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How to Make Content That Actually Sells | Kimanzi Constable

Beyond Success

Why should you put more focus on your business content & writing? What is the real value in writing for a guest publication? There is so much content at your fingertips, all of which can be working for you in generating traffic & revenue. You just need to see it & unlock it! Welcome to this episode of the Beyond Success Podcast. This series of conversations with business experts and captains of industry, is here to serve you in your growth as an entrepreneur. No matter what level of success you are at, there are always areas of growth open to us. So please join us in the collective uplift by listening, learning, enjoying and sharing this podcast! This week we welcome Kimanzi Constable to the show, to talk about how he has forged a successful business and career out of writing for various publications. Kimanzi takes us through all of the pitfalls he has experienced in the last decade, what he learned from them in order to turn it around and how you too can do the same, without the years of trial & error. Kimanzi is a prolific writer, with regular articles in The HuffPost, Forbes, Entrepreneur (online and in the print edition on newsstands), SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs. His books have sold over 150,000 copies and he continues to deliver the highest quality content, that converts time and time again. Connect with Kimanzi here: Website: www.kconstable.com & www.paidpubs.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/KimanziC Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kimanzi-Constable-180997105343665/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/kimanziconstable To subscribe to my YouTube channel, please go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMdAvGk6xa5fptmdULliJrg Want to manifest money now? Play the 'Money Game' to harness the power of micro-shifting to attract abundance immediately. Get your Ebook for $1. Buy NOW. Do you want inevitable & sustainable financial abundance, based on your own unique 'Money DNA'? Watch our brand new webinar Interested in working with Dan 1-2-1? In collaboration with other highly successful experts, he will help you reach financial freedom in 6 months or less: Apply Here *PLEASE RATE US AND SHARE* Join me on: Facebook Instagram Twitter Music Credit: "Freeling", Lauren Duski Timestamps of interest: 02:12 - Kimanzi’s Cliff Notes 06:09 - 2011 - Smart Passive Income 09:18 - 10 years to become an over-night success 15:15 - Press release vs Feature 19:19 - Paid for content 22:18 - Some practical steps


23 Aug 2021

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Getting Your Podcast Into Top Media Publications with Kimanzi Constable

Wake Up World Changer!

I'm a huge believer in repurposing content.  And Kimanzi is a pro at it.  Using his knowledge of PR and Media, you can get your podcast transcribed, turned into an awesome article, and submit it to top publications.  Why not?  Plus written content is the gift that keeps on giving.  Months and even years from now, people will find your written content and come to your website via keywords and SEO.  Yes, it's true!  This is a great interview and you'll get a ton of value from it.  Enjoy! Show Notes: Get Your Free PR Guide Here:  https://kconstable.com/ Sponsorship Podcast Lead Generation:  https://podcastleadgeneration.com


13 May 2021

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EP118: Kimanzi Constable: Using Large Media Publications To Grow Your Brand

Perfectly Mentored with Jason Portnoy

These days, you need to know how to use the internet to maximize your brand’s reach. Modern digital methods are definitely the most effective, but traditional forms of media, like publications, are still very valuable options—if you know how to pull them off. Kimanzi Constable is the author of four books and he’s been published in over eighty publications. He teaches modern content strategies and he’s currently the go-to expert for getting published by large publications. On this episode of the Perfectly Mentored Podcast, Kimanzi and Jason catch up and discuss content strategies, how to successfully structure articles, how to avoid writer’s block, and how to pick the right people to work with.Topics Covered:Who is Kimanzi Constable? [00:17]What lessons did you learn when you were starting out that you would apply today? [5:18]]You’re still a big believer in publications. Why is that? [10:10]If you’re not a good writer, what should you do? What are your options? [18:00]What makes a good article? [19:52]How many articles should I be writing per month? [22:50]When it comes to pitching to editors, what’s your guide to pitching effectively? [24:53]What makes or breaks a good website? [32:24]How do you avoid writer’s block? [36:35]Connect with us:Perfectly Mentored InstagramWatch the Interviews on YouTubePerfectly Mentored FacebookConnect with Kimanzi Constablehttps://kconstable.com/Connect with Jason Portnoyjportnoy.comInstagramFacebookWant to see how Jason and his team can help you grow your business? CLICK HERE to book your Free Business Assessment CallLike the episode? Come visit us on Apple Podcasts - don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! We appreciate your feedback and would love for you to help spread the word! See all Podcasts HERE


