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Robert Mueller’s One Weird Trick to destroy the FBI Ep_416

The Todd Herman Show

THE THESIS: Rigging elections takes a lot of planning and money. But, for the experienced Paper-Bully, pick-pocketing a nation’s sovereignty only requires some pen strokes. That may not have been Robert Mueller’s design, but he seems pleased enough with the result. He’s not alone in the tactic, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy use it to control the Republican Party to keep it away from conservatives and Tony Fauci used to force harmful, deadly mRNA injections upon Americans. THE SCRIPTURE & SCRIPTURAL RESOURCES: The fewer people contributing to decisions in a nation, the less happy will be the peopleProverbs 11:14Where there is no guidance the people fall,But in abundance of counselors there is victory.Proverbs 15:22Without consultation, plans are frustrated,But with many counselors they succeed.THE NEWS & COMMENT:Hillary pretends taking a matter of voting regulation before the Supreme Court is a plan to steal an election. But, whom does Hillary propose to settle such issues? She doesn’t. She wants a bottleneck of power, she wants City-States, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, New Jersey to pick the President and she wants the President to hold unlimited powers. [AUDIO] - HILLARY CLINTON: “Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election.”Mitch McConnell loves his bottleneck of power. He uses it to forfeit elections of promising conservatives. We don’t really have a Senate, we have McConnell; he largely controls which bills make it to the floor. Lobbyists point their money into Mitch’s bottlenecks and he uses it to keep Americans from having conservative leaders. New Hampshire’s Don Bolduc Is The Latest Casualty In McConnell’s Crusade Against ‘America First’ CandidatesThe woman who has her job because she self-identifies as a “woman” and, despite not having a degree in human biology or even sociology, claims to possess “blackness” does her job of lying for a Figurehead. Today, it was part of her job to make-believe Georgia is suppressing the vote. In this case, they want no bottlenecks and no controls. Her cabal wants anything on a piece of paper that says “Democrat” to count. Funny, they all want bottlenecks protecting their power until it comes to the voting booth, then they want to flood the system like Cloward-Piven described. [AUDIO] - Reporter: "President Biden last year likened the new Georgia voting law to 'Jim Crow in the 21st century' but turnout so far has smashed midterm records."Jean-Pierre: "High turnout and voter suppression can be happening at the same time.". . . rigging elections takes a lot of work and talk. Joe Concha: “Chilling…. Election deniers are moderating The View.” [AUDIO] - Cruz: "Hillary Clinton, who stood up and said, Trump stole the election. Or Stacey Abrams who said that the election was stolen. They sat here and said it was illegitimate-"Whoopi: "And it was."But, the Country has been stolen, not just in rigged elections, but in private meetings of Paper-Bullies. This is an extraordinarily good, six-minute read:How Robert Mueller Empowered The FBI To Take Out Presidents, Protesters, And Pro-Life Dads"Robert S. Mueller III was at Camp David the Saturday morning after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Just days into his tenure as FBI director, he was humiliated when President George W. Bush dismissed his reporting and said he wanted him to prevent another attack. After his experience at Camp David, Mueller resolved and resolutely set about to change the FBI’s 'culture.' That’s the word he used. He was going to make it into an intelligence agency, or in his repeated terminology, an 'intelligence-driven”'organization.Although Mueller as a federal prosecutor had worked with dozens of special agents — case agents — in both Boston and San Francisco as a federal prosecutor, he did not know FBI culture nor how the bureau functioned. He also displayed hostility to SACs, the special agents in charge of each of the bureau’s 50-plus field offices.PENTTBOM, the bureau’s codename for the 9/11 investigation, would thus become the first case in the history of the FBI run from headquarters. It set a bad precedent, which would yield poisonous fruit in the Hillary Clinton email investigation and then in the Russia collusion fiasco. After the attacks of Sept. 11, Bush ordered the Office of Personnel Management to allow retired federal law enforcement and intelligence officers to return to active duty — security clearances and all. Mueller was the only head of a federal law enforcement or intelligence agency who refused to enact the order. The CIA, we learned, went in whole hog, reinstating those who had language — or country-specific — skills and experiences. There