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"The Ravit Show" with Srivatsan Srinivasan, Director of Artificial Intelligence - Practice Partner at Cognizent

The Ravit Show

Do you want to learn more about AI? In this episode Srivatsan Srinivasan, Director of Artificial Intelligence - Practice Partner at Cognizent, talks about his journey, Data Science, his YouTube channel - AI Engineering and much more! #data #datascience #python #machinelearning #analytics #moderndatastack #ai #bi #artificialintelligence


4 Jan 2022

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Scaling AI in production // Srivatsan Srinivasan // MLOps Coffee Sessions #40


Coffee Sessions #40 with Srivatsan Srinivasan of AIEngineering, Scaling AI in Production.   //Abstract //Bio 20+ years of intense passion for building data-driven applications and products for top financial customers. Srivatsan has been a trusted advisor to a senior-level executive from business and technology, helping them with complex transformation in the data and analytics space. Srivatsan also run a YouTube Channel (AIEngineering) where he talks about data, AI and MLOps. //Takeaways Understand the role and need of MLOps Prioritize MLOps capability Model deployment Importance of K8s //Other Links AI and MLOps free courses - https://github.com/srivatsan88 Youtube channel: bit.ly/AIEngineering --------------- ✌️Connect With Us ✌️ ------------- Join our slack community: https://go.mlops.community/slack Follow us on Twitter: @mlopscommunity Sign up for the next meetup: https://go.mlops.community/register Connect with Demetrios on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dpbrinkm/ Connect with Vishnu on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vrachakonda/ Connect with Srivatsan on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srivatsan-srinivasan-b8131b/ Timestamps: [00:00] Introduction to Srivatsan Srinivasan [01:41] Background on Youtube AIEngineering [03:17] Tips on learning MLOps and start with the field [06:00] "Focus on your key challenges and that will drive your capability that you need to implement." [06:50] Tips on starting CI/CD [08:46] "Start with DevOps and see what additional capabilities you will require for the Machine Learning aspect of it." [09:24] Staying general in different environments [10:43] "Focus on the core concepts of it. The concepts are similar."    [12:10] Testing systems robustly [20:00] Trends within MLOps space [20:31] "Everybody can fail fast but you need to fail smart because Machine Learning is a huge investment." [23:21] GCP Auto ML [26:54] Deployment [27:06] "It's not only the tools, but it's also the patterns." [29:34] Kubernetes perspective [31:21] Favorite model release strategy [36:22] Annotation, labeling, and concept of ground truth [38:10] Best practices in Architecture and systems design in the context of ML [41:29] "You learn a lot, at the same time the complexity also increases, so work with multiple teams in this process to learn it."   [42:35] "Your speed increases based on the way you envision your architecture." [42:55] Software engineering lifecycle vs machine learning development life cycle [44:55] Youtube experience [45:50] "My focus has always been from intermediate to experts." [46:24] Content creation [47:17] "You cannot do everything in MLOps at one stretch. You have to see what is critical for you." [47:23] "For me, continuous training is not that critical because I don't want to take the freedom out of the data scientists." [48:31] New contents planned [48:40] IoT and Edge Analytics - Predictive maintenance   [50:21] "It's a two-way process. I learn then I teach."


21 May 2021

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SoLeadSaturday - Episode 33 - Srivatsan Srinivasan #datascience #leadership #growth #career #data


Hello Everyone, The guest we have today, his profile it completely aligned towards passion which #data. He is a Chief Data Scientist, Architect and Business Leader. He shared very useful insights about how this field is evolving and some of the ways to keep oneself up-to-date on skills. Also, while talking about leadership - he mentioned that its important as a leader to give a person space to grow further higher within team/organization. So watch complete episode - https://youtu.be/ekHvVeNRFBI Listen to complete episode - If you have any more questions for him, connect with him  on LinkedIn or Subscribe to his Youtube Channel. Until we meet, Happy Leading and Let's Lead Together. Stay Safe. Bye for now. Find me on- Twitter - https://twitter.com/vaishalilambe LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vaishali-lambe/ Website - https://www.vaishalilambe.com/soleadsaturday-podcast-1 Apple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/soleadsaturday/id1496626534?uo=4 Google Podcasts - https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy8xMzFiYTA0MC9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw== Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/0bFOIm9EGFalhPG8YPBhVp--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/vaishali-lambe/support


