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Why Is Obeying God So Simple and Yet So Incredibly Hard? (David Gibson)

The Crossway Podcast

Have you ever felt convicted by James 1:22?"But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves."How many of us have read that verse and felt the pangs of conscience? Knowing how often we do in fact content ourselves with merely hearing God's word, but not actually obeying it. And how many of us have asked ourselves or our Heavenly Father, why? Why do we still struggle so much even as Christians? In our interview today, David Gibson talks about this constant struggle that we all face and what it reveals about our sinful hearts, our theology, and our understanding of the Christian life.To hear more from David Gibson, check out his book Radically Whole: Gospel Healing for the Divided HeartRead the full transcript of this episode.If you enjoyed this episode be sure to leave us a review, which helps us spread the word about the show!Complete this survey for a free audiobook by Kevin DeYoung!


10 Oct 2022

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The Healing Power of Sound - David Gibson - ND3576

New Dimensions

Sound is medicine, according to the research of David Gibson. Every person, emotion, and ailment has a tone. Sound and frequency can be used to influence mental states, enhance human experience, and heal disease. He explains how music therapy is being applied in healthcare. “It’s unbelievable what’s been happening with people just by using sound and music.”David Gibson is a leader in the field of sound healing and therapy. He’s the founder and director of the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco which offers an Associates degree in sound healing therapy. He is also the producer of sound healing music and runs the sound therapy center at the Institute offering different types of sound healing treatments. He is a founder of the sound healing research Association designed to help bring sound healing into the mainstream. He is the author of The Complete Guide To Sound Healing (Sound Healing Center 2013) Interview Date: 3/8/2016    Tags: David Gibson, music therapy, sound therapy, music, sound, vibration, frequency, tone, ultra sound, brain waves, entrainment, depression, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, pain medication, sound medicine cabinet, disease, illness, sound chairs, sound tables


5 Oct 2022

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How plants solve crimes, with Prof David Gibson

Instant Genius

You can’t escape plant matter. It’s everywhere. That’s why forensic botany – the study of plants to help investigate crime – is so powerful. Professor David Gibson explores how true crime cases have been solved using plants, algae, fungi and more. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


26 Aug 2022

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5 || Ecclesiastes: Life || Sun AM || David Gibson

At The Castle

In our penultimate session, David helps us to think about what it means to live out our faith as we wait for God by helping us to study the theme of “Life.”

27 Jun 2022

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4 || Ecclesiastes: Death || Sat AM || David Gibson

At The Castle

David continues our sessions in Ecclesiastes as we consider “Death” in session 4.

20 Jun 2022

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3 || Ecclesiastes: Time || Sat AM || David Gibson

At The Castle

David continues our series in Ecclesiastes helping us to think biblically about our time and how we might use it to Glorify God in Session 3.

13 Jun 2022

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Kiku Collins And David Gibson

Hip-BoneMusic presents BONE2PICK

Bone2pick proudly presents an inspiring and enlightening sit down with one of the first couples of brass and jazz, Ms. Kiku Collins and Mr. David Gibson. Two of the most in-demand brass players on the international music scene, Kiku and David graciously share the ups and downs of their incredible journey as musicians and as a couple. A rare look inside two extraordinary careers. Enjoy!

1hr 17mins

21 Apr 2022

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S5 Ep 9 - Unearthing Our Power with David Gibson

Thrive Bites

What does it take to be a servant leader? How can you influence someone else? How do we hone into our identity? WATCH THE FULL YOUTUBE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ry4tbuQNdVk Discover what makes great people great, and why showing up in the world by making a difference in someone else's life is similar to making bank deposits. With this in mind, join me and David as we talk about his journey,  tapping into your best truest desires and how to unearth your identity and voice.  David Gibson is the founder of Elevation Is A Must, an educational platform that gives people the tools, inspiration, and strategies to build, grow, and live out their ideas and visions. Powered by his own experience of being laid off, he has made it his mission to educate and empower people on how to optimize their potential and pursue their dreams. If you want to start maximizing your potential, check out his free guide here. http://bit.ly/D1GibsonLink Website: www.elevationisamust.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/D1Gibson Facebook: www.facebook.com/D1Gibson Youtube: www.youtube.com/DavidGibson Twitter: www.twitter.com/D1Gibson -- ***This video is sponsored by Betterhelp: http://www.betterhelp.com/thechefdoc -- Follow us every Monday for a new episode for this season until further notice. _________________ *Interview views are opinions of the individual. This podcast is not a source of medical, mental, and dental health advice* Copyright © 2022 by TheChefDoc, LLC All text, graphics, audio files, Java applets and scripts, downloadable software, and other works on this website are the copyrighted works of TheChefDoc, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any copyrighted materials on this website is strictly prohibited.

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11 Apr 2022

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David Gibson - Vibrated Into Bliss

Voice Rising

David Gibson – Vibrated Into BlissAired Monday, March 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT / 8:00 PM CETEverything is vibration. Your own body is a set of vibrational frequencies. It is also a vessel for holding and releasing sounds.Join Voice Visionary and Sound Healer Kara Johnstad and founder of the Globe Sound Healing Institute, David Gibson, in a heartfelt conversation on tuning to the rhythm of consciousness. Discover more about how sound works for healing. Explore the power of voice and how we can use it to align with our expanded nature. Learn the newest on releasing stuck emotions, healing trauma, and stepping into our vibrated blissful state of being by embracing how sound works for the better.#GeetaNovotny #RevolutionVoice #VoiceRising #KaraJohnstadConnect with David Gibson at https://soundhealingcenter.comTo get in touch with Kara go to http://www.karajohnstad.com/Visit the Voice Rising show page https://omtimes.com/iom/shows/voice-rising/Subscribe to our Newsletter https://omtimes.com/subscribe-omtimes-magazine/Connect with OMTimes on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Omtimes.Magazine/ and OMTimes Radio https://www.facebook.com/ConsciousRadiowebtv.OMTimes/Twitter: https://twitter.com/OmTimes/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omtimes/Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2798417/Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/omtimes/


29 Mar 2022

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The Rotary Foundation and it's impact in the world - with David Gibson Moore

Rotary in Action Podcast

The Rotary in Action Podcast is recorded with the objective of bringing on change makers and visionaries who are involved with Rotary International and its areas of focus. On this episode of the Rotary in Action Podcast, we have David Gibson Moore, who is the President of Rotary Cosmopolitan Dubai Club, District 2452.We discuss in detail about the Rotary Foundation, it's history and how it's structured.We also learn more about how members of Rotary International can access grants to gain funding for social impact projects globally. Timestamps:0:00 Introducing David Gibson Moore4:22 About Rotary Cosmopolitan5:55 What is the Rotary Foundation?9:36 Difference between RI and RF13:07 Paul Harris Society14:28 Polio Eradication Program21:21 Covid 19 task force23:25 What are Global Grants?26:57 Rotary Peace FellowshipFollow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rotary_in_action_podcast/


26 Feb 2022