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Podcast 327: Blake Wyland (Tone Mob)

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

On this week's Fretboard Journal Podcast, Jason gets to grill another guitar podcaster, Blake Wyland (Tone Mob, Chasing Tone) about the world of boutique pedals, gear marketing trends and more. Blake recounts how he left a steady, but unfulfilling day job to jump into the guitar industry, first as a podcast host and eventually as a consultant to indie brands. We also chat about guitar media (YouTube vs. podcasting), the world of paid demo videos, gear (Grez Guitars, Jennings Guitars, Equitz Guitars, Benson amps), Stringjoy Strings, NAMM and the future of guitar shows, Josh Scott (JHS Pedals), and Blake's tips for building your own "shred shed" ... plus a lot more.  Trust us: Whether you're befuddled by the world of pedals (like Jason), a Tone Mob fan, a DIY musician or a luthier looking for marketing advice, there's something in this conversation for you!    Follow Blake here: https://tonemob.com Blake's new album, American Cyclops' 'Tom, Do You Have Anything Sharp On You?'  is streaming everywhere now. Don't forget, the FJ now hosts an entire family of podcasts, about everything from lutherie to home recording: Luthier on Luthier; The Truth About Vintage Amps; The Truth About Recording & Mixing; Acoustic Voices; and Sweep the Floor. This episode is sponsored by Mono Cases, Folkway Music and Retrofret Vintage Guitars.

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11 Jun 2021

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S1E17 - Blake Wyland of The Tone Mob

40 Watt Podcast

In episode 17 Phillip sits down with Blake Wyland, the host of The Tone Mob and co-host (recurring guest? guest? something? who knows?) of the Chasing Tone podcast. The two talk about Blake's newest EP put out as American Cyclops, the concept of marketing and NAMM, and we find out Blake's favorite kind of BBQ! Support the show on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/40wattpodcast/​Find us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/40wattpodcast​/Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/40wattpodcast​/Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5CGLTqmpwWkui8TkbNw5MWApple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-40-watt-podcast/id153981026540 Watt Merchandise: https://40-watt-merch.creator-spring.com/Reverb Affiliate link: https://reverb.grsm.io/phillipcarter5480Find Emily on: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCuIYHMJLqBH3o0uY4pGsGAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/thetonemob/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/americancyclops/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetonemob/community/Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tonemobSpotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/74bHVDx8f2dNOkbeTOp9qSBlake's EP!: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6LjhEEfDsSURtcWZAVeOjJ?si=fc602ddba9144766Website: https://tonemob.comThomann Pedal Demo Tool: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stompenberg_devices.htmlBook mentioned in this episode:The Giver - Lois LowryAmazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Giver-Lois-Lowry/dp/B00AHG3UYASubscribe to the channel and give a like - also find us in audio format wherever you listen to podcasts and leave us a review and share us with your friends.

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8 Apr 2021

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Blake Wyland (Tone Mob Podcast)

The Peer Pleasure Podcast

Episode 206 is up and live now with my good buddy and network mate, Blake Wyland of the Tone Mob Podcast as well as his musical project, American Cyclops. Go check it out now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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18 Mar 2021

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If We Were Vampires with Blake Wyland

Memories With A Beat

What if you were a vampire with your spouse and got to live eternity together?  All joking aside, I think that would be awesome!  I don't want a life without my husband!  What a tender song Blake shared with me!  Jason Isbell is certainly a new artist on my radar! 1:56 Ringr: for 25% off use this link http://ringr.com/tonemob 10:47 "If We Were Vampires": https://music.apple.com/us/album/if-we-were-vampires/1216344634?i=1216344997 16:10 Look forward to a Spotify Playlist per Blake's recommendation 18:23 Amanda Shires, Jason's wife and fiddle player on IG: @amandapearlshires 20:05 The Tone Mob Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tone-mob-podcast/id1032970775 Blake on IG:https://www.instagram.com/thetonemob/?hl=en Gonna stalk me on social?  Let me help you... @VirtuallyYouPodcastVa (FB & IG) ...heck, join me in my FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1884183095057195


12 Nov 2020

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Hangin' With Bill: Blake Wyland From Tone Mob Podcast

Rage Against The Mainstream Podcast

Join Bill this time while he sits down with Blake Wyland from the Tone Mob podcast and discuss guitars, amps, and hidden gems.

