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577. Mark England | Enlifted | How To Separate From The Victim Mentality

Best Hour of Their Day

We're talking about the Stories we tell ourselves, the sneaky, confidence-sucking power of Soft Talk, and how to differentiate victims from The Victim Mentality and get our language working FOR US! If you want to hear more awesome stuff like this, check out their podcast too: Get Enlifted | Spotify | Apple And just for the Best Hour audience:  Exclusive Preview of NEW Enlifted Essentials Course! - Opt-in link: https://enlifted.me/preview/ IG: @enliftedcoaches / @kimberly.kesting --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/besthouroftheirday/support

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7 Oct 2022

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The Language of Ownership & Responsibility with Mark England and Adam Chin

Sell or Die with Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gitomer

In this Episode we talk with the founders of Enlifted, Mark England and Adam Chin.   Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and Co-founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of language and identity for the past 15 years. Mark was an Elementary School P.E. teacher before getting into personal development and has a Masters Degree in education.  Adam Chin began his human optimization journey twenty years ago working with and studying under sales and personal development author Jeffrey Gitomer. During a decade of traveling, experimentation, research, and discovery, Adam co-created the Enlifted language and story model with co-creator Mark England. His passion for exploration and learning are rivaled only by his desire to help people improve their lives by cutting out unnecessary drama and getting clear about what matters most to each and every one of us. Connect with Mark and Adam:  Instagram: @enliftedcoaches Check out their webiste here Find their podcast "Get Enlifted" here Throughout this Episode we discuss: - What percentage of your success is based on your upbringing  - What does it take to find success as an entreprenuer in todays business world  - How your language and both what and how you say it can change your life  If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag us: @jengitomer & @jeffreygitomer on all major platforms!   And don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast and share your key takeaways with us!  CONNECT WITH JEN & JEFFREY: Jeffrey’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeffreygitomer/ Jennifer’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jengitomer/ Join our FREE 21 Day Sales Challenge: Click Here: https://jeffreygitomer.mykajabi.com/21-day-sales-challenge-1


26 Jul 2022

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Upgrade Your Language with Mark England PH262

Pursuing Health

Mark England is a TEDx speaker and co-founder and head coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of words and stories for the past 15 years. Mark holds a Masters degree in education and was an elementary school P.E. teacher before getting into personal development.  Through his coaching program and his public speaking engagements, Mark gives athletes and professionals the tools they need to translate their inner conversations to take control of their lives and perform their best. You can connect with Mark via his website, his podcast,  or Instagram @enliftedcoaches, and you can listen to his TEDx talk here: Identity vs. Process: Reinterpreting Failure. Related Episodes: Ep 101 - Building a Champion Mindset with Dr. Joe Janesz Ep 84 - Chasing Excellence with Ben Bergeron If you like this episode, please subscribe to Pursuing Health on iTunes and give it a rating or share your feedback on social media using the hashtag #PursuingHealth. I look forward to bringing you future episodes with inspiring individuals and ideas about health every week. Disclaimer: This podcast is for general information only, and does not provide medical advice.  I recommend that you seek assistance from your personal physician for any health conditions or concerns.

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12 May 2022

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Mark England on Moving from Victim to Competitor

Chasing Excellence

Mark England and Kimberly Kesting from Enlifted Coaches are back to continue our conversation about the victim mentality, should statements, soft talk, the imposter syndrome, writing down our scary thoughts, and much more. Find us on Social: Enlifted Coaches | Ben | Patrick 👉🏼 Ben Bergeron is a best-selling author, coach to 7 CrossFit Games champions, and founder of CompTrain. 👉🏼 Patrick Cummings is a long-time CrossFitter, podcaster, and creator of Functional Branding.

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8 Mar 2022

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EP 179 — Mark England and Kimberly Kesting: Tongue and Truth

