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Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling Part 5 Free Audiobook from the Tale Teller Club

Tale Teller Kids™

Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling Part 5 Free Audiobook from the Tale Teller Club.chapter 5 of captains courageous this is a lieberbox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org this recording is by mark smith of simpsonville south carolinacaptains courageous by roger kipling chapter 5.that was the first of many talks with dan who told harvey why he would transfer his dory's name to the imaginary burgess modeled haddocker harvey heard a good deal more about the real hattie at gloucester saw a lock of her hair which then finding fair words of no avail had hooked as she sat in front of him at school that winter and a photograph hattie was about 14 years old with an awful contempt for boys and had been trampling on dan's heart through the winter all this was revealed under oath of solemn secrecy on moonlit decks in the dead dark or in choking fog the whining wheel behind them the climbing deck before and without the unresting clamorous sea once of course as the boys came to know each other there was a fight which raged from bowed to stern till pen came up and separated them but promised not to tell disco who thought fighting on watch rather worse than sleeping harvey was no match for dan physically but it says a great deal for his new training that he took his defeat and did not try to get even with his conqueror by underhand methods that was after he had been cured of a string of boils between his elbows and wrists where the wet jersey and oil skins cut into the flesh the salt water stung them unpleasantly but when they were ripe dan treated them with disco's razor and assured harvey that now he was a blooded banker the affliction of gurisour as being the mark of the cast that claimed him since he was a boy and very busy he did not bother his head with too much thinking he was exceedingly sorry for his mother and often longed to see her and above all to tell her of his wonderful new life and how brilliantly he was acquitting himself in it otherwise he preferred not to wonder too much how she was bearing the shock of his supposed death but one day as he stood on the voxel ladder guying the cook who had accused him of dan of hooking fried pies it occurred to him that this was a vast improvement on being snubbed by strangers in the smoking room of a hired liner he was a recognized part of the scheme of things on the we're here had his place at the table and among the bucks and could hold his own into long talks on stormy days when the others were always ready to listen to what they called his fairy tales of his life ashore it did not take him more than two days and a quarter to feel that if he spoke of his own life it seemed very far away no one except dan and even dan's belief was sorely tried credited him so he invented a friend a boy he had heard of who drove a miniature four-pony drag in toledo ohio and ordered five suits of clothes at a time and led things called germans at parties where the oldest girl was not quite fifteen but all the presents were solid silver salters protested that this kind of yarn was desperately wicked if not indeed positively blasphemous but he listened as greedily as the others and their criticisms at the end gave harvey entirely new notions on germans clothes cigarettes with gold leaf tips rings watches scent small dinner parties champagne card playing and hotel accommodation little by little he changed his tone when speaking of his friend whom long jack had christened the crazy kid the guild-edged baby the second vanderpoop and other pet names and with the sea booted feet cocked up on the table would even invent histories about silk pajamas and specially imported neckwear to the friends discredit harvey was a very adaptable person with a keen eye and ear for every face and tone about him before long he knew where disco kept the old green crusted quadrant that they called the hog yoke under the bag in his bunk when he took the sun and with the help of the old farmer's almanac found the latitude harvey would jump down into the cabin and scratch the reckoning and date with a nail on the rest of the stove pipe now the chief engineer of the liner could have done no more and no engineer of 30 years service could have assumed one half of the ancient mariner heir with which harvey first careful to spit over the side made public the schooner's position for that day and then and not till then relieve disco of the quadrant there is an etiquette in all these thingsthe said hog yoke an eldridge chart the farming albanac blunt's coast pilot and bowditch's navigator were all the weapons disco needed to guide him except the deep sea lead that was his spare eye harvey nearly slew pen with it when tom platt taught him first how to fly the blue pigeon and though his strength was not equal to continuous sounding in any sort of a sea for calm weather