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Deep Dive Into Calorie Density For Maximum and Permanent Weight-loss - with Adam Sud | Mastering Diabetes EP 135

Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

Today we are joined by one of our coaches in the Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program - Adam Sud.  Adam is here to share his success story with living a healthy life with diabetes. Today, he goes deep on what calorie density is, and why it is so important for weight loss/gain. He also reveals hidden ingredients that are causing weight gain, and foods that actually speed up weight loss.  If you are interested in working with Adam or any of our other coaches, be sure to check out our Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program.  Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes! Please leave us a review to ensure that the Mastering Diabetes message reaches as many people living with diabetes as possible. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook


28 Sep 2021

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Love as a catalyst for lifelong change with Adam Sud

Plant Proof - Evidence based nutrition

In Episode #144 we hear from Adam Sud on his battle with depression and addiction, and ultimately how he turned his life around by flipping the narrative from on of self-hatred to self-love. A heart wrenching yet extremely beautiful story that is sure to inspire.Hope you enjoy it.Disclaimer: This episode makes mention of suicide. If this is a trigger for you I recommend giving it a miss and stopping by next episode instead.Need someone to talk to? Other than friends, family and people in your community, there are 24/7 help line services all around the world. For example, in Australia, if you are feeling down, anxious or depressed, and want someone to listen to you, or someone to help guide you through the problems you're experiencing, Beyond Blue is available around the clock. You can call them on 1300 22 4636 or if you'd rather chat via text you can do so with an online operator here.Want to support the show?If you are enjoying the Plant Proof podcast a great way to support the show is by leaving a review on the Apple podcast app. It only takes a few minutes and helps more people find the episodes.Simon Hill, Nutritionist, Sports PhysiotherapistCreator of Plantproof.com and host of the Plant Proof PodcastAuthor of The Proof is in the PlantsConnect with me on Instagram and TwitterDownload my two week meal plan


22 Jul 2021

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How to Escape Emotional Bankruptcy - with Doug Bopst & Adam Sud | Mastering Diabetes EP 127

Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience

In this episode of the Mastering Diabetes Audio Experience, we talk with Doug Bopst and Adam Sud about how you can harness your true capacity for positive change using the power of your mind. We dive deep into simple psychological techniques that both Doug and Adam have used to escape the trap of emotional bankruptcy by finding ways to transcend their inner critic. Doug Bopst an award-winning personal trainer, author of three books, and host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast on a crusade to inspire others to overcome adversity and become the best version of themselves. He is a former convicted felon and drug addict who spent time in jail for “possession with intent to sell.” While locked in a cell, he slayed his personal demons, kicked addiction, and reinvented himself. As a matter of fact, he hasn't touched drugs since the day he was incarcerated in 2008. He has appeared on Today Show, Men’s Health, Forbes, Rich Roll’s podcast, Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory, Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, The Be Well by Kelly podcast with Kelly LeVeque, The Blonde Files Podcast with Arielle Lorre and more. “From Felony to Fitness to Free,” a short documentary about my story, has been screened at The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles and New York City. http://www.dougbopst.com/ https://dougbopst.com/gift/ Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss future episodes! Please leave us a review to ensure that the Mastering Diabetes message reaches as many people living with diabetes as possible. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook

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20 Jul 2021

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Adam Sud On His Failed Escape From Pain And Groundbreaking Perspective On Recovery

YogiTriathlete Podcast

This podcast is where we share stories of people looking, finding, and living their purpose. It sounds so glamorous, so lucky for those who have found it, but I speak from experience when I say the road to purpose can be messy and scary and, in most cases, will bring you to your knees more than once.Our guest today is Adam Sud, and he found his purpose through the brink of death. Almost losing his life in 2012 through an attempt to end his life at the hands of drug addiction, disease provoking food choices, and the denial that he had the power within to rise and be his own solution.Thankfully, he was unsuccessful and today is a transformed individual spreading awareness of living a plant-based lifestyle and coaching others to know the inherent wisdom of their bodies and the undeniable healing power of love.Adam survived his suicide attempt, lost 180 pounds, reversed diabetes, got sober, and now lives the demonstration of what it means to overcome the odds. Adam’s story is shocking, inspiring, sad, hopeful, and another notch in the well-told story that we have everything we need when we conjure the courage to take charge of our life and, in doing so, wake up to our innate worthiness in this world.In this episode, we discuss:- everyone’s story is one of self-love- the moment his body became his adversary- taking 450 - 1000 mg of Adderall per day- the things we choose to believe have consequences- what if your body has always been your ally- groundbreaking study on addiction recovery- the meaningful bonds of life- depression as your body’s grief for not living life as you should- the problem with identifying ourselves as broken- be willing to have faith in yourself- be truthful and not shameful for it- redefining addiction recoveryNamaste-Jess