Living 4D with Paul Chek

Do you think much about how your language — your internal and external dialogue — affects the person you are and the people around you?Learn how language influences your imagination, feelings and emotions, physiology and breathing with Mark England, self-professed language geek and creator of the Enlifted program, and Kimberly Kesting, Enlifted community manager.Discover more the Enlifted method at this website. On social media, learn more about Mark on Instagram and more about Kimberly on LinkedIn.For Living 4D listeners: Mark and Kimberly are offering a 10 percent discount on their Enlifted Coaches Certification: Level One course at this link. Use the discount code CHEK10 when you check out to get this discount. Enroll in this class by paying in full at this link or with a payment plan at this link.Show NotesSlow down the conversation. (7:11)Are you holding onto a story you can’t get out of your head? (13:54)“The word belief system is an overly fancy word for opinion.” (24:26)“The reasons people fail consistently: The identity component and the stories they tell themselves.” (35:26)Transforming your mind and words through breathing. (40:02)“If you don’t clean up your personal stories, you’ll have a harder time dealing with big picture stories.” (49:59)Are we living in solutionary times? (58:50)How to handle conflicts over sensitive issues with loved ones starts with yourself. (1:16:35)Projections: Where the venom lives. (1:24:19)Soft talk. (1:26:43)Describing the victim mentality. (1:31:02)Architect language. (1:34:04)The four-step story work process. (1:52:53)Imposter syndrome and the story gap are very similar. (2:00:47)The secret weapon for making affirmations work: Breathing. (2:07:57)The Borg versus Star Trek approach. (2:19:28)How personal trainers and strength coaches can benefit from this practical training Mark and Kimberley offer. (2:27:50)How parents can benefit from this training. (2:38:08)ResourcesThe work of Noam Chomsky and Col. George Robert HallCOVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry MalleretA State of Fear: How The UK Government Weaponized Fear During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Laura DodsworthMore resources for this episode are available on our website.Thanks to our awesome sponsors: CHEK Institute, Organifi (save 20 percent on your purchase by using the code CHEK20 at checkout), Paleovalley (save 15 percent on your purchase by using the code chek15 at checkout), BiOptimizersThanks to our awesome sponsors: CHEK Institute/PT3.0 Paleovalley chek15 BiOptimizers PAUL10 Cymbiotika L4D15 Organifi CHEK20We may earn commissions from qualifying purchases using affiliate links.

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8 Mar 2022

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Mark England on the Power of Words, Breath, & Story

Chasing Excellence

We’ve got Mark England and Kimberly Kesting from Enlifted Coaches in town this week to talk about the victim mentality, soft talk, owning your story, pressure language, and much more. Be sure to tune in next week for part two. Find us on Social: Enlifted Coaches | Ben | Patrick 👉🏼 Ben Bergeron is a best-selling author, coach to 7 CrossFit Games champions, and founder of CompTrain. 👉🏼 Patrick Cummings is a long-time CrossFitter, podcaster, and creator of Functional Branding.

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1 Mar 2022

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Mark England & Kimberly Kesting - The Power of Language

Invictus Mindset

In this episode, we hear from Enlifted Coaches, Mark England and Kimberly Kesting. Mark and Kimberly share about the Enlifted program. They focus on training your mind and the ways that language can influence our behaviors. Mark comes from a background in martial arts and is a Ted Talk speaker on language and mindset. Kimberly is the community manager of Enlifted and host of the Get Enlifted podcast. (2:24) - Psychology in Coaching(15:41) - Relationships(22:23) - Rory Mckernan(28:23) - Power Monkey Fitness Camp(45:13) - Creating Oppurtunities(1:11:51) - Rich Froning(1:28:00) - Language(1:47:52) - Quit coffee or wine?(1:51:34) - Which Games athletes would you bring to a deserted island?Rx Smart Gear: https://www.rxsmartgear.com/invictuspodcast (use code "INVICTUSMINDSET")Trident Coffee: https://tridentcoffee.com/discount/INVICTUS20 (use code "INVICTUS20" to get 20% off online and in TapRooms).

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2 Feb 2022

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AH264: Mark England

Alpha Hippie Podcast

Mark England is a TEDx Speaker and Co-founder and Head Coach of Enlifted. He has been researching, coaching and presenting on the power of language and identity for the past 15 years. Mark was an Elementary School  P.E. teacher before getting into personal development and has a Masters Degree in education. Connect with Mark:InstagramProcabularyWay of the Enlifted Athlete FREE ResourcesFREE QUIZ: Discover Why You're Stuck!Connect with Angelo & Alpha Hippie:The Alpha Hippie Way NewsletterApply to work with Alpha HippieWebsiteInstagramFacebookFree Facebook Group

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31 Jan 2022

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#531 - Mark England. Procabulary. Enlifted. Coaching, breathing, and breaking spells. victimhood

