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#787 Don Thrasher – Local Music Day

Gem City Podcast

Don Thrasher is one of the local heroes when it comes to covering local music. @theizzyrock chats with Don about the upcoming Local Music Day. Don Thrasher has been playing music since 1982 and writing about it professionally since 1993. He has been a contributing writer for the Dayton Daily News since 2003 and has written for publications such as The Dayton Voice, In These Times, Sponic and Moo. Thrasher helped form the punk rock trio the New Creatures with a couple of neighborhood pals in suburban Dayton in 1982. He went on to play drums with acts such as Guided By Voices, Swearing At Motorists, Johnny Smoke and Lonesome Tumblers, to name a few. He has been a member of Smug Brothers since 2008. “Land Baron of Barren Lands” is the first release from his electronic music project Crossfade Rivals. The first Local Music Day, held in Dayton, Ohio on November 8-9 at the Yellow Cab Tavern! Think of it like Record Store Day but instead of you buying that one Eagles record again, you’ll be buying exclusive releases from local artists made especially for this event. You need this. NEW RELEASES FROM: Overthought Musik, Roley Yuma, MOIRA+TINO, Me & Mountains, Smug Brothers, Andy Gabbard, Mike Bankhead Music+The Paint Splats, Dirty/Clean, Human Cannonball, Sympathetic Buzz, XL427, Crossfade Rivals and more… PERFORMANCES FROM: Friday at 7pm: Roley Yuma, Grenades!?, YARDBOSS Saturday at 7pm: Lioness, Moira+Tino, Human Cannonball, Smug Brothers Two-day tickets are $15 in advance and one-day tickets are $10 at the door. Cover starts both days at 7pm. This show is all ages, with guests under 18 requiring a guardian. Tickets are available here. Presale Tickets end on Thursday, November 7 at 11:30pm. Produced by Ten High Productions.  Get your tickets at https://www.soundvalleydayton.com/events/local-music-day?fbclid=IwAR25pU4dYzvRP4W28knVJUT9P4-ykTzE4Kxtmq_TLnb7Zj8widcSdJomVuk


9 Oct 2019

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Rev. Don Thrasher The One About The Wedding Reception Gone Bad Classic Service July 28, 2019

FSFUMC Sermon Podcasts

STORYTIME: The Parables of Jesus Matthew 22:1-10


30 Jul 2019

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March 17, 2019 Classic Service Rev. Don Thrasher

FSFUMC Sermon Podcasts

How does the Cross give life? Matt 16:13-28     (Peter confronts Jesus regarding “The Son of Man Must Die”)


19 Mar 2019

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Talking Kanye West with Don Thrasher (Ep. 29)

Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Don Thrasher’s status on the Dayton, Ohio rock scene is unquestioned. He’s been making and writing about music for decades now. However, it might surprise people to know that Thrasher has an intense love for hip hop. The bulk of the episode is devoted to an album that Thrasher describes as virtually perfect, Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” from 2010. The discussion took place this summer. Before we dive into that, I give my thoughts on the new Freddie Mercury biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.” While audiences have loved it – my wife included – I had some problems with it and felt like the pod was the perfect place to air those grievances. As always, thanks  to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” from their 2017 EP “WARPIG.” Smug Brothers Kanye West Frontier Folk Nebraska


8 Dec 2018

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Talking Pere Ubu with Don Thrasher (Ep. 26)

Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

As this little show continues to Little-Engine-That-Could its way up the Podcast Mountain, I’ve started to look at how I can make things better. That means it’s time to start experimenting. I have some big plans for 2019, but I felt like episode 25 was a good time to mix things up. I added a short intro last week before getting into the interview segment. I’ve started trying to bank as many interviews as I can ? doing a bunch and having them in reserve. As such, sometimes the conversation veers into current events which make no sense when the pod finally posts. This intro gives me a chance to fill in those blanks. I can also use this to address any issues that might have popped up from previous episodes. This week doesn’t really fall into either of those categories, so I came up with a new segment. The Random Shuffle Re-Discovery Song of the Week needs a more catchy title. For my first selection, I pick the track “Smile” by Smith Westerns from their 2011 album “Dye the World.” My guest this week is Don Thrasher. Thrasher is a musician and journalist from Dayton, Ohio. He is a tireless champion of local music. We talk quickly about his band Smug Brothers before deep diving on the 1978 album “Dub Housing” by Pere Ubu. As always, thanks to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their song “Cut You Loose” as our theme music. Smug Brothers Pere Ubu Frontier Folk Nebraska


22 Aug 2018

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Episode 8: Talking Big Star with Don Thrasher

Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

This episode features the triumphant return of Don Thrasher. Thrasher has written about music in Dayton, Ohio since the early 1990s. He has also played drums for influential bands like Swearing at Motorists and Guided by Voices. He currently mans the skins for Smug Brothers. Under the microscope this time: Big Star’s 1970s albums. Thrasher begins with a thorough history of the band and talks about why he loves them so much. Album discussions include: “#1 Record” (29:26), “Radio City” (39:50) and “Third/Sister Lovers” (45:46). As always, thank you to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” as the theme music. That track is available on their 2017 EP “WARPIG.” Pick up your copy today from their Band Camp page. Check out this episode!

1hr 2mins

23 Aug 2017

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Episode 3: Talking Brian Eno with Don Thrasher

Side Tracks with Rusty Pate

Don Thrasher stops by for the first edition of a new segment dubbed “From the Used Bin,” where we find some underappreciated artists or works and discuss why they deserve more attention. This episode focuses on Brian Eno’s four mid-1970s vocal albums. Don talks about when he discovered these Eno albums (1:34) and gives a brief overview of what makes Eno such a unique figure in music history. We briefly talk about Smug Brothers latest album “Disco Maroon“(7:03). The deep dives into the Eno albums kicks off with “Another Green World” (10:35), followed by “Here Come The Warm Jets” (16:51) “Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)” (27:01) and finally touching on some of Eno’s producing credits and “Before and After Science” (35:24). These four Eno albums are also being re-released on 180 gram vinyl remastered for half-speed 45 RPM playback. For more info, click here. As always, thanks to Frontier Folk Nebraska for use of their track “Cut You Loose” as the theme music from their 2017 EP “WARPIG“


13 Jul 2017