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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeff Hilimire. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeff Hilimire, often where they are interviewed.

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11 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jeff Hilimire. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jeff Hilimire, often where they are interviewed.

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Alex interviews Jeff Hilimire

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On this bonus episode of The Jeff & Alex Podcast, Alex interviews Jeff. Listen along as we hear about Jeff’s life from childhood to the start of his career and the hardships and successes involved in his entrepreneurial journey.

Jump to 1:26 to hear about Jeff’s childhood, how he met his wife, and his college years.

Jump to 4:57 to hear about how his career started.

Jump to 8:50 to hear about the beginning of SpunLogic.

Jump to 15:15 to hear about how Jeff’s partnership with his wife helped him build his business and the journey from financial struggle to the selling of SpunLogic.

Jump to 22:34 to hear about Jeff’s relationship with his fellow SpunLogic founders and the journey to Enguage.

Jump to 31:17 to hear about the start of Dragon Army and what DA is all about.

Jump to 34:21 to hear about Jeff’s journey with Leadership Atlanta and how he decided on Dragon Army’s purpose as a company.

Jump to 39:04 to hear how he gets his employees to align with the company purpose.

Jump to 43:20 to hear about Jeff’s work / life balance and how he describes himself.

Jump to 46:54 to hear about Jeff’s non-profits and books.

Jump to 53:58 to hear Jeff’s answers to either / or questions, favorite things and what keeps him inspired.

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Aug 13 2020 · 1hr
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Joe Koufman interviews Jeff Hilimire on his new book, The Crisis Turnaround

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In this episode, Joe Koufman, CEO of Setup, interviews me (Jeff Hilimire) about my most recent book, The Crisis Turnaround. The book focuses on helping leaders successfully lead their business through a crisis, and be stronger coming out of it. We discuss how this book fits into my first book, The 5-Day Turnaround, and the key points that leaders will learn from it.

About me:

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CEO: Dragon Army

Author: The 5-Day Turnaround + The Crisis Turnaround

Co-founder and Board Chair: Ripples of Hope + 48in48

Blog: www.jeffhilimire.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jeffhilimire

Twitter: twitter.com/jeffhilimire


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Jun 16 2020 · 26mins

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In the Face of a Crisis, Will Your Business Survive or Will it Thrive? – Jeff Hilimire

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On today’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show we welcome back CEO and Co-Founder of Atlanta based Dragon Army and author of the newly released book, “The Crisis Turnaround: Lead through crisis and position your company for strength“.

In The Crisis Turnaround, Jeff Hilimire shares 20+ years of success launching and building fast-growing businesses to teach other leaders how to strategically embrace any challenge, so they can not only survive a crisis but thrive while doing it.

Tune-in to hear more from Jeff on this topic and please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.
Jun 01 2020 · 10mins
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Jeff Hilimire Author of The 5-Day Turnaround

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Jeff Hilimire is an accomplished entrepreneur who has launched multiple successful for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and who has successfully sold two companies. His current business, Dragon Army, is one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in the nation. Over the course of 20 years, Jeff has applied his knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation to help guide leaders from some of the most well-known global brands to mobilize growth using an entrepreneurial mentality. He is also the co-founder of 48in48, a global nonprofit that produces hackathon events to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours.    When Jeff isn’t running Dragon Army, mentoring, or volunteering at 48in48, he is working hard as the founder of Ripples of Hope, a collection of for-profit and nonprofit organizations focused on business as a force for good in the world. Jeff is also an accomplished author, and his book, The 5-Day Turnaround, is a reflection of his drive and personal purpose to have an outsized, positive impact on the world.

Jan 16 2020 · 21mins

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#78: Jeff Hilimire – How This Dad Uses His Time To Do More Good In The World

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Short on time? Here’s a fun, quick recap with Jeff Hilimire:


Get more Jeff Hilimire in your life:

Dec 13 2019 · 31mins
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37. Jeff Hilimire on Finding Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Successful entrepreneurs just have to make it work. 

It’s the belief that there’s no alternative that makes leaders who think like entrepreneurs commit to making a team, organization, or company successful.

On this episode, we hear from Jeff Hilimire, CEO of Dragon Army:

What we talked about:

  • The 5 days of The 5-Day Turnaround
  • Why you should stand during meetings
  • What it means to lead like an entrepreneur
  • Why some startups fail and how long startups really take
  • Empathy is the most important leadership quality

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

Check out the full podcast with Jeff Hilimire by clicking here and you can find every episode of The Leadercast Podcast at this link.