17 Jul 2020

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#6 Inception, Content Ideas, Consistency - Srivatsan Srinivasan AIEngineering YouTube Content Creator

1littlecoder podcast

In this episode of 1littlecoder podcast, Srivatsan and I talk about his AIEngineering YouTube Channel (which is less than one-year old but) that has got more than 13K subscribers. We discuss about his intuition behind starting this YouTube Channel, his tips on consistency, new content ideas and much more.  Find Srivatsan Srinivasan on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srivatsan-srinivasan-b8131b AIEngineering YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/AIEngineeringLife Let me know your thoughts on this Podcast @ https://twitter.com/1littlecoder


14 Jun 2020

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Don't Be Afraid To Build Your Brand | Srivatsan Srinivasan

The Artists of Data Science

On this episode of The Artists of Data Science, we get a chance to hear from Srivatsan Srinivasan, a data scientist who has nearly two decades of applying his intense passion for building data driven products. He's a strong leader who effectively motivates, mentors, and directs others, and has served as a trusted advisor to senior level executives. He gives insight into how he broke into the data science field, the importance of focusing on business outcomes,, and some important soft skills. Srivatsan shares with us his tips on how to navigate crazy job descriptions, as well as his methods for communicating with executives. This episode contains actionable advice from someone who has been working with data since the beginning! WHAT YOU WILL LEARN [10:26] What it means to be a good leader in data science [11:45] How to productionize a model [15:01] Concept Drift [17:54] How to navigate difficult job descriptions [20:33] Tips on communicating with executives QUOTES [9:09] "I think more and more data scientists today are technology focused. They need to use technology to just solve a problem…they should focus more on business outcomes." [10:26] "…a good leader in data science…should be ready to embrace failure" [12:21] "…start with modularizing your code, see where are your common functions that you can use" FIND SRIVATSAN ONLINE LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/srivatsan-srinivasan-b8131b/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AIEngineeringLife SHOW NOTES [00:01:17] Introduction of our guest today [00:02:58] Let's talk a little bit about how you first heard of data science and what drew you to the field and maybe touch on some of the challenges you faced while breaking into the field. [00:05:13] You've been so generous with your knowledge and sharing your knowledge, creating some really well crafted content for LinkedIn and YouTube. And I'm wondering what's the inspiration behind that? [00:06:35] Where do you see the field headed in the next two to five years? [00:08:41] In this vision of the future, what's going to separate the great data scientists from the ones that are just merely good? [00:10:08] What does it mean to be a good leader in data science? And how can an individual contributor embody the characteristics of a good leader without necessarily having the title? [00:11:30] What are some challenges that a a notebook data scientist can face when it comes time to productionize a model? And do you have any tips for how to overcome those hurdles? [00:12:43] Some actionable tips that you can use today for moving outside of notebooks [00:13:32] What are some things that we should be keeping track of once we have deployed our model into production? [00:14:44] A discussion of concept drift and data drift [00:17:08] Do you have any advice or insight for people that are breaking into the field and they see these job postings that look like they want the abilities of an entire team rolled up into one person and then they they just become scared of applying. Do you have any tips or advice for them? [00:19:12] What are some soft skills that candidates are missing that are really going to separate them from their competition? [00:20:23] And do you have any tips for a data scientist who might find themselves having to present to a non-technical audience or perhaps a room full of executives? [00:21:16] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story? [00:22:03] The lightning roundSpecial Guest: Srivatsan Srinivasan.


8 Jun 2020