were former agents with those skills. Robert 'Bob' Quigley was both a bomb expert and an Arabic speaker. He volunteered; the FBI did not respond. Mueller was changing course, and he didn’t want anyone around who was less likely to buy into his centralized, “intelligence-driven” paradigm. Hence, in the Mueller/Comey years, we saw non-agents running public affairs and congressional affairs and serving as general counsel — all positions where the ugliness of Crossfire Hurricane and its aftermath were manifest. So, as John Durham’s Sept. 15, 2021, indictment of Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann showed us, we had FBI General Counsel James Baker, a non-agent, accepting misdirection from Sussmann. An agent would have known how to interview Sussmann. Baker, sitting alone with Sussmann in his Hoover Building office, didn’t even think to bring an agent into the room. And in the summer of 2021, the IG reported on the misconduct of Jill C. Tyson, another non-agent who was brought in to run congressional affairs. She carried on a sexual liaison with a subordinate, which disrupted the workplace and demonstrated cultural rot at FBI Headquarters. Mueller had sufficient time to do his damage. His 10-year term was to end in September 2011. The U.S. Congress passed in July 2011 and then President Barack Obama signed into law a special exemption granting Mueller an additional two-year term. He served a total of 12 years, a term exceeded only by J. Edgar Hoover. Mueller recruited James Comey to be his successor as FBI director. In 2013, Mueller regaled the executive conference — a meeting of the bureau’s most senior executives — with his account of a conversation with Comey. Then the deputy attorney general, Comey expressed hesitancy in accepting a “demotion” to become FBI director. Mueller demonstrated how he drew an organization chart on a napkin, showing the director reporting directly to the AG, bypassing the deputy. According to those in his audience, Mueller seemed to find that funny. What is not funny is the amount of damage Comey proceeded to inflict on the FBI until he was dismissed by President Trump on May 9, 2017. Mueller’s change in culture — from a law enforcement to an intelligence mindset — was greatly exacerbated by Comey’s poor leadership, leading the FBI into the ugly morass of the Russia Collusion hoax."Exclusive: Federal Judge Raises Questions About Why Intelligence Operative Not Charged in Gaetz Extortion Scheme"The federal judge presiding over the case of the extortion scheme targeting Rep. Matt Gaetz’s father raised questions as to why an intelligence operative involved in the crime hasn’t been charged, according to court transcripts.In the sentencing hearing for long-time con man Stephen Alford, who was charged in the Gaetz extortion case and sentenced to five years in prison, federal Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers questioned why former military intelligence officer and State Department contractor Bob Kent — who was involved in virtually every step of the crime — was not charged as well, saying she disagrees that there isn’t the evidence for it.We can see the fruits of Mueller’s attack on distributed powers--his creation of a bottleneck--everywhere we look in today’s FBI. I am sure there are many more good agents like Steven Friend trying to rescue the agency. But, how can they when Mueller and Comey has stripped actual cops of influence and built the powerbase around careerist bureaucrats. Cops are generally people who choose to serve rather than be served; they protect people. Careerist bureaucrats protect organizations and careers . . . their careers. They do that with bottlenecks. [AUDIO] - FBI doesn’t care about child porn anymore… Sharyl Attkisson interviews whistleblower Steve Friend…The fruits of this tactic are also evident in the impotent but dangerous Paper-Bully, Merrick Garland. [AUDIO] - Paper-Bully, Merrick Garland: “The government of China sought to interfere with the rights & freedoms of individuals in the United States & to undermine our judicial system that protects those rights. They did not succeed.”No, Merrick; you are doing EXACTLY what the CCP would demand of you.And, unless we turn back to God, it’s going to get worse.US citizens were given secret Covid “decree violation” scores; Mass surveillance during the first months of the US lockdowns.Here’s news of the same sort of surveillance from the UK[AUDIO] - UK - On the 1st Oct the Government announced it would collect & store all your SMART METER data, after saying for many years that they wouldn’t! Where is your data? will it be used against you if you use too much energy? Focus!Huh, that’s weird . . . they are tracking us in the U.S. US citizens were given secret Covid “decree violation” scores; Mass surveillance during the first months of the US lockdowns.


