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James Davis - Breaking and Delivering

Dumb People Town

This week James Davis comes to town to hang with Daniel, Jason and Randy. The first story is about the coolest(?) neighbor. The second story explores the parental desire to become grandparents. The final story is about the worst place to learn to drive.


30 Aug 2022

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E181 They Stole His Jokes on WildNOut Then He Turned Down Comedy Central - James Davis

No Chaser with Timothy Chantarangsu

My guy James Davis stops by to give is some exclusive behind the scenes stories about his time on Wildnout and why he walked away from his Comedy Central deal. We also talk about golf hoes and racist cohosts! -- Thank you to our sponsors: HelloFresh: Go to HelloFresh.com/NOCHASER16 and use code: NOCHASER16 for 16 FREE meals across 7 boxes AND 3 FREE gifts! Chime: Get started at Chime.com/NOCHASER OraOrganic: Get 30% off your first subscription when you text CHASER to 64-000 NordVPN: Get Exclusive NordVPN deal here ↣ https://nordvpn.com/NOCHASER It’s risk- free with Nord’s 30-day money back guarantee! -- Tim Chantarangsu @timchantarangsu James Davis @theejamesdavis Nikki Blades @nikkiblades Ricky Shucks @rickyshucksSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 7mins

10 Aug 2022

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113. Financial Planning for Lawyers with James Davis

The NC DWI Guy

On today’s episode, Jake has guest James Davis back on the podcast (Episode 50). An incredible criminal trial lawyer, James has recently changed career paths to follow his truth passion: helping lawyers achieve financial independence. As a long-time criminal defense lawyer, James understands the time pressures of being a practitioner in district court and the importance of having a co-pilot monitoring your financial blinds spots on a full-time basis. If you are looking for some immediately implementable wealth strategies in your life and are looking for financial freedom tune into this conversation. Highlights: Hear James talk about his reason for changing career paths and why his mission is to help lawyers achieve financial success. Understand why James believes that many lawyers are rich, but few are wealthy. Discover some retirement and wealth building strategies that you can instantly utilize in your law firm and in your life. Listen as James and Jake discuss the value and obligation of helping your employees move toward financial independence.

1hr 29mins

15 Jun 2022

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April 4, 2022 Vejii Kory Zelickson and Tech Commandos James Davis

School for Startups Radio

April 4, 2022 Vejii Kory Zelickson and Tech Commandos James Davis

2 Apr 2022

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James Davis on Field Safety, Mentorship, and Dealing with Charismatic Invasive Species

K9 Conservationists

In this episode of K9 Conservationists, Kayla speaks with James Davis about his work with Padfoot Science Highlight: Detecting Small and Cryptic Animals By Combining Thermography and a Wildlife Detection Dog What is some advice for someone hoping to jump into the industry? Be realistic about your expectations Don’t rely on this line of work to hold a steady income or to sustain you financially How do you keep your dogs safe in the field? Use snake avoidance training - teach the dog to avoid snakes by rewarding the behavior of them stepping away from the snake Links Mentioned in the Episode: Paul Bunker Book Cadaver Dog Handbook Where to find James Davis: Website | Facebook | Instagram You can support the K9 Conservationists Podcast by joining our Patreon at patreon.com/k9conservationists. K9 Conservationists Website | Merch | Support Our Work | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok


15 Mar 2022

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100: James Davis

Wording is Hard

In this special Valentine's episode Tahir goes up against his good friend James Davis to test their wording knowledge.


16 Feb 2022

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NSTA: The Bus Stop Recording with James Davis, Product Management Director - Passenger Transportation Programs, National Interstate Insurance Company

The Bus Stop

This week at NSTA: The Bus Stop - James Davis, Product Management Director - Passenger Transportation Programs at National Interstate Insurance Company joins NSTA Executive Director, Curt Macysyn to provide an update on insurance market trends. James outlines his background and role at National Interstate, and he then covers some of the factors contributing to current market trends in the industry. James and Curt also discuss how the current driver shortage impacts fleet insurance rates, and they also examine the influence that assisted driving technologies have on the marketplace. Finally, James highlights strategies that private school bus contractors can use to reduce their risk profiles. What you need to know when you need to know it, always at NSTA: The Bus Stop. Subscribe today!Support the show (http://www.yellowbuses.org/membership/)


8 Feb 2022

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TSC Talks! Points of Light, James Davis of Bay Staters for Natural Medicine-"Advocacy from the Heart"

TSC Talks!

