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Ep 074 w/ Spencer Hicks - Dialectics and Communication Breakdown - A Meta-Analysis of Cancel Culture

The Junkyard Love Podcast

Spencer is an armchair philosopher with focus in metaphysics, political philanthropy, ethics, and epistemology. In this episode, using a systems thinking lens; we discuss pop-culture cancellation, political perspectives on the issue, power dynamics of canceling, a crisis of meaning, world views, belief systems, cancel culture in academia, the influences from capitalism, technology, entertainment, and meme society. We touch on ideologies, neo-marxism, corporate press propaganda, and collective consciousness.

2hr 19mins

16 Jul 2021

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PERFORMING STANDUP COMEDY w/ Joel Decker & Spencer Hicks

Okie Show Show

Another week, another vintage episode! Way back in season 1, we spoke to two Oklahoma based standup comedians about the art of standup. How do you get started? How do you recover from bombing a set? Enjoy the conversation! And maybe check out a local open mic and try it out for yourself. Want to learn more about Oklahoma City's standup comedy scene? Check out www.okccomedy.com


5 Jul 2021

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Episode 059 - The Sense Making Sickness - with Spencer Hicks - Series Part 1

The Junkyard Love Podcast

An important series introduction is presented in the form of a short audio essay that exists in the first ten minutes of this episode. I encourage you to listen for a better understanding of what to expect.In this coming series of episodes, Spencer and I will attempt to make sense of what is going on in our world to cause such division and confusion amongst neighbors and fellow humans. We will stumble and ramble our way to formulating the questions that need asking and the answers that present themselves. We will try to police our own bias and emotional states, our own judgments, our wrong assessments, and our own blind spots. As new problems emerge for the human condition - we must present and practice new ways of conversation and problem-solving. Neither of us claims to be fully right, to be the most educated, to know the most truths, nor to have the correct psychosomatic tools. But we embark on this multiple part series because it is difficult, important, and we just don’t see many trying to meet the confusions from this lens of perception. Rather than claim the ability to educate the listeners - we hope to usher in individual epiphany by way of exploring and widening our own thoughts. These conversations will undoubtedly be messy at first, but as we determine the correct definitions and jump from stepping stone to stepping stone - we hope the path shows itself and the journey creates sparks of wisdom for different types of listeners at different points of their lives along the way. We have no grandiose ideas of being special, omniscient, or even particularly wise on the subject of sense-making itself - but we choose to pick up our swords and proceed towards the battlefield nonetheless. If individual sovereignty formulates group coherence and strengthens our human ability to process information and make sense of moderns life's complexities - this is the way. In an effort to better understand the division and changing times we are faced with as humanity and civilization - following every episode, Spencer and I will assess what we did wrong, what went right, what could be explained better, what could be thought more in-depth about, how we can discuss what's important for the next episode, and how we can continuously adjust our conversation style and subjects to better explain our findings and ideas for the next conversation. Here we propose that there is a sense-making crisis, we discuss the meaning of truth, self-sovereignty, dogma, bias, thesis as a human, obtaining a why, meeting each other at the wrong playing fields, types of conversation, examples from the political climate and much more.This chat seemed to set a decent groundwork for where we can go next. The map will form itself and we are hopeful the territory will present soon after. These episodes (we hope) will become more formulated and precise as we progress. Enjoy your day and go out of your way to be nice to someone whos not like you. Cheers

1hr 34mins

20 Oct 2020

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ELECTION BONUS: Sorry, I was counting the letters in my name - Mr. President with Spencer Hicks and Michael Ross

WHEEL OF RANDY - A Randy Newman Podcast

It's two weeks until election day, and the WHEEL has brought in some of our favorite candidates to talk about Randy's Watergate love letter, "Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man). Joining us is wheel alumnus Michael Ross (OK House District 68) and newcomer Spencer Hicks (Oklahoma County Commissioner District 2). I grill them on the tough issues: Mr. Ross, your campaign seems to have the momentum of a runway freight train. What makes you so popular? Mr. Hicks, why are you not littering our fair city with rogue yard signs? Then the candidates cross-ex each other on whether or not SNL sucks.Then the WHEEL gets bleak, and Spencer hits us with some Frankl.Today (October 20) is the last day in Oklahoma to request an absentee ballot. Otherwise, please vote on November 3 at your polling place, or October 29-31 at your early voting location. The WHEEL will give you a ride if you need it. Back to our regular schedule next Monday.


