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Speak On: BONUS EPISODE: To Kid or Not To Kid Ft. Maxine Trump

Speak On Podcast

In this special bonus episode, Yolanda speaks with filmmaker Maxine Trump about her incredible film, ‘To Kid or Not To Kid’. Maxine gives away as much as she can without sharing any spoilers! Watch the film here: https://www.tokidornottokid.com/ ___________________ Speak On is an event series, podcast and panel show that explores culture, society and wellbeing. Please rate, review, like, share and subscribe and connect to Speak On’s social media channels. Speak On Instagram: www.instagram.com/speakon_ | #SpeakOn Presented & Created by Yolanda Copes-Stepney: https://www.instagram.com/yokics/ Guest: Maxine Trump: https://www.instagram.com/maxinetrump_childfreedirector/ Producer: Abigail Weaver: www.instagram.com/_abigailweaver Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/speakon/message


2 Jul 2021

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Smaller Families for People and Planet - With Florence Blondel, Maxine Trump and Tanya Williams

Post-Growth Australia Podcast

Three inspiring women. Three powerful arguments why empowered women who choose smaller or childfree families are good for individuals, good for communities and arguably better for the planet. This is the case regardless of where in the world you happen to live - global north OR global south. Population is a contentious conversation starter - in large part because it is a very personal issue for all of us. Yet it is a conversation that we must have if we are to envision a future with less, rather than more, human impact. This incredibly special episode goes hand in hand with Sustainable Population Australia's 'Stop at 2' campaign as they launch Maxine Trump's documentary 'To Kid or Not to Kid' in Theatres across Australia in late February. Meet Florence Blondel - Ugandan born journalist and all round game changer. I stumbled across her powerful article for Earth Overshoot day and couldn't help but to be incredibly moved. It had me thinking that there is so much debate in the global north around family planning based foreign aid for women and communities in the global south and yet the perspectives from women who live in the global south themselves are often lost in the noise. Florence is no less moving and inspiring in interview than she is in writing - cutting through the myths and misperceptions with stunning clarity, wisdom and through her direct experiences and anecdotes. You can find out more about Florence's great work here. Meet Maxine Trump - director of 'To Kid or Not to Kid', virtually the first English language documentary to explore the decision whether or not to have children. Maxine points the lens at herself - literally and figuratively - as she juggles over the course of the feature length film the pros and cons of motherhood and opting, ultimately to be childfree. It has received rave reviews from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and having seen her film myself I can vouch for the unanimous praise! I chat with Maxine about her reflections following the making of the film as we anticipate the Australian premiere of 'To Kid or Not to Kid' in Australian cinemas in partnership with Sustainable Population Australia's 'Stop at 2' campaign. A trailer for the film can be seen here and it will be released soon on Amazon Prime for those who are unable to make it to the Melbourne or Perth screenings. Meet Tanya Williams - Brisbane based author of 'Childfree Happily Ever After'. Tanya shares with me her personal journey in her decision to be proudly childfree and her life mission to spread the word and normalise the choice to be childfree across the globe. She has released a new 'Childfree Magazine' this month - again, virtually a first of its kind. You can find out more about Tanya, her book and the new magazine here. As mentioned, Sustainable Population Australia will be hosting private screenings of 'To Kid or Not to Kid' in Melbourne on the 26th of February and in Perth on the 27th of February in cooperation with Transition Town Guilford. According to Sandra Kanck, national president of SPA: "The aim of the campaign is to normalise the choice of having small or childfree families. As an environmental NGO, we advocate for smaller families as one solution towards reducing pressures on the Earth and support those who go down that path." SPA has produced a couple of short interview films here and here examining the issue with a range of people, including those who have decided to be childfree and those who have decided to have families. The screening of 'To Kid or Not to Kid', later this month, will be an excellent finale to our two year long project. A media release on the 'Stop at 2' campaign can be found here. Interested in seeing Maxine's movie for yourself? Glad you asked! More information on the Melbourne screening can be found here. More information on the Perth screening can be found here. We are crossing our fingers for a third time lucky - we tried to screen the film twice last year and COVID lockdowns got the better of us! There has been some recently excitement in both Perth and Melbounre with hotel quarrantine scares so we are really hoping the dust will settle through to the end of February at least! Given that many studies have demonstrated that having one less child is a more effective way to address personal emissions than a range of reductions in consumption or lifestyle choices, this is a necessary discussion to have for environmnetalists and the broader post-growth movement alike. Time stamp: 00:00 - 07:45: Intro 07:46 - 46:35: Florence Blondel 46:36 - 01:04:42: Maxine Trump 01:04:43 - 01:20:53: Tanya Williams 01:20:54 - End: OutroSpecial Guests: Florence Blondel, Maxine Trump, and Tanya Williams.

