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Episode 3.6: The Author's Role in Book Design with Kelsey Baldwin

Write Publish Market

On today’s Write.Publish.Market Podcast, Jodi is interviewing Kelsey Baldwin, an author, designer, and entrepreneur. They chat about all of the things that go into designing your book. This includes the size of your pages, the front and back cover design, the book spine, and so much more. Whether self-publishing or going the traditional route, there are a few steps that will make designing your book so much easier. Kelsey shares her thoughts on design revisions, pre-made templates, and why the design of the book should allow the reader to follow along almost without noticing the design. For the full show transcript, click here. To connect with Kelsey, check out her links  Website | InDesign Workshop | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter


24 Mar 2021

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16: Sharing Your Story in a Book: Kelsey Baldwin

Write Publish Market

Today on the show Jodi interviews Kelsey Baldwin, author of Strong Girl, Brave Girl (2019). Here are some highlights of the conversation: Jodi and Kelsey talked about how Kelsey came to write this book. Kelsey noted that she’s always liked to write and returned to it throughout her life. She shared that initially  she thought she would wait until this part of her life was “finished” but after hearing a podcast interview one day, she decided not to wait and to publish the book even though the part of her life she shares was not yet “finished” or “over.” Jodi and Kelsey discussed how the book really is for anyone going through a hard time, not necessarily just for single moms or divorced women. The theme of the “messy middle” applies to so many situations. Kelsey shared that, for the most part, she loved the whole process of book writing/publishing because it was something she had always been fascinated by. As a designer, she of course enjoyed the design phase of production. Kelsey shared that used to design book interiors at an agency job. Kelsey noted that she didn’t love the self-editing part of the process and that it was difficult to read the same manuscript “over and over and over.” (Jodi noted that most people don’t like that part unless they’re the editor!) Kelsey also shared that, the closer the launch got, the more anxious she became about sharing such a personal story. Kelsey shared that she’s gotten some speaking events since publishing the book and that recently at an event she met Emily Ley and was able to give her a copy of Strong Girl, Brave Girl. Emily had heard of the book, which was fun and exciting! Kelsey offered a piece of advice that considers obvious to potential authors and author-entrepreneurs: just start writing. Even without a purpose, Kelsey says, putting your butt in the chair and creating a writing habit will serve you in the long run. Kelsey shared that she’s reading Happer at Home by Gretchen Rubin, recently finished When Less Becomes More by Emily Ley and the Magnolia Table cookbook. (Kelsey and Jodi both enjoy cookbooks that you can read like a traditional book rather than just one recipe after another.) Listen here or on your favorite podcast player, and let me know what you think! Find Kelsey here: https://www.paperandoats.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Strong-Girl-Brave-reconciling-between-ebook/dp/B07JK7XN8Z/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=strong+girl+brave+girl&qid=1578584489&sr=8-3


16 Jan 2020

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Episode 15 | Running A Multi-Passion Online Business With Kelsey Baldwin Of Paper & Oats

The Passive Project

Do you have multiple passions? Ever get that feeling of wanting to create a bunch of different businesses or products?I think every true entrepreneur can relate, and I know our guest on today’s show certainly can.In this episode of The Passive Project Podcast, we sat down with the lovely Kelsey Baldwin of Paper & Oats.Kelsey has been an online entrepreneur for years and has had an incredible journey. A graphic designer by trade, Kelsey has created a wildly successful Etsy shop selling digital download printables, teaches students about InDesign and Etsy through her online courses, and has even published a book about her journey through divorce and being a single parent. This is an amazing episode for anyone who has felt that pull to multiple passions. Kelsey shares how she has grown her business, how she has shifted focuses and pivoted over time, how she stays true to her vision, and so much more.Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the episode!Looking for a software platform for your own online course or other digital product? We use and love Teachery! No hidden fees, a flat monthly rate, beautiful interface, and incredible customer service.Use our affiliate link to sign up for Teachery and we will send you a free graphics pack that will help you make your course look beautiful! Just email us at hello@gemmabonhamcarter.com once you have signed up for your Teachery account. Links Mentioned: Paper & OatsFollow Kelsey on InstagramCheck out Paper & Oats on EtsyKelsey’s “Etsy on Autopilot” guideKelsey’s book, Strong Girl Brave GirlFREE on-demand InDesign workshopSupport the show (https://thesweetestdigs.lpages.co/pp-webinar/)


