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Run Things Podcast - Episode 29- Robbie Britton

Run Things Podcast

Kev and Clare are back! is it a new season? who really knows! They speak with Robbie Britton, Ultra-endurance coach and athlete about racing, pacing and pizza. Oh and his book 1001 running tips. Matt also returns  for a random chat section, along with your normal dose of ridiculous innuendo to pass the time. Enjoy!

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18 Jan 2022

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S4 Eps 2 Young Hearts, Run Free - Robbie Britton 1001 Running Tips - 15 October 2021

Young Hearts, Run Free

We said Season 4 was going to be a belter, we better start upping our game then! We're moving on from the excitement of big city marathon's, almost, and heading back up into the high ground to catch up with this weeks guest, Italian Alps based Robbie Britton.  Robbie will need no introduction to many of you. For some of you he will, a geezer from South London who found an extraordinary talent for ultra-running. A fella who's repped GB multiple times, competed in an array of blue ribband races across the globe and recently been forced to adapt to cycling whilst continuing his uber successful run coaching. Robbie though is back, and back with a bang hot off a win in his first race in over 2 years. And he's excited to update us all! Not only that he's found time to pen a book, yip an author now too, with his '1001 Running Tips' due to be published on 15 November (see link at bottom of show notes) Now don't be mistaken, the book is touched on a little, but this is a gem of an episode full of golden nuggets. Be careful though, Robbie's enthusiasm is infectious, it'll be tricky not to get caught in it! Robbie's book is available to pre-order from Vertebrate Publishing now using the following link - https://www.v-publishing.co.uk/books/running/1-1-running-tips/?utm_source=Young%20Hearts%20Pocast&utm_medium=Podcast&utm_campaign=1001%20Running%20Tips%20-%20Robbie%20Britton&tab=1 Photo credit Natalie White

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15 Oct 2021

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Episode 163 - Robbie Britton 2021

Dirt Church Radio

Eugene and Matt have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Robbie Britton back to Dirt Church Radio. Robbie first guested on episode 99 when we talked about representing Great Britain at the world 24 hour champs, being a coach, his master’s degree in science, and his absolute love of adventure. Robbie has now added the title “author” to his repertoire, with the imminent release of his book 1001 Running Tips - The Essential Runner’s Guide. Robbie is fresh from his first ultra distance running event in two years, full of a cold, and in excellent form. This is an engaging and energetic conversation which covers the evolution of coaching knowledge, athletic life in the new normal, the importance of academic rigour and also why you should keep your scabby paws out of the communal nuts at the aid station, ya filthy animals.  Enjoy!

1hr 32mins

12 Oct 2021

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How Robbie Britton helped me run 24 hours around a track

The Way of the Runner - conversations on running with Adharanand Finn

Host Adharanand Finn has some big news to share about his next book, which leads him to take on a 24-hour track race, with some help from top ultra runner and coach Robbie Britton. Music: Starfrosch

1hr 25mins

10 Oct 2021

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Ultra Adventures with Robbie Britton


Robbie Britton has some incredible achievements under his belt, with highlights such as a 2:29 marathon and a 261km 24hr best, which earned a World & European bronze medal. However, it is his adventures in search of fastest known times (FKTs) that intrigue me the most. Whether it's crossing Iceland, completing the Kom-Emine in Bulgaria, setting an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail (all on foot or 1100km on a bicycle), the next adventure is never far away. As one of the world’s leading ultra-distance coaches, I wanted to get a better understanding of what it takes to get through adventure races, the mental tactics needed for ultra distances and what he has learned from his fell running wife and the wide array of books he reads. www.robbiebritton.co.ukRobbie's Fast Run articlesRobbie on TwitterRobbie on Instagram Robbie on LinkedInThis episode was sponsored by Precision HydrationEnter the code TRIBEATHLON15 at the checkout to get 15% off your first order of electrolytes.Use the code PODCAST15 for 15% off the on-demand  Science of Endurance Hydration course with TrainingPeaks University. Book a free 1-2-1 Sweat Expert Call here Nailing your nutrition strategy for endurance performance video

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13 Aug 2021

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Episode 93: Ultra endurance coach and athlete with Robbie Britton

