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034: Covid with special guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

We were going to discuss movie songs but talked about podcasts, COVID, what this will change, TV and movies, and how all of the home broadcasts could be so much better with just a little bit of work. Send us comments on Twitter @rhettweller and @rexbasior Donate to the United Way COVID relief.

1hr 42mins

3 May 2020

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033: College with special guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

This episode is pure nostalgia. Jon and Rhett recount how they met and their college shenanigans. Lot's of good memories in this one.  Note: unless you knew them in college, this will probably bore you :)

1hr 44mins

21 Jun 2019

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030: The Lost Episode with Special Guest jon madsen

Going for Zero

The lost episode recorded while the podcast was on hiatus. Topics include:  HQ Trivia Subscription models and unit economics The downfall of Moviepass Why we still can't get all the movies we want jon's jokes jon on Mutual aka Mormon Tinder (this part is long and ends at the 1hr 28 min mark) Twitter highlights and do you have your soundcloud ready? A socialist? Quitters Donate to Toys for Tots

1hr 59mins

18 Dec 2018

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026: The Lost Episode with Special Guest jon madsen

Going for Zero

Jon is back to discuss advertising, net neutrality, WWII, competition, and TV shows (Is Stranger Things overrated? A bit, but that's ok.) Note: A sizable portion of this episode was cut due to tone deafness. Links: A Night at the Garden - 20,000 Nazi's gathered at the Garden in NYC in 1939. It's an incredible video. Ben Thompson on Net Neutrality - Never believe what you read on the Twitter. Also his follow up piece replying to feedback from his first article. Non-profit of the week: charitywater.org

1hr 11mins

15 Dec 2017

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021: Two Songs with Special Guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

Jon and Rhett review 2 songs. This takes an hour and a half.  The idea was to pick 1 song each and do a deep dive on that song. The first 15 minutes is just small talk. At the 17 minute mark, Jon introduces Rhett's song of choice (hint: it came out in 1997). At the 51 minute mark, Rhett introduces Jon's song of choice (hint: it came out in 1990, but is definitely and 80's song). Link of the week is the Make A Wish Foundation

1hr 39mins

30 Jun 2017

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015: The 2017 Oscar Preview with Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

Every year, Jon hosts the best Oscar party with an accompanying game. Listen to his picks for each category (of course he picks a Star Trek movie to win one) and his tentative foods for each best picture nominee. There is also some rapid fire TV talk. 0 min - Jon's comic book 7 min - Star Trek talk (because of course) 16 min - The Oscar Game! 25 min - Jon's picks 54 min - In memorium: who will be last? 1:09 min - TV rapid fire: Black Mirror, Riverdale, GoT, Veep, and Jon gives up TV for lent 1:16 min - Trump and Russia (because overshadower) Donation of the week is the Red Cross. The flooding in the Bay Area is trivial compared to other parts of the world.

1hr 28mins

22 Feb 2017

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011: Airing of Grievances with Special Guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

Jon is back to air out his end of year grievances. Grievances include (but not limited to): parking garages, The Bachelor (aka the modern day gladiators), Shish kabobs, Christmas movies, the Russian complaint department, tribalism, people complaining about comic book movies, and work. This was a fun one, even in Rhett's weakened condition (head colds suck). Good cause for this episode: The Family Giving Tree. I've seen the work they have done first hand and it's amazing.

1hr 24mins

20 Dec 2016

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008: We Are Not Kingmen with Special Guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

Jon and Rhett talk about the 2016 US Presidential election and try to make sense of what just happened and what can be learned from it. That's pretty much the entire episode (although they talk about robots at the end and why Rhett should watch Black Mirror).

1hr 34mins

18 Nov 2016

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001: Satire Should Not Be Popular with Special Guest Jon Madsen

Going for Zero

Rhett calls Jon to talk about the new podcast and explains where he got the name. Many tangents follow. Hilarity ensues. Sponsored by squaresp... just kidding.

1hr 10mins

6 Sep 2016