I had the pleasure of interviewing James Davis recently on TSC Talks. As you’ll hear in the podcast, we connected a little over a year ago when he was just getting started with Bay Staters for Natural Medicine and looking for volunteers. At that time, I’d been experimenting with microdosing psilocybin for mental health reasons, it was helping, and I thought I’d jump in. Life pulled me away from that volunteer work, but James made a profound impression on me, and I had the notion that he’d be successful in whatever he endeavored, particularly his advocacy around decriminalization of plant entheogens, as his passion, kindness, and honesty just stands out. When we connected to do the podcast, I was not surprised, but also surprised by the progress he and the growing team of volunteers he leads has made over the past year. He hits it home on so many topics within this pod, I thought it best just to include the full transcript. Thanks, James, for showing up, being such a divine-human and inspiring, and leading many to make a difference. Enjoy the pod!Links: https://www.baystatersnm.org/ https://linktr.ee/baystaters https://www.instagram.com/baystaters/ https://www.facebook.com/BayStaters https://twitter.com/baystaters "James Davis is a leader of Bay Staters for Natural Medicine. They have mobilized over a thousand Massachusetts volunteers to decriminalize Somerville, Cambridge, Northampton, and Easthampton and have pending resolutions in Boston, Burlington (VT), Amherst, Worcester, Needham, Salem, and Medford. These resolutions decriminalize growing and selling plants like magic mushrooms, which reduce the risk of opioid addiction 55% after a single experience and have been proven to have statistically significant benefits for PTSD and depression. Their resolutions also end all controlled substance possession arrests, referring people for addiction treatment and committing our cities to invest in these services. In this episode, you will also learn about the other types of entheogenic plants and the power they hold to help us heal”Here's an excerpt from the transcript, the full transcript is available on the website. Here's an excerpt from the transcript, the full transcript is available here~https://tsctalks.com/tsc-talks-james-davis-transcript/Jill W: [00:00:00] Hello, welcome to TSC talks. Your host, Jill Woodworth. Here. I am so glad to be with James Davis. He is a, he is a volunteer among other things, but my basis of meeting him was a volunteer and the leader of bay Staters for natural medicine. Just to give you a little background here before we get started, I'm going to read this, but. He's done tremendous work. I'm really excited to have him here. And I'll tell you how our paths crossed in a minute, but he's the leader for Bay Staters for natural medicine. They've mobilized over a thousand Massachusetts volunteers to decriminalize Somerville, Cambridge, North Hampton. East Hampton pending resolutions in Boston, Burlington, Vermont Amhurst, Worcester, Needham, Salem, and Medford. These resolutions… resolutions, decriminalize growing and selling plants like magic mushrooms, which reduce the risk of opioid addiction. 55% after a single experience and have been proven to, have [00:01:00] statistically significant benefits for PTSD and depression. The resolutions also end all controlled substance possession arrests, referring people for addiction treatment and committing our cities to invest in these services. Let's see. And your day job, you're a legislative director to, Massachusetts state rep the chairs, the legislator’s cannabis committee, and formally did legislative work for the city council of Berkeley. You have a master's degree in public administration from USC and a BA in economics and history from Columbia and your views do not necessarily represent your employer. One thing that I read in what I was researching you a little bit, was your personal connection? Actually, no, I'll let you go into it. So yeah. Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself and about the advocacy work that you're doing and we will roll from. James D: Thanks, James, thank you so much for having me, Jill. I'm really excited to chat and I am really [00:02:00] grateful for the support you showed for bay Staters.When we were just a 10 follower Instagram group. We only started about a year and some months ago. And at that stage, We were just weirdos, emailing our city councils, sharing our stories with plant medicine. We took the philosophy that we didn't need to fundraise a lot of money. We didn't need to even have a website active to just start doing this advocacy work and start speaking from the heart.And you know, what this has snowballed into is really, really awesome and beautiful and all the lessons we've learned along the way and advocacy. About the medicines themselves just from meeting so many people whose lives have been changed with this psilocybin experience or an MDMA experiment experience or an LSD experience.So just really honored to be here and really glad that we met too. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. To tell you a little bit more about who I [00:03:00] am. I know you mentioned all those credentials Yeah, they really don't define who I am. I would say. So I, I grew up in Kansas in a trailer park that was on the wrong side of the railroad tracks.So all the middle-class kids lived on one side of a Walmart supercenter. And then I lived on the side that was mostly liquor stores and churches and run-down streets. So. I was raised by my mom my biggest inspiration in life and she Growing up was always working multiple jobs to make ends me really inspire me to work hard as well.And then she was dealing with a lot of intergenerational trauma herself. Her father had served in the Pacific theater, the Korean war, and Vietnam. And. There was just a lot of, a lot of trauma that she had picked up from childhood and then relationships stemming from, from being a young woman and just growing [00:04:00] alongside her.It really shaped me into the person I am today and made me really compassionate to help people who are struggling in poverty who have that intergenerational trauma. So that's why I think fundamentally this line of work emerged from. Full transcript available at https://tsctalks.com


28 Jan 2022

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Episode 86: Navigating Mid Life with Mentors Claire and James Davis

Do More Good podcast

“When we are young we play to win. When we’re older we play not to lose. ”This week starts with tales of crashed cars and car-crash fashion choices before we are joined by a pair who lived life in the fast lane. Our guests are a husband and wife team who have successfully transitioned their once corporate careers to now work with people in their mid-life to support their health and wellbeing following their own passion for this area.Claire and James talk to us about their move from being well-known in nightclubs to growing disillusioned with the corporate world and seeking more from life. They discuss a fear of failure, understanding life by looking backwards and going back to minimum wage to find what they were after. There are the common themes which come up time and again in mid-life, setting personal goals and including wellbeing in corporate responsibility. James and Kenneth find out more about how physical activity can be the first step, loving certainty and the importance of routine. ---You can find us on www.domoregood.uk or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch if you'd like to feature or star on the show. It goes without saying really but the episodes contains our opinions - essentially things we overheard in meetings, stole from presentations and read in magazines. Thanks for listening.


25 Jan 2022

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90. DWI Master James Davis

The NC DWI Guy

Today we begin our DWI Masters Series, during which we will hear from some of the top DWI Defenders in North Carolina. On today’s episode, Jake sits down with dedicated trial lawyer and passionate educator of all things related to DWI, James Davis. James is board certified in State Criminal Law, Federal Criminal Law, and Family Law. His incredible desire to help all lawyers hone their craft is evidence by his vast track record of teaching CLEs and creating and sharing legal resources. If you want to get fired up by someone who cares about the law and about his clients, James Davis will not disappoint! Highlights: Learn why James became interested in DWI law and his passion for trying cases. Uncover the process that James uses to prepare for a DWI case. Discover the top tips James offers for young lawyers who want to improve their defense skills. Hear why James places an emphasis on “the practice of law” and why it is so important to him to constantly be improving his skills as a practitioner.


5 Jan 2022