8 Apr 2021

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048: How to leverage publicity to skyrocket your brand and credibility w/ Kimanzi Constable

The Black Boss Show

Kimanzi Constable is an author of books that have sold over 150,000 copies. He's a writer whose articles have appeared in over 80 publications and magazines. You can see his articles published in Forbes, the HuffPost, Entrepreneur Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Fox News, Yahoo, NBC News, Business Insider, and more. He is a senior editor at The Good Men Project. He's been interviewed on over 250 podcasts. He's a consultant that has traveled to 79 countries for corporate consulting at companies such as Unilever, Morgan Stanley, Allianz, Naspers, Safaricom, Dentsu, and more. Sponsors Black Boss Club Black Boss Shop Show Notes High level Overview Kimanzi shares his backstory The difference between PR and being featured, and being a contributor of a reputable publication/platform How to become a contributor for a big publication and quickly build your social proof  Why your website/blog matters The secrets to getting your content published fast How to figure out what publications make the most sense for your message How to reach out and pitch to publication editors How to boost your website traffic with your written content How to leverage other people’s audiences to build your brand and authority The go-to content creation strategy How to land big corporate clients  Connect with Kimanzi Constable Website - kconstable.com Free Resource - getpublishedguide.com


22 Jan 2021

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Episode #109 - Creating Your Own PR with Kimanzi Constable

Take The Leap!

Joining Tiffany is Kimanzi Constable, published author of four books, a contributor to over 30 large publications and magazines, and someone people love following on social media – and buying from.  You can see Kimanzi’s articles in The HuffPost, Forbes, Entrepreneur (online and in the print edition on newsstands), SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs.  Kimanzi shares with us the power in leveraging other platforms than the standard social media outlets. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to discover new ways to share your superpower with the world! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: [00:01:52] The Foundation Of The Art Of The Pitch [00:5:44] The Feature VS The Contributing Writer [00:10:20] Leverage Your Content to Grow Your Business [00:15:13] Nurture Your Audience and Be The Expert [00:17:15] Pros and Cons: Why You Should Consider Pursuing a Contributor Relationship Over Signing Up For Forbes Council  [00:21:16] What is the #1 Thing To Get In Alignment First Before Applying To Large Publications


21 Oct 2020

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#86 - Kimanzi Constable - The impact of becoming a contributor

Smarter Destiny Podcast: Quick Proven Growth Tactics From Founders You Can Use ASAP - Subscribe Now!

Kimanzi Constable is a former delivery driver turned writer. He is a best-selling author, international speaker and a life and business coach. Kimanzi is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, Mind Body Green, Success Magazine and more, and an editor at The Good Men Project. He teaches his students how to be featured in publications, and does corporate consulting as well. Bullet points 01:06 - Intro 04:30 - Becoming an entrepreneur and a writer 11:18 - Learning to leverage audiences 13:32 - The first successful article 15:16 - The writing strategy 16:53 - Discovering large publications 20:46 - Becoming a consultant 23:35 - Finding a balance between adding value and delivering your message 26:40 - The difference between a guest poster and a contributor 28:30 - Contributing requirements 29:53 - Contributing guidelines 31:11 - How features come about 34:20 - Helping entrepreneurs grow 38:44 - Growing a podcast from contribution 42:40 - Become a contributor: where to start 46:46 - Promoting books 50:55 - Generating revenue from publications 53:20 - Where to find out more about Kimanzi Constable 54:13 - Rapid fire question round 54:40 - What superhero would you be and why? 55:07 - What is one thing that people incorrectly assume about you? 55:56 - What is the most pointless subject taught at schools and what would you replace it with? 56:54 - What is one amazing act of kindness you either witnessed or done yourself? 58:12 - What unusual or underrated food or drink should more people try out? 01:00:45 - What is one mistake in your life and what did you learn from it? 01:02:12 - What does the first 30 minutes of your day look like and when does it start? 01:04:05 - What do you do or where do you go to get inspired? 01:04:48 - Who do you idolize above everyone else and why? 01:05:44 - What book do you read or gift the most? 01:07:17 - What silly thing should people do more of? 01:08:00 - If you could change one world problem with one wish, what would it be? 01:08:30 - What makes you happiest? 01:09:40 - Any asks or requests for the audience?

1hr 9mins

20 Sep 2020

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Kimanzi Constable returns to Starve the Doubts!

