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323: 323 - The New Space Race with China & Russia with Nathan Graham Smith

Real Life Sci-Fi

Is there a new space race? Are the billionaires included? Is there anything bad about this? could it be a race to colonize space? Who are the winners and who are the losers? Are there too many questions in this description? Do we even cover all of this? Join us on patreon to hear 2 extra episodes "off topic" every week.

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18 Oct 2021

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Singer/songwriter Nathan Graham returns to Car Con Carne! (Episode 671)

Yak Channel Podcast Network

Nathan Graham, a favorite guest of Car Con Carne through the years, is back on the show as his new single, “Somebody Else” is taking off!


15 Oct 2021

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Singer/songwriter Nathan Graham returns to Car Con Carne! (Episode 671)

Car Con Carne

Nathan Graham, a favorite guest of Car Con Carne through the years, is back on the show as his new single, “Somebody Else” is taking off!


15 Oct 2021

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119. Nathan Graham #2 (@Nathan_Graham_Music)

The Lounge Experience

Round 2 is here! We catch up with Nathan to see how things have been going since our last conversation (episode 96). This time we talk music venues, his latest single "Somebody Else" and what is boutique bourbon?!  Follow Nathan on IG: @Nathan_Graham_Music Follow us on IG/FB/Clubhouse: @TLE_Podcast  Email: TheLoungeExperience@gmail.com Interested in Sailor Guevara cocktails?!  Visit https://www.sailorguevaracocktails.com , on the main page ... scroll down to cocktails potions, tools and join us!  This episode is sponsored by Room101 Brand (www.Room101Brand.com) & BOVEDA Inc. (www.BovedaInc.com)

1hr 31mins

14 Oct 2021

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Episode 68: Nathan Graham Keeps His Cool

Music Therapy with Jessica Risker

In this episode of Music Therapy, I talk with Chicago musician Nathan Graham! We talk about his role working in mediation and inclusiveness/diversity at reverb.com, growing up surrounded by music, his particular fusion sound of blues and Americana, becoming more selective about gigs, working towards a full time music career, Chicago’s music communities and industry, his current musical projects and upcoming gigs, and more!  Show Notes This episode was recorded live on Instagram on July 21, 2021. Credits:  Music Therapy is hosted by Jessica Risker, produced by Sullivan Davis of Local Universe, and engineered by Joshua Wentz. Opening and closing music composed by Joshua Wentz.


7 Sep 2021

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RPR Marketing for Commercial Properties: Nathan Graham

The Royal PalmCast

If you're a residential Realtor, you probably know about Realtors Property Resource as a rich source of marketing materials, reports and research. All Realtors have free access to RPR tools as a benefit of membership in a local Realtor association. You may not know that RPR also provides marketing and other materials to commercial Realtors. On this episode, we talk with RPR Director of Commercial Services Nathan Graham, who outlines the many services available for those who deal with land sales and commercial properties. For example, RPR offers — at no charge to Realtors — ESRI Tapestry Segments that really drill down on demographic data and provide insights into local trends. For Realtors who primarily deal in residential properties, RPR is a valuable tool when dealing with the occasional commercial property or land. And we really get to know Nathan during our Lightning Round, where he reveals some of his favorite things. Listen to future episodes of The Royal PalmCast for our upcoming interview with Nathan's counterpart on the residential side of RPR. Host: Jim Sanville. Producer: Jerry Johnson.  


16 Jun 2021

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Nathan Graham - Live at Lo Rez Brewing in Chicago

The Underground Sessions

GOD DAMN can Nathan Graham play guitar. It's easy to be distracted by the unbelievable solos and smooth vocals but dig a little deeper and you'll realize just how much this guy loves music and studies different genres to work on his craft. Listen to the Pod, enjoy some unreal music and a couple of music guys nerd out about vinyl and new music. As always Like, Share, Rate, and Subscribe if you haven't already!   Check Out: @Nathan_graham_music on Instagram Nathan Graham on Spotify  Nathan Graham Music on Youtube  Thank you For Listening! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/undergound-sessions/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/undergound-sessions/support


10 Jun 2021

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96. Nathan Graham (@Nathan_Graham_Music)

The Lounge Experience

This week we welcome Nathan Graham to the show. We talk music, cigars, bourbon and really big animals/bugs. Traveling across the world and doing what he loves. Nathan shares his experiences, curiosities and plans with us.  Connect with us via:  IG/Twitter/Clubhouse: @TLE_Podcast  Email: TheLoungeExperience@Gmail.com  [[Episode sponsored by Boveda Inc & Room101 Brands]] Don’t forget to Subscribe, Rate & Review

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8 Apr 2021

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Episode 145: Jeannie C. Reilly, Local News Legend w/ Mary Wander, Michelle Billingsley, KIT, Nathan Graham, Graber Gryass, Meg and the Wheelers, Chantal Van T, Dan Whitaker, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Kory Quinn, Bad Flamingo, James Hand

Adobe And Teardrops Podcast

Meg Williams is the founder of Harper Valley PR but, more importantly, she’s an advocate of the Chicago country scene. Meg backed Rainbow Rodeo, the first (known) queer country zine, so she’s joing us as a co-host today!   Bella did not back the Rainbow Rodeo Kickstarter but she also had a lot to say during today’s episode. (She puked right after the recording, so that may be why.) Jeannie C. Reilly -- “Harper Valley PTA” Local News Legend w/ Mary Wander -- “Relationship Anarchy” (No Boyfriend November) Michelle Billingsley -- “Portia” (Not the Marrying Kind) KIT -- “Good Guy” AND “Stranger” (KIT) Nathan Graham -- “Fake Friends” (Saint of Second Chances) Graber Gryass -- “Devil’s Got Your Name” (Late Bloom) Meg and the Wheelers -- “Getting Over Him” (Bar in the Divorce) Chantal Van T -- “Nicalochan” (Nicalochan) Dan Whitaker -- “A Man and His Age” (Moving on With You) Beverly Glenn-Copeland -- “Ever New” (Transmissions: The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland) Kory Quinn -- “Thief and a Liar” (Home of the Brave) Bad Flamingo -- “Bottom Shelf Gin” (Single) James Hand -- “In the Corner, By the Table, at the Jukebox” (The Truth Will Set You Free) Send me music via SubmitHub! Send me money via Ko-fi or Patreon. Find Rachel and her comic via https://linktr.ee/rachel.cholst

1hr 3mins

13 Nov 2020

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Ep. 66 - Nathan Graham


The goal of every episode is to capture a conversation worth hearing - this week, that happened. Not only is Nathan Graham a ripping Chicago-based guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, but he also works for Reverb.com, has toured the globe as a sideman, and even appeared on NBC’s The Voice.Hang out and journey through Nathan’s musical and gear history with Fender, Gibson, and Recording King, the feeling of being giant with a Tele on, the right way to play a safe socially distanced show, an open invitation to join Hank’s 6’3” and over band Tallboyz, the perils of appearing on reality television, and (even after lockdown is over) why you should bring your own damn mic to the gig.Hank and Dave learned a lot; via Jeff Tweedy’s call for reparations via songwriter royalties, Nathan leads us in an open and honest discussion about Black Lives Matter, how to be an ally, the importance of listening, and why to vote with your wallet.Also discussed: Roman Fischer’s Hypertron app, The Band, Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma, and the Bad Fucking Idea of attending Sturgis to see Smash Mouth.Put your Crocs into Turbo Mode.

1hr 23mins

27 Jul 2020