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Being a Menopause Champion with Barbara Hamilton Bruce

Peri Menopause Power

In this week's episode we have an incredibly impactful conversation with Barbara Hamilton-Bruce. Barbara is head of client and business operations at Simmons & Simmons Solutions Limited, an international law firm based in the UK. And Barbara has been pivotal in bringing Menopause awareness and education to her workplace in the UK.  Barbara gets deeply personal about her own experience of starting Peri Menopause at the age of 40 not long after the birth of her second child. She talks openly about her symptoms and shares how her one attempt to bring her experience up with her workplace did not end as she had hoped.  Barbara is a woman on a mission to champion Menopause conversations and awareness and she is a wealth of knowledge and experience when starting the conversation in the workplace. We had a little chuckle after recording about the release of this episode being dropped on Halloween. If you do not know the history (an episode will come on this) we were often considered witches in our older years back in the day.   If Starting the Conversation in your workplace is something you would like to start in your workplace, you can learn more about our programs and workshops through this page on our website. You can also download our Business Case Starting the Conversation. https://ownyourhealthco.com.au/work-with-us/menopause-in-the-workplace/ And if you are loving our podcast, we would love to hear from you by giving us a review. This simple and quick action goes a long way to really supporting our podcast and our work around Menopause and it enables us to keep reaching as many people as we can. Also, don't forget you can reach out to us anytime. https://ownyourhealthco.com.au/contact/ Don't forget our Women's Lifestyle Support program - join now for $3 for 3 months! https://ownyourhealthco.com.au/womens-lifestyle-support/See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Oct 2022

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Ep. 227 The Pregnant Interventionalist: with Dr Barbara Hamilton and Dr Aarti Luhar

BackTable Vascular & Interventional

Host Aparna Baheti interviews Barbara Hamilton and Aarti Luhar about navigating training and early career during a pregnancy. They discuss factors to consider such as scheduling, parental leave policies, radiation exposure risks, and childcare.---CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORSAthletic Greenshttps://www.athleticgreens.com/backtableviMedtronic Abre Venous Stenthttps://www.medtronic.com/abrevenous---SHOW NOTESOur guests start by sharing their paths to motherhood. Dr. Luhar was pregnant as a diagnostic radiology trainee, while Dr. Hamilton was pregnant as an attending. We talk about the benefits of being part of a large department or group during maternity leave, due to more flexibility of scheduling changes and availability of coverage. Both of our guests recommend that IRs reach out to their HR departments as soon as they feel comfortable sharing their pregnancy news. Establishing contact with the department is a helpful way to clarify parental leave policies, specifically if one qualifies for parental leave and how long the leave can be. Additionally, Dr. Luhar encourages listeners to reach out to colleagues who have been pregnant before, since they can be a valuable resource for insights on the granular details of practicing IR while pregnant.In terms of radiation as an occupational exposure, Dr. Hamilton did not change her caseload during pregnancy. She shares her preference to wear extra radiation protection around her waist. Dr. Luhar reached out to her hospital’s radiation physicist for guidance. She received the advice to use standard radiation protection and follow the principle of ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable). Additionally, we discuss the risks of pathogen exposure and needle sticks. Both doctors agree that having supportive staff and colleagues can make the pregnancy process more manageable.Additionally, we discuss unexpected challenges during pregnancy. Dr. Hamilton describes her experience with the risk of premature labor and bedrest. Dr. Luhar recounts the struggle of scheduling prenatal appointments and dealing with pregnancy complications while working a full caseload. We close the episode by giving advice for evaluating the culture of your work environment, relying on support systems that are in place, and not being afraid to ask important questions.---RESOURCESDr. Barbara Hamilton Twitter:@TSuperheroineDr. Barbara Hamilton Instagram:@TiredSuperheroineSIR Pregnancy Toolkit:https://www.sirweb.org/practice-resources/toolkits/pregnancy-toolkit/


22 Jul 2022

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An Interview with the Tired Superheroine, Dr. Barbara Hamilton


In this episode, I chat with Dr. Barbara Hamilton, an interventional radiologist and author of the “Tired Superheroine” blog. She shared her wisdom about creating financial momentum early in your career, whether to rent or buy a home, the value of being selectively cheap, and more. 


