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150 Deanna Singh on Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Differences & Cultural Diversity in International Business

Deanna SinghAbout This Week's Guest Deanna SinghDeanna Singh, the author of Purposeful Hustle, wants to live in a world where marginalized communities have power.As an expert social entrepreneur, she is obsessed with making the world a better place and she will build or break systems to create positive change.While tackling complex social challenges, Deanna gives audiences the tools and courage to imagine, activate, and impact the world as agents of change.Deanna is described as a trailblazer and dynamic speaker who is at the forefront of social change.She is an accomplished author, educator, business leader, podcaster, and social justice champion!"Did you know that my last name, Singh, means 'Lion'?"Assume that whatever you think about someone else just might be wrong.Assume that "the other one" also has the best intentions with you and/or the situation.When you're listening to someone, listen with the intention to understand, not to reply (because then you're not really listening).Links mentioned in this episode are:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deannasingh/Website: https://www.upliftingimpact.com/Culture MattersYou Can Also Listen to the Culture Podcast and Management PodcastBuild your Cultural Competence, listen to interesting stories, learn about the cultural pitfalls and how to avoid them, get the Global perspective here at the Culture Matters podcast on International Business.We help you understand Cultural Diversity better by interviewing real people with real experiences.Every episode there is an interview with a prominent guest, who will tell his or her story and share international experiences. Helping you develop your cultural competence. Welcome to this culture podcast and management podcast.To Subscribe to this Management Podcast, Click here.The Culture Matters Culture Podcast. Available on iTunes and Stitcher RadioClick here to get the podcast on SpotifyTalk to your Amazon Alexa and listen to the PodcastIf you have a minute, please leave me an honest rating and review on iTunes by clicking here. It will help the visibility and the ranking of this culture podcast on iTunes immensely! A BIG THANK YOU!Enjoy this FREE culture podcast! Music: Song title - Bensound.comMore Ways of Listening:Get a Taste of How Chris Presents, Watch his TEDx TalkNameEmail AddressPhone NumberMessage13 + 15 = SendCall Direct: +32476524957 European Office (Brussels) Whatsapp: +32476524957 The Americas (USA; Atlanta, GA; también en Español):  +1 678 301 8369Book Chris Smit as a SpeakerIf you're looking for an Engaging, Exciting and Interactive speaker on the subject of Intercultural Management & Awareness you came to the right place.Chris has spoken at hundreds of events to thousands of people on the subject of Cultural Diversity & Cultural Competence.What Others Say About Chris:“Very Interactive and Engaging”“In little time he knew how to get the audience inspired and connected to his story”“His ability to make large groups of participants quickly and adequately aware of the huge impact of cultural differences is excellent”“Chris is a dedicated and inspirational professional”His presentation can cover specific topics, or generally on Cultural differences.Duration of any presentation can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours and anything in between and are given World Wide.


15 Feb 2021

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Episode 72: Growing Up Bicultural; Deanna Singh

Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People

In this conversation on race Deanna Singh talks with me about growing up Asian-Indian, and African-American in Wisconsin. Key topics include: Deanna’s experience with parents from two different cultures What it was like to be one of only two kids of color in an all-white school The beauty and joy of talking about race First experience with overt racism at the age of five from another five-year-old Impact of last four years with Trump et al. on young people of color and her vision for the future Founding a publishing company for books with children of color Her life experience- the lynching of her Black great grandfather Aftermath of 9/11 on her family and her Sikh father who wears a turban,  The attack on the Sikh Temple and effect on her friends and family Why she believes in the triumph of love to fight racism and inequity About Deanna Singh Deanna Singh is a highly respected thought leader who travels the world motivating and educating audiences about living with joy and purpose. A gifted communicator, she is a champion to marginalized communities and an inspiration to all those who want to be agents of change in their work, lives, and society. Singh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Fordham University, a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and certification in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Cornell University. She has impacted the world as a speaker, a teacher, a principal, a leader of large foundations, a social entrepreneur, a businesswoman, an author, a publisher, and a mother. Contact Info: Website: www.deannasingh.com/about-deanna-singh Facebook: www.facebook.com/deanna.singh.10 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Deannasingh1 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deannasingh


2 Feb 2021

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235: Living Your Purpose (with Deanna Singh)

Vibrant Happy Women

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Deanna Singh, the Chief Change Officer for the Flying Elephant Foundation. We’re talking about Deanna’s experience of being biracial, her passion for building or breaking systems to create change, and how to create harmony in your life.  Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.jenriday.com/235


4 Sep 2020

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Deanna Singh: Shifting the Power from Marginalized Communities - A BIG PURPOSE

Leading From the Front!

