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HHM#60 How to Develop Mindsets for Success With Daily Self Care Rituals; Interview With Dr. Jen Harrison

Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina

Are you struggling to reach your goals due to emotional or mental obstacles that negatively affect your mindset? Most successful people will tell you that the most important thing that helped them become successful was having a success mindset. Would you like to learn how to better care for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally so that you can give your best in everything you do, then this program might help you.In this episode of 'Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina,’ our guest, Dr. Jennifer Harrison talked about how you can cultivate a success mindset by practicing daily self-care rituals.Dr. Jen is a stress and body-mind health expert with thirty-three years of experience in the health care industry. She's a certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Success Mindset Coach, EFT Practitioner, a best-selling author, and a speaker.Listen to this episode so you can learn practical tools for ​​handling stress and challenges effectively so you can do the things that you love and live out your life’s purpose.THREE WAYS TO GET THE FREE RESOURCES SHARED IN THIS PROGRAM SIGN UP AT https://bit.ly/HHMGSUTEXT: Word "Joyful" to 38470. JOIN FB Group: Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina'; http://bit.ly/HHMwDRGLOVE THIS VIDEO and CHANNEL? HERE are YOUR NEXT STEPS!1) SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 2) SHARE THIS EPISODE WITH A FRIEND3) GRAB YOUR FREE AUDIO GUIDE: “Relax on the go” https://www.stresstojoy.com/newsletter 4) SIGN UP FOR YOUR FREE Stress to Joy AUDIOBOOK on AUDIBLE: https://adbl.co/2w9LL5W 5) GET MY BOOKS/GUIDED GRATITUDE JOURNAL/AUDIOBOOKShttps://drrozina.com/books/ 6) ENROLL IN STRESS TO JOY ONLINE COURSEhttps://www.stresstojoy.com/onlinecourse 7) BOOK ME FOR YOUR SPEAKING, LEADERSHIP TRAINING, CORP. CONSULTING:  https://drrozina.com/ 8) MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR TREATMENT: https://shifahealth.org/request-an-appointment LET’S CONNECT!👉 https://drrozina.com/👉 https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rozina-lakhani-90780613/👉 https://www.facebook.com/DrRozinaL/👉 https://twitter.com/DrRozinaL#womenleaders #womenempowerment #resilience #happyandhealthymind #DrRozina #IanBrooksDedicated to Your Health and HappinessDr. RozinaSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/happy-and-healthy-mind-with-dr-rozina/donations


4 Sep 2021

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Parenting A Sensitive Child - How to Understand, Connect & Thrive with Jen Harrison

Fresh Start Family Show

Today’s episode is for parents all across the spectrum looking to bring some peace to their home, but especially for anyone parenting sensitive kiddos. Wendy has a candid conversation with Jen Harrison about the ways she has helped thousands of parents worldwide improve their lives at home within a matter of weeks.Jen has been named “The Child Whisperer” by Moms worldwide and has an incredible track record for showing Moms how to reduce their child’s anger and anxiety by 80% within 6 weeks or less.For more information on this episode go to: www.freshstartfamilyonline.com/97


25 Aug 2021

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#235: Dr. Jen Harrison | Fostering a Successful Mindset

Energetic Radio

Dr. Jen Harrison is a stress & body-mind health expert, Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer, Success Mindset Coach, best selling author & speaker. She helps heart-centred entrepreneurs, natural health practitioners and professionals to:  Effectively relieve stress & optimize their brainpower.  Create an empowering success mindset. Manifest desired results in both their life and business.  For more than 32 years while working in healthcare, Dr. Jen’s been studying the impact stress has on our body, mind and spirit. Like everyone, she’s experienced stress in both her personal and professional life. She’s had to deal with the sudden loss of family members, as well as navigating the ups and downs with a family member who had a chronic debilitating illness. Dr. Jen’s also experienced career and financial struggles, relationship stress and health issues. One year she experienced all of these things all at the same time! However, these life challenges have also inspired and motivated her to learn new and powerful ways to help overcome her own bodymind & spiritual obstacles. In turn, Dr. Jen loves sharing these techniques & insights through her online courses, books, speaking, as well as coaching. In addition to her online business, Dr. Jen currently maintains a part- time athletic therapy and chiropractic practice at a multi-disciplinary clinic. You can read more here - drjenniferharrison.com


17 May 2021

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Heart + Sole Q + A with Coaches Liz Waterstraat and Jen Harrison: April 2021

Train Like A Mother

As we begin to get back to in-person racing, Coaches Jen + Liz talk through pacing for the half marathon and marathon, as well as converting heart rate zones from the run to the bike, and how to fuel properly for a longer event.