with a seven pound lead on shoal water disco used him freely as dan said taint sound and dad wants it samples grease her up good harv harvey would tallow the cup at the end and carefully bring the sand shell sludge or whatever it might be to disco who fingered and smelled it and gave it judgment as has been said when disco thought of cod he thought as a cod and by some long-tested mixture of instinct and experience move the we're here from birth to birth always with the fish as a blindfolded chess player moves on the unseen board but disco's board was the grand bank a triangle 250 miles on each side a waste of wallowing sea cloaked with dank fog vexed with gales harried with drifting ice scored by the tracks of the reckless liners and dotted with the sails of the fishing fleet for days they worked in fog harvey at the bell till grown familiar with the thick airs he went out with tom platt his heart rather in his mouth but the fog would not lift and the fish were biting and no one can stay helplessly afraid for six hours at a time harvey devoted himself to his lines in the gaff or gobstick as tom platt called for them and they rode back to the schooner guided by the bell and tom's instinct manuel's conch sounding thin and faint beside them but it was an unearthly experience and for the first time in a month harvey dreamed of the shifting smoking floors of water around the dory the lines that strayed away into nothing and the air above that melted on the sea below ten feet from his straining eyes a few days later he was out with manuel on what should have been 40 fathom bottom but the whole length of the roading ran out and still the anchor found nothing and harvey grew mortally afraid for that his last touch with earth was lost whale hole said manuel hauling in that is good joke on disco come and he rode to the schooner to find tom platt and the others jeering at the skipper because for once he had led them to the edge of the barren whale deep the blank hole of the gram bank they made another birth through the fog and that time the hair of harvey's head stood up when he went out in manuel story a whiteness moved in the whiteness of the fog with a breath like the breath of the grave and there was a roaring plunging and spouting it was his first introduction to the dread summer berg of the banks and he cowered in the bottom of the boat while manuel left there were days though clear and soft and warm when it seemed to sin to do anything but loaf over the hand lines and spanked the drifting sun scalds with an oar and there were days of light heirs when harvey was taught how to steer the schooner from one berth to another it thrilled through him when he first felt the keel answer to his hand on the spokes and slide over the long hollows as the foresail scythe back and forth against the blue sky that was magnificent in spite of disco saying that it would break a snake's back to follow his wake but as usual pride ran before a fall they were sailing on the wind with a staistel an old one luckily set and harvey jammed her right into it to show dan how completely he had mastered the art the four soul went over with a bang and they four gaffed stabbed and ripped through the stacil which was of course prevented from going over by the mainstay they lowered the wreck in awful silence and harvey spent his leisure hours for the next few days under tom platt's lee learning to use a needle and palm dan hooted with joy for as he said he had made the very same blunder himself in his early days boy like harvey imitated all the men by turns till he had combined disco's peculiar stoop at the wheel long jacks swinging overhand when the lines were hauled manuel's round-shouldered but effective stroke in a dory and tom platt's generous ohio stride along the deck it is beautiful to see how he takes to it said long jack when harvey was looking out by the windlass one thick noon i'll lay my wage and share tis more and half play acting to him and he concedes himself he's a bold mariner watch his little bit of a back now that's the way we all begin said tom platt the boys they make believe all the time till they've cheated themselves into being men and so till they die pretending and pretending i've done it on the old ohio i know stood my first watch harbor watch feeling finer in farragut dan's full of the same kind of notions see him now acting to be genuine moss backs every hair or rope yarn and blood stockholm tar he spoke down the cabin stairs guess you're mistook in your judgments for once disco what in rome made you tell us all here the kid was crazy he was disco replied crazy as a loon when he come aboard but i'll say he's sobered up considerable sense i cured him he yarns good said tom platt the other night he told us about a kid of his own size steering a cunning little rig and four ponies up and down toledo ohio i think it was and given suppers to a crowd of similar kids curious kind of fairy tale but blame interesting he knows scores of them guess he strikes him out of his own head disc