Starve the Doubts

Kimanzi Constable - https://kconstable.com/Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CQWQVRBGQCK7E&source=url)


26 Mar 2020

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Grow Your Audience Through Large Publications (with Kimanzi Constable)

The Daily Writer with Kent Sanders

140: Grow Your Audience Through Large Publications (with Kimanzi Constable) There are endless ways you can leverage your writing and knowledge to grow your audience and serve more people. One of the most effective ways is to write for large publications. I’m super excited about today’s guest, Kimanzi Constable. He is going to teach you how to get into large publications as a writer and then leverage those opportunities to grow your business. Kimanzi is the author of four books that have sold over 150,000 total copies. He is also a contributor to over 30 large publications, including The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur (online and the print edition on newsstands), SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs. In this conversation, Kimanzi is going to teach you why large publications present such a great opportunity, the specifics of how to find and pitch editors via email, and what to do with those opportunities once you have them. Full show notes: https://kentsanders.net/140.


7 Feb 2020

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How to Go Big Fast without the Risk - with Cindy and Kimanzi Constable

Savage Marketer Podcast

In this episode of the Savage Marketer PodCast: Kimanzi Constable is a coach, speaker and consultant. An author of four books that have sold over 150,000 copies, he writes for the following publications; The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs. Complemented by his business and life partner Cindy Constable, a speaker, and a marketing strategist who supports public bodies in aligning valuable assets with their strategic goals, Cindy is the co-CEO of Results Global Impact Consulting Agency. A boutique digital marketing consulting firm whose main focus is on helping companies get results in the ever-changing Internet marketing landscape. Helping companies leverage the power of large publications and public speaking to grow your business. Partners in crime, Cindy and Kimanzi is a savage duo. Savage Marketer Key Discussion: If you are a new listener to the Savage Marketer Podcast, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our Contact Page and let us know how we can help you today! Follow our Podcast Savage Marketer Podcast Follow our Host https://www.linkedin.com/in/douglas-harrison-96844080/ Join the Conversation Our favorite part of recording a live podcast each week is participating in the great conversations that happen on our live chat, on social media, and in our comments section.  Join our community at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/savagemarketers/


27 Jan 2020

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30: How To Land Corporate Contracts And Jump Start Your Speaking Career With Kimanzi Constable

Speak Your Way To Cash

In this episode, Ashley Kirkwood interviews Kimanzi Constable who covers: --> How he grew his first business to $500,000 before the age of 25; --> How to partner with large blogs and media outlets to grow your influence; and--> Tips on pitching your first corporate and international clients and so much more! If you want to get clarity in your speaking business, grow your influence, and make an impact then this is the perfect episode for you to tune into! Follow Kimanzi on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/theehouseonline/Join his list for free speaker resources and E-Books! Head to his website here: @kimanziconstableFollow Ashley Kirkwood on Instagram: @TheAshleyNicoleShowFollow this Podcast on Instagram: @SpeakYourWayToCashJoin Ashley’s FREE FB Group for Speakers: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SpeakYourWayToCash/Attend Ashley’s LIVE Speak Your Way To Cash Event: https://www.ashleynicolekirkwood.com/attend-sywtcQuestions? Topic Suggestions? Email admin@passionpurposeandpaychecks.com! Want to attend Ashley’s Speak Your Way To Cash Event? Come! Learn more here: https://www.ashleynicolekirkwood.com/attend-sywtcDid you know Ashley is a lawyer for speakers and entrepreneurs? See Ashley’s Legal Website Here: mobilegeneralcounsel.comWant to attend Ashley’s Chicago event: SYWTC4.eventbrite.comHear Ashley’s TEDx talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caZ9fK6aZZ4&list=PLjTKJTvBHcYZFCNB9kKWGo48GULAhl4Em&index=13*************Ashley Kirkwood is the founding Attorney of Mobile General Counsel, a law firm for entrepreneurs and a consulting firm for companies looking to increase employee engagement. She left her $280,000 + job to be a full-time entrepreneur in 2018 and now works to encourage and equip other entrepreneurs with the tools they need to be successful! She is also a professional corporate and college speaker! Want to connect with Ashley? Follow her on Instagram at @theashleynicoleshow or @speakyourwaytocash. *************Be sure to take her class: Get The Tea On Trademarks, by clicking here: https://gumroad.com/l/TeaOnTM Book your consult here: bit.ly/MobileGCFollow Ashley Kirkwood on Instagram: @TheAshleyNicoleShowFollow this Podcast on Instagram: @SpeakYourWayToCash


16 Sep 2019