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Graham Hancock

Supernatural Selection with Kevin the Bastards

Kevin and Mike dive into the world of Graham Hancock and his theories on lost civilizations and answer your questions. There’s also a drinking game to numb the pain.Find more info about the show at https://www.supernaturalselectionpod.com/Find more music and shows at https://deviantbehaviorradio.com/Theme music:Screen Saver by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5715-screen-saverLicense: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license

1hr 27mins

13 Nov 2021

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Fingerprints Of The Gods – Graham Hancock.

CrazyDiscoStu.Com - A Nerd Blog

This episode is also available as a blog post: https://crazydiscostu.wordpress.com/2021/10/18/fingerprints-of-the-gods-graham-hancock/ A Blog For The Modern Geek - Lifestyle, News, Reviews, Film/Tv, Gaming, Tech, Music, Opinions, Culture, Craft Beer, and General Geekery. CRAZYDISCOSTU.COM 


21 Oct 2021

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021: Graham Hancock returns to the UnchartedX channel

The UnchartedX Podcast

021:A conversation with Graham Hancock

1hr 20mins

2 Sep 2021

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Rob McConnell Interviews - Graham Hancock - Entangled and Ancient Mysteries

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show

Graham Hancock is the author of The Sign and the Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, Keeper of Genesis, Heaven's Mirror, Supernatural and other bestselling investigations of historical mysteries. His books have been translated into twenty-seven languages and have sold over five million copies worldwide. His public lectures and broadcasts, including two major TV series for the Learning Channel, Quest for the Lost Civilisation, and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, have further established his reputation as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity's past. Written with the same page-turning appeal that has made his non-fiction so popular, the fantasy-adventure novel Entangled, published in 2010, is his first work of fiction. - www.grahamhancock.com*********To listen to all our XZBN shows, with our compliments go to: https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv AND NOW The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel on SimulTV - www.simultv.comThe ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper - www.xchroniclesnewspaper.com *********


11 Aug 2021

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Episode 76 - Graham Hancock and Archeology Debate

Know Your Place Podcast

Shane Crow joins us to talk about Graham Hancock's research and the debates raging within the archeology community


12 May 2021

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Juanki recomienda: Graham Hancock

Los Padres del Cine

¿En verdad sabemos todo lo que es posible saber sobre nuestra historia antigua? Mientras que los principales historiadores afirman que ese es el caso, intelectuales brillantes como Graham Hancock desmienten esta visión simplista.  En esta ocasión Juanki recomienda los episodios del podcast de Joe Rogan, en los que este escritor rebelde (Graham Hancock) explica la verdadera historia de las primeras civilizaciones humanas, las cuales son mucho más antiguas de lo que se pensaba en el siglo XX. 


4 May 2021

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Epsiode 59-America Before by Graham Hancock

Reads and Weeds

Happy Hash Bash 2021. Shelly is with Jamie Lowell(and puppies Sherman and Zeta) to discuss Graham Hancock's America Before. What happens to our brains when we imagine that the history of our species might be way different than we have been believing for so long. I know it's a lot. Smoke some weed and open your mind. Any maybe get some notebooks and a book of maps.We had a great food spread! Paul Gordon joins us at the end!We talked about how far freeing cannabis has come and how far we have to go.Let me know where you are listening from and what you are reading.www.micannabisfreedomcoalition.org www.lastprisonerproject.org

1hr 28mins

3 Apr 2021

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050 Fingerprints Of The Gods by Graham Hancock || Review

Knights of the Pageless Library

Today Ryan and Beau take a look at Fingerprints of the God by Graham Hancock.


25 Jan 2021

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PATREON PEEK: 'Graham Hancock: Bizarre Origins of Our Psychedelic Civilization' - Review Discussion

Probing Ancient Aliens

Unforeseen circumstances got in the way of our recording / streaming plans today - sorry! Please enjoy this peek at our Patreon content, and we'll be back next week, as usual!(Original Patreon show notes):The COCK is back! Graham Hancock, that is. This 2018 symposium film session is bare bones on production values, but cock-full of some pretty fascinating info on psychedelics, the subjugation of the human consciousness by the Abrahamic religions, Gnosticism, and pretty much how ol' Grahamy boy is a Consciousness LIbertarian-Anarchist. Pretty interesting takes all around, and a break from his usually quoted Younger Dry-Ass period content.

1hr 17mins

19 Jan 2021

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Graham Hancock: America Before, Insights and Revelations

Earth Ancients

The Instant New York Times Bestseller!Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancock, the internationally bestselling author, has made it his life's work to find out--and in America Before, he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a stunning conclusion.We’ve been taught that North and South America were empty of humans until around 13,000 years ago – amongst the last great landmasses on earth to have been settled by our ancestors. But new discoveries have radically reshaped this long-established picture and we know now that the Americas were first peopled more than 130,000 years ago – many tens of thousands of years before human settlements became established elsewhere.Hancock's research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientists responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs. In the process, from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon rainforest, he reveals that ancient "New World" cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected "Old World" cultures. Have archaeologists focused for too long only on the "Old World" in their search for the origins of civilization while failing to consider the revolutionary possibility that those origins might in fact be found in the "New World"?America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization is the culmination of everything that millions of readers have loved in Hancock's body of work over the past decades, namely a mind-dilating exploration of the mysteries of the past, amazing archaeological discoveries and profound implications for how we lead our lives today.GRAHAM HANCOCK is the author of the major international non-fiction bestsellers including The Sign and the Seal and Fingerprints of the Gods. His books have sold more than seven million copies worldwide and have been translated into thirty languages. His public lectures, radio and TV appearances, including TV series, Quest For The Lost Civilization and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age, as well as his strong presence on the internet, have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He resides in the UK.

2hr 7mins

26 Dec 2020