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Ep 44 - Sunir Shah, President @ AppBind


In this week's episode, Mark Brigman chats with Sunir Shah, President @ AppBind. Sunir gravitated into various partnering through his strong background in marketing. Like all great partnering professionals, his constant eye on improvement opportunities led him to start AppBind. Hear Sunir share his partnering success insights and the great benefits that AppBind clients are achieving in this week's podcast. After listening to this episode, be sure to join our online community @ PARTNERNOMICS.com and connect with hundreds of Strategic Partnering professionals! 


23 Mar 2021

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017 - The Market Always Wins with Sunir Shah

PartnerUp The Partnerships Podcast

What is up PartnerUp? Is it better to play against the Casino, or be the Casino? As the saying goes, "the house always wins." Same can be said for your go-to-market. Successful ecosystems are not about playing the market, but about BEING the market. You don't want to miss this one with the legend himself... We're joined by Sunir Shah of the Cloud Software Association (CSA), AppBind, and formerly Freshbooks and Olark. Sunir has seen well over a decade of partner transformation and as the Founder of the CSA, has probably talked "partner" as much as anyone in SaaS. Don't forget to join in and follow the conversation at https://www.cloudsoftwareassociation.com


1 Mar 2021

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Helping Startups Through Community with Sunir Shah, CEO of AppBind

Leaders of B2B - Interviews on B2B Leadership, Tech, SaaS, Revenue, Sales, Marketing and Growth

AppBind is a cloud-based billing system that allows agencies and customers to have a better, more trustworthy relationship by solving the issue of who pays for software subscriptions while the service is being developed. The solution is simple yet badly needed, as it solves problems of customer onboarding and who pays for what.Sunir also goes on to talk about how his journey as an entrepreneur and startup guru has expanded beyond business and into the human realm. A firm believer in helping others and paying it forward, he has built a network of entrepreneurs in the Cloud Software Association to help startups and people who need advice and experience.Learn more about trends in software and technology with Sunir Shah. His approach to helping others in the field and staying calm as you grow your business is great advice for any entrepreneur or startup founder. CloudSoftwareAssociation.comAppBind.comWant to gain fresh, innovative perspectives and insights from captains of the tech industry? Drop by and say hello at LeadersOfB2B.com


1 Mar 2021

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#432 WP-Tonic Show With Special Guest Sunir Shah CEO at AppBind

WP-Tonic Show A WordPress Podcast

AppBind is an app that automatically track and securely expense all future charges to your client from a single pane of glass. About AppBind AppBind lets you as an agency manage the procurement of software subscriptions on behalf of your clients. You're the expert recommending software. Why awkwardly ask your clients to purchase things they don't understand? AppBind takes the risk out of agencies buying and managing subscriptions for their clients. We automatically and securely track and expense all the subscription charges to your clients, plus more (like add a management fee or discount, and automatically failover to backup credit cards). About Sunir Sunir is the CEO of AppBind, which is a new service that is transforming the relationship between digital agencies and the software companies they use. AppBind takes the risk out of agencies buying and managing subscriptions for their clients, so agencies can take care of all the software complexity on a project. Sunir is also the President of the Cloud Software Association, the network of 2500 SaaS partnership executives. He's been trying to make it easier for software companies and agencies to serve customers better, together for over 10 years. https://www.appbind.com/#Features Sunir Shah https://www.appbind.com/#Features


26 Sep 2019

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Sunir Shah: 5 Reasons You Need SaaS Channels