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17 Apr 2020

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Episode 3: Podcasting in the Gear Community with Blake Wyland [The Tone Mob Podcast]

Make More Music

Welcome back to Make More Music, the podcast that connects people to music & one another. Today we chat with Blake Wyland, the host of the Tone Mob podcast! On the Tone Mob he talks about guitar tone and the people behind it. He shares his story of how he grew his passion project into a music media company and misconceptions in the podcast industry. Check out the Tone Mob podcast Follow the Tone Mob on instagram Join the Tone Mob FaceBook community Check out when Chris was on the Tone Mob Support the show: For free: It helps a ton if you leave a rating and review on your podcast player! Also, text this episode to a friend/family member/coworker/stranger/etc. Donate to directly support the show Get your MMM Merch Follow us on instagram @make.more.music Subscribe here & join the mailing list Email us makemoremusicpodcast@gmail.com & nominate a guest here Give more grace. Share more love. Make. More. Music.Support Make More Music

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27 Jan 2020

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Guitar Gear (with Blake Wyland of The Tone Mob) Ep049

Fret Buzz The Podcast

What is your guitar-gear nirvana?  Is it a trip to your local guitar shop, a trip to NAMM, or perusing the internet for video demonstrations?  Maybe for your gear curiosities you should also be looking to podcasts, as there are a few that do a great job of exploring this ever-growing industry.  On episode 49 of Fret Buzz the Podcast, Aaron Sefchick and Joe McMurray bring in Blake Wyland, the host of the Tone Mob podcast and a co-host of the Chasing Tone podcast (alongside Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals).Blake tells Aaron and Joe about his background and how he got into the inner workings of guitars, amps, pedals, etc.The guys have an interesting discussion about how a new guitarist should get started finding the proper gear to achieve their desired tone(s).  Blake recommends starting with an amp simulator/amp-in-the-box to find the “base” amp sound(s) that you like.  There is a big difference between the sounds of amps made by Fender, Marshall, Vox, etc.  Blake then recommends getting a dirt pedal (overdrive or distortion) followed by a reverb pedal and a delay pedal.This leads to talk about preferences for using a clean amp and getting your overdrive/distortion from pedals versus driving your amp (turning it up enough for it to naturally compress and overdrive) and using pedals to shape or refine that natural distortion.  This obviously leads the guys into the subject of hearing protection!Blake talks about the music industry and how pedal builders tend to share a comradery and a mutual geekiness.Blake tells the guys about his top episodes of the Tone Mob, including interviews with Robert Keeley, Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem, Joel Korte of Chase Bliss Audio, and Richard Hoover of Santa Cruz Guitars.Next, Blake tells Aaron and Joe about his pedalboard (which is always changing).  He talks about his go-to pedals including the Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive, the Emma Electronic PisdiYAUWot, the TomKat Green Muffer Fuzz, the Dr. Scientist Atmosphere, and the SolidGoldFX Electroman Delay.Blake also talks about amps, from the Chris Benson (a local Portland builder) “Vincent” to the Sunn Beta “Lead” to the Fender “Deluxe Reverb” and “Vibrolux.”The conversation turns to building your own pedals and the large amount of labor (soldering!) it takes to build pedals, which is why they cost so much.  There is talk of Gibson’s bankruptcy, low-end Gibson versus high-end Epiphone guitars, and profiling amps/amp modeling.  The episode ends with a dazzling tour of Blake’s studio, filled with many beautiful guitars and amps, and an obscene number of effects pedals!Be sure to check out the Fret Buzz The Podcast YouTube channel to see the video.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq_-Theg14gom9gcgkmFk7gCheck out the Tone Mob at www.tonemob.com or wherever you get your podcasts.