27 Oct 2022

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5 MINUTE FOCUS: Robert Mueller's legacy of rot and my apology to quiet soldiers. Ep_415_5MF

The Todd Herman Show


27 Oct 2022

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Robert Mueller – The Shocking Truth About What’s In Your Dog Food, Maggie’s 90 Challenge Update And Why Enzymes Are Critical For Longevity & Vitality!

Extreme Health Radio

Today we had a fascinating conversation with Robert Mueller.Robert is the author of a book called Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret and he's an expert in the BARF (biologically appropriate raw food diet) diet for dogs and even other animals as well.Today we had a talk about Maggie's 90 BARF update. She's been on the BARF World diet for 90 full days now! Amazing how much time flies but also it's quite amazing to see all the benefits of this diet even when she was eating a relatively high quality raw food diet before switching over. At the 45 day mark I wrote an update about all the benefits here. We've noticed a HUGE difference with her energy levels which we talked about during the show. We also noticed big changes with her stools and bowel movement. She used to really drag behind us and get really tired especially on long walks during the middle of the day.---> Use Coupon Code: extreme to get 20% off your order! :)She'd be panting with her tongue hanging down to the ground and barely able to keep up. Maggie used to do well on the morning walks and evening walks but she would really get tired in that hot noon day sun. Now the contrast is like night and day. Now not only does she not drag during her mid day walks in the heat but she'll pull me on a 3 mile walk which are even longer than her other walks.I assume it's the diet because nothing else has changed.Robert is the man behind http://www.barfworld.com, which is a company that provides the healthiest dog food on the planet.We also talked about what's in conventional wet and dry dog food these days, most of which comes from rendering plants that includes road kill. Can you imaging your dog eating other dogs that have had cancer and tumors all over their body? Can you imagine your dog eating food that comes from animals that have been hit by cars along the side of the road? It's sickening to think about but it's no wonder why our dogs are sick and getting cancers.We also talked about why Maggie's fleas have almost disappeared since being on this diet. We used to have to spray her with natural Cedar Cide oil to get rid of the fleas. Now they're barely even there anymore.She's had increased energy, almost no fleas, drinks less water and has remarkably better stools since being on this BARF diet. It's pretty amazing. Her coat is shiny and soft as well. Feel free to try this diet for your dogs. If you like it and them as well we can share our experiences in our community.Sponsors For This Episode:BioAge Superfoods - Get 10% Off Your Order With Code JUSTIN Show Notes For This Episode:BioAge SuperfoodsThe Q-Laser Healing SystemThe Healthy Baby Code ProgramAustin Air PurifiersThe Pottenger Cat StudyDavid Wolfe - See booksDr. Richard MasseyThe Tapping SolutionConquering ArthritisRoland Thomas from BioAgeCommercials During This Episode:Commercial #1 - BioAge SuperfoodsCommercial #2 - The Q-Laser Healing SystemCommercial #3 - The Healthy Baby Code ProgramCommercial #4 - Austin Air PurifiersFind Extreme Health Radio On:[include file=showpage-itunes-soundcloud-stitcher.html]Please Subscribe:Subscribe To Our Radio Show For Updates! Other Shows:[include file=show-links.html]Listen to other shows with this guest.Show Date:Monday 7/7/2014Show Guest:Robert MuellerGuest Info:Robert Mueller, Bsc Pharm is a registered pharmacist, author of “Living Enzymes: The World’s Best Kept Pet Food Secret”, and co-developer of BARF World’s BARF diets patties, nuggets and supplements. Rob has helped zoos worldwide incorporate the proper raw food diets for their carnivorous population of animals. He has consulted hundreds of pet owners on how to improve the health of their pets using the BARF Diet philosophy. He and his wife love to travel around the world with their dog, Moxie – a Yorkshire Terrier/Maltese mix.Show Topic:

1hr 18mins

14 Jun 2022

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Ep.41 – Robert Mueller (Aquarius) - Screaming Rabbits

True Crime Trine

Join us this week for a full tilt ride. Hannah starts us off with the Urban Legend of the Babysitter and the Man Upstairs. Creepy right, don’t worry it gets worse. The main case of the episode is the murder of Janett Christman, who was just 13 years old at the time of her death. Janett’s murder was not the first of it’s kind in Columbia, Missouri though. Just 4 years previous, 20-year old Marylou Jenkins was slain in her home while her parents were away. In that case, 35-year old Floyd Jenkins who was probably not mentally fit to stand trial was convicted of the crime and sentenced to the gas chamber. For our science buffs, Hannah tells us about oxidative phosphorylation. Back to the main case, we hear about the complete and total ass-hat Robert Pember Mueller. For astrology, we continue our Aquarius corner and on 1/24 Mars enters Capricorn.

