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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Kelly. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Kelly, often where they are interviewed.

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32 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Rob Kelly. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Rob Kelly, often where they are interviewed.

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Rob Kelly on Wave Pools and Chasing Hurricanes

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On this episode, Ben comes back to cohost an episode of epic proportions! We talk to Garden State ripper, Pro Surfer, Regional Marketing Manager for Billabong, and Communications Officer for American Wave Machines, Rob Kelly, about wave pools in a post covid world, life as a NJ pro surfer and following September Swells up New England’s varied coastline. All this on the next Swell Season Surf Radio
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Oct 07 2020 · 54mins
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"Research into using wool for masks" with Rob Kelly, New Materials Group Manager, Lincoln Agritech

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Lincoln Agritech is adopting technology to utilise wool in biodegradable protective masks as part of the country’s covid response. New materials group manager Rob Kelly will explain.

To watch to the full-length interviews and to contact the show visit www.sarahperriam.com

Aug 18 2020 · 9mins

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3.33 - Rob Kelly

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Rob Kelly is an amateur bike racer, ex professional swimmer, lawyer, and just so happens to be one of our fellow WAP hosts. We talk about his history with sport, his career, and where his No Training Wheels Podcast started. Check it out and subscribe today! Photo: Patrick Daly

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Jul 23 2020 · 1hr 28mins
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KSCGSF Classic: Aquaman 5 Star Special Rob Kelly Conway Crossover

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Jump in your time machine and head-back to some of the earliest days of the King-Size Comic Giant-Size Fun Podcast from back in 2015 and listen to the 2nd of 3 Team-Up Episodes I recorded with a guest. This time out, I'm joined by guest host Rob Kelly of the Fire & Water Podcast Network to discuss the Gerry Conway penned Aquaman story from DC's 5 Star Spectacular giant, as part of 2015's Conway Crossover Event. 

Thank you very much for listening. Feedback for the podcast can be left at the blog kingsizecomicsgiantsizefun.blogspot.com, by tweeting me @KyleBenning_Art, by leaving an iTunes review, or by visiting the King-Size Comics Giant-Size Fun Facebook Page

This podcast is made for entertainment purposes only. All songs, sound clips, and characters discussed are copyright of their respective copyright holders, and no infringement is intended, so please don’t sue me.

May 28 2020 · 55mins
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Meet Rob Kelly! - MASH Matters #038

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Jeff & Ryan welcome special guest star Rob Kelly to MASH Matters. Rob is the host of M*A*S*HCast, an episode-by-episode retrospective on the Fire and Water Podcast Network and his encyclopedic knowledge of all things M*A*S*H puts everyone - including Ryan - to shame. It’s a fun and funny conversation. Plus, Jeff & Ryan share another BIG announcement at the end of this episode. For show notes, episodes, bios, recipes and more visit www.mashmatterspodcast.com
May 15 2020 · 44mins
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Marketing99Percent podcast episode where I'm joined by Rob Kelly - Digital and social content specialist at Arsenal Football Club.

Rob has been at Arsenal for over 8 years and football marketing specialist. 

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Managing large social media accounts
  • Arsenal FC 
  • Content marketing, planning and strategy

Please enjoy the episode!

You can find this episode on multiple platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

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Produced by Andy Cove (LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-cove/) #marketing99percent

May 07 2020 · 24mins
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Episode #49: Rob Kelly

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Tony sits down with podcasting bike racer Rob Kelly of the "No Training Wheels Podcast." Rob produces an insightful, polished show that interviews interesting cycling figures while providing a unique commentary around those conversations. In this show, we talk a little about his approach to that production, his history in the sport, and his view on an array of cycling topics. Follow Rob @notrainingwheelspod on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to his show any place you get your podcasts. 

Apr 04 2020 · 1hr
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From the Archives: Rob Kelly interviews Henry Grossek

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In this BONUS episode of The Viewpoints Podcast, Rob Kelly (radio/podcast producer) turned the microphone on and interviewed the host of the program Henry Grossek about his life and career. 

This From the Archives interview was originally broadcast on 3SER's 97.7FM Casey Radio in March, 2018. 

Mar 08 2020 · 18mins
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Enroll in City Gospel Movements 101 feat. Rob Kelly

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Rob Kelly is the President and founder of For Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their mission is to unite the church and transform the city. Rob’s story is not unlike others we have heard. He was a pastor for 13 years and began to have a burden for the lack of unity among the faith community in his city.

Rob is also a fantastic teacher! So, everyone will want to get their notebooks and pens out because we just enrolled in City Gospel Movements 101.

In this podcast you will:

  • Learn how Rob’s desire for unity led him to a second and third conversion…(he promises he isn’t a heretic!)
  • Discover the three questions Rob asks every pastor in his city to find if they should work together!
  • Hear a paradigm for platforms in gospel movements that will help include any city movement leader.
  • Learn why data is so important for gospel movements and how Rob is using it in Charlotte to further gospel work.

Want to follow along with show notes? Find them here.

Dec 11 2019 · 38mins
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Communion - Rob Kelly - 10th October 2019

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Rob Kelly leads us through this Sundays Communion Service.

Nov 10 2019 · 22mins