Nov 11 2019 · 36mins
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Episode 96: Special Guest Jeff Hilimire Returns!

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In this Episode:

  • Using AI to give doctors a 48-hour head start on life-threatening illness
  • LightSail 2 Spacecraft Successfully Demonstrates Flight by Light
  • Satellites are becoming real-time spies in the sky
  • The Federal Reserve announces plans for a real-time payments system that will be available to all banks
  • Apple's flashy new credit card is now available (to some)
  • Apple Card can’t be used to buy crypto
  • Disney finally unveils Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu bundle for $12.99 monthly

Weird and Wacky:

  • Forget touchscreens: This case controls a smartphone with buttons and dials
  • Scientists Create Contact Lenses That Zoom with Blinks and Looks
  • French 'Green Goblin' crosses English Channel on hoverboard
  • Scientists Create a Tiny, Creepy Robot That Survives Stomping, Just Like a Cockroach

Tech Recs:
Sanjay - WifiMan
Adam - Apple’s Screentime to lock down kid’s phone
Jeff - Apple Pencil
Shannon - UserBuddy

Special Guest: Jeff Hilimire.


Aug 12 2019 · 36mins
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Jeff Hilimire | October 2018

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Last night Jeff Hilimire shared some life lessons he has learned from rolling up his sleeves and leveraging his success to positively impact our Community. 

Here are some thoughts he shared:

1) After you identify your Purpose in life, everything becomes more clear on where to invest your energy.

2) Recognize you have the ability to make a difference in the world.

3) Staying true to goals that you have set, makes it easy to say no to activities that would otherwise be enticing.

4) Challenge Question: - - - - How are you treating your community?


Jan 25 2019 · 37mins
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039: Jeff Hilimire on Leadership and Building a Purpose-Driven Company

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On this latest episode of Gen X Amplified, Adrion is joined by Jeff Hilimire, CEO and Co-founder of Dragon Army, a mobile and innovation agency, and the Co-founder of 48in48.

During this value-packed conversation, Jeff discusses his own extensive entrepreneurial journey from building websites in college, to co-founding and leading an award winning mobile agency. Jeff also provides some key insights on millennial leadership and also establishing a purpose for both your company and your personal brand.

Jeff Hilimire is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dragon Army, a mobile and innovation company that helps clients navigate today’s connected landscape through the use of new innovations and technology.

Prior to launching Dragon Army, he founded and sold two additional marketing agencies, Spunlogic and Engauge, within a 10-year span.

Jeff is also the Co-Founder and Board Chair of a non-profit company called 48in48, where its mission is to build 48 nonprofit websites, within 48 hours in cities across the world.

A graduate of the 2013 Leadership Atlanta class and a member of the 2012 Atlanta 40 under 40 class, Jeff is also on the boards of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and chairs the board of Central Outreach & Advocacy Center.

In addition, Jeff is on the Leadership Council and Conservation Society for Zoo Atlanta and Executive Board of The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys spending quality time with his wife Emily of 19 years, and their five children.

Key Takeaways:
  • How Jeff began a career in entrepreneurship, particularly within the digital marketing and agency industry
  • The reason Jeff created both his own personal mission statement
  • Why participating in the Leadership Atlanta program was a transformational moment that changed his life
  • The genesis and mission behind Jeff’s recent non-profit organization, 48in48
  • Why optimizing your time and what you focus on is key when it comes to starting and managing a business as a Gen X leader
  • Why Dragon Army implements an open communication and inspirational workplace environment
  • And so much more!
Resources mentioned in this episode: Jeff's Personal Theme Song Thank you for listening!
Jul 18 2018 · 45mins
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What's Not Going To Change in the Next 10 Years? w/ Jeff Hilimire

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Jeff Hilimire, CEO of Dragon Army, joins Design Movement to converse about what is not going to change in the next 10 years. 

Connect with Jeff
Twitter - twitter/jeffhilimire
On His Blog - jeffhilimire.com

Design Movement is a podcast of the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation.
Connect with Brett on Twitter - @jbrettjacobsen www.mvifi.orgwww.mountvernonschool.org

Jan 12 2016 · 30mins