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Sheri Berke is a Reinvention & Money Strategist and we keep it real, including the messes in the middle in this episode.

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Sheri Berke, a reinvention and money strategist, spent decades as a business advisor and coach in large companies and small businesses.  She created The Reinvention Playbook, after her experiences in recovering from loss and massive debt.  Today she supports women who are feeling trapped and uncertain about their next life move to reinvent their finances, and their vision of freedom so they find the satisfaction and fulfillment they are seeking for their next great chapter.Free Gift:3 Steps to Reinvent You: Go from Stuck to Excited & Fulfilledhttps://bit.ly/3steps2newuWebsite:  The Reinvention Playbook™  https://TheReinventionPlaybook.com/ Connection Call: https://calendly.com/begoniabeads/connection-call


15 Jan 2021

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Sheri Berke, Money Monsters and Financial Dreams

YES I CAN Living

Cathy interviews Sheri Berke, creator of the Reinvention Playbook. They talk candidly about money monsters and fulfilling your financial dreams.With over 30 years of experience in large companies and small, Sheri Berke is experienced in mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcy recovery. She is a former Certified Public Accountant who spent most of her time in the private sector, including at one point, oversight of a $1.4 billion corporate budget, yet in her personal life she found herself on the brink of financial ruin.In the mid 90’s during an economic recession, she lost her job. With $140,000 in credit card debt and the bank about to take her home, Sheri was racked with shame and guilt. Anxious and fearful, her self-worth crushed, Sheri’s old solution — drugs and alcohol  — were no longer available in these times, some of her darkest hours.But Sheri was not a quitter. She fought back from bankruptcy and eventually put away 7-figures.Today she supports professional women who are feeling stuck and uncertain about their next life move to reinvent their finances, and their vision of freedom so they find the satisfaction and fulfillment they are seeking at this time in their lives.Based in Southern California, Sheri - author of the Reinvention Playbook(™) - shares with candor and vulnerability her journey from zero to a million dollar investment portfolio, providing hope to women struggling with grief, divorce and financial setbacks.

6 Jan 2021

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Sheri Berke from bankrupt to 7 figures S 16 E 10

Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation

   Picture this, great skills, able to manage a billion-dollar budget, economic downturn hits, she’s laid off with a mountain of personal debt, fiancé walks out, and oh yes, the bank takes your home back! Sheri Berke (author speaker, creator of Reinvention Playbook) is brutally open with her story and how she survived to later thrive!  sheri@sheriscw.com 101 ways to save money – free gift for Her Business Her Voice Listeners A Few Key Takeaways: Eventually she decided to see what she could to get out this situation, what skills she could use. She took a hard look at her circumstance, started to seek those able to guide her out of corporate to consulting / reinvent herself. She networked and all of this led to  creating a process -  Reinvention Playbook ,  https://thereinventionplaybook.com/ NEXT – decide where you want to go – either you know the route or get help SCARCITY – was rampant at her darkest hour. Finally she focused on the abundance of good things happening in an around her, this caused her to rise to a place away from scarcity thinking, which opened her to allow more abundance to follow. It’s hard to see what’s around us when looking through scarcity, Scarcity doesn’t allow God / source to open the door for abundance to flow. Today she is comfortable, married, several streams of income, and a business built to help others reinvent themselves, rebuild after grief. Show Sponsors Podcast Academy Online – learn to podcast at your own pace https://podcastacademyonline.com/


28 Jul 2020

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Episode 6 - Sheri Berke - From riches to rags to riches

A Different Life Story

Today's interview is with Sheri Berke, a specialist when it comes to creating wealth. With over 30 years experience as a business advisor and an MBA from the University of Southern California, Sheri now works as a change agent for professionals and business owners, helping them reinvent their lives, well-being and finances. Yet at one point, she had lost her job, her home, and even her fiancé. Deep in debt, she was racked with shame and guilt. Anxious and fearful, her self-worth crushed, her old solution — drugs and alcohol — were no longer available in her darkest hours. But Sheri was not a quitter. Sheri fought back from bankruptcy and eventually put away 7-figures. In this interview I have the privilege of discussing Sheri's path until now. And if you want to learn more... , here are Sheri's words. "In uncertain times, we search for serenity and peace of mind. When you work with Sheri, you’ll learn a 3 step process to move you toward financial serenity. How to use tools you may already be using in new ways to support your financial reinvention. Join us as and discover how to get crystal clear on your financial needs and goals, and create an action plan to get there." Enjoy the following resources! 101 Ways to Save Money https://sheriscw.lpages.co/101-ways-t... 101 different ways to save yourself some real money, putting some more money in your pocket or reducing some of your cash out flows.Don't miss another episode. Subscribe to my podcast. And if you want learn more about living a fantastic life after alcohol, check out my book! https://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Store/b?ie=UTF8&node=133140011&nocache=1526718783253


26 Jun 2020

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Sheri Berke joins the Tim Gillette Show

Tim Gillette Show

Sheri Berke is The Reinvention Coach.  I work with professional women who struggle with the gut-wrenching agony of loss—the kind of loss that shocks your system and leaves you wobbling. This loss could be divorce, the death or departure of a partner, or the loss of a career or dream. I help them reclaim control of their life, well-being, and finances and step into their next great chapter—even if right now it sounds like an impossible dream! I help these women reinvent themselves and create a soul-satisfying life, using my signature process, The Reinvention Playbook™. The Reinvention Playbook™ revolutionizes how women respond to the shock of loss. Instead of being caught in the confusion and chaos of this difficult time, my clients have the tools to transform their loss into a wonderful opportunity to reinvent themselves.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


1 Apr 2020

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Susan Chats with Reinvention Coach, Sheri Berke

Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell

In today's episode, Susan chats with reinvention coach, Sheri Berke. They explore creative solutions that allow for Spirit, Love, and Financial Well-Being to become part of making insightful choices in the crossroads of life.Get Sheri Berke's FREE Gift "101 Ways to Save" by visiting her website at: https://thereinventionplaybook.com/savemoney


5 Oct 2019