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#124 Reckoning With Our Disconnection From Grief, Elderhood and Community, Part Two with Kimberly Ann Johnson

A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World

Kimberly Ann Johnson is a somatic experience practitioner, sexological bodyworker, author, podcast host, and doula. She returns to the podcast to speak about the turmoil of the past couple years, and recounts the journey that led her to co-author Reckoning with Stephen Jenkinson. We speak about our mutual experience feeling alienated from the “wellness” community during Covid, and the great loss and betrayal we felt from those who pitted individualism and “personal sovereignty” against community and social responsibility. We also touch on the importance of becoming conscious of our biases, cultivating humility and nuance especially in times of heightened emotion, the risks of overvaluing the hero’s journey, and what we can do to make ourselves worthy of elderhood.Purchase a copy of Reckoning by Stephen Jenkinson and Kimberly Ann Johnson here.Find Kimberly on Instagram and on her website KimberlyAnnJohnson.comSongs featured: “Ballad Of A Thin Place” by RF Shannon and “Baby Hallelujah” by KonradsenCheck out this live performance of “Baby Hallelujah” by Konradsen - How to support the show:* Rate, review and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes* Become a paid subscriber on Substack* Visit my website - AnyaKaats.com & Find me on InstagramA Millennial's Guide to Saving the World is a reader and listener-supported project. If you find this content valuable and have the means to donate financially, please consider becoming a paid subscriber for only $5/month. Get full access to A Millennial's Guide to Saving the World at anyakaats.substack.com/subscribe

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21 Aug 2022

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111 | Honest Reckoning in Troubled Times with Stephen Jenkinson & Kimberly Ann Johnson

Truth, Love & Beauty

Today I'm welcoming Kimberly Ann Johnson & Stephen Jenkinson to speak about the new book they co-authored, Reckoning, which came out today.Our conversation about the times we're living in, and the culture that got us here, it's rich, nuanced, and, as Stephen says at the end, bottomless. May it spark new curiosity, insight, and reflection. Buy Reckoning: www.orphanwisdom.comStephen's website: www.orphanwisdom.comKimberly's website: www.kimberlyannjohnson.comIFS Women's Circle: www.womensyogateachertraining.com/ifscircleSara's website: www.saraavantstover.comSara's newsletter: www.saraavantstover.com/#newsletterSara on IG: www.instagram.com/saraavantstoverSara on FB: www.facebook.com/saraavantstoverauthor

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16 Aug 2022

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The Becoming Podcast | Season 4; Episode 7 | Kimberly Ann Johnson on the postpartum revolution, women's nervous systems and reclaiming embodied power + authenticity

The Becoming Podcast

It’s my great pleasure to have Kimberly Ann Johnson join me for a rich and wide-ranging conversation on The Becoming Podcast this month. I’ve been following Kimberly’s work since her seminal book, The Fourth Trimester, rocked the worlds of mothers and birth workers alike when it was released five years ago.  Since then, I’ve come to view Kimberly as someone who sees the connections between seemingly unrelated things and brings us insight and wisdom from intersections in the worlds of birth + postpartum wellness, somatics, sex and trauma. Here’s a little more about Kimberly:  she is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, yoga teacher, postpartum advocate, and single mom. Working hands-on in integrative women’s health and trauma recovery for more than a decade, she helps women heal from birth injuries, gynecological surgeries, and sexual boundary violations. Kimberly is the author of the Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It for Good, as well as the early mothering classic The Fourth Trimester, and the upcoming co-authored book with Stephen Jenkinson, Reckoning.  She is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast. The conversation I had with Kimberly was so generously informative and thoughtful – I can’t wait to share it with you.  We talked about: > Kimberly’s new book, Reckoning, co-authored with Stephen Jenkinson, on navigating grief in the times we’re living in. > How Kimberly’s first book, The Fourth Trimester, was truly a roadmap for the rite of passage into motherhood….and also what she feels are the necessary next steps in our culture’s approach to postpartum wellness. > How female nervous systems are unique, and how Kimberly’s recent book The Call of The Wild invites women to understand their nervous systems and learn what they need.  Hint:  it’s not more deep breaths and hot baths. > How learning the particular language of your nervous system allows you to experience deeper authenticity and power – even in circumstances, like birth, that are often vulnerable. > “Hold it” moments, and how we can metabolize important moments in our lives, no matter how tiny or tectonic their impact.

