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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan McKenzie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan McKenzie, often where they are interviewed.

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18 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ryan McKenzie. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ryan McKenzie, often where they are interviewed.

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299. Ryan McKenzie | Still hates selling

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Ryan McKenzie is back on the podcast after tremendous feedback and a demand from our listeners.  Turns out what he said resonated with the CrossFit world...we hate selling!  In this episode we will dive further into the psychology of why we hate selling and by the end of the show announce a really special program that Ryan and Ackerman are putting together.  For more information, email us besthouroftheirday@gmail.com.

If you haven't already, download Ryan's book for FREE here.


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Aug 25 2020 · 58mins
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284. Ryan McKenzie | I hate selling!

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Ryan McKenzie is a Fitness Business Consultant from Orlando, Florida where he has worked with some of the best trainers, gyms and corporations in the world.

Ryan is an author, speaker and industry leader. His book "I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional: 6 Steps to Making Serious Money in the Fitness Industry" has reached #1 on Amazon in the US, Canada, The UK, Australia, and Japan.

Ryan helps large corporations and smaller fitness businesses apply the I Hate Selling sales system to every part of their operations, drastically increasing their member retention, lead acquisition, and new member/client sales.

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Jul 29 2020 · 43mins

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Episode 125 - Selling Product Subscriptions and Understanding the Power of Villains in Marketing with Ryan McKenzie

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Learn how Tru Earth is disrupting the laundry detergent space by selling subscriptions and understanding the power of villains in marketing.  My guest in this episode, Ryan McKenzie is a marketing and eComm wiz.  He built his first online business in his 20s and after some extreme wins and some humbling losses, he found his eComm game.  In this episode, we uncover some of Tru Earth’s keys to success including 

  • 3 types of offers that get shoppers to subscribe to auto-replenishment. 
  • How to structure pricing and discounts for subscriptions
  • Blair Warren’s amazing 4 keys to persuasion (literally one the best marketing quotes I’ve ever heard) and how to leverage it for your business
  • How finding a “villain” can make your marketing more powerful and help you build a closer community (hint: villains don’t have to be people)
  • How to approach ad fatigue and new creative development for Facebook
  • How OMG Commerce is helping Tru Earth leverage Google Shopping and YouTub ads
  • Plus more!
Jun 24 2020 · 54mins
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EP258: How Ryan McKenzie Scaled His eComm Biz to 7 Figures/Month Using Micro-Influencers

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Subscription eCommerce businesses are on the rise—and with good reason. Entrepreneurs have figured out they can scale businesses to multi-million dollars in revenue, and use what they've learned to do it all over again.

In this episode, Ryan McKenzie talks about his flagship brand Tru Earth and how he's scaled 7 other subscription eCommerce businesses to 7+ figures. He explains how he leverages micro-influencers to get traffic and conversions, the importance of the invisible funnel, and the backend of his Facebook ads.


Tru Earth Laundry Strips

Tru Earth Ad Library 


Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

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Jun 16 2020 · 38mins

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Episode 165 - Ryan McKenzie - Author of I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional

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Episode 165 - Ryan McKenzie - Author of I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional, Speaker, Consultant at Training with Ryan, Kids Church Pastor, & Podcast Host “Sell was like a four-letter word that you don’t want to say… true selling is the most natural thing anyone can do.” - Ryan McKenzie In Episode 165, the Two Fit Crazies welcome to the show a charismatic man by the name of Ryan McKenzie. Joining us from Winter Garden, Florida, this father of five, author of I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional, and Kids Pastor is “where it’s at!” Ryan shares tons of amazing turnkey strategies straight from his book on how to approach the selling process through his proven method known as the “D.O.C.T.O.R.” acronym. You will need a pen and paper as Ryan delves into the characteristics and behaviors of the most successful salespeople in the world! It may surprise you! Ryan is super passionate about the fitness industry and truly “walks the walk” when it comes to client retention and building lasting relationships without the “hard sell!” The Two Fit Crazies learned a ton of super valuable career building information from Ryan and even learned about his favorite cereal, Lucky Charms! They are magically delicious! Enjoy! -Two Fit Crazies www.twofitcrazies.com Ryan McKenzie Information: www.trainingwithryan.com Instagram: @ryanmckenzie Facebook: @ryanmckenzie LinkedIn @RyanMcKenzie
May 28 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Agile Marketing with Ryan McKenzie - GM 41

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Tru.earth sells a unique eco-friendly product, a laundry strip that reduces plastic waste going into landfills by 100%.

