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DCXLVII. Human Weapon (Bret Raybould & Jordan Raybould)

Real Ass Podcast

Bret Raybould and Jordan Raybould join Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico and discuss Zac being present for Jordan's first open mic, the Canadian sketch group and their BLM apology, the percentage of minorities represented at GaS Digital, why xenophobia maybe isn't that bad, GameStop stocks, what Luis should invest in, Peacock buying the streaming rights to WWE, sparring with Lev, how to escape from a knife-wielding attacker, cops in the 80s and so much more!(Air Date: January 27th, 2021)Support our sponsors!HempireDirect.com - Use promo code: GASDABS to get $5 off anything you order! You can also enter for a chance to win a $999 Dab Rig!bit.ly/3irWZ9m - Click here to download the Hempire Direct app!KushyDreams.com - Use promo code: RAP to get 20% off your next order!Reach out to the show at RealAssOfficial@gmail.com!Real Ass Podcast merchandise is available at https://podcastmerch.com/collections/real-ass-podcastYou can watch Real Ass Podcast LIVE for FREE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am ET at GaSDigitalNetwork.com/LIVEOnce you're there you can sign up at GaSDigitalNetwork.com with promo code: RAP for a 14-day FREE trial with access to every Real Ass Podcast show ever recorded! On top of that you'll also have the same access to ALL the shows that GaS Digital Network has to offer!Follow the whole show on social media!Bret RaybouldTwitter: https://twitter.com/bretraybouldInstagram: https://instagram.com/bretraybouldStock Trading Platform: BretTrade.comComedy Special Dubbed In Mandarin: https://youtu.be/VbOvKxNM16MJordan RaybouldTwitter: https://twitter.com/jordanraybouldInstagram: https://instagram.com/thejordanraybouldComedy Special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LaDAuAM8qwLuis J. GomezTwitter: https://twitter.com/luisjgomezInstagram: https://instagram.com/gomezcomedyYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LuisJGomezComedyTwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/prrattlesnakeZac AmicoInstagram: https://instagram.com/zacisnotfunnyGaS Digital NetworkTwitter: https://twitter.com/gasdigitalInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/gasdigital/

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30 Jan 2021

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Project: Human Weapon, a.k.a. Mindstorm (2001)

69 Cent Special

OTHER CLIPS FROM:Transformers (2007)Tim & Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!SHOW NOTES: imdbLego MindstormsUFO Films (not https) (HOW did we miss ANACONDA VS LAKE PLACID)David CronenbergAlison Krauss & Union Station - Man of Constant Sorrow (that song what we were singing)Lucas from the Wizard "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad."

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11 Jan 2020

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You Are A Human Weapon With Tony Blauer

stick to the program

0:5:30 Intro to the spear system 0:10:45 Tony discusses the 59 year old that died after being sucker punched 0:18:30 the art of learning 0:39:30 (Functional self defense) Structuring what, how, and why you teach 1:23:00 Spear System vs traditional martial arts 1:45:00 The relationship with fear 1:51:00 the importance of fitness in self defense

2hr 14mins

1 Oct 2019

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Jesse & Wilder's Guide to Life

Backwards Star Galactica was a show where we watched Battlestar Galactica for the very first time, but in reverse chronological order, and tried to figure out what the show was about. It was the absolute worst idea for a podcast that anybody has ever had. Thus, we've decided to preserve it here for absolutely nobody. Enjoy!!POINTS OF INTEREST THIS WEEK INCLUDED:• Lampkin• Guts• Tiki drinks• Baby weaponBattlestar Galactica Season 3, Episode 19, "Crossroads, Part 1"


10 Sep 2018

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BHP 029: Tony Blauer | How To Manage Fear & Become a Human Weapon

The Better Human Project

Over the last 4 decades Tony Blauer has created, refined, and taught his self-defense methods, known as the SPEAR System to Law Enforcement and Military agencies, as well as civilians around the world. Through all of his experience, he’s convinced one thing determines our success or failure (or survival)  in critical situations – and life in general: how we manage our fears. In this episode, we talk about the fear response and how it limits us in both extreme (self-defense) situations and in our daily lives (anxiety, self-doubt, etc).Tune in to find out how and why fear holds us back, and what we can do to properly channel this survival based response from our human body so we can control our fears and direct our life rather than allow those fears to sabotage our lives and dreams. The Better Human Project Show Notes Ep. 29 – How To Manage Fear and Become a Human Weapon with Tony Blauer The problem with most “systems” (NOT LIMITED TO SELF-DEFENSE): If you can’t manage THE FEAR, you are not going to do “THE MOVE.” (6:05) Steps to recognize danger, manage fear and how to act courageously relative to the situation. (11:21) “Everything is situational awareness” and if you don’t have self-awareness your situational awareness is compromised. (17:25) Tony’s crucial life lesson: do not confuse technical with tactical. (24:40) Making the SPEAR system work for everyone (i.e. law enforcement AND soccer moms) (30:30) The moment that forever changed the way self-defense is taught (41:45) Why are we so afraid to fight for what they want? The Mental Blueprint behind the SPEAR System. (53:55) The 3 D’s for Life: Detect, Diffuse and Defend. (1:05:10) Tony’s #1 Tip to #BeBetter and #DoBetter as a human: (1:14:25) Featured Guest Tony Blauer: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Know Fear Podcast Learn from Tony and me in person in August at Tony’s Summer Camp in Las Vegas Related Links/Products Mentioned PabLove Across America – DONATE NOW for the Better Human Project Team BHP 014: Jeff Castelaz | Music, Cancer, and Authentic Expression CEREBRAL SELF-DEFENSE: The Mental Edge Knockout game | Tony Blauer Blog ATM Strategy (VIDEO) | Tony Blauer Jeff Hawkins: How brain science will change computing – TED Talks Brain-Boosting Tips for Speed Learning – Scientific American Books From This Episode F*ck Your Feelings: Master Your Mind, Accomplish Anything and Become a More Significant Human – Book by Ryan Munsey On Intelligence: How a New Understanding of the Brain Will Lead to the Creation of Truly Intelligent Machines – Book by Jeff Hawkins The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret of Skill in Maths, Art, Music, Sport, and Just about Everything Else – Book by Daniel Coyle Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion – Book by George Thompson People Mentioned Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) | Twitter Andy Petranek (@andypetranek) | Twitter and on the Better Human Project Podcast The post BHP 029: Tony Blauer | How To Manage Fear & Become a Human Weapon appeared first on Ryan Munsey.

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10 Jul 2018

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Episode 110: Allison Josephs is joined by Rich and Mickey Marinelli, father and son team of Human Weapon Tae Kwon Do to talk about integrating Torah and martial arts

Jew in the City Speaks

8 Mar 2018

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#198: Becoming a Human Weapon

The Art of Manliness

Most of us living in modern, western democracies live relatively safe lives. We're not having to constantly protect ourselves from marauding, blood thirsty tribes or fend off criminals at every corner.But...There's always the possibility that our life would be threatened by another human being. What should we do in those situations given the ethical, moral, and legal implications of defending ourselves?Well, my guest today has spent the past 40 years studying and teaching about this topic. His name is Tony Blauer and he's the founder of the SPEAR self-defense system. Today on the podcast, Tony and I discuss how to get better at detecting and defusing threats and what you need to do to become a human weapon.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 May 2016