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Interview w/ Leroy Collins

Talks w/ Bauce Podcast

In this episode we chat with former university of Louisville football player Leroy Collins. In this episode we chat about his time at UofL his journeys in the nfl, life after the game, and what he’s up today. We also chat about current events for the African Americans . And we also touch base on his tragic car accident. We also chat about more. Tune in and give it a listen!!! side note we lost recording abilities with a minute left


8 Feb 2021

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GET IT - 0038. Leroy Collins - Part 2 - SOCIAL NOSTRA™


Importance of "dreaming", having courage, staying the course; "The Running Back" in bookstores now; movie coming soon!! 💪👊💥⚜ 👉 http://getit.socialnostra.com 👀 @socialnostra #podcast @leroycollins23 #football #sports #superbowl #patriots #nba #touchdown #sunday #nfldraft #gameday #seahawks #mlb #broncos #nhl #eagles #packers #fitness #49ers #footballsunday #athlete #steelers #falcons #sundayfunday #fun #happyhour #newenglandpatriots #espn #baseball #atlanta #bills ✅ @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente @pandora @spotify @spotifypodcasts @joerogan @adamcarolla


12 Jan 2021

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GET IT - 0026. Leroy Collins - SOCIAL NOSTRA™


GREAT conversation with NFL running back who literally died, rehabilitated, and journeyed back to accomplish amazing things! VERY INSPIRATIONAL! 💪 #getit #socialnostra #stephenbeseda #nfl #runningback #spirituality @ssbeseda @leroycollins23 @nfl SUBSCRIBE! getit.socialnostra.com (link in bio) #youtubechannel #NowPlaying #podcast #network #podcasting #podcastshow #talkshow #podcastguest #podcasthost #podcastlife #streaming #channel #guest #WelcomeToTheFamily #family #Stephen #Beseda #StephenBeseda #FSP #FunctionalSportsPerformance #FSPIrvine #RainBasketball #entrepreneur #gym #personaltraining #coach


5 Aug 2020

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The Independent Opinion by Church G.

Leroy Collins a former NFL player talks about his hard route that led him to being a motivational speaker, book writer. From NFL stories to turning books into movies. Giving listeners some inspiration, motivation and keeping people dedicated to their dreams. Hate doesn't help anyone or anything. Enjoy, Ciao --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theindependentopinion/support

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11 Jul 2020

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E:7 Special Guest Leroy Collins, Louisville Cardinal, NFL RB, Author & Motivational Speaker

Semi-Pro Gridiron Rant

In Episode 7 of Semi-Pro Gridiron Rant, Host Ken Anderson and special guest host David "Wolf" Parker rant about the newly released MLB schedule, NFL cancelling the H.O.F. game and ceremonies, and Dak's franchise tag deal!  They welcome special guest Leroy Collins who shares his incredible true story where he went from a wheelchair to the NFL.  Leroy shares many of his football stories, his book, and future plans.  This is an episode any true sports fan just doesn't want to miss.  Enjoy!!

1hr 21mins

29 Jun 2020

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Leroy Collins | An NFL Miracle

The Football History Dude

Leroy Collins | An NFL MiracleLeroy Collins is a walking miracle. He suffered a horrific accident as a young boy, leaving him in a wheelchair. This didn't stop young Leroy from dreaming about making it to the NFL. This interview takes us through all the ups and downs of this story. It's only the story from a high level, though. If you are interested in learning more about Leroy, I recommend you check out his book.Leroy's book - The Running Back: True Story From the Wheel Chair to the NFL The Football History Dude podcast is part of the Sports History Network - the headquarters for your favorite sport's yesteryear. Head to the Sports History Network website to find more podcasts about the history of your favorite sport.Connect With The ShowVisit me on the web – my about pageContact the showFollow me on TwitterSubscribe for free to the podcastSubscribe for free on YouTubeAre you interested in sharing your favorite football moment on the show? This is your chance to share your story with all my listeners.Click here to share your favorite football moment


3 Jun 2020

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American Real

EPISODE #124 | FROM THE WHEELCHAIR TO THE NFL Welcome to episode 124 of American Real, where this week we bring you the inspirational story of Leroy Collins.  Leroy says, “In life, you are going to face many challenges. Challenges that are going to to make you want to give up. Challenges that are even going to question your existence. We must remember challenges are supposed to make us stronger, make us wiser.” In 1982, at the age of six, while playing outdoors with his younger brother, Ernie and his cousins, the unthinkable happened. Ernie ran into the street and Leroy tried to stop him from being hit by a U-Haul style truck, but it was too late. Ernie was hit first and then Leroy. The impact was hard and direct, as Leroy was tossed into the air before being run over by the truck which dragged him for a block and a half. The tragic story and Leroy’s survival is nothing less than a miracle, and it’s all documented in his newly released book, The Running Back: True Story From The Wheelchair To The NFL.   And speaking of books, have you thought about writing your very own best seller? If you have, but don’t know how to get started I want to help. Join me and Andre Haykal Jr stating January 1, 2020 for an interactive incubator course to birth your own book. Check out the link below for details.  CLICK HERE TO ENROLL: https://www.innovateyouniversity.com/courses/how-to-write-a-best-seller-in-90-days AMERICAN REAL Website: https://americanreal.tviTunes: https://apple.co/2yPeU4AFacebook: https://facebook.com/americanrealtv/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AmericanRealTVTwitter: https://twitter.com/rogerbrooks/https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerlbrooks/YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/AmericanReal

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22 Dec 2019

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LeRoy Collins

Civics and Government

The Department of State presents the Great Floridians award annually in recognition of the achievements of an individual who has made major contributions to the progress of Florida. This episode highlights LeRoy Collins, 33rd governor of Florida.


11 Jan 2011

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LeRoy Collins

Great Floridians

The Department of State presents the Great Floridians award annually in recognition of the achievements of an individual who has made major contributions to the progress of Florida. This episode highlights LeRoy Collins, 33rd governor of Florida.


16 Jun 2010