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We are Aaron Burr, Sir... so says cardology (#6)

Unleash Your Inner Guru

In this episode, we’ll introduce you to two of our favorite things: (1) #cardology...a system that blends astrology and numerology...and (2) the musical #Hamilton...and how those two things intersected the day we realized what we have in common with Aaron Burr. Oh, aaaaaaand Candy will obsess over her obsession with Lin Manuel Miranda.  #spiritualgrowthpodcast  Helpful Links Look up your cards  Biology of belief book Margo Giggling Guru More Info Are you ready to unleash your inner guru? Learn more by visiting us online at itsyouguru.com. Follow Us Instagram: @itsyouguru Facebook: /itsyouguru TikTok: /@itsyouguru YouTube: /c/itsyouguru Let's Connect We love hearing from you! DM us on social media or drop an email to hello@itsyouguru.com and let us know how we can help support you on your journey to unleash your inner guru!


22 Jun 2021

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Episode 35: The Empire of Louisiana – Aaron Burr and What Might Have Been

Louisiana Insider

Imagine being Vice-President of the United States and having killed Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel. Imagine that later in his career the same person possibly committed sedition by trying to make the newly purchased Louisiana territory part of an independent empire. Imagine that this person gets off without any punishment and spends the last years of his life as a practicing lawyer in Manhattan. UNO historian Charles Chamberlain joins Errol Laborde, executive editor of Louisiana Life, along with podcast producer Kelly Massicot to tell the riveting story about Aaron Burr’s career including his Louisiana territory escapade. Oh yes, we will also hear the career advice Burr sings to Hamilton in the musical by that name.


16 Apr 2021

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"Aaron Burr Was Inimitable" Episode #246 with Connor

The Free Thought Prophet

Connor shares the wild life of the man that was more than the guy who killed Hamilton to John and Seamus.

1hr 14mins

9 Apr 2021

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11: How is Aaron Burr preventing a $15 minimum wage?

It Had to Be Said!

In this episode I discuss the previous question motion and how Aaron Burr of all people created the conditions for filibusters within the Senate. I focus on talking points from (D) Senima of Arizona and (D) Manchin of West Virginia while attempting to not vomit.


24 Mar 2021

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Ep 1 - Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr Sir, My Shot, The Story of Tonight

Lets Dive Deep - Hamilton

The first four songs of Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr Sir, My Shot, and The Story of Tonight) are the focus of today's deep dive. We discuss a whole variety of topics and hope to do this incredible musical justice with our analysis! Please make sure to reach out and continue the discussion and leave those fancy 5 star reviews to help us reach more people who would be interested in the show! Connors Professional Site: http://vektorkat.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/LetsDiveDeepEmail Us: letsdivedeeppod@gmail.comAnd be sure to search "Let's Dive Deep Bridgerton" in your favorite podcatcher if you would like to hop into the Bridgerton deep dive! 

1hr 59mins

8 Mar 2021

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#253: Josh Tower // Aaron Burr on the Angelica Tour // Part Two

The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

In part two of my conversation with Josh Tower, Josh explains how his history in the military shows itself onstage, shares some of his most outrageous show stopping moments, and plans are laid out for a Hamilton Haunts tour.   EPISODE TRANSCRIPT   Dear Theodosia - Election Day Josh on Twitter Gillian on Twitter Gillian on Instagram The Hamilcast on Twitter The Hamilcast on Instagram Join the Patreon Peeps

1hr 8mins

8 Feb 2021

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036- Hamilton: Being Aaron Burr (Part 2) with Jared Dixon

The Actor's Vow

In this week's episode host Denise and Jared Dixon aka Aaron Burr on Hamilton National tour continue their conversation. They discuss Hamilton in depth (backstage stories, forgetting lines, the most emotional part of the show...), they main thing actors do wrong when auditioning, headshots and so much more. Jared also answers some of the questions that the community of The Actor's Vow sent for him. Follow Jared Dixon on Social Media: @itsjdixonPlay of The Week: An Octoroon by Branden Jacobs-JenkinsFollow The Actor's Vow on Social Media @theactorsvowDon't  forget to join the weekly IG LIVE "Thespian Tuesdays", every Tuesday @6pm PST/9pm EST


3 Feb 2021

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#252: Josh Tower // Aaron Burr on the Angelica Tour // Part One

The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

Angelica tour's Aaron Burr, Josh Tower, joins me to discuss his Broadway beginnings, his history working with original cast member Chris Jackson, his time with early Hamilton workshops, and his inspiration to pursue Burr. EPISODE TRANSCRIPT Ham4Change Brandon Victor Dixon on The Hamilcast Josh on Twitter Gillian on Twitter Gillian on Instagram The Hamilcast on Twitter The Hamilcast on Instagram Join the Patreon Peeps


1 Feb 2021

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035- Hamilton: Being Aaron Burr (Part 1) with Jared Dixon

The Actor's Vow

In this week's episode Jared Dixon (Aaron Burr in the Hamilton National Tour) shares with us his story, journey and experience joining the Hamilcast. The full episode is divided in two parts. In part 1 we talk about Lion King, the audition process for Hamilton, learning to be Aaron Burr in 8 weeks, lifestyle and  the inherent sacrifices that come with out career. Follow Jared Dixon on Instagram:@itsjdixonSunday Spotlight: Savannah Bequeaith@sav.raeFollow The Actor's Vow on Social Media: @theactorsvow


27 Jan 2021

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#43 - Aaron Burr: What Happened After He Shot Hamilton?

Let's Learn About...

If you've seen Hamilton, you know about the duel that ended Hamilton's life at the expense of Aaron Burr's reputation. But what happened to Burr after he shot Hamilton? How did he spend the rest of his life? In this episode, Charlotte covers Aaron Burr's entire life, from birth to death, including ambitions to invade a country, start a new empire, and his several illegitimate children. Find the full notes for this episode, including where you can learn more about this topic, at learnaboutpod.com. You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @learnaboutpod. Support us on Patreon: patreon.com/learnaboutpod


9 Nov 2020