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A Tribe Called Quest’s 3-Album Run with Rob Pursey | Ep. 83

The Crate 808 Podcast

We return to our series discussing who had the best three-album run in ‘90s hip hop, and this week we speak on A Tribe Called Quest’s People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders 😱🔥 Bringing the argument for these incredible records, we have DJ, promoter and writer from Southern Hospitality, Rob Pursey in the hot seat! 🙌 Prepare for deep dives into our most rewindable joints and hidden gems, as well stories about seeing Tribe perform in Newcastle in front of 80 people and why ATCQ’s music is good for people below average height 😂 The rest of the series includes… Ice Cube with Shawn Setaro (https://bit.ly/3kaYfOq) Tupac with Andrew Barber (https://bit.ly/2HGr3QT) De La Soul with Andrew Emery (https://bit.ly/324LJJn) Gang Starr with Dart Adams (https://apple.co/2Vlx9t1) Show Notes Least hip hop thing in the last 24 hours? (02:18) Opening argument (03:09) People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (05:50) How Tribe sampled Sgt. Pepper on this album and aiming for greatness (12:15) Why ‘Can I Kick It’ is a banger (21:40) Low End Theory (30:14) Why this is good music for average height people (36:00) Seeing Tribe perform Low End Theory in front of 80 people in Newcastle (52:13) Midnight Marauders (56:28) What happened to ATCQ after this run? (1:10:15) 🚨 REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER 🚨 We’re trying to build this community, so to keep you informed with our updates, we’d love for you to sub to our newsletter. Simply head to crate808.com and throw in your email! Many thanks peeps! Be sure to check out our merch - jump on crate808.com to buy a tee or a hoody (or have a look at our Instagram shop), and help support the pod please. It all goes back into the pot for us to try make even more great content for you! 🙌 For the next mailbag episode, we’d love to hear from you guys, so email us at crate808@gmail.com with your takes on… 🔲 The weirdest dream you’ve had about a rapper 🔲 Where’s the weirdest place you’ve met a rapper? 🔲 The most ludicrous lyrics you’ve ever heard? 🔲 What’s the worst merch you’ve ever bought? 🔲 Least hip hop things you’ve done in the last 24 hours Catch all our Spotify playlists here… Slept-On DJ Premier Bangers Playlist: https://spoti.fi/3iw4yun Slept-On Wu-Tang Bangers Playlist: https://spoti.fi/32QtAQG Sample Corner Playlist: https://spoti.fi/3eYfhMd Twitter: https://twitter.com/crate808 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crate_808 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crate808 Website: https://www.crate808.com

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17 Jan 2021

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Etcetera ETC with Young Southpaw

Young Southpaw talks to Amelia Fletcher & Rob Pursey of Heavenly, Swansea Sound, The Catenary Wires (and many more bands) about Spinal Tap, mix tape mishaps, wearing togas, and much more.   https://swanseasound.bandcamp.com/releases https://thecatenarywires.bandcamp.com/ https://www.instagram.com/heavenlyindie/ Young Southpaw: I was going to introduce you and list your bands but there’s like an infinite amount and they just seem to keep proliferating. So what ones are currently active?  Rob Pursey: The main one is The Catenary Wires which is the two of us, recently joined by Andy Lewis who plays bass, Fay Hallam who plays keyboard, and Ian Button who plays drums. And all of those people have other musical lives as well, a lot of them more celebrated than ours. We’ve done two LPs and we’re just about to do a third one, nearly finished recording it. And then there’s Swansea Sound. This is a band that emerged during lockdown. What happened was I’d written some songs that were too fast and sort of punky really for The Catenary Wires, cause The Catenary Wires is a fairly melancholy outfit (Amelia laughs)  Amelia Fletcher: We’re very melancholy.   RP: And also I sing in The Catenary Wires and because my voice is low, I make any song sound melancholy even if it is fast. So we got in touch with Hue, who was Amelia’s friend more than mine because she sang in The Pooh Sticks back in the day, and Hue was the singer in The Pooh Sticks. And I thought he might wanna try singing it. And he did. He recorded the singing on his phone in a cupboard and sent it back to us and it sounded great. So we mixed the songs on the basis of that. And then put the first single out a few weeks ago. And there’s more in the pipeline.  AF: There’s also one called European Sun, which is our friend Steve. Who writes great songs and didn’t know how to record them so we effectively arranged and recorded them for him. And then there’s Nancy Gaffield & The Drift.   RP: It’s just The Drift. At the moment it’s got Nancy Gaffield with it but it won’t always.   AF: Nancy Gaffield is a poet, and we basically do semi-improvised stuff, influenced by the rainy Kentish countryside in the background.  


26 Oct 2020

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Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey

C86 Show - Indie Pop

Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey in conversation with David Eastaugh Amelia Fletcher has been the frontwoman of an evolving series of pop groups from the 1980s to the present. Her bands included Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, Tender Trap, and, since 2014, The Catenary Wires. She also sang backing vocals for The Wedding Present early in their career and on the Hefner album We Love the City. She toured with, and was guest vocalist for The Pooh Sticks on their albums Orgasm, Million Seller and The Great White Wonder, and in 1988 released a single under her own name, "Can You Keep a Secret?" She has also appeared as a guest vocalist for The 6ths on the song "Looking For Love (In the Hall Of Mirrors)", on both Bugbear recordings, a single by The Hit Parade, "Why Do You Have to Go Out With Him When You Could Go Out With Me?" single by The Brilliant Corners, and the 2000 album Trend by Oxford band The Relationships. Since 2002 she has been keyboardist for Sportique. Amelia Fletcher was also an early promoter of Scottish act Biswho Heavenly performed alongside and whose lead singer, Manda Rin, repeatedly cited Amelia as one of her inspirations/influences.

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3 Jul 2020

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Outkast's 'Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik' with Rob Pursey

The Crate 808 Podcast

This week we revisit Outkast’s debut album ‘Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik’ with DJ and promoter Rob Pursey. Get set for a dope chat on the album and topics including... 💯 Outkast’s undeniable legacy 🔥 How Southern rap took over 🐐 Why Andre 3000 is in the GOAT convo 🇬🇧 Being obsessed with rap in UK 😳 Riding the bus for 300 miles at 14-yrs-old in the quest for beats Twitter: https://twitter.com/crate808 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crate_808 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crate808 Website: https://www.crate808.com

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9 Oct 2019

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NLDN40 EP62 : Music special w Rob Pursey

North London 40

We invite London's greatest DJ and turn up specialist Rob Pursey to talk about 2014's music, what we liked, what we didn't and why..Great times (not too much NFL chat so if you want to keep it there just skip to the next episode)

1hr 4mins

1 Jan 2015

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NLDN40 58 : SUPERBOWL!! w / Jake One & Rob Pursey

North London 40

It's Superbowl week so we decided to treat you to something a little bit special. Not only did we drop our NFL Jams mix this week we decided to bring on two very special guests from the world of Hip Hop to help us preview the big game. Coming off the back of a Grammy nominated 2013 where he made beats for Drake, Chance the Rapper, J Cole, Pusha T (errr basically all of our favourite rappers..), we speak to life long Seahawks fan and super producer Jake One about his love for the Hawks, why we should route for them and the unique place this team has taken within a city that's desperate for a major sports win. We also invite back onto NLD40, Rob Pursey - London's greatest DJ who tells us what he'll be playing at our Super Bowl Party, his take on the winners and losers at the Grammys and what music we need to be picking up throughout 2014'. Don't worry folks - we get into big NFL talk as well as Hip Hop so we're covering it all this week - see you all on Sunday night!

1hr 10mins

29 Jan 2014