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17. I'd Rather Be an Atheist than a Calvinist with Tripp Fuller

The New Evangelicals Podcast

On this episode I interview theologian, author and mega nerd (his words) Tripp Fuller. Tripp and I talk about the 4 gospels and how they don’t all agree on the same facts and how that’s ok. We talk about finding the divine in both inside and outside the Christian faith and at the end, Tripp picks my brain on The New Evangelicals and why I I started it. Tripp’s newest book is called Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology Studies in Open and Relational Theology and is available everywhere. Tripp’s Website Get Tripp’s Book Follow Tim on Instagram // @thenewevangelicalsThe New Evangelicals is completely crowd funded. You can help out our work here.Join Our Facebook Community Like this episode? Give us a rating and leave a review. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

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14 Jun 2021

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Episode 163: Tripp Fuller - Thinking About Jesus Today

The Bible For Normal People

We brought in Tripp Fuller, host of the podcast Homebrewed Christianity, to share his perspective on the Jesus of history and the Christ of theology and its relevancy in our lives today. Show Notes →Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-bible-for-normal-people/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands


19 Apr 2021

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70 | Why Go Christian Socialist? w/ Tripp Fuller

Faith and Capital

Were you looking for 5 reasons to go Christian Socialist? Well you've come to the right pod!Tripp Fuller, host of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast, and I collaborated for this episode on Christian Socialism. It's a fun one!Find all of Tripp's podcasts and books here: https://trippfuller.com/Tripp and Joerg Rieger are also planning a 6 Week Exploration of Economic Justice & Religion called "Capital Change: the End of Religion & Business as Usual." This would be a great way for folks to study and learn in community!Finally, consider helping us reach 50 patron supporters for our Two Year Anniversary! All it takes is $1/month. Fund the work at https://www.patreon.com/faithandcapitalFaith and Capital is on instagram, twitter, and facebook.Contact: faithandcapital@gmail.comMusic by Amaryah ArmstrongSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/faithandcapital)

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1 Mar 2021

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Tripp Fuller: Jesus and Process Theology

A People's Theology

Mason chats with #1 theology podcaster, Tripp Fuller about his new book, Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology. They chat all about an open and relational Christology and why it matters for our world today. Guest Bio/Info: Dr. Tripp Fuller is the founder and host of the #1 theology podcast, Homebrewed Christianity. He is also a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh. Find Tripp here: trippfuller.com Twitter: @trippfuller Instagram: trippfuller Facebook: facebook.com/homebrewedchristianity Special music by: Kiefer Detrick Spotify: Kiefer Detrick Get connected to Mason: masonmennenga.com Patreon: patreon.com/masonmennenga Twitter: @masonmennenga Facebook: facebook.com/mason.mennenga Instagram: masonmennenga


9 Dec 2020

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Ep65. Divine Self-Investment, Tripp Fuller

Love Rinse Repeat

I sat down with Tripp Fuller to talk about open and relational Christology. We discuss the pros of going process (or adopting elements of an open and relational theology), why Tripp just keeps talking about Jesus, his three-pronged approach to Christology (historical Jesus, existential register of faith, and metaphysical referent to God), how his approach can address supersessionist ways of thinking of the Incarnation, and what is the hope in a God who maybe doesn’t control or overrule, but invests?Buy the book.Tripp Fuller is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Theology & Science at the University of Edinburgh. He received his Ph.D. in Philosopy, Religion, and Theology at Claremont Graduate University. Tripp is the founder and host of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast and author of Jesus: Lord, Liar, Lunatic… or Awesome? And Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology. Find all of Tripp’s zesty goods at his website. Find more: www.loverinserepeat.comFollow the Show: @RinseRepeatPod // Follow me: @liammiller87Music by Fyzex


3 Dec 2020

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Divine Self-Investment - With Tripp Fuller

Rethinking Faith

This week Tripp Fuller joins the show to help us (re)think our Christology. Tripp offers a robust constructive open and relational Christology. He offers us a three-pronged constructive Christology that engages historical Jesus studies and seeks to speak in both an existential and metaphysical register. Ultimately, Tripp offers a centering Christological metaphor for an open and relational vision: the self-investment of God. Enjoy! RESOURCES: Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology TrippFuller.com The Road to Edmond

1hr 39mins

25 Nov 2020

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ReligionProf Podcast with Tripp Fuller

ReligionProf Podcast

In this episode Tripp Fuller and I have a conversation about his most recent book, Divine Self-Investment: An Open and Relational Constructive Christology, as well as the broader themes of Christology and historical Jesus research that his book engages with, at the intersection of his work as a theologian and mine as a New Testament scholar. 

1hr 17mins

16 Nov 2020

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Tripp Fuller: Is God as nice as Jesus?

On the Way Podcast

Dr Tripp Fuller, author, theologian and host of Homebrewed Christianity joins Peter, Sue and Dom from Edinburgh to talk about the big question of who is the one we call Jesus the Christ. What did God do in Christ that we couldn't do for ourselves? Tripp's latest book, Divine Self-Investment, explores an answer to that question that refuses to be confined to simplistic formulae but finds a place in our evolving, relational experience of life, insisting on a God "who is at least as nice as Jesus". See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 9mins

9 Nov 2020

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What's so special about Jesus? with Dr Tripp Fuller

In the Shift

Episode 39: Our guest for this episode is Dr Tripp Fuller and (in one of our more meaty theological episodes) we dive further into all things 'Jesus'. Is Jesus just a nice guy, or did God jump down from heaven into human form... or is it possible that something else is going on here? We talk about all of this in relation to Tripp's latest book, Divine Self Investment, in which he proposes an open and relational constructive Christology. If you're the kind of person who likes the idea of diving into an academic theological book that packs a punch, and that proposes bold, innovative and compelling ways of understanding the Jesus story, then you can check out his new book here.


23 Oct 2020

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Tripp Fuller on Divine Self-Investment, Part 2 [76]


This is the second part of my conversation with Tripp on his new book, Divine Self-Investment!

1hr 19mins

20 Oct 2020