Channel Journeys Podcast

Why SaaS Channels are Vital to SaaS Growth This episode on SaaS Channels features Sunir Shah, founder of three SaaS organizations. He has his own SaaS company, AppBind. He runs the SaaS Connect conference. And he founded the Cloud Software Association, a network of over 2,000 companies building the market and channel for cloud software distribution. The subscription model of SaaS has driven many SaaS companies to only sell direct. Sunir has a depth of SaaS business development expertise. Sunir provides 5 big reasons why SaaS channels are so important for the success of SaaS companies and when to build them.  And he tells us what he’s doing with his company AppBind to make it easier for SaaS Channel partners to buy and manage multiple SaaS subscriptions they sell as part of their bundled service to their clients. KEY TAKEAWAYS SaaS Connect SaaS Connect is a meeting-central event. Over 300 SaaS partners, vendors, investors, and other leaders convene to learn best practices and form new partnerships. The event is designed to meet everyone and build a network you can carry forward. Why We Need SaaS Channels Integrations and open APIs were once seen as a crazy idea, just as some today think  SaaS channels and partnerships is a crazy idea. Today, the majority of SaaS is sold direct. However, you can’t expect to own the entire customer experience or reach every customer in the world. SaaS growth is being limited by a lack of SaaS channels. While Gartner predicts SaaS revenues to reach $85 billion in 2019, Microsoft’s revenue alone is over $100B. The big difference is that Microsoft is channel-driven and very proud that for every $1 Microsoft makes their partners make $10, and they generate more than 95 percent of our business through their partner ecosystem. The biggest problem threatening SaaS growth is that most SaaS investors and CEOs still want to control the customer from beginning to end, and they see partners as a threat. SaaS adoption is key to reducing churn, yet most SaaS companies attempt to handle the customer experience on their own, or compete with their partners in providing on-boarding and adoption services. In contrast, one CEO took a giant step in supporting his SaaS channel by eliminating the company’s Customer Success team and putting 90% of the on-boarding role in the hands of their partners. The SaaS Growth Ceiling is when the number of customers your acquiring every month equals the number of customers who are turning away every month. And it’s a trap. Because no matter how hard you work, you will always stay at the same place or start declining. One way out of the Growth Ceiling is to grow customer acquisition exponentially through SaaS channels. Source: The SaaS growth ceiling: what happens when churn takes hold by ChartMogel Building SaaS Channels The SaaS partner ecosystem depends on your offering. It may include a developer network, a service network, and a network of commercial channel partners depending on where you fit. With SaaS, you must generate customer demand for your product first before your channel partner will sell it. Focus on making sure that customers like your product, work on your direct sales, messaging, marketing, and building product market fit. Make enough case studies and proof that your thing is working, then you can start to build up your SaaS channels. Solving a SaaS Challenge with AppBind Software has always been a partnership play. One piece of software can’t solve an entire business problem. That is why partners play a key role in integrating and bundling multiple offerings. They add their own IP to provide a service that solves customer’s business problems. AppBind solves the billing challenge partners face when combining multiple SaaS products into a bundled service. For example, with AppBind, a social marketing agency can buy SaaS subscriptions for  a social media scheduler, advertising, dashboards, buffer accounts, etc. , mark them up, and sell them as part of a bundled service to clients, and manage all the subscriptions in one place. With AppBind, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can control all of their SaaS subscriptions, many with different billing metrics, that make up their service offerings. SHARE THIS You can't own the entire customer experience. You need to develop an ecosystem of partners around you because you can't phone and email every customer in the world. - @SunirClick To Tweet The channel is the most important future development we need to build in order to get SaaS to grow. - @SunirClick To Tweet The biggest, biggest, biggest, biggest problem absolutely, is that most SaaS investors and CEOs still want to control the customer from beginning to end and they see partners as a threat. - @SunirClick To Tweet The predictable part of SaaS predictable revenue is that it will hit a ceiling and then you're stuck. So what's your next leverage? It’s the channel. - @SunirClick To Tweet LINKS & RESOURCES Follow Sunir on LinkedIn and Twitter Learn more about AppBind Join the Cloud Software Association Learn more about SaaS Connect Read Rob’s 4 SaaS Channel Takeaways from SaaS Connect The post Sunir Shah: 5 Reasons You Need SaaS Channels first appeared on Channel Journeys.


1 May 2019

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On Target - Episode 8 - Sunir Shah, The Small Business Web

On Target

“On Target” is the Local Search Association’s podcast exploring the intersection of technology, media and local commerce.This episode includes an interview between LSA's Charles Laughlin and Sunir Shah, co-founder of The Small Business Web.


12 Jun 2017