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Episode 30. SPECIAL EDITION: Podcast pioneer Elsie Escobar


“Seeing how it all started and seeing where I am now, one of the things that’s so different than before is that now it’s fancy.”If you had an iPod in 2006 and synced podcasts from iTunes, you might have seen Elsie’s Yoga Class. The class was one of the first female-led yoga podcasts available. Remember, this was a time when you could browse most of the podcasts that existed fairly quickly.“I came into the scene, recording my yoga classes because I wanted to record something — I wanted to have a show,” recalls Elsie Escobar, creator of Elsie’s Yoga Class. “I didn’t know how to make it work. I didn’t know how to do it, so I thought, you know what, I’m just gonna start doing something. I just wanted something to record so that I could understand the process.”Fast forward 100+ episodes of Elsie’s Yoga Class and it’s 2013 and she works at a podcast hosting company, Libsyn. By 2014, Elsie joins forces with Jessica Kupferman to found She Podcasts, now the largest network of women in podcasting.In this special episode of MetaPod we talk to Elsie Escobar, Co-founder of She Podcasts and Community Manager at Libsyn. We learn from Elsie what it’s been like to be part of podcasting’s professionalisation. She recounts the early days where everyone was “starting from zero” vs. now where more money and brands are involved.Elsie also explains a few things that new podcasters should understand about the heart and soul of the medium’s origins. We also discuss the time and commitment that “doing all the things” as an indie podcaster requires.We also hear about Elsie’s personal journey to becoming a more visible woman and role model, particularly for marginalised people and communities in podcasting.


29 Sep 2021

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The Life-Changing Power of Podcasts with Elsie Escobar


Elsie Escobar shares what it was like being a podcaster before it was "cool," how to capitalize on having your podcast featured or promoted, and the unique struggles facing female podcasters.Listen to Elsie's show, "She Podcasts," and join the She Podcasts FB Group.Review Buzzcast in Podchaser or Apple Podcasts to let us know what you think of the show.Buzzsprout's Dynamic Content tool now allows you to save multiple clips in your Dynamic Content Library and track how many downloads each clip receives. Learn more on our New Features page.

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6 Aug 2021

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Ep 72: Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts

Unprofessional Development

This week, the unstoppable force that is the Mealey/ Tudisco duo meet up with fellow podcaster Elsie Escobar.  We discuss the benefits of homeschooling, why podcasting can be an essential educational tool, and why Unprofessional Development is better than NPR... Follow Elsie Escobar on Twitter @TheElsieEscobar If you want her newsletter or are interested in contacting Elsie, definitely check out her website. And absolutely listen to She Podcasts. And just for fun, here's the Gacha app that Elsie's kids enjoy. Don't forget to like and subscribe, and follow us on Twitter @unprocast Have a funny story or suggestion? Email us! Sponsors: Podgo Joshua and Casey Yell About Movies!

1hr 8mins

24 May 2021

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107: Getting to Know Libsyn 5 and Glow.fm with Elsie Escobar

Podcasting for Coaches

Elsie Escobar is a ten-year-plus veteran in the podcast industry and an inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. She is also Libsyn’s Community Expert; running the community via social media and producing The Feed: The Official Libsyn podcast. She also co-founded She Podcasts, a podcast, a podcasting community for women and non-binary people that has over 20 thousand members, a woman-centered podcasting conference She Podcasts Live, and a membership community called The She Podcasts Super Squad. Her thing is driving dialogue in the podcasting industry focusing on podcasts’ impact on society, diversity, and culture as well as their power to drive social change. In this episode, Elsie shares what Libsyn 5 is, the difference between Libsyn as you’ve known it (Libsyn 4) and the new Libsyn 5, why it’s important to remember Libsyn 5 is still technically in Beta as of the release of this episode, what Glow.fm is, how it relates to Libsyn and could become a huge benefit for Libsyn users, what the She Podcasts Super Squad is, and more. To learn more about the resources mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes. Want even more podcasting insights and updates? Join the Podcasting Insiders Club! Want to connect with me further? Follow me on Instagram! Want to work together? Here's how we can do that! One-on-one podcast launch packages Self-paced online course for launching your podcast Podcast auditing (Ideal if you're getting ready to launch and want an expert's eyes on everything first or if you've already launched and you want advice on how to improve your show.) Podcast editing (Let me take care of the time-consuming post-production aspects of your show.)


14 May 2021

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It's all about the numbers! Google 100m, Amazon 1.5bn, Podcast Index 2.7m plus interviews with Juliana Meyer CEO Supapass and Elsie Escobar Libsyn.

