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Power Pack: Day One w/ Rachelle Rosenberg

Marvel's Pull List

Ryan and Tucker run through this week's new books, and then are joined by Colorist Rachelle Rosenberg to chat about coloring and Power Pack: Day One!


10 Feb 2021

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Episode 72: Featuring Nachum Segal's interviews with Mayer Fertig of ACSZ, OHEL's David Mandel with Rachelle Rosenberg and JCT's Aurora Cassirer

JM Rewind

24 Apr 2018

Similar People

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Nachum Segal with OHEL's David Mandel and Rachelle Rosenberg on the 2018 OXC Classic and the New OHEL Jaffa Family Campus in Flatbush.

JM in the AM Interviews

17 Apr 2018

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04.17.2018: Guests: Elliot Weiselberg, Mayer Fertig of ACSZ, Atara Segal for the OU's Torah New York Event and David Mandel with Rachelle Rosenberg for OHEL

JM in the AM

17 Apr 2018

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188 – Live from ECCC, feat. Bret Blevins, Rachelle Rosenberg, & Ramon Villalobos

Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men

In which Jay makes a sartorial switch; Hope Summers is less confusing than you might expect; we are very happy to present our first all-artist convention special; Ramon kills his idols; Rachelle deciphers the past; Bret (re)defines New Mutants; a long-time mystery is resolved; colorists deserve more respect; the Xavier School probably has an actual curriculum; and a lot of X-Men have really cool hair.X-PLAINED: The adventures of Hope Summers Several Phoenix hosts The time Quentin Quire became a Shi'ar god Jay's mom Our panelists' definitive X-Men E for Extinction Killing your idols Coloring as archaeology Visually defining the X-Men New Mutants that might have been Favorite costumes The actual color of Storm's '90s costume Editorial direction vs. editorial mandate Practical considerations in costume design Actual education at the Xavier School Wolverine's assorted children The best hair in the X-MenNEXT EPISODE: Cannonball dies (briefly)!No visual companion to this one, but check out the first part of our ECCC gallery over on our blog!Find us on iTunes or Stitcher!Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men is 100% ad-free and listener supported. If you want to help support the podcast–and unlock more cool stuff–you can do that right here!We’re in the process of migrating our official shop to TeePublic! Click over to check it out! (You can still find the designs we haven’t moved yet at Redbubble.)


12 Mar 2018