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Carbon-Dioxide is Plant Food! Defending Graham Hancock - Kosmographia

Fringe Radio Network

We want to make these recorded podcast more directly about RC research, but you’ll see that even that plan gets derailed! The Carbon Cycle and Carbon “sinks” are revisited, as RC gets into an overview of his detailed article “Redemption of the Beast” that he compiled in 2017, which includes numerous quotes and articles about the absolutely vital role of Carbon Dioxide in the biosphere. He digresses, however, in an attempt to defend his friend Graham Hancock, and ends up in a tussle with Normal Guy Mike. First episode of “Randall Rants” to be extracted from this classic RC diatribe?

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21 Mar 2023

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PT398 – Graham Hancock – Lost Civilizations, DMT Entities, & Altered States of Consciousness and Early Religion

Psychedelics Today

In this episode, Joe interviews Graham Hancock: legendary bestselling author and writer and presenter of the new Netflix docuseries, "Ancient Apocalypse," where he travels the world looking for evidence of lost civilizations likely much more advanced than historians previously believed. Hancock talks about his early books and how ayahuasca influenced his writing; the similarities in cave art and the common link of altered states of consciousness; how integral non-ordinary states of consciousness likely were to early religion (especially Christianity); how much the annihilation of religious traditions has hidden history; why his and Rupert Sheldrake's Tedx talks were originally taken offline; new understandings of Neanderthals' intelligence and creativity; the Quetzalcóatl; and the concept of the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis: could there have been an advanced civilization 12,800 years ago that we're just starting to comprehend? Could it have been Atlantis?  He discusses the conflict with mystery and archaeology's obsession with scientism and materialist reductionism – that we keep trying to force everything into little boxes of approved science and have lost our imaginations and openness to possibility, especially when you realize how often narratives are built based on interpretations of data rather than facts (since the farther back we go, evidence becomes harder to come by). He believes science needs humility, a willingness to listen to Indigenous history, and a much more open mind when it comes to altered states of consciousness: “I'm convinced we're missing something important from our past, and if we don't look for it, we won't find it.” Hancock has just announced that he will be a speaker at UK's Breaking Convention, April 20 - 22 at the University of Exeter, and some of the PT team will be there too! To save 10% off tickets, use code PSYCHTODAYBC10 at checkout. www.psychedelicstoday.com

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14 Mar 2023

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Fingerprints of the Journalist: Graham Hancock and Ancient Apocalypse - Episode 009

Genesis Marks the Spot

Who is Graham Hancock and is his Netflix show, Ancient Apocalypse supposed to mirror the History Channel show, Ancient Aliens? Do his ideas have any basis in reality or the Bible? What does his work have to do with the study of the ancient Near East? And who are the apkallu and why should we care? These questions and more will be discussed in this episode of Genesis Marks the Spot. Bonus material: https://genesis-marks-the-spot.castos.com/ Genesis Marks the Spot on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/genesismarksthespot Piri Reis Map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piri_Reis_map#/media/File:Piri_reis_world_map_01.jpg Piri Reis Map (Fringepop 321, YT):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCoivJ1wOgs&ab_channel=FringePop321 On the Origin of the Watchers: https://www.academia.edu/4570714/On_the_Origin_of_Watchers_A_Comparative_Study_of_the_Antediluvian_Wisdom_in_Mesopotamian_and_Jewish_Traditions Refuting Hancock with real data: https://drmsh.com/graham-hancock-bad-archaeology/ Music credit: "Marble Machine" by Wintergatan Link to Wintergatan’s website: https://wintergatan.net/ Link to the original Marble Machine video by Wintergatan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvUU8joBb1Q&ab_channel=Wintergatan

1hr 5mins

10 Feb 2023

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Graham Hancock - Magicians Of The Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilisation

London Real

First published: September 2016 Watch the Full Episode for FREE: https://londonreal.tv/graham-hancock-magicians-of-the-gods/ 🚀 The Crypto & DeFi Academy: http://londonreal.tv/defi 🔥 The Life Accelerator: http://londonreal.tv/life 

1hr 24mins

11 Jan 2023

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Part 2 with Graham Hancock

The Joe Pags Show

Part 2 with Graham Hancock at the bottom of the hour...very interesting interview and why archaeologists don't like what he's doing...