It is difficult to describe this guest so let this summary be a start – Mother & wife, Award winning community Leader, Author of three children’s books, Lawyer, Business-Person, YouTube TEDx Speaker AND a Birth Doula…Deanna Singh vast experiences working with both profit and non-profit organizations offers some insights in the similarities of these seemingly different cultures. Both need to manage the bottom line, both need to include and engage the people, and both need exceptional leadership to survive and thrive. Her book Purposeful Hustle can help you direct your life’s work and purpose. You can contact Deanna Singh at DeannaSingh.com or find her on LinkedIn or Instagram. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Jul 2020

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Conversation with Deanna Singh

88Nine: Community Stories


31 Mar 2020

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How to Embrace Failure and Sustain Your Hustle with Deanna Singh

22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo

On today’s episode of 22 Motivational Minutes, Chief Change Agent Deanna Singh shares her advice for leading a purpose-driven life. Join Marlo and Deanna as they break down the myth of balance, embracing failure, and creating a system that sustains your hustle. Deanna Singh is recognized as a leading authority in building innovative opportunities within underserved communities.  As Chief Change Agent and Founder of Flying Elephant, Deanna is a highly respected thought leader, who has spent almost 20 years researching, designing and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges.  Today she travels the world inspiring and educating audiences. A gifted communicator, entrepreneurial businesswoman, and trailblazer, Deanna’s interactive style combines personal stories with authenticity, vulnerability, and humor that takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery. Her social entrepreneurship and advocacy experience also included leadership positions with Dohmen Constellations, The Burke Foundation, The Robert W. Baird Foundation, Milwaukee Renaissance Academy, Legal Action of Wisconsin and The Milwaukee Street Law Project. Singh also has served as adjunct professor at Marquette University Graduate and Law School.  She recently completed her first two children’s book I Am a Boy of Color, and I Am a Girl of Color and was a featured as a TEDx speaker.  She also published her first business book, Purposeful Hustle, in 2018. Singh was recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as one of the community’s most influential 40 under 40 leaders and the 8 Under 40 to Watch for the University of Wisconsin School of Business.  She is also the recipient of the United Way’s Philanthropic Five Award, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Leadership Development Hero Award and was a White House Fellowship Regional Finalist. She currently serves on the national boards of LIFT and College Possible.  She is also a member of the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation. Past board roles include but are not limited to First Stage Milwaukee, Marquette University’s College of Professional Studies Advisory Board and the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Diversity Committee. A native of Milwaukee, Singh earned her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Fordham University, a Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is also a trained Labor and Birth Doula and serves as the co-founder of Birth Coach Milwaukee.   Singh lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Justin, and two sons, Zion and Zephaniah. You can connect with Deanna via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deannasingh/ _____ My book, The Making of a Maverick, Building Champions in Business and in Life is available now on Amazon. It vibrates with a frequency of action. It contains some of the most tactical and detailed information I’ve ever given, all in hopes of inspiring you to gain clarity and remove self-doubt. Get it right here - bit.ly/MaverickBook Lastly, if you are looking for clarity to what may be holding you back, you can take The Maverick Assessment. It was created to help you understand the 4 Pillars of Performance to Making Mavericks and Building Champions. Take it now - http://bit.ly/2XSPGfgSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


10 Dec 2019

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EP145 Deanna Singh - Overcoming the Fear of Failure: Finding Courage

The Lauren of Love Podcast

Deanna Singh is recognized as a leading authority in building innovative opportunities within underserved communities.  As Chief Change Agent and Founder of Flying Elephant, Deanna is a highly respected thought leader, who has spent almost 20 years researching, designing and building asset-based solutions to complex social challenges.  Today she travels the world inspiring and educating audiences. What we talked about: -Imposter syndrome and how to overcome this. -Age limitation -creating an inner narrative that empowers you. -How to control the voice inside your head. -Overcoming fear of public speaking -Living in your purpose -Solving a problem and the qualities you should look for in your team when hiring. -”Failing well” is such an important part of the journey. Learn more about Deanna and her mission:  https://www.deannasingh.com/about-deanna-singh Follow Deanna on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deannasingh1/ For more: https://www.laurenoflove.com


10 Dec 2019

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183: How to be a purposeful hustler - with Deanna Singh

