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The Summer of Shortages - with Scott Lincicome

Call Me Back - with Dan Senor

Air travel this summer seems broken. On some days, major airlines have been canceling 10 percent of their flights. In normal times, it’s something like one in a hundred that are canceled. How did this happen? Is there an explanation beyond just the obvious – which is the turbocharged rebound from the past two years of pandemic-induced turmoil in the airline industry?Today’s guest thinks there’s something else going on that the post-covid travel summer has simply revealed.It’s a structural problem that predated the pandemic, and he also sees similar forces at work in other industries, including the baby formula crisis.It’s the structural roots of crises of scarcity that we get at today, with Scott Lincicome. Scott is at the CATO Institute, a Washington think tank, where’s he’s the director of General Economics & Trade Policy Studies. He’s also a visiting lecturer at Duke University Law School, and spent two decades as a trade law negotiator, advising some of the largest multinationals. He also writes a Substack called “Capitolism”. And he’s with The Dispatch news & analysis site.


28 Jul 2022

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7-20-22 INTERVIEW TheDispatch.com's Scott Lincicome on Danger of Precautionary Principle

The Ross Kaminsky Show


20 Jul 2022

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6-21-22 *INTERVIEW* Scott Lincicome and the Problems in the Refinery Industry

The Ross Kaminsky Show


21 Jun 2022

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3-18-22 *INTERVIEW* Scott Lincicome America Isn’t ‘Energy Independent’ And That’s a Good Thing

The Ross Kaminsky Show


18 Mar 2022

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Back to the Future: Trade Policy with Scott Lincicome

The Lobby Shop

This week on The Lobby Shop, we discuss trade policy with returning guest Scott Lincicome, the general economics and trade director at the Cato Institute. Topics include trade tariffs, changes to trade during President Biden's first year in office, and covid-19 testing.


1 Feb 2022

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1-27-22 *INTERVIEW* Scott Lincicome Expert in Economics on 'Predatory Supermarkets'

The Ross Kaminsky Show


27 Jan 2022

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Free Trade Makes Us Rich - Scott Lincicome and Yaron Brook


Yaron Brook and Scott Lincicome discuss how free trade promotes progress and how industrial policy holds it back.   Scott Lincicome is a senior fellow in economic studies. He writes on international and domestic economic issues, including international trade; subsidies and industrial policy; manufacturing and global supply chains; and economic dynamism. You can find him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/scottlincicome.    Discover Ingenuism: https://ingenuism.substack.com

1hr 3mins

22 Jul 2021

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Episode 51: Industrial Policy – Is the US now Jumping on the Bandwagon? With Scott Lincicome

Global Economy Podcast

America isn’t new to industrial policy, but the Biden Administration has signalled it revive the government’s industrial ambitions. Already president Trump made it a point to have industrial production repatriating to America – and used trade policy to give a...


11 May 2021

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Episode 279 – Scott Lincicome, Partner – Better Homes & Garden Real Estate, Lifestyle Property Partners

The Real Estate Sessions

THE REAL ESTATE SESSIONS PODCASTEpisode : 279Host: BILL RISSERGuest: SCOTT LINCICOME Episode Summary:Meet today's guest from Pinehurst, North Carolina, Scott Lincicome, one of the partners in Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Lifestyle Property Partners. With his background as a former professional golfer, Scott is an expert in golf properties and other Pinehurst facilities.In this episode, I feature Scott Lincicome as he narrates his journey to Real Estate, including his different passions, especially for sports, and how he leveraged his interests to create a successful Real Estate career. Top Takeaways: "Lots of resort towns have lots of hotels and lots of rooms and lots of stuff, that is not Pinehurst."Bill Risser "It doesn't matter if it's one agent or a hundred agents. If you got somebody underneath you, it's a management role as well."Scott Lincicome "You've got all the pieces and parts...one day you're going to get out of it, and nobody behind you is going to be Scott Lincicome."Scott Lincicome "Niche yourself, you've got to be the expert in whatever it is you're going to do, and you've got to like being around the people you're going to help."Scott Lincicome Episode Highlights:[00:25] Intro[02:10] For someone who grew up in Atlanta, Why Pinehurst?[03:50] Scott narrates his journey through other sports and how he got started in golf.[15:01] How did Real Estate enter the picture for you?[20:35] Scott describes Pinehurst, North Carolina.[22:50] How Scott got connected with 'Better Home and Gardens'.[27:08] What kind of advice would you give somebody who knows what they're doing but wants to get specific in Real Estate?[31:52] What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?[33:06] Outro Episode Notes: Although Scott grew up in Atlanta, he shares that he has now spent 21 years in Pinehurst, North Carolina, with no initial goal.  Sharing his experience golfing, Scott discusses how he started with an initial interest in baseball as a kid and didn't play much golf competitively till his late 20s. He also had a passion for snowboarding earlier on and later managed a snowboarding business in Aspen, mainly working in the sales and tech aspect; however, the pay was small. Moving up to Pinehurst, where the family house was, Scott and his wife, who was also his caddy, spent most of the time living from the car for about a year. Scott narrates his experience before becoming a Realtor in Pinehurst for 16yrs. He describes that the money involved in golf as a sport at the time was also not much, especially in Pinehurst, and he was not ready to leave Pinehurst. This prompted him to move back into sales which he had a great interest in. After working with a Spanish TV company for over a year, he was introduced to Real Estate.  Nowadays, many people move to Pinehurst because it's an incredible place to live. Scott describes Pinehurst as "Mayberry in color" with 50 golf courses. The community has also been voted the safest city to live in North Carolina for close to 23 years.  Describing how he started working with Better Homes and Gardens, Scott shares that while starting in Real Estate with golf properties, he realized he was a better salesperson than a manager and needed help on the management side and worked with Lori to create a brand. For agents who want to get very specific, finding your niche is to know what you're passionate about and talk to the people interested in that field. Scott explains that a significant change in the market is that Millennials are now more interested in buying properties than renting. This is causing shortages since the pool of Millennial buyers is large. Aside from that is the advent of remote working following the pandemic, which means people don't particularly have to live in urban centers. Additionally, there is the acquisition of properties for business purposes.  Scott's advice for new agents: Niche yourself, you've got to be the expert in whatever it is you're going to do, and you've got to like being around the people you're going to help. Resources Mentioned: Connect: Find | THE REAL ESTATE SESSIONSAt Tresonline.com Find | Bill RisserAt bill.risser@ratemyagent.comOn TwitterOn FacebookOn Youtube Find | Scott LincicomeAt scottlincicome@gmail.com Website: www.lifestylepropertypartners.com Phone: 910-315-7856On Facebook RATE & SUBSCRIBE At Ratethispodcast.com/REsessionsOn Apple PodcastsOn Google PodcastsOn Stitcher 


13 Apr 2021

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Scott Lincicome: Why America shouldn't embrace industrial policy

Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis

On both sides of the aisle, calls for industrial policy seem to be gaining momentum. Americans have grown more skeptical about markets in the aftermath of the Great Recession. And China’s more managed economy seems to be growing faster and rivaling the US as the technological leader of the world. Many policymakers have reacted by saying that the US government needs to embrace industrial policy and take a more hands-on approach to promoting innovation. Today's guest, Scott Lincicome, disagrees, holding that an adoption of stronger industrial policy would be unnecessary and even counterproductive.Scott is a senior fellow in economic studies at the Cato Institute, where he writes on international trade, industrial policy, and economic dynamism. And he is the author of the recently released policy report, “Manufactured Crisis: ‘Deindustrialization,’ Free Markets, and National Security.”


31 Mar 2021