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17 Feb 2021

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Episode 41 - The Fear of Children with Maxine Trump and Nina Wilder

The Fear of Science

In this episode, we talk about children and being childfree by choice. We talk with Maxine Trump, creator of the documentary To Kid or Not to Kid and comedian/producer Nina Wilder.  Find out why this is such a difficult but important conversation to have with your friends/family or even potential new/existing partners. 

1hr 6mins

1 Jun 2020

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Interview with Maxine Trump - Director of To Kid or Not To Kid

The Childfree Girls Podcast

Maxine Trump, the director of the documentary "To Kid or Not To Kid", joined the Childfree Girls on this episode to talk about the making of her film and about all the great things that have happened since the premiere. To Kid Or Not To Kid is a new film that aims to dispel the myth that living childfree is weird, selfish, or somehow wrong. In a world where you’re threatened for speaking openly about living childfree, two women, from different decades, search for ways to support each other in making the decision to live without kids. If you haven't watched it yet, we highly recommend it! If you'd like to know more about this film, visit Maxine's website here: https://www.tokidornottokid.com/ You can follow Maxine on social media by clicking on these links: https://www.instagram.com/maxinetrump_childfreedirector/ https://www.facebook.com/tokidornottokid/ You can also watch our show on YouTube! Search for Childfree Girls to see the full episode! Remember to send us an email to childfreegirls@gmail.com if you want to get in touch with us because you have a question, a comment, a suggestion... anything you can think of, we WANT TO KNOW!Follow us on our social media accounts:www.facebook.com/childfreegirlswww.instagram.com/childfreegirlswww.youtube.com/c/childfreegirlswww.twitter.com/childfreegirls


17 May 2020

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BEHIND THE LENS #242: Featuring Maxine Trump

Behind The Lens

BEHIND THE LENS wraps up another year as we take to the skies with our exclusive interviews with THE AERONAUTS director Tom Harper and composer STEVEN PRICE. And with the New Year just ahead of us, potential resolutions loom on the horizon and for many, what better time to ask the question TO KID OR NOT TO KID. Director MAXINE TRUMP is live the second half of the show talking about the making of this documentary and how her own questions and her journey spawned the idea for the doc. Listen as Maxine provides insight and food for thought, as well as some production laughs, on the issue of having or not having children, and turning the camera on herself.http://behindthelensonline.net http://eliasentertainmentnetwork.com

1hr 5mins

16 Dec 2019

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CHILD FREE BY CHOICE with Maxine Trump and Leilani Münter

Pink Among Men

Originally from Wales, Maxine Trump is a documentary filmmaker, author and teacher, living in NYC with her husband, who, she also, makes films with. Her latest feature, a personal documentary, TO KID OR NOT TO KID explores her grappling with her, coming out, so to speak, on her choice to live child-free. Joined by former Nascar race car driver turned filmmaker and activist, Leilani Münter, this episode dives into some hard hitting facts about overpopulation and a woman's choice to live however they chose.  TO KID OR NOT TO KID was recently turned into an Independent Lens series: SHOULD WE KID OR NOT? featuring strangers talking about reproductive rights. (It is awesome - you should check it out!) For more: https://www.tokidornottokid.com/ Follow Maxine! @maxinetrump_childfreedirector Follow Leilani! @leilanimunter