13 Jul 2021

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Adam Sud: Fast Food, Adderall, and Suicide.

The Awareness of Success Podcast

TRIGGER WARNING: suicide. Discover how one man’s story of depression, addiction, and attempted suicide leads him through a journey of self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding. Through profound realizations and consistent effort, he escaped his mental prison and transformed his suffering into success.Adam Sud is a Diabetes and Food Addiction Coach and the founder of Plant-Based for Positive Change, a first-of-its-kind not-for-profit organization making waves in the medical community. He is also the founder of a small-group coaching program called The Positive Change Project and is launching a new mentorship program available this summer. In this interview, Gilad explores the depths of Adam’s emotional journey through self-loathing and addiction. Learn the details of his suicide attempt and how he uncovered the habits, patterns, and behaviors that led him out of a dark, empty void to a place of self-love where he is now living his best life. 


30 Apr 2021

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79 - We Are Not Broken with Adam Sud

The VedgeTalk Podcast

In episode 79 of The VedgeTalk Podcast, we chat with Adam Sud of @plantbasedaddict.In this conversation we covered:- Growing up in Texas.- Being diagnosed with ADHD at a young age.- Adderall and addiction.- October 21st, 2012.- Rehabilitation and a plant-based diet.- Adam's non-profit, Plant-Based For Positive Change.+ MORE!Hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 41mins

15 Mar 2021

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Adam Sud | The Ultimate Expression of Being Unbroken

Curious Minds with Dr. L

How do you go from feeling completely valueless to valuable? How do you flip the switch on a narrative that tells you that you're sick? And what is required to truly take back your life? On this episode, Adam Sud shares his story of being unbroken.  In 2012, Adam Sud’s life was completely out of control. His life nearly came to an end when he attempted suicide by drug overdose. Today, Adam is a diabetes and food addiction coach. He is also an international speaker for the plant-based movement and the founder of the non-profit, Plant- Based for Positive Change. On today's episode, Dr. L and Adam get curious about Adam's journey to recovery and the narratives that he busted wide open when he used a plant-based diet to heal. They explore the current stories that are being sold to individuals about their own mental health and capacity for change, as well as what it really means to integrate your past self with your present. It's an inspiring episode that will leave you not only curious about what you're being sold but also courageous in what you do next.  TIME STAMPS:  2:50 - Adam’s story from feeling valueless to valuable. 14:25 - Adam’s recovery. 17:38 - The narrative of disease. 29:00 - The REAL mental health crisis.  33:00 - The desire to identify WHY something is happening.  45:06 - How Adam integrated the past with the present.  55:06 - Human Declaration Quiz.  57:57 - Closing Curiosities. For More on Adam: Website: https://plantstrong.com/adam-sud Instagram: www.instagram.com/adamsud For More on Dr. L: www.drlarapence.com www.lighfbox.com

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4 Feb 2021

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Adam Sud - Why Exercise and Nutrition is a Must For Recovery From Addiction