A little over a year ago Ryan McKenzie and his team took a bit of a flyer on selling the strips.

The result has been a fascinating masterclass in online marketing as Ryan has shepherded the product through online sales, traditional distribution and Amazon sales. 

It is not often that we get this kind of an inside look at how a modern company rapidly adapts and evolves with a product.

Tru.Earth Laundry Strips


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May 18 2020 · 46mins
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Episode 007 - Ryan McKenzie - Tru Earth - Learning How-To-Grow From A Serial Subscription Box Entrepreneur

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Ep7 Ryan McKenzie - Tru Earth

Today’s guest is Ryan McKenzie from Tru Earth. Tru Earth is an eco-friendly Laundry detergent solution that offers great subscription options. 

Ryan lives in beautiful British Columbia Canada with his wife and three kids. Ryan is obsessed with building direct to consumer brands with a purpose! 

The proof is in the subscription box pudding. Ryan has started or helped grow 7 different subscription box companies. He’s scaled many of them to multi-million dollar businesses. His latest, Tru Earth is only 1 year old and has already over 40,000 subscribers, and is a multi million dollar company on it's own. Ryan’s written content has also been read by over 100,000 people.

Ryan’s also the feature voice on Brand Growth Project and has appeared on The Tom Wang Show.

His knowledge in the subscription box world is second to none. And today, through this conversation, you will be able to listen in and learn from one of the brightest and most profitable minds in the industry.

Trailer for The Subscription Box Show to share:

Ryan Stuff!
Website platform for eCommerce Ryan use:
Using their own platform and Shopify a little bit
One type of box to stay clear of:
Anything that's containing low margins
Ryan's favorite social media platform:

Guest Links:
Ryan and Tru Earth:
https://www.instagram.com/truearthmovement/?hl=af   @truearthmovement
Clarity FM:

Host Links:
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Apr 20 2020 · 53mins
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E008: How to Build an 8 Figure Subscription Business With Ryan Mckenzie

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Do you wanna learn how to build an 8-figure subscription business? Ryan Mckenzie has built multiple successful e-commerce businesses focusing on the subscription model. 

There were TONS of golden nuggets dropped in this interview.

Feel free to hit me up at hello@tomwang.io with any suggestions and feedback! 

This podcast is made for you.

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See you guys in episode #9

Mar 18 2020 · 51mins
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Part 9: Online Summit Podcast Series - Ryan McKenzie

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Welcome to Fitness Education Online Podcast!
In this episode of the Fitness Education Online Podcast, Travis Mattern interviews Ryan McKenzie about "Online Summit Podcast Series".

Ryan McKenzie is a Fitness Business Consultant from Orlando, Florida where he has worked with some of the best trainers, gyms and corporations in the world.

Learning Outcomes

*Learn the benefits of running small group training
*Uncover the common difficulties of small group training
*Get the right mindset to be successful
*Run effective small group training sessions

The overall objective of the Fitness Summit is to give Personal trainers and fitness professionals access to some of the best and most relevant presentations from international presenters. The Summit is designed to stimulate ideas and curiosities amongst trainers for where they can specialise within the industry. Each presentation provides a snapshot of the individual presenter's specialty. Many of the speakers are current Fitness Australia course presenters and Filex presenters.

Want more info about Online Summit Package 22CEs?
*21 Speakers
*26 Topics
*22 Fitness Australia CECs

Get 50% Discount! (Limited time only)

More info: bit.ly/OnlineSummit-Podcast


Note: Podcast episodes are hosted by either Jono Petrohilos, Travis Mattern or Claudia Li
Fitness Education Online

Click the link below to join our Community Facebook Group (we have over 13 000 Fitness Professionals / Personal Trainers in there and we all share tips and ideas)
Mar 04 2020 · 28mins
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10. 10 - Ryan Mckenzie Interview

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Listen to Ryan's story of how he hit it big with some websites and then lost it all and had to rebuild to where he is today.  He is partner in the biggest prescription box company in Canada.

Jun 28 2019 · 54mins