Podland News

Join Sam Sethi and Matt Deegan on this week's jam packed & informative showINTERVIEWS: - Elsie Escobar - Libsyn talking about Libsyn 5 beta 1 - Juliana Meyer - Supapass - one website and app for your content, community and paywall.NEWS - Google Podcasts has hit 100m installations on Android. - Amazon Podcasts launched to more than 1.5bn potential listeners in France, Italy, Spain and India. - Libsyn has acquired Glow, Inc - VOX Media buys Cafe Studios - Podcast Index now has 2.7m shows in its index - PLINK has switched to using Podcast Index  - Poductivity, a method of offering interaction and engagement for podcasts, has launched an early alpha - Buzzsprout now has 100,000 active podcasts - Facebook is testing Hotline, a Clubhouse-like service  - RØDE Microphones has released RØDE Connect - Patreon has raised $155m in a new funding roundEVENTS - Podcast Day 24 - www.podcastday24.com - She Podcasts - October 14th - 17th - www.shepodcasts.com---MORE: Previous Episodes: https://www.podland.newsQuestions: questions@podland.newsBuzzsprout Podcast hosting and a whole lot more

1hr 8mins

15 Apr 2021

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50. Build Your Own Position - Elsie Escobar

Ditch Your Backup Plan

Elsie Escobar is a 14 year veteran in the podcasting industry and inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame. She is the co-founder of She Podcasts, a podcasting community for women + non-binary that has over 19 thousand members with a corresponding podcast and conference. She's a podcasting advocate, pundit and mentor to primarily women podcaster leaders. She also has an MFA in Acting!   Elsie is Libsyn’s Community Manager and co-host/producer of The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast   Elsie loves to drive dialogue in the podcasting industry focusing on podcasts’ impact on society, diversity, and culture as well as their power to drive social change.


6 Apr 2021

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50. What to expect from the new Libsyn with Elsie Escobar

The Podcast Manager Show

EPISODE 50 Have you heard about the new updates coming to Libsyn? The next version of Libsyn is a whole new publishing experience with new features that podcast managers and hosts are going to love! Today on the show we have Elsie Escobar and she's going to tell us all about the new Libsyn 5 updates coming in April. Elsie is a Community Manager at Libsyn and co-founder of She Podcasts, a podcasting community for women + non-binary that has over 19 thousand members with a corresponding podcast and conference. Who better to have on the show to talk about what to expect from Libsyn 5, than Elsie Escobar. You don't want to miss this episode! Thanks for listening! If you have additional questions about Libsyn 5, I'd love to chat with you over on Instagram! SHOW NOTES: https://laurenwrighton.com/episode50


30 Mar 2021

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320: Elsie Escobar on Amplifying New Voices through Podcasting

Play Your Position with Mary Lou Kayser

Elsie Escobar is a die-hard podcast junkie who lives, breathes, and works the medium since 2006. She has worked for Libsyn (where PYP is hosted) since 2007 and has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of podcasters, sharing tools for better production, educating them in the fast-moving podcasting space, as well as cultivating a strongly engaged community through The Feed: The Official Libsyn podcast which she both co-hosts and produces. The Feed’s sole focus is on keeping people podcasting. Elsie has pulsed with the podcasting space and grown from someone who had NO IDEA what a digital recorder was or how to record anything to someone who currently offers advice to thousands of people a month. She knows the heart and soul of podcasters and podcasting well beyond iTunes and public media. She has the unique perspective and expertise of a podcast listener, independent podcast producer, and podcasting industry analyst/personality. She has co-run the largest community for women in podcasting with a corresponding podcast (of course) called She Podcasts whose sole mission is to empower women to continue to share their voices while creating a safe community of podcasting education and support. As a mom of two daughters, Elsie has been known to say that “my MacBook Air and my iPhone are like my adopted children.” Her sense of humor and all-around good nature make this episode extra fun. = = = = = The Team here at PYP has put together another uplifting, insightful, and inspiring show for you today. Our goal is to bring you timely, relevant, and useful conversations so that you can experience more success, energy, and LIFE as the leader of your business, career, side hustle, or passion. We always appreciate your rating and review of the show. If you haven’t already been incredibly generous and awesome, now’s your chance when you leave us a review and make sure to subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts! Here are a few ways I can help you: Share this episode with one person who could use a boost of inspiration and positivity today. Grab your copy of my leadership playbook that teaches you the 11 skills you can quickly master to become an exceptional leader.   Say yes to yourself -- watch this video that takes you inside the space of moving toward the next best version of you. Buy one of my books on Amazon and leave me a 5-star review.  


14 Oct 2020

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Elsie Escobar Part 2!

Podcasts We Listen To

This week, the conversation with Elsie Escobar continues! 


29 Sep 2020

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Elsie Escobar

Podcasts We Listen To

Elsie has been in the podcast business almost as long as it has existed. She has several podcasts and is the Founder of She Podcasts! Elsie is also the voice of Libsyn on social media. You would be hard pressed to find a better source of information regarding podcasting. In this part 1 of 2, we talk about social media, how she got into podcasting, and more! Follow Elsie on Twitter at @TheElsieEscobar Follow Libsyn on Twitter at @libsyn Follow She Podcasts on Twitter at @ShePodcasts Follow Jeremy on Twitter at @PWLTpodcast Join the Facebook group at Podcasts We Listen To Email us at PWLTpodcast@gmail.com


23 Sep 2020