6 Jan 2023

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Graham Hancock - Ancient Apocalypse: The Most Dangerous Show On Netflix

London Real

Watch the Full Episode for FREE: Graham Hancock - Ancient Apocalypse: The Most Dangerous Show On Netflix - London Real 🚀 The Crypto & DeFi Academy: http://londonreal.tv/defi 🔥 The Life Accelerator: http://londonreal.tv/life 

1hr 53mins

2 Jan 2023

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543: Graham Hancock

Duncan Trussell Family Hour

Graham Hancock, brilliant author, documentarian, and wonderful person, re-joins the DTFH! You can watch Graham's new documentary series, Ancient Apocalypse, streaming now on Netflix! And visit GrahamHancock.com for more info on Graham, including his published works, social media links, and upcoming live appearances! Original music by Aaron Michael Goldberg. This episode is brought to you by: This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at betterhelp.com/duncan and get on your way to being your best self. Lumi Labs - Visit MicroDose.com and use code DUNCAN at checkout for 30% Off and FREE Shipping on your first order! Squarespace - Use offer code: DUNCAN to save 10% on your first site.

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23 Dec 2022

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Mapping The Spirit And Our Ancient History w/ Graham Hancock #394

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

I’ve been waiting to have a podcast with Graham Hancock for over a decade now, and the timing couldn’t be better! Graham is both an experienced psychonaut as well as a controversial investigative journalist who has put forward convincing evidence of lost civilizations, potentially with advanced spiritual technology and an ominous warning for our time. Graham’s findings point to the likelihood of a major forgotten episode in the human story- a lost advanced civilization that flourished during the ice age, and was almost completely destroyed in a series of cataclysms that brought the ice age to an end. His findings have drawn vicious attacks from both the academic community and liberal media, as they fly in the face of the mainstream scientific narrative. But very few people have dared to actually debate the compelling evidence that he presents in both his books, and the new hit series on Netflix called Ancient Apocalypse. In this exciting and wide ranging podcast, we dive into his body of work while exploring topics like psychedelics, reincarnation, the nature of consciousness itself, dark entities, lost technologies, Atlantis, and much more. I also get to introduce him to some of the stories from four time podcast guest Matias De Stefano. Whether or not you have heard him on the Joe Rogan Experience, this is a unique conversation not to be missed! Connect with Graham Hancock  Website | https://grahamhancock.com/ YouTube | https://bit.ly/3UVjZiS Twitter | https://twitter.com/Graham__Hancock This episode is sponsored by: ONNIT  Get 10% off all Onnit Products: https://bit.ly/3LMVArK FOUR VISIONS MARKET spiritual tools & art. Visit fourvisionsmarket.com And enter the code AMP for 15% off your first order. MUD\WTR Visit mudwtr.com/amp and get 15% off your order by using the discount code AUBREY at checkout. To partner with the Aubrey Marcus Podcast Connect with Aubrey Website | https://www.aubreymarcus.com/ Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/aubreymarcus/ Twitter | https://twitter.com/aubreymarcus Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/AubreyMarcus/ YouTube | https://bit.ly/2DLctpk

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20 Dec 2022

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Kinkella Reviews Graham Hancock's Netflix Show "Ancient Apocalypse" - Pseudo 105

The Archaeology Podcast Network Feed

Have you ever made a YouTube video that suddenly got a lot of views? I did one on Graham Hancock's new Netflix show "Ancient Apocalypse" and made a whole bunch of people mad. Why were they so mad? Here, I review Ancient Apocalypse, talk about Graham Hancock, and thank him for giving me enough material for my next 100 shows. Enjoy!TranscriptsFor rough transcripts of this episode go to https://www.archpodnet.com/pseudo/105Links My Recent YouTube Video about Ancient Apocalypse Previous Podcast on the Piri Reis Map Contact Kinkella Teaches Archaeology (Youtube) Blog: Kinkella Teaches Archaeology  ArchPodNet APN Website: https://www.archpodnet.com APN on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/archpodnet APN on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/archpodnet APN on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/archpodnet Tee Public Store Affiliates Wildnote TeePublic Timeular Motion


7 Dec 2022

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Graham Hancock, Author/Journalist

Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson

Graham Hancock’s show, Ancient Apocalypse, currently sits in the top ten trending series of Netflix, and is now IMDB No 1 of the top 50 documentaries in the world. He joins Mike Tyson and Sebastian Joseph-Day on the Hotboxin’ couch to discuss his show, why he is angered when people mistake him for a scientist/archaeologist, and to deep dive with Mike about theories on civilization. Get 20% Off and Free Shipping at https://manscaped.com/HOTBOXINEstablished Titles is now running a Black Friday Sale. Go to https://establishedtitles.com/SHOW CODE) and get an additional 10% off on any purchase with code SHOW CODE. Thanks to Established Titles for sponsoring this video!Kamikoto is now running a Black Friday Sale, their biggest sale of the year! Go to https://kamikoto.com/SHOW CODE to get an additional $50 off on any purchase with code SHOW CODE” Thanks to Kamikoto for sponsoring today’s video! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 37mins

25 Nov 2022