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Chasing the Joy through Connection w Jim Button

Paper Napkin

Episode 2. Meet Jim Button. Co-Founder of Village Brewery. Personification of “Better”, Community Builder, Gatherer, Writer, Truth-Teller, Top Gent. Join Kendra and Jim as they discuss curating connection, vulnerability, balance, and joy. Hosted by Kendra Rogers - Music by Reid Zakos paper-napkin.com - @papernapkinco


27 Mar 2021

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Episode 23 | Spreading light and vibrancy in the community that you live with Jim Button

Canadian Podcast

A remarkable man with such a beautiful insight and light on a way to live this one life. Thank you Jim for the kind words and a way to look at our world.


8 Feb 2021

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Jim Button - Build a Village

Branding Matters

This episode of Branding Matters is a little different. The conversation takes a bit of a detour away from branding and veers into more of a spiritual direction. The reason being is that just over 4 years ago, my guest was given one year to live. But against all odds, this unicorn is still here and living what he describes as “a life with purpose.” His name is Jim Button, and he is the Co-Founder of one of Calgary’s favourite breweries - Village Brewery. A true leader in marketing and community building, Jim’s passion for community investment has earned him impressive accolades which include a philanthropy award from the Canadian Association of Fundraising Professionals, TWO “Top 40 Under 40” awards with Avenue Magazine, and Community Builder of the Year award from the Alberta Small Brewers Association, just to name a few. I invited Jim to be a guest on my show today to discuss why he thinks it takes a village to build a brand. I also wanted to discuss Jim’s new fundraising program that focuses on the mental health of kids living with cancer. 💥IF YOU WANT HELP GETTING YOUR CLIENTS TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BRAND,  REACH OUT TO ME ON SOCIAL AT BRANDING_BADASS OR EMAIL ME AT JGOODSON@GENUMARK.COM


13 Jan 2021

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Amazing Albertans Series - Jim Button

The Jody Seeley Show Podcast

The Amazing Albertans series continues.  This week we connect with one of the co-founders of Village Brewery.  He is an active community advocate, a father, a husband and a lover of life.  He's living his best life with a cancer diagnosis and honestly you wouldn't even know....except that he's very open on sharing the journey with over 300 blog posts at www.gatherwithjim.com.  Have a listen and meet this incredible soul. 


12 Nov 2020

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41 - Tracey & Jim Button

The Kondrat Podcast

This week returning guest Jim Button and his wife Tracey join us to discuss how their family has faced Jim’s journey with cancer, and the legacy they hope to leave for the benefit of those suffering with and survivors of paediatric cancer.Jim was our very first episode on Let’s Meet For a Beer, and 40 episodes later the legend returns. This time around Jim is joined by his wife Tracey and in addition to learning about Tracey’s early life and how the two of them came together, we also learn some unexpected things from Jim’s past including the surprising story of spending a year as a welder, a job he had to lie about his qualifications to get.Tracey and Jim share the struggles their family faces along their journey with cancer. Jim tells us about “prescribed beast before date” originally given by his doctors that they’ve long since passed, and that after three and a half years he still never really knows what’s around the corner for him. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness is difficult for those you care about, so Jim and Tracey open up about their coping mechanisms like what they call “gallows humour,” and how important it has been to have the right supports in place for their kids who are facing this together at a very formative age.We also hear about the legacy that Jim and Tracey are hoping to leave as they tell us about a lofty goal - to raise 5 million dollars for a research chair in paediatric psychosocial oncology and survivorship. Huge strides have been made in paediatric oncology and today roughly 80% of kids who are diagnosed with cancer overcome it. However, without the resources available to many adult survivors of cancer these kids can often be left struggling to continue their lives their same way as kids who haven’t been impacted by the disease. Jim and Tracey recognized how lucky they were to have that support, and when they learned the same opportunities weren’t available to children it was clear to them that there was a need for them to help fulfill.Let’s Meet For A Beer!Alberta Beer Festivals: website | twitter | instagramJim Button: blog | twitter | instagram | TEDx TalkContribute to The Chair In Paediatric Psychosocial Oncology and Survivorship


24 Dec 2019

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Jim Button: "ABBA sind das Größte!"

Webtalkshow Podcast

Webtalkshow #0026JIM BUTTON ist eine wunderbare Sängerin, eine tolle Künstlerin und eine sehr sympathische Person. In der Webtalkshow spricht sie über harte Kritiken, ihr erstes Album "Undone" und sie singt gegen Moderator Nico Gutjahr A-Capella "HITS OF 2016" : ) *Jims Music gibt es hier: https://amzn.to/2AOkkh9 Mehr Webtalkshow gibt es hier:www.facebook.com/webtalkshow www.instagram.com/webtalkshow www.twitter.com/webtalkshow www.webtalkshow.de Mehr zu Nico Gutjahr gibt es hier:www.facebook.com/nicogutjahr www.instagram.com/nicogutjahr www.nicogutjahr.de DISCLAIMER:* Du unterstützt die Webtalkshow mit einigen Cents deines Einkaufs, wenn du über diesen Link bei amazon.de shoppst. Vielen Dank!


25 Jun 2019

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01 - Jim Button, Luke Harford

The Kondrat Podcast

This episode we're joined by Jim Button of Village Brewery and later by Luke Harford of Beer Canada.Jim Button says that he was lucky to learn early on that he was a bridge, or a conduit. He takes pride in the fact that he is the one to connect people, which is why he always "knows a guy." With that in mind, it makes sense that Jim is one of the masterminds behind Village Brewery, and as he goes on to tell us, beer isn't just a social lubricant, it is a currency of its own. Later in the interview, Jim opens up about his journey with cancer, and how his blog Gather With Jim has helped him and others in their journey.In the second half of this episode, Luke Harmon of Beer Canada discusses his tenured history with the organization, the goals of Beer Canada, and the surprising fact that cheese pairs better with beer than wine! "It's an exciting time for beer," in no small part due to the work that Luke and his regional partners do to make time to answer questions for any brewer who calls, whether they're a member or not.letsmeetforabeer.comalbertabeerfestivals.comvillagebrewery.comgatherwithjim.combeercanada.com


9 Apr 2019

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EP 13: How to quit a city and find a new one - Jim Button - I Quit hosted by Mike Morrison

I Quit! - The Podcast

Learn more at: www.iquitpodcast.ca


8 Jan 2019

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376: Trading Places, The Making of Evil Dead 2 and Creepshow, The Paper, They Shall Not Grow Old, Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Chin Stroker VS Punter

We are back with a combi of what we have been watching as well as answering some listener questions: Films, TV and topics we discuss include: -Mike's upgrade to 4K -The Making of Evil Dead 2 and Creepshow -The Paper -Jim Button & Luke the Engine Driver -They Shall Not Grow Old -Trading Places -Trollhunters (animated season 1) -She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Paul's take, seriously) -Films we liked but will never watch again -Musical Biopics -Fantasy crossovers Feedback appreciated at chinstrokervspunter@gmail.com and hang with us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChinstrokerVsPunter/

1hr 33mins

9 Dec 2018

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11 - Collaboration: Why together is better - with Jim Button

a branded world: Branding made easy. A podcast where we explore great brands and learn how to build a powerful brand.

In this episode, I interview the one and only Jim Button. Besides being an incredible marketer, brand strategist, and entrepreneur, Jim is a connector and a community builder. He builds purpose-driven brands and proves collaboration brings success.

1hr 7mins

4 Jan 2018