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26 Jul 2022

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Relating and Cultivating Community in Challenging Times with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Find Your Feminine Fire

For many it feels like aspects of community and being together has changed since the pandemic.  Thankfully there is much we can do to create the belonging we crave, and to work with our nervous systems to move back into ways of connection that feel good. This week I'm talking with Kimberly Ann Johnson, a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, yoga teacher, postpartum advocate, and single mom on relating and cultivating community in challenging times. Working hands-on in integrative women’s health and trauma recovery for more than a decade, she helps women heal from birth injuries, gynecological surgeries, and sexual boundary violations. Kimberly is the author of the Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It for Good, as well as the early mothering classic The Fourth Trimester, and is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast.


9 Mar 2022

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Episode 117: Kimberly Ann Johnson

Practice You with Elena Brower

On the evolution of trauma, the wisdom of somatic therapy and practical tools to engage with deep repair.


5 Mar 2022

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205: Resolving Childhood Money Resentments with Author Kimberly Ann Johnson

Profit Boss® Radio - THE Podcast for Women and Money

When we grow up around wealthy people who aren’t happy, it can be extremely difficult for us to care about money at all until it’s too late. Once that happens, it can put us at a significant disadvantage as we struggle to find fulfillment in our lives later on. Today’s guest, Kimberly Ann Johnson, learned this the hard way. She’s a bodyworker, somatic experiencing practitioner, yoga teacher, postpartum advocate, and a single mom. She does hands-on work in integrative women’s health and trauma recovery and has written about her experiences in her books, Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It For Good and The Fourth Trimester. On top of all of that, she’s also the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast.  Rejecting money and capitalism altogether may feel like a radical stance early in life, but it rarely gives us the power to live happily on our own terms. And today, we’ll be talking about how to live a financial life that’s courageous, effective, and in alignment with your views and goals. In this conversation, we talk about how rare it is for adults to change their minds about anything, let alone money, and how Kimberly came to some crucial conclusions on her own. You’ll also hear about my Ignite Investing® program, which you can learn more about at igniteinvesting.com. If you’re ready to embrace new perspectives, heal from trauma, let go and get closer to becoming your true self, I know you’ll enjoy this episode. Here’s what you’ll find out in this week’s episode of Profit Boss® Radio: How Kimberly’s business is currently structured to pay her. Why money and sex both require women to deal with shame, shadow material, and intergenerational behavioral patterns. How trying to resist forces, including capitalism, keeps women stuck and disempowered–and how to embrace spending money without obsessing over material things. The incredible things that happen when generational financial dependency ends. How to rethink your relationship with money, do good, and help people along the way. Show Notes To get access to the full show notes, including all the resources mentioned, visit https://hilaryhendershott.com/kimberly-ann-johnson-resolving-childhood-money-resentments Follow Hilary on: Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Facebook YouTube Subscribe to Profit Boss® Radio Apple Podcasts Overcast Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts


22 Feb 2022

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Healing Trauma through Sexological Bodywork with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Holy F*ck

