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23. Change Is Happening Fast (Ft. Jeff McGarry & Jon Moscot of Blast Motion

The Closing Pitch

Creating a career in sports is becoming normal with the advancement of travel baseball and technology. Spiker has on two outstanding individuals who both have come from great colleges. Jeff is an Ivy League grad and Jon studied Economics at Pepperdine University. This conversation becomes more than about baseball. It's about life strategies, goals, and how to become the best version of yourself.  Thank you for listening! Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/closing-pitch/message ------GET NOTIFIED WHEN WE UPLOAD A NEW EPISODE! SUBSCRIBE and GIVE US A REVIEW ------What if the player wants to do one thing, but it is not is his best interest? How do you get the mission to all fourteen team members or a small group? When you look at a business or team, is this a good situation for me or is it not? To explore this topic and have a conversation with Dave, Aaron, or myself visit http://ww.rawlingstigers.com We’d love you to review our show on Apple Podcasts --- --- Send in a voice message: https.//http://anchor.fm/closing-pitch/message --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/closing-pitch/message


4 Jun 2020

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Using Technology to Develop Hitters - Jeff McGarry

Patrick Jones Baseball

In this episode of Patrick Jones Baseball, I interview Jeff McGarry, Account Manager at Blast Motion. Jeff McGarry discusses what the metrics mean for Blast Motion, how to best utilize their training services, as well as Jeff’s personal and professional background. Episode Highlights: Go to Blast Motion and use coupon code PJB25 and you will get a 50% discount on a bat sensor. How long has Jeff McGarry been a surfer?   Jeff McGarry talks about his life in New York City and then San Diego with his fiance. Jeff McGarry knew when he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania that he wanted to work in baseball. What was it like going to an ivy league school?Jeff McGarry shares his high school grade point average and S.A.T. scores.Jeff’s major in college was Communications and Commerce and he was able to apply those skills at Blast Motion. What are some examples of what coaches should be looking for in players? How does the sensor determine where the body should be? Does it help if a player pares up video while they are using the bat sensor?Does the rotational acceleration change dramatically based on the early connection score? Bat speed and rotation together are power metrics. How does bat size factor into metrics?  How should you implement Blast Motion?Any more than a score of 95 is a bad thing. What types of remote training is Blast Motion offering? 3 Key Points:Taking a swing with Blast Motion populates your playing metrics with a red, yellow, or green ranking of whether you are excellent, average, or have some work to do. The connection at impact score is a measurement of the bat and body relationship when you make contact. Rotational acceleration measures the first quarter of your swing and how close you are able to get to your top speed.    Tweetable Quotes:“60% of the meetings, whatever we talk about, whatever we strategize around, it is the same that is going around in any other company. It’s just that the perks are I get to talk shop with baseball coaches every single day.” – Jeff McGarry “I get to go visit amazing facilities. I get to travel around the country and build relationships and go to phenomenal conventions, the ABCA Convention in January every year.” – Jeff McGarry “The most common suggestion that I make on the team side is to roll out rounds of batting practice that focus on driving the inside pitch and pulling the baseball.” – Jeff McGarry  Resources Mentioned:● patrickjonesbaseball.com● Jeff McGarry Social Media: Linkedin● Blast Motion: blastmotion.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


29 Apr 2020

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Episode 156 with Matt Tanner and Jeff McGarry from Blast Motion

ABCA Podcast

Matt Tanner and Jeff McGarry from Blast Motion jump on the podcast to talk about what is going on with player development during the COVID-19 situation. We discuss what is going on with the NCAA decision on athlete eligibility as well as free webinars that Blast Motion offering on Fridays. We go over tips on what players can do at home, what they are seeing out of their clients from a swing rate standpoint and some of the updates they have to the metrics that come with the bat sensor.


31 Mar 2020