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Turning Our Hearts To Our Families (Joy in Marriage and Family) With Linda Eyre

Finding Joy and Peace

At the end of your life what will you regret?  Will it be not having the big house, or the nice car you always dreamed of?  David  McKay taught that, “No success can compensate for failure in the home”Most of our regrets and guilt will not come from our lack of achievements, success, or possessions, they will come form our inadequate efforts within our family relationships.Our Families have the potential to bring greater joy into our lives than anything else. What can we do to stop the breakdown of family relationships and facilitate greater joy and peace? Our guest, New York Times bestselling author and world renowned speaker, Linda Eyre, will help us answer that question.  She teaches, “The bottom line is we must turn our hearts to our children and our families …Strong families are still attainable, but only by parents who passionately pledge themselves to doing what it takes to build and bolster, to protect and prioritize their families—only by parents who consciously set out to make their family culture stronger than peer culture, the internet, the media culture, and all other cultures that swirl around their children.” Helpful resources and to buy the book The Turning @Valuesparenting.com Website  @findingjoyandpeace.comFacebook   @facebook.com/findingjoyandpeacepodcastYoutube   @Youtube.com/channel/UC4hjVDRsAlP5RtW1TIfeLPwSupport the show (https://findingjoyandpeace.com/)


11 May 2021

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Grandmothering with Linda Eyre

Helping Families Be Happy

Linda Eyre, author of Grandmothering, joins Familius CEO and co-founder Christopher Robbins for a conversation about grandparenting and about her book. https://www.familius.com/book/grandmothering/ ABOUT THE EYRES: Richard and Linda Eyre are New York Times #1 bestselling authors whose writing career has spanned four decades and whose books have sold in the millions. They have appeared on virtually all major national talk shows, including Oprah and Today, and have seen their books translated into a dozen languages.  ABOUT THE BOOK: Grandmothers make the best cookies and give the best hugs, but there's so much more to being the kind of grandmother who leaves a legacy that stands the test of time. New York Times #1 bestselling author and grandmother Linda Eyre shares her secret formula for teaching your grandchildren values, building meaningful connections with them, and giving them grit and resilience in an ever-changing world. Broken into short, digestible chapters for quick reading, this guidebook is filled with time-tested advice and stories from a panel of grandmothers, plus an appendix of easy, delicious recipes to feed a crowd at your next family reunion.


19 Mar 2021

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SMM 049: How to Pursue What Will Really Make You Happy in Motherhood|| Richard and Linda Eyre

Spiritually Minded Women Podcast

Today I’m sharing an interview with best-selling authors, Richard and Linda Eyre. The Eyre’s have been married for almost 50 years and have raised 9 children. They have authored numerous books and spoken around the world to very diverse groups about families and parenting as well as balancing work and family with personal needs. Although they are seen as parenting experts, the Eyre’s were quick to point out in the interview they do not have a perfect family. Both Richard and Linda shared how they work hard to make family and communication a top priority. You’ll hear the Eyre’s answer to my personal question about how they keep their large family connected. They shared many great ideas including having a monthly family testimony meeting. They talked about how spiritual things can bind families together. In preparation for this interview, I read Richard’s newest book, The Happiness Paradox. The paradox Richard writes about is pursuing things we think will make us happy but which are actually making us unhappy. Both Richard and Linda discuss three false concepts that are “joy thieves” and how they relate to parenting. Richard believes you can’t shun a bad habit. His philosophy is you have to find a replacement for a habit you want to change. So, the second half of his book shares three “joy rescuers” you can use in your life to replace the “joy thieves.” The interview is a great discussion of both the thieves and rescuers of joy. Both Linda and Richard share how all the concepts apply to motherhood, our relationship with God and the atonement of Jesus Christ. At the end, I asked the Eyre’s my usual final question about how they have seen and felt God as a partner in parenthood. They both gave answers that  gave me new insights on my relationship with both my children and my heavenly parents. You’ll will want to listen to the end to hear this. Show Notes Book Discount I loved the book, The Happiness Paradox, and found so many great truths to help me in motherhood and life. If you want to dive deeper into the concepts the Eyre’s discussed in this episode, I highly recommend reading the book. (And no one is paying me to say this!) And, you can purchase the book (plus others the Eyre’s have written) for 50% off plus free shipping by going HERE and entering “TrendlerFriend” as the access code.  Follow the Eyres Instagram: instagram.com/richardlindaeyre/ Website: valuesparenting.com Books: familius.com/eyre-special Follow Spiritually Minded Mom Blog: spirituallymindedmom.com Instagram: Instagram.com/spirituallymindedmom Facebook: facebook.com/spirituallymindedmom Podcast: Spiritually Minded Mom on iTunes