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Kimberly Ann Johnson, a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, yoga teacher, postpartum advocate and single mom. Working hands-on in integrative women’s health and trauma recovery for more than a decade, she helps women heal from birth injuries, gynecological surgeries and sexual boundary violations. Kimberly is the author of the Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power, and Use It for Good, as well as the early mothering classic The Fourth Trimester, and is the host of the Sex Birth Trauma podcast.This episode is for you if you are interested in exploring the intersection between spirituality and conscious sexuality.In this episode, you will hear:Ideas about modern-day understandings of feminism and how the strive for “equality” is actually the strive to be the same as those in power, and ideas on different ways we can approach feminism, and different questions we can ask to help us center into what this really means as women in today’s world.Surrendering into our experiences in the body, and how our natural bodily experiences and processes can often feel painful, if we are not giving ourself the space to surrender into them.What Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Experiencing Work as a practitioner means, and how it can help women and people work through many different experiences in the body including birth injuries, gynecological surgery and scar tissue, and sexual boundary violations.Ideas on giving yourself permission to make mistakes, mess up, and learn from our sexual experiences, even as practitioners, and how staying grounded in our boundaries is helpful for navigating new experiences.And more!Follow along with Kimberly on IG @kimberly.ann.johnsonAnd discover all of her offerings on her website HERE.

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31 Jan 2022

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Somatic Experiencing, Birth, Sex, & Trauma W/ Kimberly Ann Johnson #362

The Life Stylist

This enlightening conversation with somatic practitioner, educator, and author, Kimberly Ann Johnson, explores the depths of the human body. From the nervous system to the genitalia (and the mental mechanics in between), how are we triggered to respond to external cues? More recently, I've been on a mission to rewire the traditional – perhaps outdated – narrative of striving for a parasympathetic response that can lead to a numbness disconnecting us from the innate wildness we should be able to express. Kimberly was an incredible springboard to explore masculinity through the lens of the animal kingdom and our connections with predator/prey identities. Her most recent book, Call of the Wild, focuses on helping women learn how to forge a relationship with our primal power (the inner-Jaguar) and live a life of pleasure without guilt, shame, or expectations.  As the collective stumbles out from the emotional and physical wreckage of last year, Kimberly's work invites us to reanalyze how we find and interact with our community, and pivot the eternal question "What do I want in life?" into "What does life want from me?" 05:54 — Unpacking “Call of the Wild” How women recover from trauma differently from men The nervous system debunked Fawning vs fleeing and activating the inner-fighter 15:04 — Somatic Experiencing Privileging the body over the narrative  Self-censorship and self-advocacy  The steps you take before forgiveness  Finding community and working through gender fears Heart-centered masculinity  42:30 — Approaching Shadow Work + Living for Pleasure  Addiction to intensity and leaning into pleasure  Why it’s OK to feel good (even if others are suffering)  Looking for love and community  The works of Gay Hendricks What does your life want from you? - VIDEO CLIP 58:17 Learning how “to be” without pushing and striving  1:11:01 – Influences on the Nervous System Collagen, elastin, and your nervous response Switching communication channels and moving away from default patterns  Why a parasympathetic response is not always good for the nervous system Trusting our wildness and not being afraid of healthy aggression  1:36:03 — Attachment Styles and Healing Within Your Relationship The island (avoidant), the anchor (secure), and the wave (love addict) Knowing who you are and sharing your code with your partner 2:04:32 — Let’s Talk About Sex Power-based, hot sex Sympathetic and parasympathetic trajectory Moving toward “warm sex” and the arousal wave  More about this episode. Watch it on YouTube. Connect with Luke on social media to learn how to take your lifestyle to the next level, plus catch exclusive live interviews & events: INSTAGRAM - @lukestorey // instagram.com/lukestorey/ FACEBOOK - facebook.com/MrLukeStorey/ TWITTER - @MrLukeStorey // twitter.com/MRLUKESTOREY YOUTUBE - youtube.com/c/LukeStorey THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: BEEKEEPER'S NATURALS. Support energy, gain mental clarity, and boost skin health with B.Powered Superfood Honey, a medicinal-grade, immune-supporting honey made with antioxidants and other potent ingredients from nature. All their all-natural, health-boosting products are made with the purest ingredients from sustainable apiaries full of healthy bees. Each of their products has been rigorously tested to meet the highest potency standards. Use code "Lukestorey" for 15% off at beekeepersnaturals.com/lukestorey. AND... ONNIT. 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They've also got a new feature called ambient mode, which uses lower intensity light to support your sleep and circadian rhythms and to help counteract all of the artificial blue light that keeps you up at night that might be present in your home. You can get an exclusive discount on Joovv Generation 3.0 devices at www.Joovv.com/luke. HELP SUPPORT THIS SHOW! Love the Show? You’ll really love Luke’s Master Market Online Store!  It’s a win-win! Get direct links to all of Luke’s hand-picked biohacking and health products all in one place, get exclusive discounts, and support the show by making purchases through the web store >> SHOP NOW. Other ways to support:  SUBSCRIBE >> Apple Podcasts + Stitcher + Google Podcasts + Spotify LEAVE APPLE PODCASTS REVIEW >> Simple step-by-step instructions SHARE >> Spread the word! Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and all your social pals   Resources Website: kimberlyannjohnson.com Read: Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power and Use It for Good Podcast: Sex, Birth, Trauma  Kimberly’s teachers: Tsultrim Allione, Sheri Winston, and Sri Ramana Maharshi Upcoming Events: lukestorey.com/events   Related Shows Episode #348: “Rite of Passage: My Sacred Hunting Experience w/ Mansal Denton”

