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Rebrodcast: Suzanne Whang

Somewhere in Vegas

It's been a month since Suzanne Whang's passing and we are still saddened by the loss.Whang has been a guest on the show several times in the past, having talked about her comedy, acting, and spoken word performances. She was a breast cancer survivor and an inspiration to many plagued with the disease. The cancer returned last year and after nearly a year fighting it again, she lost her battle in September. We are replaying an interview we did with Whang from 3 years ago when she was last on talking about a lot of her recent projects and her life after her first battle with cancer.We will also have some news about the podcast and what is going on in the coming weeks.


17 Oct 2019

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Suzanne Whang "I'm Still Alive!"

Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast

Our friend Suzanne Whang (House Hunters, Las Vegas) is back with us for a very touching, very, VERY NSFW podcast. We discuss her recent cancer diagnosis, and feel the love from her friends DawnMarie Ferrara (in studio) and Vanessa Marcil (by phone). Not Safe For Work; Not Safe For Home; Not Safe For Anywhere.Check out Suzanne and Vanessa's podcast, LoveStop on soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/user-223123555) Apple (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lovestop/id1276437352) or wherever you get your podcasts.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


14 Jun 2019

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32 - Suzanne Whang (House Hunters, Las Vegas, LoveStop Podcast) Part 2 of 2

Fancounters Podcast

Hosted by Nick & Elizabeth On this week's Fancounters Podcast, comedian and actress Suzanne Whang joins us for part 2 of our conversation.  We'll talk about her experience being photographed in the nude, crazy House Hunter Fans, Dick Clark memories, and children's nursery rhymes! Want to get in touch with us?  Email: hello@fancounters.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/fancounters Twitter - FancountersLive Instagram - FancountersLive

1hr 6mins

13 Apr 2018

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31 - Suzanne Whang (House Hunters, Las Vegas, LoveStop Podcast) Part 1 of 2

Fancounters Podcast

Hosted by Nick & Elizabeth On this week's Fancounters Podcast, comedian and actress Suzanne Whang joins us to talk about her courageous journey with breast cancer.  Along the way we'll hear about her start in the entertainment business as she went from TV host to actress on NBC's Las Vegas.  She also created a podcast called LoveStop with a celebrity friend she met while filming Las Vegas! Want to get in touch with us?  Email: hello@fancounters.com Facebook - www.facebook.com/fancounters Twitter - FancountersLive Instagram - FancountersLive

1hr 12mins

6 Apr 2018

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Thriving Through Life with Suzanne Whang

My Big Story with Christopher Swan

When life gives you lemons, you don't make lemonade. As Suzanne Whang says about her three-time battle with breast cancer, "I am kicking the shit out of it and taking names. I'm living it [life] to the fullest and loving every minute of it." I met Suzanne Whang in the parking lot of Hugos' Restaurant in Los Angeles. After a big hello and hug, we sat in her car, and shared stories and ideas. Yep, that's right. We did our interview in her car—in her bright yellow, pimped out Prius. For you that don't know, Suzanne is a longtime entertainer, as an actor, TV host, comedian, and writer. Many people may remember her as the host from HGTV's House Hunters. That's when I first spotted her and took note. Her credits are long and her talent is big. She's also much more. Suzanne is passionate about helping people through her activism and teaching. As I talked with her, it was easy to see how these are true. She thoughtfully shares her enlightened ideas and sage perspectives no matter our topic. We talked about her beginnings into show business, and then we get deep. We discussed helping others, telling our stories, and why both of those matter, how to change the world by starting locally and with our souls, and of course, we unpack some of her story of thriving through cancer.  In the latter, Suzanne speaks candidly about letting people in, letting go of her cancer secret, and receiving help. Suzanne's openness to share her truth is a welcome example for many of us, to stop keeping secrets and to live more freely. Also, her boundary pushing comedic quips with race and stereotypes in our conversation, and in her produced material is a reminder for each of us to stand up for our beliefs and take the power back. An afternoon hanging out in a parking lot never felt so fun. See more about this episode and the show at: MyBigStory.show JOIN CHRISTOPHER’S ADVENTURE & SEE BEHIND-THE-SCENES PICS, FUN AND MORE Instagram Twitter Facebook ChristopherSwan.info GET MORE STORIES, INSPIRATION, IDEAS, AND MY BIG STORY UPDATES Subscribe to Christopher’s newsletter: Be Inspired LOVE THE SHOW? Tell a friend (literally, go text them right now!), and then give me an awesome rating and review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. This helps others find the show too!