27 Nov 2019

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"To Kid or Not to Kid" with Maxine Trump

The Jan Price Show

Maxine Trump touches on the ownership of deciding on not having children, and also shares stories from other women who have also made the choice to not reproduce. This documentary highlights the importance of making that choice and how it has affected Trump's own relationship. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


25 Nov 2019

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To Kid or Not To Kid / Film School Radio interview with Director Maxine Trump

KUCI: Film School

In her latest documentary, TO KID OR NOT TO KID, filmmaker Maxine Trump turns the camera on herself and her close circle of family and friends as she confronts the idea of not having kids. While exploring the cultural pressures and harsh criticism childfree women regularly experience, as well as the personal impact this decision may have on her own relationship, Maxine meets other women reckoning with their choice: Megan, who struggles to get medical permission to undergo elective sterilization, and Victoria, who lives with the backlash of publicly acknowledging that she made a mistake when she had a child. TO KID OR NOT TO KID bravely plunges into an aspect of reproductive choice often misunderstood, mischaracterized, or considered too taboo to discuss. With rising public awareness about climate change, resource scarcity and global population, this timely film asks the question "Why can't we talk about not having children?” Director Maxine Trump joins us for a lively conversation on pros and cons of parenthood, how that decision has played itself out in her life and the lives of those around her.Foe news, screenings and updates go to: tokidornottokid.comAbout the filmmaker: Maxine Trump worked for the BBC in London for seven years as a development executive for scripted comedy before emigrating to the USA, working as a TV commercial director and producer for eight years. She won BDA awards for her work on numerous commercial projects for Network TV and agency clients. She  went on to direct documentaries for Sundance, TNT, BBC, TLC, Discovery etc. Her previous feature film Musicwood was a New York Times Critics pick, festival award winner and played on TV and in theaters around the world. Maxine is the author of the book "The Documentary Filmmakers Roadmap" published by Routledge, she is a Sundance advisor and teaches documentary filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and inquisitive cat and is always seeking new stories to tell.Social Media:facebook.com/tokidornottokid instagram.com/maxinetrump_childfreedirector youtube.com/channel/MaxineTrump

21 Nov 2019

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63: On Not Having Children (with Maxine Trump)

EarthRise w/ Derek Beres

Maxine Trump is a documentary filmmaker whose latest project, To Kid Or Not To Kid, explores women who choose not to have children.

20 May 2019

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Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 107- Jill Demby Guest & Maxine Trump

Podcast - Picture Lock

Happy Friday folks! Today I’m joined by writer/director/producer Jill Demby Guest of the doc And Now Love and writer/director of the documentary To Kid or Not To Kid, Maxine Trump. Fair warning, I had a little Forrest Gump moment with Maxine’s interview on her first question cut out a bit on the call. I was able to catch another one later, but my apologies. But I’m sure she’ll find it funny as she did get her start in comedy...and that’s all I have to say about that. Plus I have the Picture Lock Question of the week from last week.Find And Now Love here: https://www.andnowlovethemovie.com/Check out To Kid or Not To Kid here: https://www.tokidornottokid.com/Picture Lock Links:Take my PR For The Indie Filmmaker online course here: https://indiefilmpr.thinkific.com/Get a partner as passionate as you in your film or film event's publicity: www.picturelockpr.comSubscribe to this podcast in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/kevin-sampsons-picture-lock/id639359584?mt=2Be sure to visit www.picturelockshow.com for everything Picture Lock! Please give us a review on whatever platform you listen to this podcast on. Thanks so much for your continued support. Drop a line a picturelockshow[at]gmail.com to say hi and let us know what you think of the show.FACEBOOK:www.facebook.com/picturelockshowINSTAGRAM:http://instagram.com/picturelockshowTWITTER:https://twitter.com/picturelockshowSNAPCHAT:https://www.snapchat.com/add/picturelockshowYouTube CHANNEL:http://www.youtube.com/picturelockshowPINTEREST:http://pinterest.com/picturelockshow  

25 Jan 2019