10 Apr 2019

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Ep. 57. The Survival Guide For Grand-parenting... How To Love It! - Guests Richard and Linda Eyre

Family Looking Up

How do grandparents figure out grandparenting?   They do what they did to figure out parenting: stumbling forward doing the best they can to love all the adults and kids in their lives.  We have received numerous requests to do a show on grandparenting from our many listeners trying to navigate this exciting yet dicey road.   We have gone to the experts to bring parents and grandparents a “survival guide” in this episode!  Richard and Linda Eyre are among the most popular speakers in the world on parenting and families. Their clients and audiences range from The Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) and major corporations and associations to a wide array of school, civic, church and community groups.  They’re also N.Y. Times #1 Bestselling authors of 30 Family and Parenting books, two of which, just released, are on Grandparenting! The Eyres offer solutions to help grandparents AND parents in their crucial roles.  Below are some of the things we discussed: How do grandparents navigate situations when there is conflict between what you as a grandparent want and what your kids want in relation to the grandkids? All grandparents have to deal with trying (or not trying) to bite their tongue when they don’t exactly agree with how their kids are parenting.  (Cue the inner voice saying “Can’t you just say ‘No’ for once and be done with it?!?)  What are grandparents to do? The question really becomes “To bite or not to bite...that is the question.   Richard warns about going to either extreme: saying too little OR saying too much.  Communication is the key to finding that balance. One thing that has worked really well for the Eyres is a pact that they have made with their children.  Both sides acknowledge that grandparents have wisdom and advice that could help the parents. The pact is that the grandparents will share their advice and the parents agree not to be offended.  In return the grandparents agree that if the parents don’t take the advice that they won’t be offended. The Eyres have found that this pact has reduced conflict and bad feelings. Richard stressed above all, that the most important thing for grandparents to remember is that the parents are in charge.  Sometimes that’s hard, but it’s the truth. Family Culture.  Every family has a culture whether that has been developed consciously or unconsciously.  It’s crucial to recognize your family culture and develop it. The positive aspects of that culture are going to spread into your children’s homes and become even better.  There have been studies done that show how important a child’s connection to their family heritage is to their own success and resilience in life. Linda referenced an article in the New York Times that showed that post 9/11 kids who knew the most about their family narrative had the most resilience in their recovery.  If you would like to read that article, here is the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/17/fashion/the-family-stories-that-bind-us-this-life.html What are some ways that grandparents can share these family narratives?  Richard and Linda shared three of their favorite activities. Listen in to hear an in-depth explanation of these ideas.   Turn these family stories into bedtime stories that can be read to the grandkids at night. Put a family tree up in a conspicuous place where kids can see how they are connected to the names they hear. Create a “Grandma Hazel Day”.  Hazel is Linda’s mom. Each year they have a day to celebrate her by doing things that she loved such as play football, work hard, and eat Hershey’s bars. What kind of Grandparent do you want to be?  Each grandparent has a decision to make about what KIND of grandparent they WANT to be.  Linda and Richard have created four groups that grandparents fall into. Disengaged: These grandparents have the mindset of “I have raised my kids and now I’m done.” Limited:  These grandparents love to see their grandchildren in limited doses and on their own terms. Supportive:  These grandparents know their kids need all the help that they can get and they want to be there for them. Proactive:  These grandparents know that their children are the stewards over the grandkids, but they know that they have something special to offer as well.  This is a multi-generational approach and requires a lot of communication with the best end result. What about those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of being the proactive grandparent? Don’t give up, even when it’s hard.  Kids are forgiving and they know when you’re really trying and making the effort.  That is the most important thing you can communicate to them. Grandparents can give unconditional love to the grandkids, often more easily than parents because they aren’t in the trenches. What are some actionable ideas about how grandparents can connect to grandchildren? Don’t just think of grandparenting as Collective.  If large groups at once overwhelm you, remember that most of the really important stuff happens one on one. Take grandkids to lunch.  While you are talking, take notes so you can remember the details of their lives, their thoughts, and feelings.  They know when they see you writing it down that you care enough to remember. Have a Grammy Camp.  Bring the kids over according to age groups and have some bonding time. Share your loves, interests and talents with them.  Let them see you as more than just grandma or grandpa. Ancestors Day.  Have grandkids come over and dress up as ancestors and have them act out a scene from that person’s life. What are some helpful ideas about how grandparents can handle Christmas? Give the grandkids financial parameters and have them make a wish list on Amazon.  It makes it easy for you to get them something they actually want, and it’s still a surprise because they don’t know which item they will receive. What are some helpful ideas about how grandparents can handle birthdays? Richard writes a handwritten letter on each of the kids’ half birthdays.  That way he knows it won’t be overlooked by everything else they are receiving.  He tells them all the things that he loves about them. Linda sends a little money with a letter telling them her favorite memories of them. MOM / GRANDPARENT SQUAD CHALLENGE RICHARD:  The best way to become a better grandparent is to become a better marriage partner.  Find a way to be a better partner this week and see how that skill translates into becoming a better grandparent. LINDA :  If you don’t know how to text, learn how this week.  This is the best way to contact grandkids (especially teens).  They’ll answer right away! This week text your grandkids (who have cell phones).  Tell them you love them, joke with them, or invite them to lunch! We want to thank the Eyres for spending time with us! To learn more about Linda and Richard Eyre, visit www.valuesparenting.com Or visit @RichardLindaEyre on Instagram or visit Linda’s grandmothering book site which contains recipes and more at www.grandmotheringbook.com LINKS TO BOOKS WE DISCUSSED: Being a Proactive Grandfather Grandmothering Life in Fall I Didn’t Plan on Being a Witch