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10 Aug 2021

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72. How We Heal Trauma & Awaken Our Power with Kimberly Ann Johnson

Think Yourself Healthy

Kimberly is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, yoga teacher trainer, birth doula, and single mom. She is the author of Call of the Wild: How We Heal Trauma, Awaken Our Own Power and Use It for Good as well as the early mothering classic, The Fourth Trimester. She is the host of Sex Birth Trauma podcast and creator of Activate Your Inner Jaguar: A Real World Understanding of Your Nervous System and Embodied Consent. RESOURCES: Follow Kimberly on Instagram @kimberly.ann.johnson Visit her website here to get more information on her book and courses! Thanks for joining us on the Think Yourself Healthy Podcast! Don’t forget to leave a review and make sure you share that you’re listening to this episode on the gram and tag myself @heatherbarbierirdn and @thinkyourselfhealthy_ so we can share! *If you take a screenshot that you're listening and tag us, we will send you a 15% off discount for the 8-Week Retrain Your Brain Course!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/heatherbarbierirdn/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/heatherbarbierirdn/support


24 May 2021

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How to reconnect with your body after trauma | Kimberly Ann Johnson

The Lindsey Elmore Show

How to reconnect with your body after trauma | Kimberly Ann Johnson Kimberly Ann Johnson is a Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution practitioner, birth doula, and single mom. She specializes in helping women prepare for birth, recover from birth injuries and birth trauma, and heal from sexual trauma. Kimberly is the author of ‘Call of the Wild’ and ’The Fourth Trimester’. She is also the host of the Sex Birth Trauma Podcast.Topics covered in this episode:• How to begin to make the huge shift and meet the most basic needs instead of spinning out of control.• How to go about cultivating a life where we pay attention to all the information our body has to offer. • How connection and community are critical for our survival and thrival. • When groups get together, how do all of the nervous systems engage with each other to create the macrocosm. • How do certain behaviors lead to potential traumas?• How to shift into healthier fight responses.• What nervous system changes need to occur for sex activation?• How a birth experience can be more natural and intoned with the body.Referenced in the episode:• Episode 95 - How being selfless is detrimental to your health | Victoria Albina• Gerald Posner author of ‘Pharma’ • Stan Tatkin - psychologist, researcher, author, public speaker, therapist and teacher of attachment styles.Head to www.kimberlyannjohnson.com/chapter for a free download of the first chapter of ‘Call of the Wild’.Lindsey Elmore, alongside some of her favorite functional medicine pharmacists, will be teaching a stress solution summit on May 15, 2021. This is a course to help you reduce stress and heal your hormones.Sign up at www.lindseyelmore.com/stresssolutionWe hope you enjoyed this episode. Come check us out at www.lindseyelmore.com/podcast.


11 May 2021