the-candid-frame-464-safi-alia-shabaik Links to Ibarionex Perello’s work and social media accounts: Website:www.thecandidframe.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Ibarionex/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ibarionex Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ibarionex Japan Workshop with Ibarionex: https://www.nobechicreative.com/workshops#/tokyo-explorations-in-the-metropolis-with-ibarionex-perello-and-george-nobechi/   Inspirational Photo Book Pick of the Month: “Making Photographs - Developing a Personal Visual Workflow” by Ibarionex Perello. “In Making Photographs, photographer Ibarionex Perello teaches you how to face and conquer two of the greatest challenges for a photographer: to consistently make good images and to see the photographic possibilities all around you.” Published by Rocky Nook (and in Germany by dPunkt Verlag) - 320 Pages English version: http://www.ibarionex.net/thecandidframe/2018/9/26/40-off-making-photographs-developing-a-personal-visual-workflow German version at Amazon Germany: https://amzn.to/34E90Bu Marco Larousse Street Photography Workshop October 2019: https://www.marcolarousse.com/street-photography-workshops Links to Marco Larousse: Web: www.MarcoLarousse.com Twitter: @HamburgCam Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marco.larousse/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarcoLarousse1 Links to PPN: Web: www.PhotoPodcasts.com or PPN.fm Twitter: @Photopodcasts Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photopodcasts/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ppnphotopodcastnetwork Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/ppn-apple-podcasts Please support our show by using our B&H affiliate link (click here) or Amazon Germany link (click here) that will not cost you a penny more than when you are buying at B&H or Amazon without our link. Check out the Skylum LUMINAR software: Link: http://bit.ly/PPN-Luminar3 (use the discount code “PHOTOPODCASTS” at checkout for extra savings) And please share this podcast with your friends and subscribe via Apple podcasts, Google Podcasts, or search for “PPN” in your favorite podcast app. We would also love to get your feedback. Is there anything that you want us to cover on the show in the future? And we would appreciate if you could take a short moment to rate or post a quick review for our shows on iTunes. About this show: On the monthly “Camera and Inspiration” podcast show of the PPN - Photo Podcast Network, Marco and usually a guest discuss the essence of photography and how to photograph with more intent. Determining the “why” before the “how” in photography is essential to understanding your subject better and create stronger images. In each episode, they introduce you to an inspirational photographer of the month and also share an inspirational photo book of the month.

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12 Sep 2019