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#3: Helen Ryles

Product Explorer Podcast

Helen's Twitter profile Her insane side project review which contains links and comments to all projects we talked about.

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11 Jan 2021

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#34 - Helen Ryles - Building and Selling Side-Projects

The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast

Helen is a full time project manager and helps out with support for MakerPad and TransistorFM. She’s the founder of NamesAce, PodWords and OfficeHourCards. Helen is a strong proponent of side-projects and helps makers understand how they can benefit from creating and selling their own side hustle.Helen's LinksNamesAcePodWordsOfficeHourCardsHelen on TwitterEpic Twitter ThreadHelen's 2020 Side-Projects


18 Nov 2020

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Starting over 40 side-projects in 10 years - Helen Ryles

Indie Bites

Helen Ryles is a prolific indie hacker, having launched over 40 projects in the last 10 years, selling a few of them along the way. Helen is a proponent of the no code movement, advocating for the tools that allow non-technical folks, like me, create amazing projects. To tie in with this, she also runs the community at Makerpad, the no-code education and community platform.Thanks to Weekend Club for sponsoring Indie Bites.‘I absolutely love being part of Weekend Club.’‘Huge fan of Weekend Club and I love being part of it.’‘Absolutely love this community.’These are real testimonials for Weekend Club - the internet’s most helpful community for bootstrappers. If you’ve ever struggled meeting other solo founders and staying accountable, then this is for you.We offer weekly Saturday deep working sessions with up to 30 bootstrappers, such as the founders of Simple Poll and VEED, an active Slack community and over 100 software discounts.Go to weekendclub.co and enter a very limited promo code ‘Indie Bites’ for 50% off your first month.Here's what we covered in this episodeOn side projects How did you start indie hacking? What are you currently working on? Where do you come up with ideas? How do you define a side-project? Having launched so many, what is your process for getting an idea up and running, validated and then deciding how long you run with it before it gets sold / canned? You wrote a great thread on selling side projects. How do you know when it's time to sell? How do you sell a side project?! On no-code You joined Makerpad last month to help run their community. Tell me a little bit more about what Makerpad is and what your role will be there. What is no-code and why do you think it's important? What are some of the most exciting things you've seen people do with no-code? What are the non-obvious benefits of no-code? What are the best no-code tools? Recommendations Book: Authority Podcast: Side Hustle School Indie Hacker: Michael Gill Follow HelenTwitterFollow Me Twitter Indie Bites Twitter Personal Website [Full transcription coming soon]


16 Sep 2020

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Episode 30 - Helen Ryles

No Code No Problem

Contact Us:nocodenoproblem@gmail.comnocodepodcast.coSponsor:https://www.adalo.com/?via=nocodenoproblemUnstack.comAs mentioned:https://twitter.com/HelenRyles


26 Apr 2020

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Talking Shop with Helen Ryles

Bootstrapping Saas

Had the pleasure to speak to my long time internet friend, Helen Ryles (@HelenRyles). We covered topics from product making, validation, marketing, timing/luck, staying sane, and more.One of the longest episodes I believe, but felt like a breeze.Let me know if you have any comments by replying to the shows tweet here: Helen's current projects: Namesace: https://namesace.com/ FeedbackFridays: https://feedbackfridays.com/ A BIG Thanks to my Patreon supporters: Jace RichardsonRepoGuard. Protect your GitHub repositories from common mistakes that cost time and energy to fix. Whether it's force pushes to master or just bad commit messages, RepoGuard can help. Visit RepoGuard.com for more info. Merott Mohavedi - xebel.co (spelled with an X) Simon Benett - snapshooter.io Dean Leyton-James - cloudperiscope.com Zoli Veres Valon Badivuku You can support me here https://www.patreon.com/bootsaas


1 Feb 2020