21 Oct 2019

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074: How to Niche Your Design Business and Avoid Burnout With Kelsey Baldwin

Get Back To Design: Design Business | Designer | Creative Business

In episode 54 we talked about why it’s important and briefly touched on a few ways that you can niche your design business. The key takeaway from that episode is that with the ever growing list of designers available for our clients online, having a niche for your services makes you stand out tenfold to potential clients. We know that it can be overwhelming to actually work through the process of niching your design business, though. So today, we’re chatting with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper and Oats all about how she niched her business.We also talk briefly about how to avoid burnout with your business, in general, as we know all too well just how easy it is to find yourself just not feeling it anymore.Subscribe on iTunesKelsey’s JourneyShe started out going to school for design and actually dove into freelancing while in college. Kelsey says she got her first freelancing jobs as free work that she found on Craigslist, which were a great way for her to learn how to work with clients and work with different design programs. After graduating, Kelsey went on to work at a design agency for 5 years, where she got to work on a variety of projects and learned a ton of different things. While she was working there, she was freelancing with clients on the side and also had an Etsy shop. With some big changes happening in her personal life, ultimately after those 5 years at the agency she started transitioning into running her own design business and went full-time when her daughter was 6 months old. Around that time she started hearing about niching down and realized that doing all types of design projects were starting to lead to burnout. In 2015 Kelsey started doing more projects for digital products, including courses, and she ended up realizing that at the time no one else really offered those services. After having that lightbulb moment, she put together different packages specifically for people building courses and products. That lead to her getting a lot more steady work afterwards. Later, after working on digital product design for a while, she realized that she was starting to burnout again and ultimately decided to transition out of freelance work and into teaching through her courses. What made you narrow your offerings when you were still taking client work?The first client Kelsey worked with on a digital product design was her brother, which was a great way to learn a lot about the process and the differences in design for those types of projects. Once she finished the design for that first course, she realized she really enjoyed it. She also was realizing that designing someone’s brand for their business felt like a lot of pressure, and she was feeling burnt out trying to make sure her clients were happy.These things led her to narrow in on what she was offering her clients and niche her services.What were some of the benefits after niching your design business?The biggest two benefits Kelsey experienced after niching her services were that it was a lot less pressure on herself to do design for digital products and that she had a lot more creative freedom in the projects she was working on.In addition to that, once she established herself as a designer for just that one thing, she became the go to person for digital product design. What Kelsey recommends to designers wanting to niche their design businessThe first thing would be to look at the work you’ve already done and clients you’ve already worked with. Ask yourself if there were any specific parts of that that you were particularly fired up about. You can maybe think about how to turn that specific piece into what you niche down to and offer to clients. You can also think about your whole spectrum of different clients. Is there something in common with who you’ve worked with? Maybe a similar style, industry they were in, or type of project they hired you for. Those things can help give you hints at how you can niche your design business, as well.The key idea, though, is to look back at your whole portfolio of work and find patterns that you notice in your projects and clients that you really loved working with. That will be the biggest indicator of how you can niche your design business.If you’re a new designer who just needs to get clientsKelsey says it’s okay to take on any and every project you get. This is actually good to do because it helps you figure out what you like by doing a lot of different things. You might realize in doing this that you quickly find what you do or don’t like doing, and then you can niche your services and pursue what you like more after that.Kelsey’s experience with burnoutThere were a few times specifically that Kelsey felt burn out in her business. The first was when she was doing brand design for clients before she niched her services. Also, sometimes she even feels burnt out now when she’s working on smaller admin tasks that aren’t creative or don’t feel like they’re really helping move her business forward.How she overcomes those feelingsAs simple as it sounds, one way Kelsey overcomes those burnout feelings is by trying to identify the parts of her to do list that aren’t feeling good anymore. Then she thinks about how she can get rid of those things – either from her business or her to do list. How you can avoid burning outKelsey recommends building in time off into your schedule and rest time away from anything work related. Once that time comes up, make sure you actually take it and really unplug. That means don’t check your email in between episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. Learn more about KelseyKelsey Baldwin is an author, designer, and entrepreneur. She runs Paper + Oats, an online blog and resource for creative entrepreneurs looking to do business on their own terms. She helps fellow creatives organize, design, and market their digital products, so they can share what they know, and look good doing it. As a single mother, she is also an advocate for women learning to sustain themselves and gain independence through online business.Free InDesign Workshop | Getting Started with InDesign | WebsiteThe post 074: How to Niche Your Design Business and Avoid Burnout With Kelsey Baldwin appeared first on Get Back To Design.