The Grimerica Show

Interview starts at 48:35   Mark England joins us to chat about coaching, breathing and procabulary. We discuss how important breathing is and how it relates to everything including Mark's coaching certification program. We get into how to change our internal and external dialogue, writing things down, victimhood, everyday language, abracadabra, casting spells with your thoughts and words, the temporal tense to use, storywork process, and breaking negative spells.   We also chat about Darren's journey, being your own hype, how many sighs per day, bioweapons, Steiner, believability factors, drifting and raising awareness.   https://www.enlifted.me/https://procabulary.org/   In the intro we share some listener emails from Eastern Europe and a synchro about seeds and food sustainability.    https://www.neighborsfeedandseed.com/http://daddygarden.org/   Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!!   Get your Magic Mushrooms delivered from: Mushroom Spores, Spore Syringes, Best Spore Syringes,Grow Mushrooms   Spores LabGet Psychedelics onlineDMT CANADA   Support the show directly: http://www.grimerica.ca/support https://www.patreon.com/grimericahttp://www.grimericaoutlawed.ca/support   Other shows: https://www.grimericaoutlawed.ca https://www.13questionspodcast.com/  - 13 Questions ran by Adam and Bill.    Darren’s Book and Audio Book page: www.adultbrain.ca www.acanadianshame.ca   Join the chat / hangout with a bunch of fellow Grimerican’s: www.grimerica.ca/chats and/or  www.grimerica.ca/social1-403-702-6083 Call and leave a voice mail or send us a text   Grimerica on the radio https://fringe.fm/shows/grimerica/   Check out our next trip/conference/meetup - Contact at the Cabin    We’re GOING TO HAWAII   www.contactatthecabin.com   Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-grimerica-show/id653314424?mt=2# http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-grimerica-show    Sign up for our newsletter http://www.grimerica.ca/news   Leave a comment, ideas and guest/topic suggestions under any episode or blog http://www.grimerica.ca/   SPAM Graham = and send him your synchronicities, feedback, strange experiences and psychedelic trip reports!! graham@grimerica.com InstaGRAM  https://www.instagram.com/the_grimerica_show_podcast/    Tweet Darren https://twitter.com/Grimerica   Connect through other platforms: https://www.reddit.com/r/grimerica/https://gab.ai/Grimerica    Purchase swag, with partial proceeds donated to the show www.grimerica.ca/swag   Send us a postcard or letter http://www.grimerica.ca/contact/http://www.lostbreadcomic.com/ link to Napolean Duheme's site  Felix’s Site sirfelix.bandcamp.com     MUSIC Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key High Hopes - Broke for Free Space Cadet - Sir Felix Ortega II

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24 Jan 2022

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Mark England

Aww Shift

In today’s episode, our guest is Mark England, a certified language geek. He holds a master’s degree in education and has been researching, presenting, and coaching in the power of words and stories for more than 14 years.  [3:17] Why should we listen to you? A one-trick pony. One of my business partners joked about that once upon a time. And I took it as a compliment. That’s how our language works for us and how it works against us. I’ve been researching, presenting, and coaching on this one topic for somewhere from full time to overtime the whole time for the past 14 years, and it’s been one of the most enlightening and beneficial studies and practices for myself both personally, professionally that I’ve ever gotten into. [4:25] When I talk about language, I’m talking about our internal and external dialogue - what we think, what we say and what we write. Most people’s education about language comes down to spelling, grammar, and definitions. Very few people have had any training on how to use their language to stay focused on the things that are important to them. [6:12] We educate people on how to get their language work for them—another way of saying that is how to use ordinary everyday words to dismantle the victim mentality.  [6:52] Breathing in mentality into the victim mentality The victim mentality is an acquired personality trait where a person tends to regard themselves as the victim of the negative actions of others even in the absence of clear evidence. The victim mentality depends on a habitual thought process and attributions. If there’s a habitual thought process, in context to me is staring at worst-case scenarios over and overplaying the blame game, creating a ton of anxiety and indecision in my life. And that’s what we did. What are the patterns to it? We mapped them out. [8:41] How can we convince that person that they’re wrong, but they should spend some time thinking about how they’re thinking? The Bhagavad Gita says that “self-reflection will take a man further than prayer.” I always thought that was interesting. Do it by giving people straightforward experiences about how one word can make a huge difference in how they see things themselves, their imagination, and how they feel. One specific exercise is to repeat the sentence for me, “how can I ever get over this?” [24:39] Certification We have three levels of certification. Level One is where we go into the art and science of systematically and methodically deconstructing people’s victim mentalities using ordinary everyday language.  Most people don’t write anything down. It is beneficial to get our thoughts and words written down on paper, including the stories that have haunted us. Once we begin that process, we analyze the words and how we’re telling the story. For all of you coaches out there, it is important that our breath is trapped in our chest. Good luck changing your client’s minds when their breath is trapped in their chest. Get them breathing better. Key Quotes [8:56-9:02] “The Bhagavad Gita says that self-reflection will take a man further than prayer.” [25:06-25:12] “It is so beneficial to get our thoughts and words written down on paper, including the stories that have haunted us.” Learn more about Mark England on: Website: https://www.enlifted.me/


9 Jan 2022