30 Jun 2021

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#51 Mastermind Retreat With Dr Barbara Hamilton

Female Physician Entrepreneurs Podcast With Founder Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS

Barbara Hamilton, MD is an interventional radiologist, leader, and the author of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine. She aims to create community for women across male-dominated fields. Dr Hamilton is also the creator of TiredSuperheroine blog and platform which centers around creating more awareness and community for women in surgically-oriented and traditionally male-dominated fields like radiology and surgery. You can learn more about her on her website  https://tiredsuperheroine.com Learn more about Dr Hamilton's retreat at https://tiredsuperheroine.com/retreat Barbara Hamilton, MD is an interventional radiologist, leader, and the author of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine. She aims to create community for women across male-dominated fields. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking to build your online business? Grow your email list? Learn about how to start a coaching business? Resources, courses, training and the business tools to make it happen. Learn more at https://sharonmackconsulting.com ___________________________________________________________________________________________ This podcast is designed to help entrepreneurs start and build their businesses. Learn more at Female Physicians Entrepreneurs If you are a female physician join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/FemalePhysicianEntrepreneurs/ Thank you again for listening, please share with your friends and subscribe to our podcast. If you have any questions reach out support@femalephysicianentepreneur.com Sincerely, Sharon T McLaughlin MD FACS #entrepreneurship #femalephysicians #business #businessgrowth. #realestate #realestatesyndication #womenphysician


2 Jun 2021

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Male-Dominated Fields: What's the Deal? With Barbara Hamilton, MD

Talk2MeDoc with Andrew Tisser

Join Andrew Tisser with Barbara Hamilton, as they discuss women in traditionally male-dominated fields in medicine. There are many misconceptions and standards of what women should do or become. It’s important that you speak up and pursue your passion.In this episode, you’ll learn:·       Her struggles in a male-dominated field and benevolent sexism.·       Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine. ·       Normalizing that not all women want to have children.·       Misconceptions about women not belonging in certain spaces.·       Avoid isolation; meet people who have the same problem as you. ·       And much more!~Today’s Guest Barbara Hamilton, MD Barbara Hamilton, MD is an interventional radiologist, leader, and the author of Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own: Finding Your Place in Medicine.  She helps aspiring & early career doctors succeed in the surgically-oriented and traditionally male-dominated fields by pulling back the curtain on what it looks like to be a woman and parent in medicine. Ultimately, she strives to be an example of what is possible for those who would follow in her footsteps.  Through her writing, speaking, and coaching, she aims to patch the leaky pipeline of women aspiring to the male-dominated fields, so more talented people of diverse backgrounds can join her as they transition into fulfilling, multifaceted lives as attending physicians.——————————————————————————————————————–You can find Barbara Hamilton on… Twitter: https://twitter.com/tsuperheroinePersonal Website: https://tiredsuperheroine.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiredsuperheroine/—————————————————————————————————- Connect with Andrew Tisser DO:Top 50 doctors to follow on Instagram in 2020!Website:https://andrewtisserdo.com/Twitter:https://twitter.com/talk2medocFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/andrew.tisserLinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewtisserdo/Early Career Physicians: Taking Back Medicine:https://www.facebook.com/groups/earlycareerdocs/ PS: If you are a physician who is feeling burnt out and want to discuss working with me directly- book a call athttps://andrewtisserdo.com/ss Don’t Forget to Subscribe!If you like the show please subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!Click here for a link to all major platforms!


31 Mar 2021

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S1.E14: Adrenaline for Medicine, ReIMAGining Tradition with Interventional Radiologist Barbara Hamilton, M.D.


In this episode, Barbara Hamilton, M.D. shares how she knew Interventional Radiology was the right field for the adrenaline junkie inside. She discusses many things with us including the benevolent sexism she encountered and how when there's a leadership void, it's time to step up. She shares how she felt that she educated herself out of the dating pool, but luckily found an empowered partner who is not intimidated by her success. Dr. Hamilton aka the Tired Superheroine blogs on her website, hosts her own podcast, and authored the book "Save Lives, Enjoy Your Own." Visit our website thewisestwomen.com, and follow WISEcast and The Wisest Women on: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Send us an email at marketing@thewisestwomen.com. We are also on YouTube - make sure you subscribe for additional content! Sound engineering for this episode is by Rachit Taneja (email: rachittaneja@gmail.com). #benevolentsexism #maledominatedfields #womeninmedicine #medicine #interventionalradiology #MD #womenphysicians #physician #radiology #surgery #WISEcast #thewisestwomen #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #womenempowerment #WomenInEducation #STEMeducation #ScienceMatters #steminist #steminista #podcast #STEM #womensupportingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #highereducation #education --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thewisestwomen/message


25 Mar 2021

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Interventional Radiologist, Leader, Author, & Mom Dr. Barbara Hamilton

Prospective Doctor (from MedSchoolCoach)

Dr. Barbara Hamilton discusses intervention radiology and her journey to inspire more women to take up male-dominated medical fields. [01:40] Dr. Hamilton's Journey to Interventional Radiology [04:23] Being a Woman in a Male-dominated field [09:05] How Women in Medicine Can Find Mentors [12:17] How Medical Practitioners and Students Can Leverage The Power of Social Media [15:08] An Insight into Dr. Hamilton's New Book [18:13] Qualities of a Good Medical Student and How to Build Leadership Skills  [21:27] Lessons Learnt During Medical Training Full show notes