Social Capital

About Deanna Singh Deanna Singh, the author of Purposeful Hustle, wants to live in a world where marginalized communities have power. As an expert social entrepreneur, she is obsessed with making the world a better place and she will build or break systems to create positive change. Deanna is described as a trailblazer and dynamic speaker who is at the forefront of social change. She is an accomplished author, educator, business leader, and social justice champion!   Please share more about your book, Purposeful Hustle and why networking is important to Purposeful Hustlers. “the first half of the book, we really talk about purpose. And the idea there, you know, people throw around these words, but when I talk about purpose, I mean what are you uniquely positioned to do in the world? So, what is it that you can accomplish that really nobody else can?”   How does a Purposeful Hustler prepare for a meeting? “a lot of times, we have these amazing people in our network and we get a meeting with them and we're so excited and then we get to the meeting and it flops, because we haven't taken the time to prepare in advance and really think through what would be the most effective use of their time…”   What are some of the best questions you have been asked when people are trying to network with you? “my all-time favorite question is what should I have asked that I didn't ask? You know, is there anything that you think I should know that might not be on my radar?”   Can you share with me your most successful or favorite networking story/experience that you’ve had? “one of the things I decided to do was have two o'clock tea on Tuesdays. Now I don't think I ever ended up having any of the meetings happen that way where it was actually Tuesday. Sometimes it was Thursday or Wednesday morning or whether, you know, I think probably less than 5% of them ended up to being Tuesday at two o'clock but the idea was I was going to try and reach out to 52 people, so one a week at least minimally that were not part of my network that I thought would be really good and my network.”   How do you stay in front of or best nurture your network community? “one of the things that I've been working on is trying to use the tools that already exist out there to really continue to nurture the relationship. And obviously one of the biggest kinds of tools that we have at our disposal now is social media. So, just making sure that I'm posting content that I think is relevant to my network…”   What advice do you have for the professional on growing their network? “It really comes down to being strategic. You know, a lot of times I'll have people in, they'll say I'm going to a networking event and I'll say, that's great. Like, who are you hoping to meet? They’re like, I don't know.”   Digital networking or traditional networking? “I will say what I have found to be incredible, and this has really been over the last year and I think I started as sort of a naysayer with this and now have completely changed my tune, is the ability to be able to use, kind of blend the two, right, through video conferencing.”   If you could go back to your 20-year-old self, what would you tell yourself to do more or less of regarding your career? “One of the things that I would definitely really stress is the ability to collect and keep clean my CRM (customer relationship management system).”   We’ve all heard of the 6 degrees of separation… Now, who would be the one person you’d love to connect with, and do you think you could do it within the 6th degree? “the one that would be for me super exciting would be Michelle Obama. And I do think that I could probably connect in less than six degrees of separation. But it's one of those things where like where we started this conversation about, well, what would you ask? And you know, what would that mean and what would I be able to bring to the table?”   Any final words of advice for our listeners? “When I was in college, I sort of made it like a game, right? Where I would try and find the most intimidating person in the room for whatever reason, whatever room I was in. And then I made it a point to try and go up to that person and just speak to them. And I think that like one of the things that I always tell people is I get it. I understand that you're nervous, but the thing that will help you get over your nerves is practicing, right? And pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.” You can get in contact with Deanna at: Website: www.deannasingh.com LinkedIn: Click Here


4 Nov 2019

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Episode 97: Deanna Singh-- The Purposeful Hustler!

The Smart Thinking Podcast

Join me for a great conversation with author and social entrepreneur- Deanna Singh. Get her book Purposeful Hustle and fuel your inner servant leader! What will you do today to support your passion and others? Twitter: @smartthinksix @tneitzke

1hr 12mins

1 Aug 2019

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Purposeful Hustle with Deanna Singh

The Life and Leadership Podcast

When the work you do is aligned with your purpose, the result is inspired action. Rather than grinding through each day, you are propelled forward by a calling to serve. So, what is your purposeful hustle? And how would your life change if you pursued that passion every day? Today, we’re joined by Deanna Singh, the Founder and Chief Change Agent at Flying Elephant. Recognized as a leading authority in creating opportunities in underserved communities, Deanna has spent nearly 20 years designing and building solutions to complex social challenges. She has extensive experience in the realm of social entrepreneurship and advocacy, and Deanna is the author of the new release, Purposeful Hustle: Direct Your Life’s Work Towards Making a Positive Impact. Deanna begins by defining what it means to be a social entrepreneur. She explains how her diverse body of work fits under the umbrella of shifting power to marginalized communities and describes the inspired action behind work that aligns with your unique purpose. Deanna also discusses the value in making failure part of the plan and shares the concept of a failsumé to document (and even celebrate!) the areas where you’re not winning. Listen in to understand how clarity of purpose can support you in doing less—and learn how to uncover and engage in your own purposeful hustle! Themes explored in this week’s episode: The definition of social enterprise Deanna’s purpose in shifting power to marginalized communities and how her three businesses fit under that umbrella The job interview that inspired Deanna to articulate + align with her purpose How to get past judging yourself for a purpose that’s ‘not noble enough’ by focusing on the people you serve How Deanna encourages purposeful hustlers to embrace failure and make it part of the plan Deanna’s concept of a failsumé to document + celebrate the areas where you’re not winning Why Deanna values resilience in team members and how she evaluates that quality in the interview process How clarity of purpose can support you in doing less How Purposeful Hustle is giving people a venue to share what they’re dreaming about The lifechanging wisdom Deanna recognized standing in line at Potter World Resources from this episode: Connect with Deanna at https://www.deannasingh.com/ Follow @Deannasingh1 on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn Buy Deanna’s books at https://www.deannasingh.com/publications Learn more about The Flying Elephant Foundation Listen to our podcast on resilience with Susan Coonan Read Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown We would love to hear from you! Have an idea for a podcast or a question you want us to address? Interested in additional support, resources and workshops? Here are all the ways you can interact with us! Tweet us! @tegantrovato and @TeamAwesomeMKE Email us: tegan@BrightArrowCoaching.com and Katie@TeamAwesomeCoaching.com Follow us on Facebook @BrightArrowCoaching and @TeamAwesomeCoaching Follow us on Instagram @TeganTrovato and @katie_rasoul Connect with us on LinkedIn: Tegan Trovato and Katie Rasoul Download free tools and sign up for our newsletters, events and workshops by visiting: https://www.brightarrowcoaching.com/ and https://www.teamawesomecoaching.com/


8 May 2019