The Run Strong Podcast

Endurance coaches Tom Walker and Rob Jones welcome you to The Run Strong Podcast. A show to discuss topics to educate and inspire runners. From couch-to-5k'rs, triathletes, up to multi-stage ultra runners this podcast will interest you. A successful season 1 means the boys are back and currently recording and releasing season 2. Please rate and review to help spread The Run Strong Podcast!Robbie Britton is an Ultra endurance coach and athlete. In his own words he is 'a half decent runner' 2.29hr marathon and a 261km in 24hrs backs this up, and a 'insouciant ragamuffin' shown by such feats as running across Iceland, Bulgaria and Jordan. He is also a sponsored athlete of todays show partner, Precision hydration.Robbies website : www.robbiebritton.co.ukWebsite for Robbie bookshttps://www.v-publishing.co.uk/Head over to precisionhydration.com and use the code RUNSTRONG15 to get 15% off your first order of electrolytes that match how you sweat and the new Precision Fuel range.Links: Quick Carb Calculator Free online Sweat Test Book a free 20-minute hydration and fueling strategy video consultation Useful Blogs: Why sodium is crucial to athletes performing at their best Why do athletes suffer from cramp? How much carbohydrate do athletes need per hour? Which energy products are right for you? Please also rate and review the podcast! Below is the link to our iTunes pagehttps://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/the-run-strong-podcast/id1483567507To get in touch please email Endurance@innerfight.com#Therunstrongpodcast


11 Aug 2021

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Ep. #42 - Elite Endurance athlete, adventurer, and coach Robbie Britton

Chasing Tomorrow Podcast

Dave and Joe interview Robbie Britton, an ultrarunner, adventure athlete, and a world-class coach.Primarily a Team GB 24-hour runner, where the goal is simply to run as far as possible in a single day, he also competes over trail and shorter distances. He holds the record for the Fastest Known Time for the 650km Jordan Trail. Robbie's focus has shifted to ultra-distance cycling he finished 4th at the 1100km Two Volcano Sprint in 2019.

1hr 3mins

12 Apr 2021

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Episode #136 Robbie Britton The Key to Ultra Running Success

The Inspirational Runner Podcast

Robbie Britton is an athlete that isn’t afraid of a challenge, be it on the road or the trail, Robbie has performed from 5k to 24hr, with highlights such as a 2:29 marathon and a 261km 24hr best, which earned him a World & European bronze medal. Robbie loves a challenge whether it is crossing Iceland, completing the Kom-Emine in Bulgaria, setting an FKT on the 650km Jordan Trail on foot or 1100km on a bike, the next adventure is never far away with Robbie however one area he invests a lot of his time on is his coaching methods and as you will hear from this episode he has developed a wealth of knowledge through various university courses that helps his athletes succeed. Add to the mix he is about to release his first book which should be out in the next few months so I'll share a link when available in the comments below.Robbie's website robbiebritton.co.uk The Inspirational Runners Podcast | Facebook Mourne Mountain Adventures | Facebook

1hr 40mins

10 Jan 2021

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Episode 99 - Robbie Britton

Dirt Church Radio

Kia Ora Whanau. Joining us this week from the mountains of Italy is Robbie Britton. Robbie loves pushing himself, from constantly running around playing sport as a child, to completing master’s degrees, to coming third at the world 24 hour champs in 2015 and helping his GB team take the gold. Robbie, whose run at Turin clocks in as a DCR first at being two guest’s Greatest Run Ever, radiates enthusiasm and good cheer as he discusses his love of finishing races fast, how he kept the boredom of injury away by signing up for 1000km cycle races, and how he’s coped switching from being an athlete that does a bit of coaching, to a coach who does a bit of athlet’ing. We take a pause to consider Majell Backhausen carrying Robbie’s frozen form across Lake Baikal, and whether Majell looked down at Robbie in a comforting and beatific manner (SPOILER* He TOTALLY would have), as well as Robbie’s FKT in Jordan with the least stoked crew member ever.  We also discuss Yiannos Kurous’es bananna regime, Eugene outs Matt’s bizarre animal phobia, Greatest Run Ever, Stuff You Should Know, and whole lot of excitement  about next week’s 100th episode live show. Enjoy

1hr 34mins

30 Jun 2020

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Episode 11 - Robbie Britton

Run to the Hills

On this episode of Run to the Hills Podcast, Tim and Chris chat about Global Running Day, their favourite running spots and running in the rain. In this weeks interview with Robbie Britton we discuss his incredible Fastest Known Time of the 650km Jordan Trail and get some of the best answers yet on our quickfire round. http://www.robbiebritton.co.uk/https://www.fastrunning.com/author/robbiebrittonhttps://femaleathletepodcast.buzzsprout.com/


4 Jun 2020