15 Sep 2021

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Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling Part 3 Free Audiobook from the Tale Teller Club

Tale Teller Kids™

Captains Courageous by Rudyard Kipling Part 3 Free Audiobook from the Tale Teller Clubchapter 3 of captain's courageous this is a librivox recording all librivox recordings are in the public domain for more information or to volunteer please visit librivox.org this recording is by mark smith of simpsonville south carolinacaptains courageous by roger kipling chapter threeit was the 40 fathom slumber that clears the soul and eye and heart and sends you to breakfast ravening they emptied a big tin dish of juicy fragments of fish the blood ends the cook had collected overnight they cleaned up the plates and pans of the elder mess who were out fishing sliced pork for the midday meal swapped down the foxel filled the lamps drew coal and water for the cook and investigated the forehold where the boats stores were stacked it was another perfect day soft mild and clear and harvey breathed to the very bottom of his lungs more schooners had crept up in the night and the long blue seas were full of sails and dories far away on the horizon the smoke of some liner her hull invisible smudged the blue and eastward a big ship's top gallant sails just lifting made a square nick in it disco troop was smoking by the roof of the cabin one eye on the craft around and the other on the little fly at the main mast head when dead kerflumix is that way said dan in a whisper he's doing some high line thinking for all hands i'll lay my wage and share we'll make birth soon dad he knows the cod and the fleet they know dad knows see him coming up one by one looking for nothing in particular of course but scrounging on us all the time there's the prince leboa she's a chatham boat she's crept up since last night and see that big one with a patch in her forsale and a new jib she's the carrie pitman from west chatham she won't keep her canvas long on lesser luck's change since last season she don't do much sep drift there ain't an anchor made a little holder when the smoke puffs up in little rings like that dad's studying the fish if we speak to him now he'll get mad last time i did he just took and hove a boot at me disco troops stared forward the pipe between his teeth with eyes that saw nothing as his son said he was studying the fish pitting his knowledge and experience on the banks against the roving cod in his own sea he accepted the presence of the inquisitive schooners on the horizon as a compliment to his powers but now that it was paid he wished to draw away and make his birth alone till it was time to go up to the virgin and fish in the streets of that roaring town upon the waters so disco troop thought of recent weather in gales currents food supplies and other domestic arrangements from the point of view of a 20-pound cod was in fact for an hour a cod himself and looked remarkably like one then he removed the pipe from his teeth dad said dan we've done our chores can't we go over side a piece it's good catching weather not in that cherry colored rig nor them half baked brown shoes give him something fit to wear dad's please that settles it said dan delightedly dragging harvey into the cabin while troop pitched a key down the steps dad keeps my spare rig where he can overhaul it cause ma says i'm careless he rummaged through a locker and in less than three minutes harvey was adorned with fisherman's rubber boots that came half up his thigh a heavy blue jersey well darned at the elbows a pair of flippers and a sow wester now you look something like said dan hurry keep an eye in handy said troop and don't go visiting round the fleet if anyone asks you what i'm calculating to do speak the truth for you don't know a little red dory labeled hattie s lay a stern of the schooner dan hauled in the painter and dropped lightly on to the bottom boards while harvey tumbled clumsily after that's no way of getting into a boat said dan if there was any sea you'd go to the bottom shore you've got to learn to meet her dan fitted the foal pins took the forward thwart and watched harvey's work the boy had rode in the lady-like fashion on the adirondack ponds but there is a difference between squeaking pins and well-balanced road locks light skulls and stubby eight-foot sea oars they stuck in the gentle swell and harvey grunted short rose short said dan if you cramp your oar in any kind of sea you're liable to turn her over ain't she a daisy mine too the little dory was specklessly clean in her bowesly a tiny anchor two jugs of water and some seventy fathoms of thin brown dory roading a tin dinner horn rested in cleats just under harvey's right hand beside an ugly looking maul a short gaff and a shorter wooden stick a couple of lines with very heavy leads and double cod hooks all neatly coiled on square reels were stuck in their place by the gunnel where's the sail amassed said harvey for his hands were beginning to blister dan chuckled you don't sail fishing dory's much you pull but you needn't pull so hard don't you wish you owned her well i guess my father might give me one or two if i asked him harvey replied he had been too busy to think much of his family till then that's so i forgot your dad's a millionaire you don't act millionairey any now but a durian crafting gear dan spoke as though she were a whale boat costs a heap think your dad would give you one for for a pet like shouldn't wonder it would be