26 Mar 2019

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Kelsey Baldwin: Strong Girl, Brave Girl

Tales of Moxie

Kelsey Baldwin, author of Strong Girl, Brave Girl joins me this week to talk about being a single mom, expectations, and grieving all things that change. 


23 Jan 2019

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103: Finish your book and self-publish it! With Kelsey Baldwin (author, Strong Girl, Brave Girl). Productivity tips, self-discipline tips!

Shailey & Katie's Lemonade Stand: Design Moms Finding the Happy Balance as Work-from-home Entrepreneurs

If you want to write a book, then write it! Kelsey Baldwin tells us why and how she wrote it and the (easier than you think) way she got it on amazon and into hundreds of women’s hands.Topics include: self-disciple tips, keeping yourself accountable, deadlines, writer’s retreats, and batch productivity. paperandoats.com instagram.com/paperandoats https://www.amazon.com/Strong-Girl-Brave-reconciling-between/dp/1732627908

1hr 2mins

15 Jan 2019

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412: Kelsey Baldwin on How to be Brave & Strong in the Messy Middle

The Bravery Board

"When life-changing pain is coupled with the welcoming of a new story for yourself, the word bittersweet just doesn’t do it justice. You are quite literally in the middle — anchored between where you thought you were headed and where you’re going now. In that uncertain middle space is where this story takes place, and maybe where you find yourself, too. The life I had imagined for myself, the one I was right in the middle of, quickly crumbled around me on a single day as I was faced with a very unexpected looming divorce while staring at an equally-unexpected positive pregnancy test. It wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. With each uncertain transition I went through — divorce, pregnancy, giving birth, moving cities, dating, raising a child without a partner — I clung to what I knew for sure: I was a strong girl and a brave girl, and the middle was not the ending. (Spoiler: that’s why it’s called the middle.)My story might look really different than yours, but I’m willing to bet you find threads from my messy middle that are also woven into yours." --Kelsey BaldwinIn this recording from our Fall 2018 gathering, Kelsey shares her story from the messy middle and some insights from her journey. Her book, Strong Girl, Brave Girl, is out on Amazon, and you can purchase it here: https://smile.amazon.com/Strong-Girl-Brave-reconciling-between/dp/1732627908/


31 Oct 2018

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Thriving as a Single Mom and Business Owner with Kelsey Baldwin

Whole Motherhood with Hilary Barnett

10/10/18– We talk to Kelsey Baldwin, owner of Paper and Oats about launching and running a successful business while mothering her daughter solo. Reading List The Paper and Oats website Kelsey on Instagram Kelsey’s new book, Strong Girl, Brave Girl, available on Amazon October 21! Music List Original music performed and composed by Matthew Barnet […]


12 Oct 2018

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Episode 017: Divorce and Single Parenting: A Conversation with Kelsey Baldwin

The Mompreneur Podcast

Today, Rachel and Nicole are lucky enough to welcome the strong and amazing, Kelsey Baldwin onto the Mompreneur podcast. We talk about how one day she woke up happily married, and by dinner time she was pregnant and her husband wanted a divorce.


27 Aug 2018

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Design in Mind: Practical Learning with Kelsey Baldwin

The Course Wellness Podcast

In today’s episode, I'm chatting with Kelsey Baldwin of Paper + Oats. She's going to share all about her amazing planning process for designing her course: The InDesign Field Guide. Kelsey also shares her unique way that she added layers of practical, actionable learning to make her students' experience that much more special.


20 Jul 2018