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Part 2 of My Spiritual Journey: Meet Kirra Sherman

Child Care Rockstar Radio

It’s a beautiful episode this week as Kris connects with one of her mentors, Kirra Sherman. They first talk about how life pulls us in different ways emotionally throughout our human journey, and how we can learn to face both the joyful and negative heartbreaking things with courage and an open heart. Kris and Kirra talk about how setting aside just 5 minutes a day to feel your feelings can have a profound effect on your whole life, what a pain body is, and how carrying around feelings of trauma can have an impact on us that we may not even be aware of.  Key Takeaways: [10:23] The importance of letting go of your projections of how things should be and accepting reality.  [10:42] We don't have to call it spiritual for anybody, we could call it “okayness”. [14:20] When you start doing things that matter to you, your life as you know it may fall apart, and that’s okay. Kirra talks about someone that did the work and healed their marriage, but sometimes things can also go the other way.  [18:57] What are some ways that we can learn to be open in sitting with discomfort?  [24:29] Putting the awareness on the discomfort and on the feelings is life changing.  [34:16] When do you know that you have reached enlightenment? Is it real? [34:22] There's no such thing as unworthiness.  [39:43] When you see through the story, the less you react to it. [45:09] What really matters is your heart. One way to get into the habit of checking in with your heart is really asking yourself if this will matter years from now, and what your true feelings are in the moment.  [50:33] Happiness is not a fix, it’s a change. Quotes: [16:42] “Things that you worry about are the things that in your mind are so important, become less important, because what really becomes important are the things that truly matter.” - Kirra [34:22] “There's no such thing as unworthiness.” - Kirra  [39:43] “When you see through the story, the less you react to it.” - Kirra  [50:33] “Happiness is not a fix, it’s a change.” - Kirra  Sponsored By: ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) Use code CCSC5 to claim a free course! Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company The Child Care Success Academy The Child Care Success Summit Childcare Education Institute: use code CDARenewal22 to get $100 off your renewal Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now A New Earth Kirra Sherman  The Amir Zoghi App  Amir Zoghi 


15 Dec 2022

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46. Interview with Kirra Sherman - Being in the Flow

The Gym Growth Geek

Steven interviews the extraordinary Kirra Sherman, founder of the Mastermind group, Business in the Flow. Kirra shares what it means to live your life in “the flow” and the implications it has on your business.

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5 Apr 2021

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Episode 8: Launch Radio (Geoff and Kira) - Kirra Sherman

Geoff and Kira Live

 Episode #8 is live. Special Guest: Kirra Sherman In this episode we chat with intuition coach and speaker Kirra Sherman. Kirra shares how to be certain of every decision you make by knowing what’s real in your mind and the power of intuition—your ultimate built-in certainty. She has supported countless people over the past five years to realize the courage to live your infinite possibilities and ultimately know yourself and your own intuition. She offers mainly 3 or 6 month coaching packages designed to peel back the layers of limited beliefs and judgments so that one becomes more real and free to be themselves without question or worrying ‘what’s going to happen,’ but instead life becomes an effortless dance of following your intuition as IT guides you ultimately to know what this life is really all about. Kirra Sherman Contact Info: Instagram: @kirra_intuition_is Website: https://www.thedeeperspark.com Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think! Geoff & Kira Camera & Editor: Moshe Levis  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/geoff-and-kira-live/support

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2 Mar 2019

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186 Kirra Sherman - Intuition vs Analysis

Are You Being Real? | The Authenticity Podcast

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes We’ve all heard of the importance of ‘trusting our gut’ and, If you’re like most, it’s often times easier said than done. The world is full of so much noise and distraction trying to compete for our attention.  Sometimes, our own logical thoughts paralyze us to the point where we become overwhelmed and don’t take any action. Whether these stumbling blocks are self-imposed or not, it’s important for us to get acquainted with the tool that the Universe has given each and every one of us: our intuition. In Episode 186, Mark sits down with Kirra Sherman, the host of The Deeper Spark Podcast and a fearless intuition coach. She has been helping others get familiar with and trust their gut and live more in tune with the deeper spark inside us all. Whether your struggling to trust your intuition when it comes to your business, your relationships, or just struggling to let go and allowing your inner-self to deviate from your plans, you’re sure to find unique insights and takeaways on this episode of the Are You Being Real Podcast! Connect with Kirra:  KirraSherman.com | The Deeper Spark Podcast | Instagram Show Notes: -What disconnecting from technology and a surprise trip to Whole Foods taught Kirra about intuition. -How to reconcile what we logically think with what our heart feels. -How speaking your truth can help those you love to understand where you are coming from. -The difference between your 'big sense' and your 'little sense.' -How Kirra wants to be remembered by her family. -Why 'pondering' is Kirra's most consistent practice. -What Kirra wants to experience most in her life at this time. Links mentioned: Kirra's Fearless Intuition Programs


4 Sep 2018

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Ep 50: Intuition Coach, Kirra Sherman on Breakthrough Brands

Crossing the Rubicon

On this Episode, I have Kirra ShermanKirra Sherman is an Intuition Coach, public speaker and the author of Living Intuition. Kirra shares how living intuition impacts your entire way of life for more fulfillment and possibilities.She has been supporting people with intuitive experiences for over 7 years. Through Kirra’s coaching of knowing yourself and life more deeply, self-doubt dissolves and world perspectives change, allowing for an elevated and fulfilling life where extraordinary experiences happen on a daily basis.CheersJoehttps://joedalton.ie/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


1 Feb 2018

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Podcast 133 – Kirra Sherman on Intuition

Subconscious Mind Mastery Podcast

Do you believe in synchronicities? Those little appearances or “signposts” from the Universe? I LOVE when Highest Source shows up in these fun little ways. I invite them and am looking for them to show up frequently. Well, one such “synchronicity” in my life recently was meeting Kirra Sherman, who is also dedicating her life and work to helping others hear and follow intuition. Kirra and I were introduced by a mutual friend, Jillian Livingston, who runs Aspen Real Life Blog, so if you'd like to peek in and see what's going on around here, this is the place to find it! Anyway, Jillian knew that Kirra and I were breathing the same air when it comes to living a life guided by our higher self…by intuition. We sat down at the Aspen Library and did an interview that will definitely enlighten you to more stories and situations on how intuition works and shows up in our lives. Kirra's website is here Enjoy the Journey, Thomas The post Podcast 133 – Kirra Sherman on Intuition appeared first on Subconscious Mind Mastery. Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/subconscious-mind-mastery. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


15 Dec 2017

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The Possibility of Today – Interview with Kirra Sherman: Living life, love, relationships, managing your negative thoughts … and so much more

The Possibility of Today - Sibyl Chavis

On today’s show, Kirra Sherman, an author, speaker and truth mentor shares her stories about life, love and how she handles those times when her fears, doubts and negative thoughts surface. If you’ve ever wondered how to live in the moment and be who you really are or if you want a great approach to handle those times when you’re upset or stressed, you’ll find it on today’s show. Kirra is also offering all Possibility of Today listeners a special promotion and a 40% discount for a package that includes a coaching recording and a 15 minute free follow up session with Kirra. You can click the link below to learn more. Thanks for listening and being a part of the Possibility of Today community. xoxo, Sibyl Want to know more about Kirra? Visit Kirra’s page for the Know Yourself Package and enter the coupon code: possibilityoftoday for your discount! The post The Possibility of Today – Interview with Kirra Sherman: Living life, love, relationships, managing your negative thoughts … and so much more appeared first on WebTalkRadio.net.


24 Feb 2015