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Life of a... HVAC Technician w/ Gary McCreadie

Life of a...

Gary McCreadie has been an HVAC Technician for 20+ years. In this episode we talk about how Gary got into the HVAC world and why he enjoys what he does. Gary explains the differences between installation and servicing and how residential vs. commercial can vary. Aside from being a technician by day, Gary runs a very successful HVAC community platform where he has a podcast, youtube channel, etc.Follow on Instagram ➡️ @lifeofa_podcastListen on Spotify ➡️ https://spoti.fi/2YkAcD1Listen on Apple Podcasts ➡️ https://apple.co/2YkApWPCheck the website out ➡️ www.lifeofapodcast.com___________________________________________________________________________Follow Gary on Instagram ➡️ @hvacknowitallCheck out Gary's Youtube Channel ➡️https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MsPg9zbyneDX2qurAqoNQCheck out Gary's website ➡️https://www.hvacknowitall.com/


30 Nov 2020

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Trading Up with Gary McCreadie (@hvacknowitall), HVAC Technician

Bucket Talk

Website: https://www.hvacknowitall.com/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hvacknowitall/YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MsPg9zbyneDX2qurAqoNQ/videos


30 Jun 2020

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S2E36 - HVAC Know It All with Gary McCreadie

The HVAC Jerks

Gary McCreadie of "HVAC Know It All" podcast fame joins The Boys this week to talk about his life in the field, his hugely informative  videos, and what he's working on next.  Gary is a real professional who (whom?) you should follow, and just an all around great guy.  Don't miss it!


31 May 2020

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Blue is the New White #22 - Gary McCreadie (HVAC Know It All)

Blue is the New White Podcast

In this episode I get the opportunity to chat with, who I consider, one of the industry's greatest assets.  Gary McCreadie, or as many of you know him the HVAC Know It All, shares some of his wisdom with me about how he approaches his the trades in the digital age. After attending refrigeration school, Gary hooked up with a great company in Canada where he has spent the last 20 years repairing and maintaining HVAC & Refrigeration equipment.  Since then, he has gotten heavily involved with social media, starting with facebook.  That grew to other platforms, a youtube channel, and obviously the HVACKnowItAll podcast. What was his objective? To promote positivity among people in the trades and create an environment for people to actively learn from one another without negative interaction.   There's nothing better than knowing that you helped someone in one way or another and Gary gets to do that on so many levels with all of his content and advice. And one day he hopes to be able to do that full time. His best advice for young people on success?  Embrace your insecurities and use it to your advantage.  Wise words for a day and age in which people's lives are center stage. You can find Gary's content here: @HVACKnowItAll on all platforms www.hvacknowitall.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MsPg9zbyneDX2qurAqoNQ/


24 Sep 2019

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How Do We Attract Young Workers to Skilled Trade Industries? with Greg Crumpton & Gary McCreadie

Conversations from The EDGE with Service Logic

The US student loan debt hovers at $902 billion. Meanwhile, Millennials and Gen Z’ers are unable to find jobs with their four-year degrees. Their debt continues to mount as they work any job to cover the bills. But this common tail doesn’t have to be the norm. Skills tradesmen and craftsmen jobs are out there and in high demand. We tackled the topic of filling jobs in skilled trades today on this episode of Conversations from the Edge by Service Logic. Joining the conversation was Greg Crumpton, vice president at Service Logic, and Gary McCreadie, founder of HVAC Know-It-All. The skilled tradesmen we have all grown up calling to fix our air conditioners, plumbing, or roofing, are beginning to retire. Crumpton referred to the phenomenon as the “Silver Tsunami.” As these Baby Boomer craftsmen close out their careers, no one is stepping up to fill the shoes. But why? Greg explained how common trade skills have long had an image issue with the younger generation. “We need to show them that the trades are cool,” McCreadie said. Tradesmen are in fact artists, masters of a craft that we need and use every day. For many skittish Millenials who entered the workforce as the Great Recession hit, they may be asking “Is this job recession-proof?” To that McCreadie said: “Service isn’t recession proof...but resistant.” Things will always break, and service and maintenance calls are made regardless of the state of the economy. McCreadie and Crumpton wrapped up their conversation with sage advice. McCreadie painted the picture of the end of a long workday as a tradesman as a rewarding one - “You’re doing something honest, and you’re helping people out.”


13 Aug 2019