27 Nov 2018

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Ep. 130: Grandfathers and Grandmothering Making A Difference with Richard and Linda Eyre

Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Steve Shallenberger is joined by Richard and Linda Eyre who are both New York Times Best Selling Authors and have appeared on virtually all major national talk shows including Oprah, Today and have seen their books translated into a dozen languages. They write a syndicated weekly newspaper column and currently spend most of their time traveling and speaking to audiences throughout the world on families, parenting, and life balance. And trying to keep up with 31 and counting grandchildren with 9 children. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Jun 2018

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"5 Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Parenting Challenges" by Richard and Linda Eyre

The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat

While the Eyre's are internationally-known and respected family and relationship experts, they often have to hold back from sharing all they could depending on the audience and the situation, but not here.  In this new book which Stephen R. Covey says "every LDS parent" should read, you'll find a wealth of reminders of all the amazing resources our Father has given us for raising his children the way he raises us.Whether it's sibling rivalry or chores, disrespect or worries about worldly influences, nearly every challenge parents face in this all-too-physical world has simple spiritual solutions.  I think you'll feast on what they Eyre's have to share, including one of my favorite-ever interview quotes, "Well, we may as well have a testimony meeting as just sit around fighting..."That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull.


28 Apr 2011

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"A Mother's Book of Secrets" with Linda Eyre & Shawni Eyre Pothier

The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat

Whether it's dinnertime, dealing with arguments, chores, having "the talk," or any other part of family life, every mother has discovered a few little secrets—ways of doing things that make everything a little smoother, more enjoyable, or even possible!World-renowned family expert Linda Eyre is joined by her daughter Shawni Eyre Pothier, herself a mother of 5, to share those little bits of wisdom and know-how that can transform a moment, a day, even the life of a family. In "A Mother's Book of Secrets," readers will find these useful nuggets organized into bite-sized pieces under 5 main headings. Plus, there's even a way you can share your own "secrets" and add to the wisdom of the world of mothering.That's this week on The Cricket and Seagull...


24 Apr 2009