4 Feb 2021

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3.7 Boys’ Club vs Women in Radiology with Barbara Hamilton MD

Rounds to Residency (from MedSchoolCoach)

Dr. Barbara Hamilton, a radiologist and physician leader, aims to demystify what life is like as a woman in the male-dominated field of radiology. [01:19] How Dr. Hamilton is Changing Medicine and Medical Education for the Better [02:20] Stats on Diversification Within Different Medical Fields [04:40] Special Tips for Women Interested in Interventional Radiology [09:49] Resources and Tips for Students on Rotation.  [14:14] Finding Your Place In Medicine [20:35] Things to Look out for During Residency Full Show Notes


14 Jan 2021

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Women in Medicine: Be a Superheroine, not a Sidekick - Dr. Barbara Hamilton

The Scope of Practice Podcast

Episode 27 - Have you ever had the feeling that you "just don't belong here"?  I think we all get caught with Imposter Syndrome at one time in our lives.  For women, this is especially common, especially in medicine.  Dr. Barbara Hamilton knows what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated specialty.  Blogging as the Tired Superheroine, she has been instrumental in empowering young generations of physicians to break barriers and plow right through obstacles so they can achieve the career success they deserve.As a man in a male-dominated field, I have observed a lot of the same things that Dr. Hamilton discusses on the podcast episode.  She has amazing insights into what prevents people from seeking their dreams.  I love her message that anyone should be able to achieve anything they want in medicine.  As physicians, it's up to us to empower other physicians to live their chosen calling.Dr. Barbara Hamilton is an expert and motivating young physicians to overcome their struggles and reach for the stars.  She knows what it takes to go from sidekick to super heroine, and she's here to tell us how it can still be done!  Don't think that this episode isn't for you!  Whether you're a man, a woman, an early career physician, or nearing retirement, there's something in this episode for everyone. Please copy and share this link on social media: www.thescopeofpractice.com/podcastThis week's featured resources:Free Resource: Application/Interview Tool KitThis week's featured blog post: How One Pharmacist Paid Off $100,000 in Student Loans and Other Debt in Just a Few YearsJoin the Business and Personal Finance for Physicians and Dentists Facebook Group!Check out the Doctor Podcast Network!FREE disability insurance quotes from Pattern: www.thescopeofpractice.com/pattern


19 Oct 2020

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S2 E5: Leading differently as women with Barbara Hamilton, MD

The 6% with NancyMD

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Barbara Hamilton. Barbara is a mom, writer, and a leader. She’s the Chief of Interventional Radiology in Desert Regional Medical Center at Palm Springs, California. I was so delighted to have a fellow physician on this show and being that there are very few women in the field of interventional radiology, Barbara was the perfect guest. We talk about the need for leadership training for women, the false assumption that childbirth and childrearing is a liability, self-development tips for female leaders, and much more.  Barbara created TiredSuperheroine.com, a blog and a network dedicated to giving work and life advice to students, early career doctors, and premeds. She also has a book coming this October entitled Tired Superheroine's Guide to Finding Your Place in Medicine. For more information on her blog and upcoming book, click here. Episode highlights: Her childhood and how it shaped her today Her biggest influences in pursuing interventional radiology The importance of financial empowerment for women Her inspiration for her blog’s name  How she balances being both a mother and a physician The value of having female colleagues in the workplace Obstacles she faced throughout her training and career The lack of leadership training for women Advice she would give to someone who wants to enter into her field About the guest: Barbara Hamilton, MD is a mom, content writer, interventional radiologist, and a physician leader. She’s the Chair of Interventional Radiology in Desert Regional Medical Center for about four years.  Dr. Hamilton began writing for her blog, tiredsuperheroine, in October 2018. She completed her residency in diagnostic imaging in Rhode Island Hospital in 2013 and acquired her medical degree from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2008. Connect with Barbara: Website Tired Superheroine LinkedIn @barbara-hamilton Facebook @Tired-Superheroine Instagram @tiredsuperheroine Twitter @TSuperheroine --- Did you enjoy today’s episode? Please click here to leave a review for The 6%, with NancyMD. Be sure to subscribe to your favorite podcast app to get notified when a new episode comes out!  Do you know someone who might enjoy this episode? Share this episode to inspire and empower! Let's get social! Instagram @_nancymd Facebook @nancymdpdx Twitter @_nancymd LinkedIn @nancyyenshipleymd Website www.nancymd.com Subscribe to The 6%, with NancyMD ++ Apple Podcasts ++ Spotify ++ Google Podcasts


19 Oct 2020