27 Apr 2021

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Jen Harrison Session

Laura Stevenson

RTT: I am enough and loveability


20 Mar 2021

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Ep. #12. How to Parent a Highly Sensitive Child With Parenting Coach-Jen Harrison

Doctor Mommy Speaks Parenting

Today’s episode is for all those parents who are struggling with a highly sensitive child. Being a mom of two toddler's has made me realize that all behaviour is communication. Children can't really express themselves especially when it comes to big feelings like anger and frustration. Let’s begin with decoding our kid’s behaviours like shouting, slamming doors and throwing things. I am sure we all have had our fair share of these and to provide us with some valuable insights into child behaviour we have with us- Jen Harrison The author of the famous children’s book- Just As You Are: Celebrating the Wonder of Unconditional Love. She is a speaker, a parent coach who has a track record for showing Moms how to reduce their child’s anger and anxiety by 80% within 6 weeks These stats got me charged up as  a parent She has featured in British magazines as a parenting advice expert and has featured as an in-house coach for the  Big Life Journal. She has also been named “The Child Whisperer” by Moms worldwide Here we speak about: 1. Who is a sensitive child? What are his traits because I am sure most parents miss on this and label the child as mischievous or naughty rather than understanding the cause for his behaviour? 2. How to help sensitive children to express themselves. 3. How to be empathetic towards are a sensitive child? and put it into practice. 4. how to boost your child's self-confidence by helping handle his feelings better You connect with Jen on her website Do subscribe to my podcast so you will be notified each time a new episode is online. You can connect with doctormommyspeaks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Don't forget to like, and review our podcast where you listen. It will help others to find this podcast And you can visit our website for all our show notes and any resources mentioned by me or my guests. And while you're at it don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter.  Until then, Happy Parenting --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/doctormommyspeaks/message


30 Oct 2020

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My thoughts on Elijah Cummings FUNERAL and People like Jen Harrison and the Intolerance of the right

Danger Close USA | Angry American Podcast Radio

A hopefully meaningful episode. Some thoughts on Immigrants, the funeral of E.Cummings and how intolerant the Right side really is. God Bless America. Hooah!!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/Danger_Close_USA/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Danger_Close_USA/support


26 Oct 2019

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Jen Harrison Pulls a Room Together

Style Matters

Jennifer Harrison lights up a room.  Or, in this case, she's lighting up our earbuds.  When we first met Jennifer, we were pulled into her undertow of happy energy and ended the interview on such a pure high that I knew I wanted to share it again for those of you who missed it the first time.  In this episode, Jennifer talks so beautifully about the design value of incorporating vintage, antique and flea market finds into your home.  She's the founder of the online shop Flea Market Fab, which you'll be jumping out of your skin to go check out as soon as this is over.  But best of all is probably toward the very end where, completely off the cuff, Jennifer paints a picture of how she pulls a room together, starting with a single piece and imagining all of the different furniture and accessories she'd use.  So good.  Here she is.


15 Apr 2019

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Episode 35: Supporting Sensitive Children Interview With Jen Harrison


This week we get to pick the brain of Jen Harrison of Supporting Sensitive Children. She has a plethora of resources ranging from her website to her podcast, with printables and classes in between. She works with parents to give them the resources to support their children. In the last year she began focusing on sensitive children and their parents. Some of the topics that come up during are discussion include, how to know if your child is sensitive, how to know if you as a parent are sensitive, if these techniques can be implemented in the classroom, and if sensitivity has any relationship with self-esteem. Books The Highly Sensitive Child Girl Stop Apologizing Sponsor Great Kids Snacks - MOMPOD25 for 25% off first box Find Jen Website Instagram Facebook


21 Mar 2019

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Jen Harrison

Moms Making Money Show

Balancing business and babies can be quite the task, and can sometimes feel like it's taking a toll. Jen Harrison Parenting Coach talks about the value of self care, mom guilt and so much more in today's episode. Educational partner Tailwind, try one month for FREE www.tailwindapp.com/i/busyfitmomamie


11 Feb 2019