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AP Now Episode 71: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on P-card Challenges


Sign up for AP Now’s free twice-a-week ezine. Use box at left of www.ap-now.com  Cards and card controls were the focus of this episode of the AP Now podcast. Mary Schaeffer is joined by Recharged Education’s Lynn Larson to discuss how controls may have changed during the pandemic. Clearly, for many, there was a change during the pandemic. Typical activity notes Larson, is not a good indicator of activity during the pandemic. She suggests that organizations might want to rethink their audit routines of card activity to make it more relevant to current conditions. She also pointed out that cards are an excellent tool for those organizations, heavily reliant on paper checks. They serve as a good alternative if there are problems getting checks issued. She also references the importance of strong master vendor file controls around card usage. Host: Mary Schaeffer (https://www.ap-now.com/) Guest: Lynn Larson (https://www.recharged-education.com/) Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


13 Oct 2020

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Jefferson Girls Tennis Dynamic Duo: Lynn Larson and Marv Hartung

The Cyn Bin

Lynn Larson, 2019 Section Coach of the Year, has an ace in her pocket: Her dad and 81-year-old assistant coach Marv Hartung


25 Aug 2020

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AP Now Episode 66: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on Keto Fraud and AP


Register for AP Week: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/AcPayWk About AP Now Sample Memberships: https://www.ap-now.com/public/Sample-Membership.cfm In this episode of the AP Now podcast, Mary Schaeffer is joined again by Lynn Larson of Recharged Education. This time they discuss how someone attempted to defraud Larson by sending her Keto supplements and charging her credit card for almost $200 for them.  The episode begins with Larson explaining why, even though this appears to be consumer fraud, we are discussing it on the AP Now podcast, a program that typically focuses on B2B issues impacting the accounts payable and payment community. She then went on to describe the Keto scam, as we call it, starting with the delivery of the product she didn’t order. After explaining what happened and what she had to do to get the matter resolved, the podcast focused on Lessons Learned. Listeners can find out what they should do if they find themselves dealing with the same issue. Probably the most important lesson is to be persistent and not give up. Larson reported that when she first refuted the charge, the culprit argued that she had in fact ordered the goods. However, she stuck to her guns and ultimately won. Host: Mary Schaeffer (https://www.ap-now.com/) Guest: Lynn Larson (https://www.recharged-education.com/)Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


20 Aug 2020

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AP Now Episode 63: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on Getting and Using the New Apple Card


Retweet Tuesday: Details at https://www.ap-now.com/public/Retweet-Tuesday.cfm In this episode, Mary Schaeffer is joined by Lynn Larson to discuss the new Apple credit card, which Larson recently obtained. The session began with a note that the cards are consumer cards, not business cards – although the similarities and possible applications are discussed later in the session. Larson explained how she had not requested a physical card because she used it through her iPhone and Apple wallet. An Apple iPhone is required. Larson then discusses the many features of the card and the ease of use. She mentions that she makes the monthly card payment directly from her phone. She then mentions the Titanium card that has created a bit of a stir in the payment community. The issue on the host’s mind, what happens if you lose your phone, is finally addressed – and the answers allay many concerns. Before the close, there is a discussion of whether or not Apple will roll the card out into the corporate market. While this does not appear to be on the horizon, Larson points out the features that might make it appealing to the business market. Of course, a possible alternative to that would be corporate issuers adopting some of the more attractive features to their own offerings. The session closes with Schaeffer reminding Larson that AP Now has designated Tuesday, August 4th, as Retweet Tuesday for those with an interest in accounts payable issues. AP Now will retweet as many tweets as possible that day that include the hashtag, Host: Mary Schaeffer (https://www.ap-now.com/) Guest: Lynn Larson (https://www.recharged-education.com/) Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


23 Jul 2020

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AP Now Episode 41: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on Frauds both Old and New


This episode focuses both on an old fraud that unfortunately is still rampant and a new one that AP Now anticipates will occur. Both have ramifications for both your personal life as well as your business. The episode begins with host Mary Schaeffer and guest, Recharged Education’s Lynn Larson discussing how letting down your fraud protection guard even for one minute can have disastrous consequences. Lynn Larson shared with Mary Schaeffer how recently, even though she knew better, she placed a check in her mailbox and put the flag up to alert the postman. It was late in the day, both she and her husband were home, and she thought, “it’s only a short period of time, how likely is it that someone would steal the check?” Alas, as it turned out, quite likely. About an hour after putting the check in the mailbox, she got a call from a very-alert banker who had that very same check in her hands. Someone had taken the check and was trying to cash it. The speakers reiterated not only the importance of not putting checks in the mailbox but in the corporate world, not taking checks to the mailroom until right before the mail is going to the post office. They then turned their attention to a more current practice that could cause all sorts of trouble in the next few years: the way you write the year when you date checks and other legal documents. The correct way to date the check was explained as well as the reasons why. Host: Mary Schaeffer (https://www.ap-now.com/) Sponsor: Stampli (https://www.stampli.com/apnow/) Guest: Lynn Larson (https://www.recharged-education.com/) Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com 


16 Jan 2020

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AP Now Episode 11: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on the Lack of Company Card Usage for Business Travel


In this 11th episode, AP Now’s Mary Schaeffer interviews Recharged Education’s Lynn Larson about the lack of a mandate to use a company card for business travel at so many organizations.  The program begins with a sharing of some statistics from a survey conducted by AP Now, where Larson served as the lead researcher. The survey, almost three years old showed that almost half of all companies allow employees to use their own cards, even though the company provides a corporate card.   Larson also shared that in the current survey being conducted by AP Now, that figure has improved and only one-third of the survey respondents currently allow this practice. However, she did caution, that the survey is just starting. The rest of the conversation focused on why companies allow this really weak control practice and the problems that it causes. There are more than you might imagine at first glance. Many executives support the practice of NOT mandating the use of the card without realizing the full impact of such a policy. The episode closes with the pair echoing the recommended best practice of mandating the use of corporate cards. Host: Mary Schaeffer (www.ap-now.com) Guest: Lynn Larson (www.recharged-education.com) Sponsor: Stampli (www.stampli.com/APNow) Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com


13 Jun 2019

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AP Now Episode 2: Mary Schaeffer with Lynn Larson on the Pending Release of Apple Credit Cards


The announcement of a new Apple card has garnered quite a bit of interest in the payments and accounts payable communities. The fact that it can reside on your iPhone, and only an iPhone, as well as the Titanium material of the physical card is garnering a lot of attention. In this episode, AP Now’s Mary Schaeffer interviews Recharged Education’s Lynn Larson about this exciting new development. The product has many interesting features and we were wondering what, if any, impact it would have on corporate card programs. In this episode, Lynn describes in detail how this card will work, where it will fit in the card world and what makes it different from other credit cards. She talks about how it fits in the wallet app, what the fees are and the cash back feature. We also examine what the hurdles would be for an organization that was looking to adopt it as part of its payment strategy. The segment closes with a look at why the business world should care and a look into the future about its potential impact. Host: Mary Schaeffer (www.ap-now.com) Guest: Lynn Larson (www.recharged-education.com) Sponsor: Stampli (www.stampli.com/APNow) Credit: Music: https://www.purple-planet.com Tags: accounts payable, Mary Schaeffer, podcast, AP Now, Lynn Larson, Recharged Education, credit cards, Apple, Apple card, #Applecard, iPhone,


11 Apr 2019