20 Oct 2020

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46. From Trivia Host to County Commish w/ Spencer Hicks

The Lost Ogle Show

On this episode of The Lost Ogle Show, Patrick and Marisa chat with Spencer Hicks, former TLO writer and current Oklahoma County Commissioner district 2 candidate. Spencer talked to us about all the best roads in Oklahoma County, what a county commissioner does, and the old days of Lost Ogle Trivia. Published 14 August 2020 Visit The Lost Ogle for more Great Content! Find Us Online! Patrick @TheLostOgle Marisa's Website! Randy @JoaquinQuinoa

1hr 1min

14 Aug 2020

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Episode 044 with Spencer Hicks - Operating Optimally Should Be Your Goal

The Junkyard Love Podcast

"The news is not a tool to make your life better, it's a tool of control" "Everyone owns a body. You pilot a meat vehicle, you do. You should know how to operate it optimally.""Not everyone you talk to is going to be in good faith""Unfortunately there's money in symptoms, not health."(This conversation was recorded on May 29th)

1hr 28mins

11 Jun 2020

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Episode 038 with Spencer Hicks - Mental and Physical Tips To Maintain Health At Home

The Junkyard Love Podcast

(5) Spencer and I video chat about some at-home practices and techniques to better suit each of us amidst the current covid retreat. We include some recommendations for walking, stretching, at-home workouts, mindfulness, awareness and general at-home health. Spencer and I discuss concepts that hopefully aide and assist any listeners during this stay-at-home order. The audio is subpar in comparison to our normal episodes here but it's easy to get used to in a minute or two. For more info on Spencer, check out our older conversations and episode descriptions.

1hr 14mins

26 Apr 2020

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Episode 023 with Spencer Hicks

The Junkyard Love Podcast

(4) I sit down with my lovely friend Spencer Hicks, a science-boy, armchair philosopher, fitness enthusiast, and motivational speaker - to discuss some matters of the mind, body, and spirit. We learn about cognitive empathy, sympathy, suffering, social norms, my dealings with social anxiety. We chat about the strange situation that is 'meeting people in person who you know from the internet', and keeping in touch with people through social media but not in person. We expand on the 'alllowing' of awkwardness and weirdness in real-life conversations. We talk about the parasympathetic state, the sympathetic state, we talk about stress and breathwork and we give some layers of advice to anyone with poor breathing habits. (If you struggle with anxiety and depression - I urge you to begin your journey into breathwork and stretching! Get dat knowledge in ya boo!)We talk about what the body-mind does under stress and what we can do to mitigate and prevent unwarranted stress to our bodies. Spencer gives some great tips on sleep and we mention some ways to shut down our minds to get the sleep flowin - we breathe some life into the mindsets we each have behind sleep ourselves and we touch-and-go on subjects like - cold showers, caffeine intake, phone control, and sensory deprivation tanks. Love yourself!

1hr 19mins

2 Feb 2020

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Episode 017 with Spencer Hicks

The Junkyard Love Podcast

(3) Spencer Hicks is an intellectual friend of mine of who's conversations hold great value to my contemplations and thinking. In this one, we hit on life being a choose your own adventure, choose your pains, choose your un-comforts journey. We begin to expose a Metta conversation surrounding the importance of being able to have conversations outside of narrow beliefs. The importance of having free conversations can't be understated, these are conversations we feel afraid to have out loud - and often we are thrown into arguments and 'sides' instead of realizing we need neither side to have the connection and understanding being ultimately searched for. Spencer and I both feel the important holy grail that is the human conversation - is being attacked and misused. This area of our talks will be returned to often. I share my plans to "learn to vote out loud" for the upcoming election. We try to talk about politics without... falling into the maze of politics. We make sure you've noticed our world's people each hold differing opinions of the same words too often, and certain words hit parts of you that do not hit others. Spencer and I talk on philosophy/psychology and philosophical points - Spencer shares his views on the Frankfurt school of thinking, Absurdism, Marksicm, Nihilism, realizations and world views. We express our love for Wonder and never having an answer, and we talk more on the weirdo stuff around social media that nobody seems to have mentioned yet. We share the joy of not knowing and questioning beliefs, we touch on being the alpha male and unspoken conversations that send us down strange rabbit holes. I complain about my chair a few times, and then Spencer teaches me a lot-o-bit about Dungeons and Dragons. We talk about victimhood and complaining, Getting beat down by life and some healing remedies for those sorts of things. The back and forth conversations between Spencer and I are evolving and will continue to advance as a third.

1hr 48mins

29 Dec 2019

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Episode 011 with Spencer Hicks

The Junkyard Love Podcast

(02) Spencer and I relax and get right into a few current subjects that hold weight. We speak on social media, political nonsense, loserthink, intentions, mindfulness, fitness and working out. We dive into the abstract of conversation in general, and how words and intentions can be misunderstood. We talk about developing a new world view, fighting the zombie apocalypse and standing up straight. Once the video side of the podcast is constant and running - you can expect a weekly episode from Spencer for the next few months!

1hr 38mins

14 Dec 2019