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6 Jun 2019

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#278 with The Tone Mob’s Blake Wyland

The Mike Herrera Podcast

The Mike Herrera Podcast #278 I get together with Blake Wyland @TheToneMob on all socials.  We talk about all my gear set up as well as how he got his own podcast and The Tone Mob empire started.  We cover my basses, acoustics, amps, some pedals, and general gear related stories. This was fun and I'm pretty sure you will love it. Here we go! - Leave a message with your question on the new Mike Herrera Podcast voicemail. (some will be aired on future episodes of the podcast) 360-830-6660 (US number) 3 min limit per message.  Support what I do at MXPX.com FRI JUNE 14 -MxPx will be headlining Montebello Rock in Quebec. SAT JUNE 15 -MxPx in NEW YORK CITY at Irving Plaza w/ Unwritten Law & Rehasher  Tickets on sale at www.mxpx.com www.mxpx.com for all things follow @MikeHerreraTD on Instagram or Twitter follow @mxpxpx on Instagram and @mxpx on Twitter  Thanks to Bob McKnight Producing / Editing and sometimes more done by Bob McKnight @bobandkatieshow Listen to the new album on Spotify, Apple Music, or wherever you stream your tunes!  Thanks to RØDE MICS  Shop at Merch Arsenal

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14 May 2019

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130-Interview With The Tone Mob Founder Blake Wyland

The Guitar Knobs

The Knobs interview fellow guitar podcaster Blake Wyland, founder of The Tone Mob Podcast and we have a blast! Hosted by Todd Novak, with Jared Brandon and Tony Dudzik Visit our website Connect with us and view our blog Visit our Instagram feed: @guitarknobs Join the conversation on our Facebook

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8 May 2019

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056. Disneyland Discovery ft. Blake Wyland of the Tone Mob Podcast

Music Crush Monday

Each and every Monday the both of us try our best to showcase a band that one of us loves, but this week we decided to take the week off. Instead we have Blake Wyland from the Tone Mob podcast showing us a band really means a lot to him. Definitely take a listen this week, especially if you follow the Tone Mob podcast because he doesn’t go the route you think he’s going to go! Blake is a super awesome dude that we got to sit down with for a bit to record this episode. We’ve got a lot in common when it comes to music, and it felt like sitting down to talk with an old friend. Blake’s podcast: The Tone Mob PodcastSocial Media:@thetonemob • Instagram @thetonemob | TwitterAnchors Ashore: Recovery | Spotify As always, below are the links to the band that is being featured on this episode. If you want to take a ride on this journey with us and want to listen to this music blind, please do not look at the featured band links beforehand if at all possible. Check out our Spotify playlist for more of their music and please reach out to us via social media through the links below. See you next Monday! Website: www.musiccrushmonday.comEmail: musiccrushmonday@gmail.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/musiccrushmondaypodcastInstagram: @MCMPodTwitter: @MCMPod Intro and Outro music: “The Breakdown” by At The Wayside *** WARNING! *** *** WARNING! *** *** SPOILER ALERT! *** *** SPOILER ALERT! *** *** Disclaimer: We at the Music Crush Monday Podcast would like for our listeners to listen to the bands blind with us but we also want you to check out the band further if they were interesting to you. Please review the links below to find more on today’s featured band. *** Band: The Lawrence ArmsWebsite: http://www.lawrencearms.org/Facebook: @thelawrencearmsTwitter: @thelawrencearmsSongs Played: Jumping the Shark from the album Oh! CalcuttaThe Revisionist from the album The Greatest Story Ever Told Spotify: www.tinyurl.com/mcmep056

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22 Apr 2019