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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jay Duplass. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jay Duplass, often where they are interviewed.

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14 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jay Duplass. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jay Duplass, often where they are interviewed.

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Brené with Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass on The Power of Paradox

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown
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Jay and Mark Duplass are two of my favorite humans. They are film-makers, writers, directors, producers, actors, and activists. They’re also partners, fathers, and brothers who believe in connection, love, and the importance of small moments. In this episode we talk about their memoir, Like Brothers, and how so much of what we crave in life comes from straddling the paradoxes inherent in love, creativity, and relationships.

May 13 2020

1hr 27mins


Tom Cullen: How to make a debut indie film in 9 days & raise finance on his written and directed feature Pink Wall starring Tatiana Maslany & Jay Duplass. Hosted by Giles Alderson

The Filmmakers Podcast
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Actor, writer and director Tom Cullen joins Giles Alderson to discuss in depth his John Cassavetes-inspired romantic drama feature Pink Wall starring Tatiana Maslany & Jay Duplass.

Giles and Tom discuss football, shared inspiration to become an actor/director, a 13-year old's ideal DJ name, challenging yourself at drama school and more.

Tom shares some insight on how he collaborates on set, using a semi-improvised style with actors to give them space to explore, working with a limited shooting window, getting the right material for the edit and ultimately letting a film be its own beast.

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Dec 10 2019

1hr 17mins


7: Jay Duplass

Failing Up
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Jay Duplass director, author, and actor (Transparent)

2:52 Does everybody “bomb”?

15:51 The jump in to writing and making movies

20:10 No one’s first movie is great

23:58 Eden’s dad invented the Arm Waving Tube Man!

25:30 Jay’s belief in how success happens

25:50 Transparent

29:25 Inside Baseball of filmmaking

36:00 What people like to watch

37:15 How do you know when your baby is beautiful (The Puffy Chair)

42:40 Watching old people watch movies

44:10 Getting cast on Transparent

48:48 Outside In

51:44 Biggest lesson Jay learned

01:01:30 Favorite Charity!/donation/checkout?

Jul 12 2018

1hr 2mins


Episode 87 - Jay Duplass

Talk Easy with Sam Fragoso
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Jay Duplass is a busy guy. Often alongside his younger brother Mark, Jay has left his distinct signature on dozens of projects over the past two decades, proving through his prolific yet singular work that the indie film spirit is still alive and well in America. Whether he’s acting, directing, writing, or producing, Jay is always creating art that’s imbued with a sense of unvarnished honesty. Movie fans since childhood, the Duplass brothers created a handful of short films before breaking onto the festival scene with The Puffy Chair in 2005. Since then, Jay has brought us films like Cyrus, Jeff Who Lives at Home, and the upcoming Outside In, as well the short-lived HBO series Togetherness. This week, he and Sam cover everything from how it felt to love movies pre-internet to the myths surrounding the Duplass brothers, as well as the spontaneity necessary for good filmmaking, and of course, the particular strangeness of being known to the public.

Mar 26 2018


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Jay Duplass (writer! actor! director!) makes it weird!

Jan 31 2018

2hr 27mins


Ep52 - Mark and Jay Duplass on 'Room 104'

TV Take with Daniel Holloway
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Mark and Jay Duplass discuss what inspired their experimental new HBO series "Room 104," how they work together, and what they learned from "Togetherness."

Aug 04 2017



Freida Pinto, Amy Brenneman, & Jay Duplass

In the Envelope: The Actor’s Podcast
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As Emmy nomination voting closes, Backstage interviews three of this year’s talented awards contenders: Freida Pinto of Showtime’s politically charged mini-series “Guerilla,” Amy Brenneman of HBO’s masterfully mysterious drama “The Leftovers,” and Jay Duplass of Amazon’s revelatory comedy “Transparent.” Brought to you by HBO.

For over 50 years, Backstage has been the most trusted place for actors to find jobs and career advice, and for casting professionals to find the right performers for their projects. “In the Envelope: An Awards Podcast” features intimate, inspirational interviews with some of the most exciting actors and awards contenders working today. Check out more here:

In the Envelope Twitter:
Backstage Twitter:

Jun 23 2017

1hr 6mins


Episode 87 - A Tweet from Jay Duplass!

Making Movies is HARD!!!
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We shoot the breeze this week with a few topics including La La Land, tax season, getting rejected from film festivals and a Tweet from Jay Duplass!

Feb 06 2017



Mark and Jay Duplass: 'People Give Us Blazers!'

Ask Me Another
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From Sundance to HBO, Mark and Jay Duplass have done it all! On the Ask Me Another stage, the brothers talk filmmaking, their lack of sibling rivalry, and blazers.

Mar 10 2016



Mark and Jay Duplass

The Guestlist With Sean Cannon
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Mark and Jay Duplass usually field film and TV projects involving family and identity. As it happens, they've built a small empire by focusing on those two things. It's no surprise those topics came up in earnest during this conversation.

Feb 15 2016