The Adversity Advantage

"Addicts are not criminals, they are humans in pain. People who are depressed are not sick, they are humans in pain. People who are suicidal aren't crazy, they aren't humans in pain" - Adam Sud In 2012, Adam Sud’s life was completely out of control. Once weighing nearly 350lbs and struggling with multiple addictions, serious chronic diseases, and mental health disorders. His life nearly came to an end when he attempted suicide by drug overdose. He checked into rehab and with the help of his parents and a plant-based diet, he began a journey that led to a remarkable recovery. Reversing all of his chronic diseases and getting off all of his medications, including his psych meds within 1 year and losing 180lbs. Adam is the founder of the non-profit, Plant-Based for Positive Change that is dedicated to advancing the research of diet and mental health/addiction, and is running the very first research study to investigate the effects of a plant-based diet intervention on early addiction recovery outcomes. He is an international speaker for the plant-based movement and addiction recovery movement. Adam has worked in recovery centers using plant-based nutrition as a tool for strengthening recovery and relapse prevention. He firmly believes that the simplest change on your fork can make the most profound change of your life and that self-love is the root of all recovery.  Topics discussed: What it’s like to be addicted to drugs Adam’s suicidal story and how he survived it Adam’s recovery journey How being of service helped Adam fuel his recovery and keep him on fire for not being that person he used to be Adam talks about their current research study called The INFINITE Study The importance of gut microbiome The importance of self-love and taking care of our body Simple ways to help someone who is in pain Takeaways: Anybody who's focused solely on the short term will is misled every single time. Recovery is a process of becoming whole. Recovery is always more valuable than sobriety (there is a difference). There is an amazing transformation that occurs when you make the decisions that you want, based on how you're going to connect to what matters most to you in life. Negative consequences don't motivate a single person on the planet. Being of service is a human trait that's necessary for a meaningful life. I'm not telling people they have to be vegan. But what we're showing is that there is a direct relationship between eating more plants, and your mental health outcomes. Connect with Adam: Website: https://www.plantbasedforpositivechange.org/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/plantbasedaddict GoFundMe:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/6ah8f-infinite-study Connect with Doug Instagram: www.instagram.com/dougbopst Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dougbopst Website: www.dougbopst.com/


4 Feb 2021

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108 - Can Diet Help Us Overcome Addictions with Adam Sud


Adam Sud is such an inspiration, we had to have him on the show again. Listen to his origin story in Episode 2, then catch up with Adam’s latest endeavors in this episode. Adam is currently heading a nonprofit and leading a groundbreaking study to determine the effects of a plant-based diet on addiction and recovery. He acts as a guiding light and offers a much-needed reminder that love is the cornerstone of motivation and life itself. We cover a ton of topics in just one hour—whether you’re interested in science or need a bit more compassion in your life, everyone can benefit from listening in to this conversation.  What we discuss in this episode: - Brief summary of Adam’s addiction and recovery story - Negativity vs positivity in regards to habit change - How a plant-based diet can affect addiction recovery -  The ongoing study on addiction recovery and diet - The cornerstone of practicing self love and communicating love to others.  - Explaining depression versus grief - Adam’s nonprofit Plant-Based for Positive Change - Rip Esselstyn's The Engine 2 Diet - The study’s GoFundMe   Connect with Switch4Good - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ2toqAmlQpwR1HDF_KKfGg - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Switch4Good/ - Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/switch4good/ - Twitter - https://twitter.com/Switch4GoodOrg

1hr 14mins

6 Jan 2021

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Episode 132: Adam Sud & Diet's Impact On Addiction Recovery

Eat Green Make Green Podcast

“Recovery and lifestyle change is not a transformation to a new version of ourselves. It is a process of remembering who we’ve always been, before someone else got us to believe differently.”On this week’s episode of the Eat Green Make Green Podcast I sit down with the incredible Adam Sud. Adam is a suicide survivor, nutrition researcher, lifestyle coach, and the Founder of Plant Based For Positive Change. We talk about how from a young age Adam felt he was broken, how being diagnosed with ADHD further drove home that narrative, how Adderall abuse began to take over his life, how he wound up as a 350 pound addict, how at 30 years old he attempted suicide, how diet played a major role in his recovery, why loving bonds are the driving force behind change, why “negative” emotions are a reasonable part of being human, how his non-profit Plant Based For Positive Change is doing the first ever study on diet’s impact on early addiction recovery, the difference between sobriety and recovery, how to support a loved one who’s struggling with addiction, how to move forward with positive life changes, and so much more. This is, without question, one of the most powerful stories ever shared on the podcast. Show NotesDonate to Adam's Foundation & StudyPlant Based For Positive Change WebsitePlant Based For Positive Change InstagramAdam’s Instagram

1hr 5mins

14 Nov 2020