1hr 2mins

24 Jan 2022

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Robert Mueller of Deeproot Pinball Accused by SEC of Fraudulent Scheme (Ep.62)

A Pinball Podcast

In this episode of the podcast I go commentary style discussing Robert Mueller's run in with the law as the SEC has charged Texas-based investment adviser Robert Mueller with operating a years-long fraudulent scheme raising $58 million from nearly 300 investors in two investment funds. Robert is also the owner of Deeproot Pinball, which was to "manufacture" long delayed Retro Atomic Zombie Apocalypse (RAZA) after taking deposits on the game December of 2020. SEC Litigation Complaint - https://bit.ly/3kns93c News Article - https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2021/08/21/game-over-for-deeproot-pinball/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- YouTube Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/marvloco IFPA Profile ► https://www.ifpapinball.com/player.php?p=56861 Contact ► APinballPodcast@gmail.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sponsor ► https://www.flipnoutpinball.com/


24 Aug 2021

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The Robert Mueller of Latin America


Guatemala sends more migrants to the U.S. than anywhere in Central America. What is driving so many people to leave? Crusading prosecutor Iván Velásquez has been called the Robert Mueller of Latin America. He’s known for jailing presidents and paramilitaries. But Velásquez met his match when he went after Jimmy Morales, a television comedian who was elected president of Guatemala. Morales found an ally in then-U.S. President Donald Trump. Like the alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine that prompted Trump’s impeachment, the details can seem confusing – but, ultimately, Velásquez says, both parties got what they wanted: Morales got Trump to pull U.S. support for an international anti-corruption force that was going after his family. And he says Trump secured Guatemala’s support for some of his most controversial policies, both in the Middle East and on immigration. Veteran radio journalist Maria Martin teams up with Reveal’s Anayansi Diaz-Cortes for this week’s show. Martin takes us to Huehuetenango, a province near Guatemala’s border with Mexico that sends more migrants to the U.S. than anywhere in Central America. There, she shows that Trump’s hard-line immigration policies did nothing to slow the movement of people from Guatemala to the southern border of the U.S. This is an update of an episode that originally aired Aug. 29, 2020. Don’t miss out on the next big story. Get the Weekly Reveal newsletter today.


10 Apr 2021

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The way the media portrays Lisa Page--who helped agents break the law as counsel for Andrew McCabe and Robert Mueller is disgusting.

Out IN Front

MS13NBC hired Lisa Page back after the Doily Breast (Daily Beast) ran the mother of all distractions: Trump mocked her after she helped Special Sauce Peter Strzok do sedition just right. Her job was to make sure investigations were legal, maybe she thought the job listing said "illegal searches and investigations, bonus for treason, on-the-job experimentation welcome". Bottom line: there's no way they ever planned on a hand off to DOJ to seek prosecution, it was ALL about torturing America for four years. Good thing the FBI fixed all those problems, because there aren't any more leaks or treason to harm Slowseph Briben. They get away with it because we let them... They need to know that we know.


9 Apr 2021

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Bonus PINcast: In-depth interview with Robert Mueller of Deeproot Pinball

Pinball News & Pinball Magazine Podcast

As Deeproot Pinball begins sales of their very first title, Retro Atomic  Zombie Adventureland, Jonathan from Pinball Magazine and Martin from  Pinball News interview Deeproot Pinball's Founder and Principal, Robert  Mueller.  This in-depth conversation covers all aspects of the company,  their first game's development, the options available to buyers,  downloadable content, how, when, and where it will be manufactured, news on future titles and so much more.

2hr 24mins

9 Dec 2020

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The Robert Mueller of Latin America


Crusading prosecutor Iván Velásquez has been called the Robert Mueller of Latin America. He’s known for jailing presidents and paramilitaries. But Velásquez met his match when he went after Jimmy Morales, a television comedian who was elected president of Guatemala. Morales found an ally in Donald Trump. Don’t miss out on the next big story. Get the Weekly Reveal newsletter today.


5 Sep 2020

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ESPANOL: La verdad sobre la investigacion de Robert Mueller

The Angry Rican (This is Planet Earth)

Una encuesta de mayo de 2017 de Politico/Morning Consult mostró que el 81 % de los votantes estadounidenses estaban a favor de la investigación del fiscal especial.  Una encuesta de junio de 2017 de Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research preguntó a los adultos si la investigación del fiscal especial podría ser justa e imparcial: el 26 % estaba «extremadamente confiado» o «muy confiado»; 36 % estaban «moderadamente confiados»; y un 36 % «no estaban muy seguros» o «no confiaban en absoluto». La Vida Real es Falsa.  Este es Ken Rick --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kenrick-rampersad/message


28 Aug 2020