3 Apr 2018

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042: Honestly Lisa: A Primal Scream with Suzanne Whang

Honestly Lisa

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly Lisa is an audio roadtrip through my soul... or just an excuse to talk to people to helpfigure out who I am at 53ish. I talk to everyone fromex-boyfriends, lovers, family member to comedians, writers,filmmakers, mystics, guru's in the hopes of finding a path thatfeels right for my life. My hope is in my quest forenlightenment/happiness/peace/contentment my conversations willhelp you feel better about your life. I love coments and feedback! Anddon't forget to check out honestlylisa.com, there is muchmore. Please feel free to share andleave a comment on itunes. I love when you do! ========================================­­=== Recorded at Double RR Studios:http://doublerrstudios.com/ Go download my free eBook, BESILLY NOW! http://honestlylisa.com/free-ebook/ Website: http://www.honestlylisa.com YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/lisaorkin Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/lisaannorkin Twitter:https://twitter.com/lisaorkin Pinterest:http://www.pinterest.com/lisaorkin/

1hr 13mins

13 Apr 2016

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Comedian and Actress Suzanne Whang

Somewhere in Vegas

Suzanne Whang also makes another appearance on the show. Having a recurring role on the TV show "Las Vegas" and hosted the popular show "House Hunters", Whang recently appeared in the show "Kingdom" and is a regular on "From Here on OUT".We will talk to Whang about her upcoming movie"A Weekend with the Family", and being featured on "Profiles of Hope"


23 Mar 2016

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Suzanne Whang - Episode 332


Steve Cooper talks with actor/host/comic Suzanne Whang. Suzanne was the host of House Hunters the #1 rated show on HGTV (Home & Garden Television Network) for almost ten years, and she also hosted the hit spinoff show House Hunters International. She had a great time as Dick Clark’s co-host on TV's Censored Bloopers for NBC, while concurrently co-hosting New Attitudes on Lifetime Television. Prior to that, she was a field host/fill-in co-host for Fox After Breakfast with Tom Bergeron, and a field host for Personal FX, Breakfast Time and The Pet Department. As an actor, she has appeared in numerous television series, including four seasons as Polly the hilarious spa manager on NBC’s Las Vegas and was on ABC’s General Hospital as Carol Cheng, the funny and loathsome wedding planner.  She also had a memorable guest starring role on Cold Case, and co-starring roles on Two and a Half Men, Boston Legal, Criminal Minds, The Practice and Nip/Tuck to name a few. As a comic she has been on Comedy Central's Premium Blend and has performed across the country in clubs and in comedy festivals. She currently is writing a book on her beating breast cancer and can be seen on the TV series From Here on OUT.


12 Jan 2015

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111 Suzanne Whang

Margaret Cho

Suzanne Whang, comedian, actress and TV host is our guest this week


14 Dec 2014

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My Left Tit with Actress Suzanne Whang

Story Worthy

Actress/Comedian/HGTV Host, Suzanne Whang talks about surviving Stage 4 cancer, "The Secret," and her fabulous outlook on life.  Suzanne is truly an inspiration!  Listen, learn, and love! Here’s a few links to help you get the most out of Story Worthy- if you’re listening on an iPhone, all you need to do is tap the cover art while the show is playing, and you’ll see the episode notes, including the links. There is one to subscribe, http://bit.ly/2eSlJZw please do! There’s one to our Facebook page and to our email address. We’d love to hear from you, either there, or on our survey at wondery.com/survey. You’ll also find some special deals courtesy of our sponsors like Hello Fresh (promo code STORY30) Casper Mattress, and Audible (promo code STORYWORTHY). It’s good karma guys!  See our Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and our California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 2mins

3 Nov 2014