most the only thing i haven't stuck him for yet must be a expensive kinder kid to home don't slitheroo that way harv sure it's the trick because no sea's ever dead still and the swells will crack the loom of the oar kicked harvey under the chin and knocked him backward that was what i was going to say i had to learn too but i wasn't more than eight years old when i got my schooling harvey regained a seat with aching jaws and a frown no good get mad at things dad says it's our own fault if we can't handle him he says let's try here man well give us the water the portuguese was rocking fully a mile away but when dan up ended an oar he waved his left arm three times thirty fathom said dan stringing the salt clam onto the hook over with the dough boys bait same as i do harp and don't snarl your reel dan's line was out long before harvey had mastered the mystery of baiting and heaving out the leads the dory drifted along easily it was not worthwhile to anchor till they were sure of good ground here we come dan shouted and a shower of spray rattled on harvey's shoulders as a big cod flapped and kicked alongside muckle harvey muckle under your hand quick evidently muckle could not be the dinner horn so harvey passed over the mall and dan scientifically stunned the fish before he pulled it in board and wrenched out the hook with a short wooden stick he called a gob stick then harvey felt a tug and pulled up zealously why these are strawberries he shouted look the hook had fouled among a bunch of strawberries red on one side and white on the other perfect reproductions of the land fruit except that there were no leaves and the stem was all pipey and slimy don't touch them slat them off don't the warning came too late harvey had picked them from the hook and was admiring them ouch he cried for his fingers throbbed as though he had grasped many nettles now you know what strawberry bottom means nothing sep fish should be touched with the naked fingers dad says slat him off again the gunnel and bait up carve look and won't help me it's all in the wages harvey smiled at the thought of his ten and a half dollars a month and wondered what his mother would say if she could see him hanging over the edge of a fishing dory in mid-ocean she suffered agonies whenever he went out on saranac lake and by the way harvey remembered distinctly that he used to laugh at her anxieties suddenly the line flashed through his hand stinging even through the flippers the woolen circlets supposed to protect it he's a logie give him room according to his strength cried dan i'll help you no you won't harvey snapped as he hung onto the line it's my first fish is is it a whale halibut maybe dan peered down into the water alongside and flourished the big muckle ready for all chances something white and oval flickered and fluttered through the green i'll lay my wage and share he's over a hundred are you so everlasting anxious to land him alone harvey's knuckles were raw and bleeding where they have been banged against the gunnel his face was purple blue between excitement and exertion he dripped with sweat and was half blinded from staring at the circling sunlit ripples around the swiftly moving line the boys were tired long heir the halibut who took charge of them and the dory for the next 20 minutes but the big flat fish was gaffed and hauled in at last beginners look said dan wiping his forehead he's all of a hundred harvey looked at the huge gray and mottled creature with unspeakable pride he had seen halibut many times on marble slabs of but it never occurred to him to ask how they came inland now he knew and every inch of his body ached with fatigue if damn was along said dan hauling up he'd read the signs plains print the fish are running smaller and smaller and you've took about as logia halibuts as we have to find this trip yesterday's catch did you notice it was all big fish and no halibut dad he's read them signs right off dad says everything on the bank says signs and can be read wrong or right that's deeper in the whale hole even as he spoke someone fired a pistol on the we're here and a potato basket was run up in the four rigging what did i say now that's the call for the whole crowd dad's on to something or he'd never break fish in this time of day reel up harv and we'll pull back they were to windward of the schooner just ready to flirt the dory over the still sea when sounds of woe half a mile off led them to penn who was crewing about a fixed point for all the world like a gigantic water bug the little man backed away and came down again with enormous energy but at


13 Sep 2021

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Rudyard Kipling's "Kim" with Dr. Jonathan Cook

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26 Jul 2021

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The Butterfly That Stamped by Rudyard Kipling, Kid's Audio Book.

Tale Teller Kids™

How lovely to have all these gorgeous stories in our library.Many thanks to our friends at Librivox for this awesome recording.Enjoy the historic stories. Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


24 Jun 2021

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51 - Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book (1994) vs The Jungle Book (2016)

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14 Jun 2021

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Rudyard Kipling's "Plain Tales from the Hills" with Dr. Jonathan Cook

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